Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 91:
By: Kristian Zatkoff

In Canada, the city of Toronto was all but empty, and for good reason. The creature known as SpaceGodzilla had converted it into his crystalline fortress. Arriving two nights before, the crystal menace wasted no time in turning the CN Tower into an energy conductor, a conduit for transferring plasma from the depths of space to its master. All attempts made by the army to kill or drive the monster away ended in disaster. Now the city was empty, save for some stubborn business owners, looters, the mentally insane, and of course, the monster himself, who was leaning heavily forward in a standing position, sleeping.

But tonight would be different.

SpaceGodzilla awoke, sensing another nearby. Looking around, he noticed something wrong when he spotted activity in the bay. There was a red glow coming form the waves, which were boiling and steaming. Suddenly, Godzilla rose up from the water!

SpaceGodzilla had been waiting for this. At last he would have his revenge! He watched his twin approach him, waiting to strike. But even before Godzilla reached him, SpaceGodzilla knew something was wrong with his "brother." Patches of his skin, his eyes and his spines were glowing a bight red and steam was issuing from his body. Godzilla had become what scientists called Burning Godzilla. Godzilla knew he had an advantage this time. Due to his massive increase in power, he was now as strong as SpaceGodzilla, if not stronger.

Sensing that Godzilla now possessed an unlimited supply of energy, SpaceGodzilla changed his plans. He knew that if he could somehow get Godzilla's power under control, he could become a powerful tool. SpaceGodzilla planned to trap his "big brother" in one of his crystal prisons. He would then get his power brought under control, serving as SpaceGodzilla's spare energy source. His crystals' purpose was to absorb energy, so it was only fitting he turn the King of the Monsters into a battery. With him out of the way, SpaceGodzilla would claim his rightful place as the king, and once the Earth is his, he would spread his crystals all throughout the universe, absorbing all the energy there is to absorb and become a god!

Godzilla remembered all too well how SpaceGodzilla had kidnapped his son. Determined to destroy his alien counterpart for good this time, Godzilla charged forward. SpaceGodzilla opened fire with a Corona Beam that twisted and whirled before digging into Godzilla's face and exploding. Blinded for a few seconds, Godzilla was not going to wait for his vision to return only to be shot at again and fired a powerful red blast, hoping it would find his foe. Reflexively, SpaceGodzilla generated an energy shield that reflected the beam right back at Godzilla. The blast hit Godzilla hard, sending him hurtling backwards and toppling onto his back. SpaceGodzilla noted the increase of power in Godzilla's ray, thankful for his quick reflexes. As he got to his feet, Godzilla unleashed another spiral blast, this time aimed at the CN Tower. SpaceGodzilla formed another shield, this one around the tower, deflecting the ray harmlessly into the night sky.

SpaceGodzilla floated into the air, hovering towards the Monster King, not wanting to give him an ounce of breathing space. Godzilla got to his feet, only to be smacked across the face with SpaceGodzilla's tail. SpaceGodzilla landed as Godzilla rose again and charged, clawing at him. The crystal nightmare from the stars responded in kind, charging his hands with energy and clawing back, each slash causing red electricity to surge into Godzilla's body. Godzilla conducted his own energy through his touch, clawing even harder. Each of Godzilla's blows sent his runaway power surging into SpaceGodzilla, drawing a shriek with each hit. The energy would normally be blue, but because of his current state it was red, just like SpaceGodzilla's. SpaceGodzilla grabbed Godzilla and held him in a choke hold, striking him in the face over and over with his free hand. The energy surging through his hands was now shocking Godzilla with each blow. Finally, after what felt like forever, Godzilla managed to strike SpaceGodzilla in the stomach. SpaceGodzilla stumbled back, letting go. Godzilla delivered a powerful blow to his evil clone's face. SpaceGodzilla was stunned as he felt his teeth knocked out and tasted blood, falling to the ground. Godzilla kicked him before he could recover, then as the space mutant tried to get up, he was slammed in the face by a powerful tail making him slide back several hundred meters. By the time he was back on his feet, Godzilla had already reached him and was wailing on him with his fists, using his energy to shock SpaceGodzilla with every punch. SpaceGodzilla had enough of this and unleashed a point-blank blast of his Corona Beam into Godzilla, sending him crashing onto his back. The crystal beast hovered back to his original spot near the CN Tower and decided it was time to release his puppets.

Not too long before arriving in Toronto, SpaceGodzilla had sensed two creatures giving off energy similar to that of his crystals. One had come to destroy the crystals, while the other sought to harness their power. The two attacked not only SpaceGodzilla, but each other as well. They had put up quite a struggle, but after a long fight, SpaceGodzilla had managed to capture them, bending their will to his very own until he was sure that they would be loyal to him. Now they were completely under his control, serving as his personal protectors for fear of being toyed with and destroyed by one more powerful than themselves. The ground shook and two crystal clusters rose from the ground on either side of SpaceGodzilla. The crystals split apart, revealing two new kaiju within.

