Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 90:
By: Christian Salabert

With a low cackle, the mighty reptile known as Godzillasaurus trampled through his island home. The dinosaur was in search of a meal, and thanks to his voracious appetite, anything that moved would do. Smaller animals scattered as he approached, but they didn't interest him anyway. He was after a true feast.

Unfortunately for Godzillasaurus, he was not the only predator on the island.

Rearing his head back and letting loose with a mighty roar, Gorosaurus charged the smaller reptile. Having been driven from his home by an enormous ape, Gorosaurus was in an even fouler mood than usual. Perhaps killing this new creature would make him feel better. He came closer and closer to Godzillasaurus, his tooth-lined jaws agape.

Godzillasaurus reared up in surprise as Gorosaurus charged him, then stopped. If slain, this beast would make quite a nice feast indeed. Godzillasaurus answered Gorosaurus' war cry with one of his own and went on the attack!

The reptilian titans crashed together, instantly biting and clawing at one another. Godzillasaurus managed to close his jaws on Gorosaurus' throat, biting down hard. The oversized allosaur cried out as he felt his foe's teeth sink into his flesh. Bringing his arms up, Gorosaurus raked his claws across Godzillasaurus' snout, forcing him to release his toothy grip. As Godzillasaurus backed away, his snout bleeding, Gorosaurus reared onto his tail and lashed out with his legs, kicking Godzillasaurus to the ground. Before Godzillasaurus could get back to his feet, Gorosaurus reached down and clamped his jaws down onto his leg. Godzillasaurus thrashed and kicked as he tried to dislodge the larger reptile. Though at first unfazed by his foe's kicks, Gorosaurus was eventually forced to let go, allowing Godzillasaurus to return to his feet.

Gorosaurus charged again, but Godzillasaurus spun around, clubbing his tail across his opponent's face. Gorosaurus staggered backward and Godzillasaurus lunged towards him, snapping his jaws at his neck once more. Gorosaurus snapped back, their toothy maws nearly closing on each other. Gorosaurus leapt up and lashed out with another kangaroo kick, but this one merely knocked Godzillasaurus backward. Just as Gorosaurus landed back on his feet, Godzillasaurus turned and slammed his tail into Gorosaurus' legs, sweeping them out from under him and knocking him to the ground. As the larger dinosaur tried to get back to his feet, Godzillasaurus attacked, biting down on Gorosaurus' neck once again. Shaking his head back and forth, he sank his fangs deeper and deeper, tearing Gorosaurus' flesh.

Gorosaurus' eyes burned with rage. How dare this creature try to make a meal out of him!

Clutching Godzillasaurus' neck in his claws, Gorosaurus dropped to the ground, taking his foe with him. Gorosaurus was back on his feet in an instant, growling furiously as blood dripped from his neck. Godzillasaurus was soon his feet as well, roaring loudly. The two reptiles slammed into each other again, attacking each other with all their might. Claws tore flesh, teeth pierced skin and the fearsome roars of predators filled the air. The two beasts battled across the entire island, tearing up the landscape as they went. Trees were uprooted and mountains crumbled.

Soon, their battle took them near a towering cliff overlooking the sea, but neither creature took notice, too engrossed in their struggle to the death.

Gorosaurus bent down, then slammed his head into Godzillasaurus' face, driving him back and towards the cliff. Godzillasaurus held his arms open and roared furiously at his opponent. Gorosaurus attacked again, forcing Godzillasaurus even further back. The smaller predator managed to snatch Gorosaurus with his stubby arms and grappled with the beast, turning as they fought. Gorosaurus ended up on the side closest to the cliff as the two continued their battle.

The ground underneath the dueling dinosaurs began to crack, the cliff unable to withstand the stress of the two titans warring on top of it. The cliff split and fell away, leaving Gorosaurus with nothing to stand on. The mighty beast dropped, but refused to perish alone. Reaching out with his powerful jaws, Gorosaurus bit down on Godzillasaurus' throat, dragging him off the cliff alongside his foe.

Plummeting through the sky, the two reptiles continued snarl and snap at each other. Both beasts refused to admit defeat as they fell towards the sea, closer and closer to the rocks below...

Godzillasaurus Gorosaurus