Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 95:
By: Kenneth James

Minilla, the son of the Monster King himself, walked through the forests of Birth Island, simply enjoying the scenery. Life for the young kaiju was simple. Until he got older, there was no way his dad intended to take him out to fight. But that didn't mean others on the island felt the same. Minilla was startled and frightened to hear cackling behind him and turned to see Gabara towering over him. The young Godzilla jumped back, crying in fear, trying to avoid the bullying kaiju. Gabara cracked his knuckles, then raised his fist to punch the little monster... Only to stop suddenly, looking up and roaring and taking off in terror himself.

Minilla gave a small roar of relief and turned, expecting to see his father or brother... Only to see a pair of Xilien ships floating in front of him. The tiny monster cocked his head, wondering what was going on and why that bully of his was so afraid of them. Suddenly, a pair of rainbow-colored beams descended from the ships. In the swirling light materialized two kaiju: The hulking alien mutant, Orga, and the skeletal space monster, Monster X.

Orga reared back with a bellowing roar that made Minilla cry out in terror and retreat, covering his ears. Orga had his own ship, naturally, but now he was too massive in size and his intellect too degraded to pilot it. Monster X looked at his partner, then to the tiny kaiju before him and cocked his head. Surely the both of them hadn't been needed to kill this little thing. There had to be something they were missing. Monster X looked around, seeing only Gabara in the distance screaming in terror and trying to hide from them. Surely that wasn't their target ether. Finding nothing else, he decided to at least warm up on the little one while they waited, only to find the infant Godzilla missing. Monster X roared in surprise, looking to Orga and trying to get the dimwitted kaiju to tell him where Minilla went. The mutated behemoth merely pointed towards some nearby cliffs, not seeming to care, or know, that he'd let a target escape... until Monster X smacked him over the head with his tail and roared at him to follow him.

The two space monsters soon arrived at the bottom of the cliff, looking around for their prey. Monster X heard Minilla's roar and looked up to see the little kaiju standing on top of the rather high cliff, waving. Monster X roared in anger, looking up at the miniature monster. He prepared to fire when he saw Minilla pointing behind him. The skeletal space monster turned to see an atomic ray blast him right in the face, toppling him to the ground hard. Orga turned to see what was going on, only for a slightly less developed atomic ray to hit him in the shoulder, blowing off a chunk of flesh and making him scream in agony. As his shoulder healed and Monster X stood up, they saw a very ticked off Godzilla and Godzilla Junior glaring back at them.

Godzilla bellowed in rage, along with his elder son. How dare these two descend on his island home and push around his youngest child. They were going to pay. Junior looked up to his baby brother, roaring reassurances to him. Sure, he didn't know Minilla that well yet, but no one messed with his family and got away with it.

Monster X flexed his claws and roared in fury as well... Only to be staggered forwards as a purple energy ray swept over his back. He looked up to see Rodan fly over head with a screech, spinning around and hovering above his adoptive 'brother' and his close ally, not liking these intruders messing with his friends. They would pay for this dearly. Monster X and Orga roared, charging the trio of Earth's protectors. Godzilla roared in response and swung around, bashing Orga in the head while Junior charged and head butt Monster X in the chest, Rodan hanging back for the time being.

Orga was unfazed and roared, rearing up and lunging down to bite Godzilla's shoulder, sinking his teeth into his genetic donor's chest. But before he could begin sucking out genetic material, Godzilla sunk his claws deeply into Orga's neck and bit down on Orga's head, forcing Orga's jaws off him. Keeping hold, Godzilla began pummeling Orga's head with his claws. Orga bellowed in surprise and wrapped his oversized claws around Godzilla's ankles, heaving up and throwing Godzilla to the ground. Orga reared back to slam Godzilla with his massive fists, only for Godzilla's dorsal spines to light up. He fired a blue atomic ray that tore into Orga's shoulder, blasting flesh and blood off as the beast howled in pain. Godzilla got to his feet, watching Orga's wound regenerate at an outstanding rate.