One of them looked like a strange ape that walked on its toes, while hunched over from the heavy crystals on its back. It had a spiked tail, similar to SpaceGodzilla's, and its face and biceps were made mostly out of purple crystals, with long crystals sticking out of its chin. A strange yellow crystal was sticking half way out of its chest. Krystalak slashed at the empty air in front of him before hissing. The other kaiju did not walk out of its crystalline container, but rather dug out. The ground shook violently, and before Godzilla could question what was happening a huge, rocky mass raised out of the ground. Slamming its stone hands against its chest and roaring into the sky, Obsidius looked back at Godzilla. Or was it looking? Godzilla couldn't tell as he tilted his head and tried to understand how this thing could see him, or was even alive. It had no eyes and most of its body was made of rock, lava leaking out of its joints and mouth. A trio of horns tipped its head and its tail ended in a split, like a shark's. Godzilla had fought many strange beasts and this thing was no exception.

Krystalak charged at Godzilla and tackled him to the ground, jumping on top of him and slashing at him with his razor-sharp claws. Godzilla blasted Krystalak off of him, sending the strange creature to the earth. Before Godzilla could return to his feet, however, SpaceGodzilla landed on top of him, planting his feet into Godzilla's stomach. Molten hot blood splashed from Godzilla's mouth as SpaceGodzilla let out an evil cackle. Roaring furiously, Godzilla unleashed a powerful blast of his heat ray at SpaceGodzilla, sending him toppling to the street. As Godzilla got back to his feet, Obsidius rushed him, slamming his powerful fists into Godzilla's face and knocking a few teeth out. Godzilla responded with a blast of crimson radiation, sending Obsidius to the ground. Godzilla stomped the stone creature several times, rocky chunks breaking away from his body. Slamming his powerful tail into the molten monster, Godzilla turned around and fired another beam at SpaceGodzilla, who again blocked it with his crystal shield. In a flash of light, SpaceGodzilla transformed into his flying form, unleashing a barrage of Corona Beams. Godzilla roared in pain as the jagged bolts struck his body, one blasting him right in his face and wounding his eyes. SpaceGodzilla let out an evil shriek as he enjoyed Godzilla's suffering.

As his eyes healed, Godzilla saw that SpaceGodzilla had landed near the tower again. Godzilla started to approach his intergalactic counterpart, only to be cut off by Krystalak. Godzilla went to strike him, only to have Krystalak turn around and let Godzilla's fist connect with his crystal spikes. Godzilla howled out as he held his bleeding hand. Krystalak jumped up and drop-kicked him in the face, then got back to his feet and did a forward flip, hitting Godzilla in the face with the club of spikes at the end of his tail. Godzilla slashed his claws across the fleshy parts of Krystalak's body, drawing blood. Roaring in rage, Krystalak shot a stream of energy from his mouth, exploding on impact. Ignoring the pain, Godzilla returned fire with his own heat ray while advancing towards the crystal creature. Krystalak gritted his teeth in pain before swinging around to stab his foe with his tail, but Godzilla reacted quickly, snatching it in his claws. Krystalak yelped in surprise as he was lifted up into the air, then slammed against the ground. Godzilla repeated this maneuver several times when crystal shards shot off the tip of Krystalak's tail and exploded in his face. Caught off guard, Godzilla took a step back and let go, allowing Krystalak to recover.

Before Godzilla knew what was going on, he was lifted off his feet and into the air. Before he could react to his sudden flight, Godzilla fell from the sky, dumped onto his head. Darkness was all he saw after that as unconscious claimed him. SpaceGodzilla roared in triumph as green lightning crackled out of his shoulder crystals. Using his Gravity Tornado, he lifted the unconscious Godzilla into the air once again and carried him towards a newly-constructed crystalline prison. SpaceGodzilla could feel the energy radiating from the King of the Monsters. What power! Such an irony that the strongest monster on the planet would become nothing more then a mere battery for him.

Out of nowhere, several blasts of energy slammed into SpaceGodzilla, sending the crystal terror crashing into the ground. SpaceGodzilla flailed about as he regained his wits. Where did that come from? Using his telekinetic powers, he pulled himself to his feet. He was greeted by the silver, metallic form of the Super Mechagodzilla.

Inside the cockpit of Godzilla's mechanical doppelgänger, to say that the crew of Super Mechagodzilla were not nervous about having to battle SpaceGodzilla would be a lie. Making matters worse was that even if they defeated the space monster, they would be freeing Godzilla, who threatened to cause damage far greater than any mere monster attack with his inevitable meltdown. Krystalak and Obsidius were the crew's lowest priority, but they could still inflict serious damage to the mech if underestimated. Luckily, both Mechagodzilla and the Garuda had been refitted to withstand electromagnetic pulses, or else they wouldn't even be able to stay in the same area as SpaceGodzilla, let alone fight him. But before either side could initiate an attack, golden spores fell from the sky like snowflakes. Each monster present stopped what they were doing and watched the spores fall. The pilots of Super Mechagodzilla and SpaceGodzilla felt dread grow in their stomachs but couldn't help but feel wonder as well. Despite their violent and simple minded nature, Obsidius and Krystalak seemed to admire the sight's beauty as well. It wasn't until they saw fear on their master's face that they began to share his feeling of dread.

