Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 85:
By: Christian Salabert

Kumonga chittered in annoyance at the situation he currently found himself in.

The massive spider had been in the middle of a well-deserved meal when he was suddenly intruded upon by the giant mantis, Kamacuras. Usually the mere sight of the arachnid was enough to send the praying mantis fleeing, or at least give it pause, but food was scarce on Sollgel, and both predators knew it. Emboldened by hunger, Kamacuras advanced! Raising its scythe-like arms into the air, Kamacuras screeched loudly, declaring that Kumonga's feast was now his!

Surprised by the mantis' newfound aggression, Kumonga inched back. Suddenly, he realized what he was doing, and his surprise was immediately replaced with anger! Raising his front two legs into the air and hissing, Kumonga stepped forward, protecting his kill. The two creatures circled each other for a moment, daring the other to strike. Just as it seemed that Kumonga would be the one to make the first move, Kamacuras disappeared into the air with a blur. Before Kumonga realized what happened, Kamacuras had landed behind him and struck the backside of his abdomen with his lengthy claw. Kumonga shrieked and began to turn around, when Kamacuras flew off again. Settling on the ground not too far away, Kamacuras watched as the giant spider turned to face him. Without another move, Kumonga began to spew strands of white silken spray at the mantis. Just as the web began to make contact with his green exoskeleton, Kamacuras was airborne once again, avoiding the strands.

Kamacuras landed and stared at Kumonga, who returned the glare. The two beasts circled each other again for a moment, when suddenly the tension of their encounter was pierced by the roar of yet another new arrival. The two predators' eyes widened in surprise as Godzilla approached!

Kumonga and Kamacuras shared a quick glance. They quickly realized that if they worked together and killed Godzilla, they would both have more than enough food for the foreseeable future.

Of course, then they would kill their competition and claim Godzilla's entire corpse as their own, but didn't change what had to be done at the moment at hand.

Godzilla eyed his two old foes suspiciously. He didn't like that they had yet to strike. Patience and strategy were usually not in their repertoire. He decided to clear them out of the way, and his dorsal fins began to flash. Opening his jaws, a beam of atomic energy came lancing out of his mouth, exploding against the ground between the two predators. Kamacuras immediately took to the air as Kumonga backed away from the flames. Godzilla nodded his head, satisfied, when suddenly Kamacuras blind-sided him, slashing Godzilla with his claws as he passed overhead. Not expecting the blow, Godzilla shrieked as he was knocked off his feet and toppled onto his side. Kumonga took the opportunity to close in and begin spraying Godzilla with his webbing. The Monster King roared in anger as the silken strands began to cover his face and torso before responding with another atomic blast. The ray struck Kumonga in the face, ending the web spray and causing him to immediately back away. Godzilla got back to his feet and growled at the spider, then immediately began scanning the area for Kamacuras.

The mantis slammed his claws into the back of Godzilla's head as he zoomed past him again, causing him to stagger forward. But when the emerald insect tried the tactic a third time, Godzilla bent down and swung his tail upward, slamming it into Kamacuras' face and bringing his flight to an abrupt halt. As Kamacuras crumpled to the ground, Godzilla bent down and grabbed the mantis' arms. With a mighty heave, Godzilla tossed the mantis through the air, sending him smashing into the side of a mountain. Kamacuras was stunned by the blow, his head twitching dizzily.