Junior swung around, smacking his tail into Monster X's legs and toppling the space kaiju to the ground. Before the immature Godzilla could capitalize on this, Monster X threw his arms out, his eyes and shoulder skulls unleashing gravity bolts, tearing into Junior's flesh and causing him to retreat with a roar of pain. Monster X rose to his feet and jumped up, spinning around and backhanding Junior in the face, his tail spinning around and doing the same, toppling the smaller Godzilla to the ground. However, before X could land, Rodan swooped in, slamming his mass into Monster X's chest and knocking him hard on his back. Rodan did a loop and dove at Monster X, bombarding him with his Uranium Heat beam. As Monster X shrieked in pain, the furious Rodan flew through the smoke from his own attack, landing on Monster X's chest and pecking the space monster's faces repeatedly. Reeling in surprise at this attack, Monster X suddenly unleashed his Gravity Beams, blasting Rodan off and sending the mutated pteranodon crashing hard to the ground. However, as Monster X rose to his feet, he was slammed in the back by another atomic ray from Junior, knocking him forwards. As he turned around, Junior swung around, smacking him in the cranium with his tail that sent him toppling to the ground.

Godzilla clawed Orga's face and even gouged out the alien's eye, only for it to regenerate. Orga, having enough, pulled back his arm and slammed his massive hand into Godzilla, toppling the King of the Monsters. Orga bellowed, rearing back and slamming his fists down as he jumped. Godzilla rose just in time to see Orga fly over his head, landing a fair distance away. Godzilla was shocked by this, but far more shocked to see the hole in Orga's shoulder glowing a swirling yellow. Suddenly, Orga's shoulder cannon fired, slamming hard into Godzilla's stomach, sending him flying backwards and landing hard into the cliff behind him. Godzilla groaned in pain, opening his eyes to see Orga charge forwards and slam shoulder-first into his stomach, driving the wind from his lungs. Orga opened his mouth and bit down on Godzilla's shoulder, drawing a roar of pain from the still stunned Monster King. Suddenly, Orga's head begin to change and mutate as he sucked out Godzilla's DNA. Just then, he heard Minilla's annoying little roars coming from above him. Orga stopped absorbing and looked up at the baby Godzilla, who roared at him mockingly before suddenly turning and running off. Orga blinked in confusion, then returned his eyes to Godzilla, just in time for Godzilla's skin to flash. Orga's eyes went wide as Godzilla unleashed his Nuclear Pulse, sending Orga flying off him and crashing to the ground hard, energy still crackling through him. Godzilla roared up to his son in thanks and grabbed Orga's stubby tail. The space monster bellowed in surprise as Godzilla lifted him clear off the ground and slammed him back into the unforgiving Earth. Orga was hoisted into the air a second time before Godzilla swung around, sending the malformed Godzilla clone flying through the air and smashing into a small lake.

Junior scratched Monster X's face repeatedly, only for the more adapt fighter to catch his arms and twist them around, lifting Junior off the ground and causing the monster prince to roar in pain. Monster X took pleasure in the young creature's suffering and tossed him to the side, slamming him hard against the ground. The space monster followed up with a barrage of gravity rays, pummeling Junior and causing him to roar in agony as pieces of his flesh went flying into the air. Before Monster X could follow up, Rodan swooped down, having recovered from his previous assault, and began pecking the skeletal space monster hard on the head repeatedly, sending sparks flying as his beak met skull-like armor. Monster X flailed, trying to grab Rodan and toss him off, but Rodan managed to stay just out of reach while continuing to peck his enemy's cranium. This gave Junior the chance to regain his footing and charge up behind Monster X, wrapping his hands around the bigger monster's tail. Remembering his dad's method, Junior tried to pick Monster X up off the ground, only to trip him and knock him to the ground, being too young to lift the larger kaiju. Just then, Rodan latched his talons around some of the spikes on Monster X's back and helped out, the two 'brothers' lifting Monster X off the ground. As the kaiju flailed in surprise, Rodan released him as Junior pulled down, slamming Monster X into the ground hard, splitting open a fissure underneath him on impact.