A moment later, the spores stopped falling, disappearing into the ground. SpaceGodzilla's eyes shifted, waiting for the horror that would surely attack him first. Sure enough, the ground quaked and split apart. Several vines shot out, heading directly for SpaceGodzilla. They missed their target by mere inches as he once again transformed and took to the sky. A cry of intense rage pierced the air, striking fear in all who heard it as a towering mass arose from the ground, her giant, crocodile-like head snarling at the soaring SpaceGodzilla. Biollante had come to rid the world of her "brothers" and the threat they presented.

Withdrawing his flight crystals, SpaceGodzilla landed not too far away from Biollante, shrieking a challenge. Super Mechagodzilla wasted no time in firing its Shock Anchors at the space demon. One of them bounced off one of his shoulder crystals, but the other managed to plant itself into his chest and began pumping SpaceGodzilla with an ungodly amount of electricity. SpaceGodzilla howled in pain as he tried pulling and twisting the cable out of his flesh. Red electricity began to travel back up the cables towards Mechagodzilla as SpaceGodzilla tried to short circuit the mighty machine, but the crew refused to give up when they were so close to killing him. SpaceGodzilla's eyes started to roll up into his skull as foam began forming within his mouth. Seeing his master under attack, Obsidius charged, spewing molten lava all over the Shock Anchor's cables. Within moments, the molten spray had melted through the cables, cutting off Mechagodzilla's attack. With SpaceGodzilla down for the moment, Super Mechagodzilla turned its attention to Obsidius, firing its Eye Lasers. As Obsidius fell back, Krystalak advanced, firing his prism-like beam at the mech, the tiny crystals exploding on contact. He would learn the hard way just what a mistake he had made, as Mechagodzilla's armor absorbed the energy and began to convert it into fuel for its ultimate weapon. A port slid open on Mechagodzilla's stomach and after a quick blue flash, a yellow beam was fired. The Plasma Grenade slammed into the crystalline creature, sending the beast flying through the air. Super Mechagodzilla turned around and wasted no time in firing several blasts from its Eye Lasers and Garuda cannons at Obsidius as the golem attempted to get back to his feet, causing him to stagger. Mechagodzilla turned on its rockets and boosted towards SpaceGodzilla, blasting him with its Mega-Buster. SpaceGodzilla staggered, this beam was nearly as strong as his "brother's" red one.

SpaceGodzilla fired his Corona Beam at Mechagodzilla, who merely landed and started walking towards him, absorbing the blasts. SpaceGodzilla started to panic. Super Mechagodzilla unleashed an all-out assault at the crystal king. Eye Lasers, the Mega-Buster, Garuda laser cannons and Plasma Grenade blasts were fired over and over. SpaceGodzilla quickly raised a shield to defend himself, deflecting some of the beams and sending them back at Mechagodzilla, hitting the machine with intense force, forcing it to dig its feet into the ground lest it be sent soaring. This only added more fuel to the Plasma Grenade, making it even more powerful. SpaceGodzilla began to panic. He lacked sufficient energy to keep his shield up for very long. Sure enough, it faded away and SpaceGodzilla was bombarded by the impressive arsenal of the Super Mechagodzilla. Suddenly, a red spiral ray hit Mechagodzilla in the chest, causing it to stagger back. SpaceGodzilla turned around to see Godzilla, his body glowing an even brighter red then before. His temperature had actually become high enough to melt through the crystals restraining him. SpaceGodzilla looked further back. Sure enough the crystals that were holding Godzilla had huge chunks melted out of them, glowing a bright red and dripping like candle wax.

Thinking SpaceGodzilla's attention was focused on Godzilla, Super Mechagodzilla fired another Plasma Grenade at the space kaiju's backside. The mech's pilots couldn't believe it when another shield was brought up behind SpaceGodzilla, reflecting the beam back at them. The crew had no time to try and absorb the blast and its power sent Mechagodzilla crashing to the ground, unable to move. The pilots of the super robot were frantic as they tried to make quick repairs so they could get Mechagodzilla working again. Biollante, meanwhile, attacked Obsidius and Krystalak with her spear-like vines and massive jaws. Before either one of them could launch a counterattack, several of Biollante's vines punched into Obsidius' right arm at the shoulder. After the fourth vine struck, Obsidius' arm gave way and fell off, a fountain of hot magma gushing from its socket. Krystalak rushed in, but Biollante opened her gigantic mouth and bit down on the crystal beast, lifting him into the air with her fanged mouth. Unable to break free, Krystalak channeled a large amount of his energy into his heart. Time slowed as Obsidius pulled back, knowing what was about to happen. Suddenly, a shock wave of intense energy and light went everywhere and blasted Krystalak free of Biollante's massive maw, taking a good chunk of her head off in the process. Biollante fell to the ground as her body slowly began the process of regenerating.

