Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 86:
By: Christian Salabert

Jet Jaguar's metallic feet clanked against the pebbles amongst Monster Island's soil. He needed to find Godzilla and fast. Mankind was once more at the mercy of the Seatopian deity, Megalon, and the Star Hunter M cyborg, Gigan. Knowing from past experience that he could not handle both monsters on his own, the heroic machine sped through the air, making his way towards Monster Island to once again call upon his ally, the King of the Monsters. Upon landing on the island, however, he heard the sound of chaos. The calls of many kaiju filled the air. Rodan, Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Varan, even Godzilla himself. There was definitely quite a battle going on. The robot defender realized he had to lend a hand and began rushing through the jungle, towards the war cries.

Before too long, however, the roaring ceased. Jet Jaguar stopped in his tracks and tilted his head. Had the battle been won? If it had, by whom? Shortly after that, the ground began to rumble. But this was from no monstrous footsteps, it felt more like something huge was rolling across the ground. Jet Jaguar's theory was proved correct when a large, spiked sphere rolled past. The human-sized robot was nearly crushed underneath the strange ball, but he managed to fly out of the way, barely avoiding an early fate. Jet Jaguar landed and turned to look at the strange sphere, and quickly realized it was turning around! Jet Jaguar realized that whatever this thing was, it was intent on running him over. Folding and swinging his arms, Jet Jaguar activated one of his many special powers and became engulfed in a blinding light, growing to his full height of fifty meters! Whatever this ball was, Jet Jaguar was about to make it regret its attempted hit-and-run.

Gororin was briefly taken aback by its target's sudden new size. But it did little to deter the monstrous cactus. It rolled directly at its foe, intent on bowling the colorful robot over with the same ease it did the island's residents. Seconds before it could smash into Jet Jaguar's legs, however, the machine summersaulted over it, rolling off his back and getting onto his legs. Gororin turned and tried to strike again, this time leaping into the air, aiming at the robot's chest. But Jet Jaguar was quick to retaliate, spinning around and slamming his foot into the plant creature, knocking it aside. As Gororin crashed to the ground, Jet Jaguar cried out as he realized the cactus' spines had pierced through his metallic plating. Reaching down, he pulled a small handful of spines out of the side of his foot and turned to face his opponent.

Gororin's eyes narrowed with satisfaction. Despite its foe's armored hide, he could still be harmed by the plant's spines. Almost immediately, Gororin fired a volley of its needles, aimed directly at Jet Jaguar's face. Seconds before they hit, Jet Jaguar raised his arms and crossed them over his face, blocking the attack. Some of the spines bounced off his metal limbs, but most of them stabbed into his arms. Jet Jaguar pulled his arms down, but before he could try to remove the spines, Gororin rolled forward and leapt into the air, smashing into Jet Jaguar's chest. Sparks burst from the robot as the spiny ball collided with his chest, knocking him to the ground. As he turned over onto his stomach and started to get back onto his feet, Gororin swerved around and leapt into the air once again, this time slamming into Jet Jaguar's back and knocking him flat on his face.

As Gororin rolled around and prepared to strike again, Jet Jaguar quickly flipped up onto his feet, striking a battle pose as he prepared for the cactus' next move. The plant launched another series of spines at the machine, who dove to the ground and rolled out of the way. Grabbing a boulder from the ground as he went, the heroic robot held it up, deflecting Gororin's needles. Continuing to use the boulder as a shield, Jet Jaguar made his way towards the evil plant. Not wanting the robot to get any closer, Gororin stopped firing its spines and rolled away, disappearing into the jungle.

Jet Jaguar stepped forward, scanning the area but not seeing a single sign of his spherical foe. Still clutching the boulder in his hands, he marched forward, trudging through the thick foliage. The android looked everywhere, but saw no sign of his diminutive opponent amongst the trees. How could such a destructive little beast hide so well?

Suddenly, his audio sensors picked up the sound of needles hurtling through the air. Quickly turning around and holding the boulder up, Jet Jaguar blocked that wave of spines. He stomped towards their point of origin, but by the time he got there, Gororin was gone. Just as suddenly, another series of spines were unleashed. A scant few embedded themselves into Jet Jaguar's armor, but most were deflected by the rock. Once again, when Jet Jaguar tried to strike, Gororin had rolled away before he could reach him. Jet Jaguar was starting to grow concerned. He glanced down at his damaged chest plate. This foe wasn't like other monsters. It was small, deceptively fast and its needles were more than capable of piercing his metal hide. And thanks to that same combination, the beast was almost impossible to hit. How was he going to overcome this creature?

Jet Jaguar cried out as another volley of cactus spines stabbed into his back, trailing down his pronounced "spine." Dropping the boulder and clutching at his back, Jet Jaguar left himself wide open to another attack by Gororin, who smashed into his chest, knocking him back-first onto the ground and driving the needles further into his back. The mechanical hero got back to his feet, only to have Gororin speed by, sweeping his legs out from under him. Jet Jaguar toppled once again, his face smashing into the dirt. Getting up onto his knees, Jet Jaguar quickly looked around, trying to locate his foe as soon as possible. Unfortunately, he saw more than he bargained for when a series of needles stabbed into his eyes, shattering them and effectively blinding the robot.

Jet Jaguar realized he was fighting a losing battle. Though he had come here with a mission, he knew he had to pull back or else he might be damaged beyond repair before even making contact with Godzilla. Holding his arms up at his sides, Jet Jaguar began to activate flight mode.

The robot's feet were barely off the ground before Gororin smashed into his chest once again. The blow was enough to bash open Jet Jaguar's chest plate completely and send him tumbling out of the air. Crashing onto his back, Jet Jaguar held his hand out, trying to rise back to his feet, only for the exposed wiring in his chest to spark, causing him to fall back to the dirt, lifeless. The sound of slowing machinery was heard and Jet Jaguar moved no more.

The sphere's twin yellow eyes were alight with evil glee as its opponent perished. Very few could expect to survive an encounter with the plant monster Gororin.