Orga growled while getting to his feet as Godzilla approached, sending clubbing blows into the mutant's skull only for Orga to completely ignore them. Godzilla kept up his attack but it didn't seem to faze Orga much. Either he didn't feel it or didn't care to notice. Orga quickly brought up his hand and slammed it into Godzilla's bottom jaw, staggering the Monster King backwards. His degraded mind was still intelligent enough to seize the opportunity and swing both huge fists, sandwiching Godzilla's head between them, dizzying the nuclear leviathan. Realizing he wouldn't have another chance at this, Orga's jaw unhinged, splitting open wide as a membrane expanded out like a demonic flower. Before Godzilla could recover, Orga's massive mouth engulfed his head and neck, the membrane trying to force him down his throat. Godzilla struggled but it seemed Orga had him right where he wanted him as DNA flowed into the mutation. Orga would've smiled if he could, he felt his body changing, spines beginning to form on his back. But he then realized something wasn't right, something was leaving him as well. Being a mix of an alien and Godzilla, Orga had radiation in his being as well, as was to be expected. But to Orga's shock, Godzilla was absorbing it! Suddenly, Godzilla's spines flashed red and red pulses of energy went off him before a Spiral Ray erupted out of Orga's back. Orga bellowed in agony, releasing Godzilla and staggering back as his maimed body tried desperately to repair itself. However, Godzilla didn't give him a chance and unleashed another Spiral Ray, severing Orga's entire left arm from his body and causing the alien to topple to the ground. Another Spiral Ray was fired and tore Orga's entire left shoulder to bits, while a third tore a gaping hole in the monster's chest. Finally, Orga's head and entire upper body exploded as Godzilla continued to pelt him with Spiral Rays, reducing the mutated invader to nothing more than a blazing corpse.

Monster X managed to make it back to his feet and face Junior, punching the juvenile monster in the gut, then the jaw, forcing him backwards. Godzilla Junior snarled and swung his tail around, sweeping Monster X's legs out from under him as Rodan dove down and smashed into the back of his head, sending Monster X flipping head-over-heels and smashing face-first into a boulder. The kaiju groaned, slowly getting to his feet, only for the 'brothers' to unleash their respective rays on his face, forcing him backwards. A second twin blast struck him in the chest, slamming him onto his back. As Monster X tried to clear his vision, he saw a very ticked off Godzilla staring down at him. Junior walked into view, closely followed by Rodan. Monster X looked from monster to monster feeling one thing he'd never felt: terror. He looked around for Orga, hoping to have some back up, only to see the flaming carcass that used to be his partner disintegrate into dust. Above it on the cliff was Minilla, waving bye-bye to the space monster. Monster X gulped as he realized how much trouble he was in. Godzilla, Junior and Rodan all unleashed radioactive rays on his upper torso. First his shoulder heads where blown off by the barrage, then finally, his head was stripped of what flesh had formerly covered it. Godzilla motioned for his 'family' to back off as he reared back, his body pulsing with red energy. Junior and Rodan wisely backed away. The suffering Monster X's last sight was Godzilla's Spiral Ray slamming into his skull, causing it to explode into a shower of skull fragments and blazing flesh.

Godzilla and family roared in fury, Minilla running over and hugging his father's leg. Godzilla put a comforting hand on Minilla's head, reassuring his son. He looked up to see the Xilien ships fly off in retreat. The Monster King instantly knew this was far from over, his duty was far from over. He roared to Junior to protect his brother, then to Rodan to come with him. He let out a fierce roar that echoed across the island, awakening a sleeping Anguirus who'd somehow slept through the fight and calling him over. Godzilla watched Junior take his baby brother to safety, then noticed Gabara cowering nearby, praying no one would attack him. Godzilla roared fiercely in his direction. Gabara blinked, pointing to himself, prompting another fierce roar from Godzilla. The cat-like ogre jumped in surprise and quickly followed Godzilla and company as they dove into the ocean.

In the Xilien Mothership, X jumped around stomping his feet and screaming in rage. "That dumb mutant! We should've sent something smarter than him with Monster X! It's all his fault!"

"Settle down, my friend," said a female voice on the monitor nearby.

"Calm down?!" he asked, stomping over. "Your stupid plan just cost me my best monster! Why should I calm down?!"

"Because I've got something better for you," replied the voice.

X quickly settled down as the image changed to something that made him smile. "Well... I guess that's a good reason."

Godzilla® (Heisei) Godzilla® Junior Rodan (Heisei)