With Biollante momentarily taken out of the fight, SpaceGodzilla's minions charged Godzilla. The King of the Monsters unleashed several powerful heat rays at the two, blasting their tough, mineral hides. Biollante, having recovered enough to continue her assault, charged SpaceGodzilla, destroying several of his crystals as she stampeded towards her "little brother." SpaceGodzilla tried slowing her down with his Corona Beam, but she just kept regenerating and charging forward. Several vines shot out of the ground and ensnared him. SpaceGodzilla shrieked in agony as one of them punched through his right shoulder crystal, shattering it into thousands of tiny shards. Several more popped up, opening their pod-like mouths and spraying acid sap over his torso. The acid was eating away at his flesh, but the damage would not last thanks to regeneration. The crystal armor underneath his skin, however, was a different story altogether as the acid destroyed the armor in mere moments. Regenerating flesh was easy, but rebuilding his crystal armor took time and right now time wasn't on his side. SpaceGodzilla shot a flurry of Corona Beams at Biollante's vines, freeing himself. He was enraged! How could his plans go so wrong so quickly? He had Godzilla where he wanted him, he had his revenge but now it was ruined by a fellow clone, along with the humans and their machine. No! He controlled everything! Him! He will become a god and take over this universe and will start by playing his pawns against one another! He stared at Biollante, who stared back at him. If looks could kill then SpaceGodzilla would have felt a million daggers stabbing him as she glared at him. He didn't know how, but he knew that - just like Godzilla - they were somehow related. He knew this and he knew she did as well. Such a pity that she wanted to kill the both of them.

SpaceGodzilla fired his Gravity Tornadoes at Biollante. Both the plant monster and the world were stunned as SpaceGodzilla accomplished what was thought to be impossible: Biollante was lifted high into the sky before SpaceGodzilla ceased feeding the tornadoes his energy and let the massive monster fall to the ground with an earth-shattering crash. Super Mechagodzilla was about to get back to its feet after the crew finally got it working again, when SpaceGodzilla dropped out of the sky and landed on top of it. Biollante recovered from her fall and crawled out of the crater she had made on impact. SpaceGodzilla taunted her as she drew near. Biollante glared at SpaceGodzilla as he approached. Does he think he's invincible? She would prove him wrong. Dead wrong. Red energy traveled up from her stomach to her mouth. SpaceGodzilla waited a little while longer, he needed to time this just right. SpaceGodzilla took to the sky just as Biollante spit out her acid sap and sent several of her spear-tipped vines out. Super Mechagodzilla got up, only to be hit by the acid, the machine's NT-20 artificial diamond coating being slowly eaten away. The metal underneath was also slowly melting and the vines punching through the armor were leaking acid blood into the robot. Mechagodzilla began to steam. Mistaking this as a sign hostility towards them, the crew had Super Mechagodzilla open fire with all of its weapons. Biollante retaliated by having more pod-tipped vines wrap around the machine and spray more acid. The Garuda on its back was wracked as the much-weaker NT-1 armor was being melted. With the diamond coating gone, Mechagodzilla could now be damaged by energy attacks. SpaceGodzilla shot several of his Corona beams which now left burn marks on Mechagodzilla as it stumbled back.

Godzilla slammed his fist into Krystalak's chest. Again and again Godzilla struck, causing fractures to form. Krystalak summoned the energy in his heart and created an energy pulse that sent Godzilla staggering back. Obsidius ran forward and with his only remaining arm, grabbed the Monster King by the throat and roared in his face before slamming him face-first into the ground. Godzilla grabbed him by the ankles and pulled, tripping the molten elemental at the same time he got back to his feet. Krystalak jumped up, elbowing Godzilla in the face, and landed with a series of hisses that sounded like mocking laughter. After recovering, Godzilla quickly advanced on Krystalak and thrust his face towards the crystal monster's, headbutting him. The blow was so intense that Krystalak's crystal face had dozens of tiny fractures on it as he stumbled back. Obsidius had gotten up by this point and spewed a stream of lava from his mouth, but to his horror, Godzilla just ignored the liquid magma as he swung his tail down onto Obsidius' head, once again grounding him and this time knocking him out cold. Godzilla closed in on Krystalak and slashed at him with his claws, sparks flying everywhere. Krystalak slashed back at him, molten blood flying everywhere.