With Kamacuras down, Godzilla turned to face Kumonga. The arachnid opened fire with its web, spraying Godzilla's torso, but the powerful reptile advanced anyway, cutting through the web with another atomic ray. Kumonga chittered as the ray exploded behind him, trapping him between the flames and Godzilla. Realizing his foe's dilemma, Godzilla spun around, swinging his tail around and slamming it into Kumonga's face. Kumonga was sent through the air by the blow, flying over the fires and crashing onto his back. Satisfied with the attack, Godzilla suddenly felt a stinging pain in his tail. He quickly realized what it was - Kumonga had lodged his stinger into his tail as he slammed it into the spider's face. Godzilla soon began to lose feeling in his tail and it dropped from the air, dragging limply behind him. Roaring angrily, he advanced on the downed spider, who was still trying to get up off of his back. Just as Godzilla was about to crush the beast's abdomen underfoot, Kamacuras latched onto his back and began assaulting Godzilla's head and neck with his claws. Godzilla roared in rage as he tried to dislodge the mantis to no avail, randomly firing beams of atomic energy in frustration but destroying nothing but mountains. With Godzilla distracted by Kamacuras, Kumonga managed to flip himself over into an upright position, his purple compound eyes glaring at Godzilla in fury. With a shriek, the spider spat out another poison stinger, striking Godzilla square in the chest. Godzilla could already feel his upper torso going numb. Suddenly, Kumonga rose up onto the very top of his legs and slammed into Godzilla. Kamacuras flew off the mighty reptile before Kumonga tackled him to the ground.

Climbing down off of Godzilla, Kumonga fired another stinger, hitting one of Godzilla's legs and numbing it, too. As Kamacuras landed next to him, Kumonga began to unleash sheets upon sheets of webbing, covering Godzilla in their strands. Kamacuras twitched his head and screeched happily, watching as Godzilla writhed about, trying to escape from Kumonga's web. The white silk soon began to cover Godzilla completely, threatening to wrap him in a blanket of death. Godzilla tried to fire his atomic ray at the two creatures, but found it hard to concentrate, woozy from Kumonga's poison. Soon, Godzilla was completely engulfed in Kumonga's web, unable to even move his arms. Satisfied that Godzilla was restrained well enough, Kumonga moved in, ready to deliver the final poison sting. Kamacuras followed close behind, eager to watch Godzilla's demise up close.

Both of the giant bugs were so encroached in finishing off their prey that neither noticed the blue light emanating from within the webbing. Just as Kumonga was about to sink his stinger into Godzilla's flesh, a shockwave of nuclear energy exploded out of his prone form, incinerating his would-be cocoon tomb and blasting Kumonga and Kamacuras through the air!

As the spider and the mantis crashed into a tangled mess quite some distance away, Godzilla rose to his feet, his system purified by the pure nuclear power coursing through it. Fury burned in his eyes.

Kamacuras and Kumonga righted themselves, groaning as their burnt bodies ached with each move they made. Suddenly, they were assaulted by Godzilla's atomic ray. Distracted by the ensuing explosion, Kamacuras didn't even know Godzilla was behind him until the Monster King grabbed him by his spiky shell and swung him into Kumonga, knocking the spider through the air and sending him crashing against the jungle floor. Kamacuras screamed in agony, one of his legs having been broken off from their mutual impact. Godzilla attempted to toss the mantis at his arachnid ally, but once Kamacuras was in the air, he opened his wings and sped off, disappearing to the other side of the island. Godzilla roared, frustrated that he couldn't finish the giant mantis, then quickly turned his attention back to Kumonga.

Kumonga was shakily getting back onto his feet just as Godzilla reached him. The spider began to spit some web, but Godzilla immediately halted the attempt by kicking him in the face, then grabbing Kumonga's front two legs and hoisting him into the air. Bringing him back down, Godzilla slammed Kumonga into the ground, knocking the wind out of the eight-legged beast. Grabbing hold of his legs again, Godzilla swung him around and sent him hurtling through the air, crashing against the same large mountain he had thrown Kamacuras into. Sore and stunned, Kumonga didn't even try to get back to his feet. Godzilla narrowed his eyes at the spider and opened fire with his atomic ray, striking the side of the mountain above Kumonga. As the ray exploded, thousands of tons of dirt and rock tumbled down upon Kumonga. A moment later, the immense spider had been covered completely, with only the tip of one leg sticking out from the soil. No further movements came. Whether Kumonga was dead or merely unconscious was unknown, but either way, the spider had been beaten.

Rearing his head back, Godzilla roared triumphantly. After a moment, he resumed his original trek and began moving inland, towards the red water pool.

Godzilla® (Heisei)