Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 99:
By: Kenneth James

A group of scientists examined the caldera of Mt. Fuji, taking measurements, seeing when, and if, the volcano would erupt once more. Suddenly, the Earth began to shake harshly. The scientists managed to avoid falling, and, realizing an earthquake on a volcano meant trouble, prepared to flee... only for another quake to occur as the ground split open in front of them.

The subterranean monster Baragon roared as he tore his way out of the earth's crust, staring at his prey, eager to taste human flesh. The dinosaur lunged at the humans, only to find himself going nowhere and crashing back down. He looked back to see what was going on, only to find his tail firmly in the grasp of another titan. The brown Gargantua known as Sanda held tightly onto Baragon's tail, refusing to allow the prehistoric beast to dine on human flesh, much like his 'father' Frankenstein when pitted against the first Baragon. Noticing Baragon was stunned with shock, Sanda jerked back, pulling Baragon down the slope into his grasp, wrapping one hand around Baragon's throat and the other around his horn. He looked to the humans, pulling Baragon out of their way and using his great strength to hold the dinosaur so they could escape.

The humans, realizing Sanda was helping them, were quick to run past the two titans and reach their helicopter. As Baragon flailed madly, trying to break free, Sanda watched the helicopter take off to safety. Now having saved the humans, Sanda could deal with the man-eater in his grasp. The human-loving giant took hold of Baragon's horn and ears and slammed him face first into the side of the volcano, getting a roar of pain from the kaiju. Baragon, now enraged at the loss of his meal, used his strong front legs to tear into the rock, destabilizing it and causing Sanda to loose his footing and fall backwards, sliding down the slope. As Sanda tried to regain his footing, Baragon pounced down the side of the mountain and bit down on Sanda's shoulder, getting a roar of pain from the Brown Gargantua, as well as a trickle of blood.

Sanda tried to dislodge Baragon's powerful jaws from his shoulder by brute force. Finding that ineffective, he fumbled around, grabbing a large boulder in his hand and slamming it hard into Baragon's cranium. Baragon roared out in pain, but kept his jaws locked tenaciously into Sanda's shoulder, prompting a second smash of the boulder, then a third that both shattered the boulder and forced Baragon to retreat in a daze. Sanda looked at his wounded shoulder, but realized that, while not a minor wound, his healing factor would more than deal with that. Sanda was quickly on his feet and charged Baragon, picking the ancient beast up and sending him crashing back to the ground with a smash of his powerful arms. Refusing to let up, Sanda sent a barrage of fists into Baragon's face, bloodying the subterranean monster's nose. As he prepared for another punch, the desperate Baragon unleashed a torrent of heat from his maw, his heat ray lighting Sanda's face aflame. The ape-like giant roared in pain, staggering and trying to put out his burning face, allowing Baragon to get back to his feet and leap at Sanda, plowing into him and sending him further down the side of the mountain.

As Sanda was still stunned from the pounce, Baragon lunged forwards, clamping his maw around Sanda's throat, drawing blood with his predatory jaws. Sanda roared out in pain and surprise, quickly trying to pry Baragon's jaws open, but that quickly proved difficult. Looking around, Sanda saw a large spire of volcanic rock nearby and grabbed it, tearing it from the earth. Sanda quickly wielded it like a dagger, driving it into Baragon's eye. Blood spurting from his eye socket, Baragon roared out in pain and recoiled, allowing Sanda to get his legs up and plant both feet into Baragon's chest, launching the dinosaur back and slamming harshly against the rock. Sanda quickly returned to his feet and picked up another boulder, lifting it over his head and hurling it straight into Baragon's forehead, driving the dinosaur back. Liking this result, Sanda hoisted another boulder up and threw it, smashing against Baragon's chest, getting a roar of pain from the predator and driving him even further back up the mountain.

Sanda roared out in fury and charged, slamming full force into Baragon and sending him backwards up the mountain. Baragon, realizing they were nearing the volcano's rim, bit down on Sanda's shoulder and tore out a chunk of flesh, forcing Sanda to relinquish his grip and roar in pain. Baragon lowered his head and charged, driving his glowing nasal horn into Sanda's stomach, drawing a trickle of blood and a bellow of agony. Sanda wrapped his massive arms around Baragon's throat and pulled up, choking the dinosaur to try and force him down. Baragon was suddenly overcome with panic, struggling as Sanda threatened to kill him the very same way his father killed the original Baragon. Baragon pulled back, managing to use the uneven footing to overcome Sanda's leverage and relieve the pressure n his throat. No longer being choked, Baragon was then able to unleash his heat ray, burning Sanda's chest and sending the monster reeling and trying to put out the smoldering flames ignited on his body.

Baragon, not wanting to give up the advantage, lunged for Sanda's throat, but the Gargantua had, had enough of this tactic. Launching his hands up, he grabbed Baragon's mouth and forced his jaws shut while catching his body with the other hand. Roaring in fury, Sanda drove Baragon back up the volcano to the edge of the caldera. Baragon tried his best to get free, but was no match for Sanda's brute strength. Sanda hoisted Baragon up and hurled him into the caldera. But before Baragon got out of range, Baragon managed to get his jaws around Sanda's arm, his body weight dragging Sanda in with him.

The two titans were sent sliding down the slope of the caldera, smashing into the ground and opening the dried rock over the magma chamber. Sanda and Baragon both managed to narrowly escape the molten death below but Baragon's primal mind refused to retreat, he wanted to make Sanda his meal in retribution for the Gargantua stealing his planned feast. Baragon leapt straight at Sanda, slamming into the ape-like creature's chest and slamming him hard into the side of the caldera before trying to latch his jaws around Sanda's throat once more. Sanda, however, saw this coming and caught the dinosaur's jaws, holding them back. Baragon tried with all his might to overpower Sanda, the child of Frankenstein barely able to hold the man-eater back. Sanda managed to get his feet on solid ground and forced himself up, lifting Baragon back until both were standing. Sanda's intelligent brain looked around for something to use, seeing the hole they'd smashed above the magma chamber. Sanda managed to twist his body around, getting Baragon's back to the hole and released his grip, dodging so that Baragon's jaws snapped shut on air right next to his head.

With all his might, Sanda planted his feet into the earth and trust his hands forwards, shoving Baragon with all his might. Baragon roared out in pain as he was launched backwards, barely stopping at the edge of the hole. Realizing he was in desperate straights, Baragon opened his maw and prepared to let loose another heat ray... only for Sanda to hurl a boulder right into his mouth, causing it to ignite and burn Baragon's face. Roaring in agony, Baragon didn't realize until too late that Sanda was charging him. Sanda slammed his shoulder full force into Baragon's chest, launching him backwards.

Sanda watched Baragon topple into the hole in the earth, the dinosaur roaring as he plummeted down into the volcano. Sanda jumped back as Baragon's body slammed into the molten lava, sending a geyser of magma launching upwards. Sanda panted heavily as he looked down, seeing Baragon's horn sink into the river of molten rock. Sanda reared back and roared in victory, having slain the man-eating Baragon and destroyed another threat to mankind. His battle won, Sanda turned from the battlefield and marched back into the mountains he called home.