Krystalak jumped up and slammed his tail into Godzilla's face like a club. Godzilla punched Krystalak several times, then grabbed him and tossed him through the air. Godzilla's spines glowed an almost blood red before he unleashed another spiral heat ray. Krystalak let out a shrill scream of pain as he felt his flesh being burned and his crystals explode. He crawled onto his hind legs and ran at Godzilla while summoning the strength for another energy pulse. If he was going to die, then he would take Godzilla with him! Godzilla punched the beast in his weakened chest again relentlessly las he had before. Krystalak panicked as he tried to fight back, trying to buy himself enough time to get one more pulse off. But with one more powerful punch, Godzilla's hand was now inside his chest! Krystalak screamed in agony, a scream that was cut short as Godzilla withdrew his hand, ripping out the strange creature's crystalline heart as he went. Krystalak fell to the ground, flailing around wildly before finally curling up into a ball. The beast was dead. Godzilla looked at the heart for a moment before he threw it aside. Obsidius regained conciseness and upon seeing Godzilla, let out a roar of rage to let his presence be known. He wanted to scare this beast, he wanted it to be afraid of him. But Godzilla just stared back at him, unimpressed and more agitated that this beast thought it stood a chance against him. Obsidius was enraged. Who did this monster think he was? King of the Monsters? He unleashed torrent of lava, but Godzilla ignored the pain, the attack's heat paling in comparison to that of his current state.

Godzilla's lips curled. He will show this beast true hellfire. His spines once again flashed as he unleashed a powerful spiral heat ray. The red beam with spiraling lighting slammed into Obsidius and forced him to backpedal. Obsidius was in shock. The plasma was so intense it actually succeeded in melting part of his outer rock layer! Obsidius jumped in front of Godzilla and backhanded him with his remaining arm, then he kicked him in the stomach, the blow causing the Monster King to stumble back. Obsidius wasn't finished yet as he rammed his shoulder into Godzilla's, then slammed his fist down on Godzilla's head, causing the atomic mutation to fall. Obsidius curbstomped Godzilla several times before turning around and slamming his shark-like tail into him over and over. Finally, the molten monster turned around to see his handiwork. He was satisfied to see Godzilla lying on the ground, unmoving. That is, until Godzilla woke up. Obsidius looked on in fear and shock as he saw Godzilla rise with an almost bored look on his face. His attacked seemed to annoy him more than it hurt him. In retaliation, Obsidius curled up into a ball and rolled towards Godzilla and slamming into him. But to his horror, Godzilla's claws managed to grasp the rolling mass, slowing it down until it stopped moving completely, then threw him to the ground. Godzilla stomped on living inferno. Obsidius responded by reverting back to humanoid form and spitting lava into his eyes. Godzilla screamed as his eyes burned.

Obsidius moved to punch Godzilla, only to have every strike blocked. Obsidius shrieked in surprise. What was going on? Godzilla could not see, but he could still hear. He grabbed Obsidius' tail and spun the two of them around in circles before letting go. Obsidius tried to stop, but the momentum caused him to run himself into a building. Godzilla fired another bast before his eyes even recovered and scored a direct hit. Obsidius screamed out in anger and pain once again. Godzilla's eyes finally regenerated and he advanced on Obsidius as he returned to his feet. The molten beast screamed in pain as Godzilla struck him again and again, breaking away chunks from his body. But despite the damage he was causing, Godzilla wasn't satisfied. He decided to conduct energy into his claws, punching the golem again and again. This time, red lighting traveled over Obsidius body and even larger chunks were torn from him. The monster screamed even louder before he vomited forth another stream of lava. Godzilla still wasn't satisfied as he tried to find a faster means of killing Obsidius. He pushed the kaiju to the ground to buy himself time to come up with a new plan. He spotted Krystalak's heart not too far away. He remembered how the heart would create an energy pulse if given enough power. He made his way to the heart and picked it up, conducting even more energy from his hands to fuel the heart. Obsidius got back to his feet and ran at Godzilla, who had has back turned to him. The stone creature was about to strike when Godzilla's tail knocked him back. Godzilla turned and before the beast could react, Godzilla shoved Krystalak's heart into his open mouth. Obsidius punched and kicked at Godzilla, trying to spit the heart back out, but Godzilla held his hand over his mouth. The combined power of Godzilla's runaway radiation and Obsidus' burning hot insides charged the heart until it did what it always did when Krystalak gave it too much energy. Bright light began to shine through from the cracks in Obsidius' rocky skin. Moments later, the crystal heart exploded, destroying Obsidius in a powerful blast. As the smoke cleared, rocks and lava rained everywhere. His molten foe finally destroyed, Godzilla got back to his feet and looked on in the distance as his clones and the machine fought.

Godzilla growled. Two down. Three more to go...

