Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 97:
By: Kenneth James

The natives of the village were in turmoil, running for their lives. When the Kamacuras were created by a weather accident, they were not confined to their home island. Some had spread. And they were here. The three giant mantises flew over the village, scooping up villagers and consuming them. The terrible creatures' hunger knew no bounds, and their bloodshed seemed not to, either.

The village elder knew only one thing could save them. He called to his people and they listened, setting out drums and beating them, sending vibrations echoing through the island's forest as others began chanting and dancing. They didn't seem to care some were being picked off by the monstrous insects... and their efforts were rewarded.

A thunderous roar echoed from the interior of the island, startling the Kamacuras. The sound of massive footfalls began to echo throughout the island and villagers opened the wall, allowing a massive figure to march out into the village. The villagers bowed to the massive gorilla they saw as a living god. King Kong roared and beat his chest, furious that these insects dare defile his territory.

The Kamacuras backpedaled, not suspected to be confronted by such a massive creature. They backpedaled further when Kong let loose a roar of challenge that rattled their exoskeletons. The trio seemed to converse among themselves, realizing Kong, while a large foe, was a larger meal. Finally, they decided to make their move.

They spread their wings and took flight, circling Kong, waiting for the chance to attack. Finally, one of them flew straight at Kong from behind... only for the great ape to swing around and backhand the bug, sending it flying into a hut, crushing it under its weight. Another Kamacuras flew at Kong, only to be grabbed by the arms. Kong roared in its face and with great strength, tossed it halfway across the beach and crashing hard to the ground. The third tried its luck, only for Kong to once more expect the attack and grab it by the throat. Kong pulled back his fist and punched the Kamacuras, sending it flying and crashing into the first Kamacuras.

The trio of bruised insects managed to rise and land on one of the mountain peaks overlooking the village in an attempt to catch their breath and regroup. But as they tried to recover, one screeched in surprise to see Kong climbing up the mountain with ease after them. The steep mountain was little challenge for the massive gorilla, who refused to allow the killer insects to escape his clutches. The Kamacuras took off as Kong reached the top and circled. One attempted to dive-bomb Kong, but the King of Farou Island held onto the mountain top with one arm and swatted the bug out of the air and sending it crashing to the forest below. Another tried its luck, only for Kong to wrap his massive hand around its thorax and throw it into the remaining one, sending both falling to the ground. Kong roared and beat his chest with one hand before leaping from the side of the mountain and attempting to crush one of the prone insects with his fists. Thankfully, the mantis saw this and managed to narrowly evade being squashed.

The bugs regrouped once more, knowing they had to be smarter about their assault. They decided to break out their secret weapon. They each settled around the village and in a rippling effect vanished into thin air, camouflaged perfectly. Kong looked around, perplexed as to where his enemies had gone. He cautiously marched around the village, searching for his prey. However, when he got close, one of the massive insects came out of its cloak and latched onto his back, beating him with its hammer-like claws. As Kong roared in rage and tried to grasp his attacker, the other two emerged and latched onto his shoulders, clawing his head. The gorilla managed to toss one Kamacuras off, but when he reached to do the same to another, the one he'd tossed merely reattached. He tried this repeatedly, but to no effect other than the same. The blows to the head began to daze the mighty Kong and he finally fell over dizzily as the creatures moved in for the kill.

One Kamacuras crawled its way onto Kong's chest and prepared to smash his throat with its claw... only for a large tree to smash into it like a baseball bat, sending it flying into a hut. The same tree greeted the other two Kamacuras, sending them flying in both directions. Kong shook the haze from his vision and looked up, seeing a colossal human standing over him.

Frankenstein dropped the tree he'd used as a makeshift weapon. He'd last been seen falling into an abyss after killing the first Baragon, but his immortal heart refused to die and eventually regenerated into his body once again. But he'd wandered underground for a long time before finally emerging on Farou Island. And it couldn't have been at a better time. He offered his hand to the gorilla, seeing he was protecting the villagers, like him.

Kong looked at Frankenstein's hand in confusion. Both Kong and Frankenstein had one thing unique among most kaiju, with a few exceptions. They were thinking animals. Frankenstein was near human and Kong also highly intelligent. So both where able to see they were more likely to win if they worked together. Kong took Frankenstein's hand and was helped to his feet. The two stood back-to-back, realizing the ambush nature of the Kamacuras.

They waited... until finally a Kamacuras lunged at Kong from out of nowhere, only to be grabbed by the massive ape. Tired of this fight, Kong threw the insect up and brought his arms down on its midsection, plowing it to the earth with enough force to splatter its blood and guts over himself and the surrounding area. Kong roared and beat his chest, triumphant. Frankenstein waited as well, seeing the brief appearance of a Kamacuras before it attacked. He grabbed its arm and neck and slammed it to the ground. He planted his foot in its chest and wrenched the arm, causing it to shriek in agony before its limb was torn from its body by the Herculean strength of the giant man. Frankenstein swiftly silenced the screaming bug by driving its own arm straight threw its chest, nailing it to the ground and killing it.