Super Mechagodzilla fired his Mega-Buster at Biollante as she impaled SpaceGodzilla's right arm with her vines. SpaceGodzilla fired a barrage of his Corona Beams at both of them and severed the vines. Suddenly, there was a large explosion. Everyone stopped fighting and looked at where the blast had come from. The city was on fire and rising up, looking like the Devil himself, was Godzilla. He was getting closer and closer to reaching meltdown and growing more powerful by the minute. He turned around and spotted the others and walked towards them, steam rising off him as if he had walked out of Hell itself. The glowing red patches of skin were almost hypnotic due to the sharp contrast of night. Super Mechagodzilla fired its Mega-Buster. Godzilla's reflex had him fire a Spiral Ray in defense. The two incredibly powerful energy streams collided in midair. Mechagodzilla poured more energy into its beam, pushing Godzilla's back. Then Godzilla fed more energy into his, forcing his beam closer and closer until the Mega-Buster and Spiral Ray were shoved into Mechagodzilla's mouth, causing a massive explosion.

Mechagodzilla fell over. Several vines stabbed into Godzilla, injecting acid into his flesh while a stream of acid rained down on him. Godzilla's eyes burned. The acid in his blood burned for a short while but the high temperature of his body boiled and broke it down. The vines and pods ignited just from touching his body for too long. Godzilla fired a blast of blood-red energy from of his mouth, right down Biollante's open maw. She ceased using her acid and screamed. Suddenly, Godzilla was lifted off his feet again as SpaceGodzilla used his Gravity Tornados to lift him high into the air. SpaceGodzilla morphed into his flying from and, like a wrecking ball from the cosmos, he scraped into the back of Biollante's head, making her faceplant into the ground and ripping chunks of flesh from the back of her head. SpaceGodzilla slammed into Godzilla several times and fired his Corona Beams at him wildly. Godzilla could do nothing but fire his beam at his captor but SpaceGodzilla ignored the streams of nuclear plasma even as they took flesh from him with every blast. Godzilla's suffering was more important to him then his own.

He was about to impale Godzilla on his tail spikes and deliver the killing blow when something crashed into him, causing him to lose his concentration and cut off the power being feed to his Gravity Tornados. SpaceGodzilla morphed into his land from as soon he hit the ground. He got to his feet and looked around while the entire city shook as Godzilla crashed to the ground. SpaceGodzilla spotted Super Mechagodzilla just as it used its boosters to bodyslam him. The machine, now rusty from Biollante's acid, delivered a series of punches to SpaceGodzilla. The super robot was in no way made for hand-to-hand combat. Its movements were slow and clumsy, but they were powerful enough to knock the breath out of SpaceGodzilla. The crew wasn't planning on killing him in melee combat. Rather, they were keeping the evil beast distracted so he didn't bring up his crystal shield. SpaceGodzilla fired his Corona Beams. Without its diamond coating, Mechagodzilla now took damage from the beams, though they still fueled its main weapon.

Mechagodzilla fired a Plasma Grenade that sent SpaceGodzilla soaring before he crashed into a building and was buried under thousands of tons of steel and concrete. Godzilla had gotten back to his feet by this time and fired a powerful crimson beam at the robot. The blast caused one of Mechagodzilla's arms and Garuda cannons to break off, as well as resulted in the loss of one of its Eye Lasers. In retaliation, the crew unleashed an all-out assault. Eye Laser, Garuda cannon, Mega-Buster, Plasma Grenade, the remaining Shock Anchor and several Paralysis Missiles slammed into Godzilla's body, knocking him down. Super Mechagodzilla turned around and fired another assault at SpaceGodzilla, who had just managed to get up from the rubble he was buried in only a few seconds ago, and was once again knocked down. The Shock Anchor kept zapping Godzilla in the chest until the cable burned and snapped away from Godzilla burning hot flesh. Mechagodzilla turned around and spotted Biollante, who was still trying to recover from being shot in the mouth by Godzilla.

The anti-kaiju weapon opened fire on Biollante with everything it had. Biollante wailed out, she was in too much pain to fight back. The force of the Plasma Grenade was so intense that it was actually pushing Biollante. The massive plant monster slid along the pavement as if on ice. Suddenly, a cluster of crystal spikes exploded forth from Mechagodzilla's stomach. The crew was so focused on killing Biollante that SpaceGodzilla had managed to sneak up from behind and impale the mechanical doppelgänger of Godzilla with his tail. SpaceGodzilla lifted the machine high into the air with his tail alone, then spun around and tossed the machine through the air. When Super Mechagodzilla hit the ground, the Garuda fell off its back, the locking mechanism failing after being eroded by Biollante's acid. A malfunction caused its engines to roar to life and Garuda flew right into the open mouth of Biollante. The genetic monster bit down on the giant aircraft and shook it violently before throwing it aside, where it crashed head-first into the ground and exploded. The pilot died instantly. Biollante ensnared Mechagodzilla with her vines, lifting it up as she began to spray her acid. The machine couldn't do anything. All the crew members were either dead or out cold. They would be joining their comrade. Biollante bit down on the head, tugging and pulling until it was ripped off. She spat it out and stabbed at the body with dozens of her spear-tipped vines. One of them hit Mechagodzilla's reactor, causing a massive explosion. The super robot was no more. Biollante roared a cry of victory. She turned and looked at SpaceGodzilla. SpaceGodzilla waited for her to attack. For a moment, neither moved. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of buildings burning and people screaming.

Suddenly, Biollante's eyes widened, and SpaceGodzilla realized that she was looking behind him. He turned and saw a devil he had hoped was dead when Mechagodzilla attacked. Burning Godzilla pulled what remained of the Shock Anchor from his chest. It was now a war between the three Godzillas: Biollante, SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla himself.

Godzilla looked at his clones, his glowing red eyes burning with rage and hatred for them. Biollanted looked at her "brothers" with disgust. The two of them had defiled the Earth long enough. She was going to kill them and free the world from all the death and suffering they had caused over the years once and for all. SpaceGodzilla looked at his "siblings" with envy and hate. As long as Godzilla was alive, he could never be his own monster. He was feared, not for who he is, but for what he is. A clone of the most powerful monster on Earth. As far as everyone was concerned, he was just a clone with extra powers. He was stuck living in his shadow. He would never be free until Godzilla died. Even Biollante was looked at as her own monster because she managed to fight Godzilla to a standstill. SpaceGodzilla wouldn't stop until had killed them both and finished his quest of taking over the universe. Burning Godzilla roared, daring them to attack first. Daring them to defy his authority as the King. For the first time, both of his clones shook in fear and hesitated. The tables had turned. Before, they always had the upper hand and Godzilla was the underdog. Things had changed now. Godzilla had joined their ranks and become a super monster, just like they were! Now, nothing short of his own meltdown would kill him! There was no telling who would leave this fight alive, or if anyone would survive at all, but what was known was that this fight will go down in history as Hell on Earth.

The ground shook as if alive when Biollante charged forward, her head low to the ground. SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla fired their beams but she just kept coming. Biollante lifted her head up, smacking it against SpaceGodzilla. The space monster was powerless as he went flying into the air and crashed down behind her. Biollante bit down on Godzilla and tried wrench his head off. Rising back to his feet, SpaceGodzilla fired several Corona Beams that stabbed and exploded into her flesh. Several vines stabbed into SpaceGodzilla, leaking acid into his body. Several pod-tipped vines bit down on his arms and legs, trying to restrain him. Godzilla fired a beam into Biollnte's mouth, forcing her to let go as he backpedaled. Biollante charged forward, slamming her enormous body into Godzilla and knocking him backwards. SpaceGodzilla conducted energy through his body and his restraints exploded in a shower of acid. Some of it splattered on his remaining shoulder crystal, but it would last for a little while longer. He saw the other two in the distance. Biollante slammed her head down onto Godzilla who crumpled onto the ground, only to get back up again. SpaceGodzilla didn't think Godzilla had suffered enough. Reaching out telekinetically, he lifted Biollante up with his Gravity Tornadoes once again and dropped her on top of Godzilla, hoping he would die a slow and painful death, crushed underneath her ungodly weight.

Suddenly, there was a great flash of light as a nuclear pulse blasted Biollante off of Godzilla. Godzilla rose up, his spines melting like candle wax. He was close to melting down, but he was also getting stronger the closer his death came. Godzilla's spines charged with a blood red light, the heat from his spines was so intense that any nearby buildings, trees and cars caught on fire. People who were too close to him were instantly atomized into nothing. Godzilla fired his beam directly at Biollante who shrieked in utter agony. Godzilla turned his attention to SpaceGodzilla, but before he could even move, SpaceGodzilla shot his beam into a building next to Godzilla which collapsed on top of him. Having bought himself some time, SpaceGodzilla fired a barrage of Corona Beams at Biollante and flew right at her, striking her with energized claws. Biollante cried out in pain and as much as SpaceGodzilla enjoyed her suffering, he knew it wasn't enough. It was then that he noticed that her most recent wounds hadn't healed.

SpaceGodzilla decided that she must be running low on energy if she can't regenerate her wounds anymore. As SpaceGodzilla tried to think of a way to kill her, Biollante - having had enough of the mutant - bit down on him, lifting him up and shaking her head violently before letting go and sending him careening into a building. An explosion shook the ground as Godzilla rose up, ready to finish the fight. Biollante sent an army of vines at him, but because he was so near meltdown, Godzilla's beam was now huge and the lighting that spiraled around it white. The vines couldn't get past the ray and were completely incinerated. Godzilla's beam just kept coming and slammed into Biollante. Godzilla stopped and looked. Her stomach had exploded and half her face was on fire. He was going to finish her off when, suddenly, thousands of giant crystals rained down and pierced Biollante's body. Some of them exploded once inside her but most just stayed in there, crucifying her enormous form. Biollante lifted several of her stumps that used to be vines and stared at them in shock.