The remaining Kamacuras didn't like the odds of two against one and spread its wings to fly off. The two primate kaiju picked up large boulders and chucked them at the fleeing insect, Kong making the first hit and a second bolder thrown by Frankenstein striking and sending the Kamacuras falling to the ground. Kamacuras struggled and looked up, finding its wings smashed by the boulders. It conceded that it was crippled and at the mercy of its former prey, but knew at least they'd kill it quickly... but fate was more cruel.

The ground in front of it burst open as the massive body of Kumonga erupted from the earth, having been waiting for one of the Kamacuras to wander close to him. Kumonga sprayed a large amount of webbing from his maw, quickly cocooning Kamacuras. He then extended his stinger into its back. Kamacuras screeched in pain before its eyes went out and it died. Kumonga screeched in victory, then saw Frankenstein and Kong. His hunger wouldn't be vanquished by the smaller bug kaiju, but those two would keep him well-fed for a long time. The massive arachnid crawled forwards toward the duo.

Frankenstein and Kong nodded to each other and charged, attempting to grab onto one of Kumonga's legs but the arachnid leapt backwards, dodging them and spraying his webbing at them. Kong and Frankenstein dodged the webbing. Frankenstein picked up a boulder and threw it, smacking Kumonga in the head, but it bounced off his armored exoskeleton. Kong tried the same, with the same result. Kumonga screeched and sprayed Frankenstein with webbing. The massive human struggled, but found the webbing slowing his movements. Kong tried to help his ally, but had to dodge when Kumonga turned the web towards him. Kumonga continued wrapping Frankenstein up until he was completely cocooned and fell over. Kong rushed Kumonga while he was distracted, but the huge spider leapt into the air and landed on Frankenstein, driving his stinger into his back. While Frankenstein didn't make a sound, he did stop moving, and that was enough for Kumonga.

The massive arachnid turned his attention towards Kong, who was enraged to see his new ally killed. The ape tossed boulders at Kumonga, who charged through despite the rocks pelting his hide. He leapt into the air, slamming into Kong's chest and knocking him to the ground. Kong grabbed him and pushed him back, but he kept fighting the ape, keeping him on his back while trying to use his stinger on him, but he managed to keep him just out of range.

The villagers realized their deity was in trouble and began pounding their drums and chanting once more. What happened next could never be scientifically explained. Lightning suddenly flashed in the sky and several bolts descended, hitting around the two monsters. Kong finally sustained several direct hits from the lightning bolts, but was unharmed. His eyes flashed and his muscled bulged. Kumonga screeched in surprise at this turn of events, then agony as thousands of volts coursed from Kong's hands into his body. Kong picked up the spider and, with a massive show of strength, threw him hundreds of yards into the side of a mountain. Kong roared and beat his chest, now not only fully revitalized but stronger than ever.

However, the lightning had a second effect no one expected. Several bolts had struck the cocooned and seemingly dead Frankenstein. Within moments, the cocoon stirred and Frankenstein's hand erupted out. While he didn't draw strength from it as Kong did, anyone knowing the story of Frankenstein knew what Dr. Frankenstein originally used to bring him to life, a bolt of lightning, and what once gave him life had restored it in full. Frankenstein tore himself free of his bindings and the humanoid titan charged back into the fray.

As Kumonga attempted to right himself, Kong was on him in a second, pummeling him with electrically-charged blows from his fists. Kumonga screeched in agony and tried to jump out of Kong's way... only for Frankenstein to pick up a huge tree and use as a bat to knock him out of the air, slamming him hard on his back. As the massive spider flailed his legs, Kong charged and slammed his fists into the arachnid's underside repeatedly, causing blood to gush from his mouth. He tried her stinger, only for Kong to catch it. The ape seemed to smile as he tore the appendage out of Kumonga's body, causing him to screech in immeasurable agony.

Frankenstein's intelligence noticed Kong's electrical power and picked up a smaller tree. He looked to Kong and made a series of grunts, directing the ape's attention to the tree. Kong understood and grabbed the tip of the tree, the electricity lighting it aflame. Frankenstein waited for Kumonga to right himself and screech in his continuing agony. He then drove the flaming tree into her maw, lighting the huge spider's face on fire. Kumonga screeched louder as the flames scorched him, spreading over his flammable body until he was a walking conflagration. Kumonga grew weaker and his screeches less frequent until finally, he collapsed and died, the once proud hunter nothing but a blazing corpse.

Kong and Frankenstein nodded to one another in respect, grateful for each other's help. Kong then headed back into his forest, Frankenstein turning to Kumonga and beginning to feed on the very creature who once tried to make a meal of him, though in a more civilized manner.

On that day, the creature once known as the Modern Prometheus after the ancient one who stole fire from the gods became known on Farou Island as a god himself by the natives, for helping their living deity and coming to their aid in their time of need.

Frankenstein King Kong