She looked down at her body. Acidic blood was leaking out of her mouth. She might not recover from this. She had regenerated from what would normally kill other creatures, but this time she wasn't so sure. It felt different. She was starting to doubt her recovery for the first time in her life. It would be her last time as well. Biollante slumped forward, twitching a little, and then was still. Godzilla turned and spotted SpaceGodzilla near the CN Tower with several crystal floating nearby. They stared daggers at each other. When Biollante's body morphed into spores and took to the sky, it acted as a bell for the next and final round to begin.

Godzilla's spines were nearly all gone now and his skin was starting to melt off his body, leaving puddles of melted flesh on the ground behind him as he charged forward. SpaceGodzilla sent the crystalline missiles crashing into him, each one exploding on contact. But Burning Godzilla ignored the pain and advanced forward. Godzilla fired his ray but SpaceGodzilla blocked it with his crystal shield, sending it right back at him. In an incredible display of endurance and willpower, Godzilla kept moving forward. When he reached his mutant "brother," it was a war between gods of death. Godzilla bit down on SpaceGodzilla who blasted him in the gut. Godzilla stumbled back. SpaceGodzilla lowered his head and charged forward, hitting Godzilla in the face with his last shoulder crystal. It failed to impale his head but it did draw blood and make him scream. Godzilla fired another Red Spiral Ray. SpaceGodzilla didn't have enough time to react and cried out as he felt pain he never knew before.

Godzilla needed to finish this fight now, before he perished from meltdown. But as long as the space demon's crystal fortress was active, neither side would be able to gain an advantage. It would be an endless battle between two monsters with unlimited power... Until meltdown, at least. Godzilla marched towards SpaceGodzilla who tried to slow him down with Corona Beams, but Godzilla would not be denied. Godzilla slammed into SpaceGodzilla, the two titans clawing and biting each other. Godzilla reached up and grabbed hold of SpaceGodzilla's left shoulder crystal. SpaceGodzilla shrieked as he saw smoke rising from his crystal. He realized his body was going to melt it if he stayed in contact with Godzilla for too long. Panic overcoming him, SpaceGodzilla started to pump energy from his claws into Godzilla's flesh, who returned the favor in kind by conducting energy into his claws and slashing back. SpaceGodzilla felt blood seep out of the cuts Godzilla just inflicted on his neck. SpaceGodzilla opened his mouth, preparing to fire his Corona Beam, only to have Godzilla bite down on his throat. Shrieking angrily, SpaceGodzilla broke free and bit down on Godzilla's neck, trying to return the pain. He fell right into Godzilla's trap. Godzilla's spines flashed, but with nowhere for the energy to go, his body released it in a different way. For a brief moment, Godzilla's entire body glowed a bright red, when suddenly an unbelievably powerful nuclear pulse erupted from Godzilla's body. The nuclear pulse not only sent SpaceGodzilla smashing into the CN Tower, thus cutting off his source of unlimited energy, but also shattered his remaining shoulder crystal. Now with no means to even store energy in his body, things had suddenly become very bad for SpaceGodzilla. Godzilla forced his body to increase in power, causing his spines to melt into nothing. Meltdown was inevitable now. SpaceGodzilla felt fear for the second time that night. This time would be the last.

A second pulse of nuclear energy slammed into SpaceGodzilla, burning away his skin and revealing a strange combination of crystals and internal organs. SpaceGodzilla shot as many Corona Beams as he could at Godzilla, who returned fire with a truly powerful Red Spiral Ray. SpaceGodzilla stopped firing and used the last of his energy to form a shield around him. The Spiral Ray was deflected right back at Godzilla, slowly burning away at his chest but he still kept firing, ignoring the agony. Godzilla dug his feet deep into the ground so as not to be pushed back by his own recoil or even his own beam. Eventually, SpaceGodzilla had used up all of his energy and his shield disappeared. His body was first stripped of its flesh, then the crystal armor beneath that, then the organs and bones under that until there was nothing left. A massive explosion rocked the city of Toronto that night. Small spheres of energy raised into the sky as a shriek was heard, SpaceGodzilla having transformed and retreated into the sky, just as his "sister" had.

Godzilla reared his head back and let out a cry of victory, one that soon turned into a howl of agony. This was it. Godzilla's time had run out. The fires within him burned brighter and brighter. As Godzilla writhed in agony, the sound of booster rockets filled the air. The Monster King opened his eyes and glared at the metallic being landing in front of him. As far as Godzilla was concerned, Kiryu was just another monster to fight before he died and the world burned with him in an inferno of hatred. The pilot was angry at himself for being so late. Had he been here sooner, then the pilots of Garuda and Mechagodzilla might not have died. For a split second, he noticed a rather strange sight in the middle of the burning city. Where Biollante and SpaceGodzilla had died, there was now a forest of crystals and flowers. It was strangely peaceful and beautiful, a sharp, calm contrast to the hell the city had become.

It was almost as if they were there to honer the dead, both monsters and human. Shaking his head for thinking such a thing at a time like this, the pilot got ready to fight Godzilla and brought the Absolute Zero Cannon online...

Godzilla® (Heisei)