Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 82:
By: Christian Salabert

Daigoro raised his arms into the air, shrieking wildly.

Godzilla Junior reared his head back, letting out his own version of his father's famous cry.

Almost at the same instant, the two monsters charged each other, ready for battle. The plush monster Daigoro swung his right arm around, slamming it into Junior's head. The young Godzilla ceased his charge, grunting in surprise. Daigoro pulled his fist back and slammed it into Junior's chest, but when he tried to repeat the action with his other hand, Junior lashed out with his jaws, biting down on Daigoro's hand. The hippopotamus-like beast squealed as he felt Junior's teeth sink into his flesh, pulling his hand away and caressing it with his other hand. With his foe distracted, Junior lunged forward and slammed his mass into Daigoro, sending the creature crashing to the ground. Junior roared out, happy with his successful attack.

Daigoro rolled around on the ground for a moment, trying to get back onto his feet. Junior laughed at his foe, then turned, swinging his tail around and slamming it into Daigoro's backside, sending him careening back to the dirt. Daigoro shrieked in frustration, banging his fists against the ground. Getting his legs underneath him, Daigoro jumped back onto his feet, then spun around and smashed his fist into the side of Junior's neck. The green reptile staggered back, choking. Daigoro leapt into the air, feet first, kicking Junior hard and knocking him to the soil. Before Junior could recover, Daigoro was on top of him, raining his fists down on his opponent. Junior cried out as Daigoro's fists struck him again and again. Left with no other option, Junior summoned his atomic energies and fired a blast of his radioactive ray. The blue beam exploded against Daigoro's chest, sending him flying off of Junior and crashing back to the ground.

Junior got up and glared at Daigoro, who got back to his feet and flailed his arms around. He began kicking dirt and rocks up at Junior, temporarily blinding the son of Godzilla. A particularly large boulder bounced off of Junior's snout, causing him to take a step back and shriek in surprise. With his foe distracted, Daigoro leapt into the air for another of his flying kicks, but Junior was able to see the attack coming and stepped out of the way, letting the tubby monster crash to the ground with a thud. Daigoro writhed about in frustration again before rising back up to his feet. He was soon back down again, however, when Junior swung his tail around and slammed it into Daigoro's legs, sweeping them out from under him. Junior laughed at his fallen foe again, but the tan-colored beast was growing tired of his face encountering the earth.

Taking in a deep breath, Daigoro gathered all his strength and belched forth a stream of fire. Striking Junior's feet, he trailed the flames upward until they hit his face. Shrieking in pain, Junior collapsed to the ground.

With his foe down, Daigoro was up in a flash and waddled towards him. Lashing out with his foot, he kicked Junior in the gut once, then twice. He stepped closer to Junior's face and prepared to kick him in the snout, but Godzilla's son lashed out and bit down on Daigoro's foot. The bumpy beast cried out and pulled his foot away. Waving his arms around angrily, Daigoro marched over to Junior's tail and latched onto it, trying to pull him up into the air. But Junior was going to have none of it, and smacked the tip of his tail into Daigoro's snout, stunning him and sending him staggering back. Junior rolled over onto his stomach and began to push himself back up, but Daigoro was back in an instant, slamming his fists down on Junior's back. Junior cried out as Daigoro's hands struck him again and again, then swung around, firing his atomic beam. Daigoro ducked, just barely avoiding the blast, then clamped his hand down onto Junior's snout, closing it shut. The two young monsters grappled with each other for a few minutes before Junior stepped on a rock and tripped, sending both of them crashing to the ground.

As the two of them struggled, Daigoro punched Junior in the side of the head, over and over. Junior clawed at Daigoro, raking his claws against his bumpy flesh. Another punch against his head and Junior bit down on Daigoro's snout, causing the monster to squeal in panic and punch Junior's head again. Junior released his toothy grip and Daigoro rolled away. At almost the same time, the two creatures got to their feet. They glared at one another, each determined to be the victor.

Godzilla Junior opened his mouth and charged his atomic energy, his dorsal fins flashing.

Daigoro clenched his fists and flared his nostrils, inhaling deeply.

An atomic ray fired from Junior's mouth.

A sheet of flames spewed from Daigoro's maw.

The two blasts came together with explosive force, the ensuing burst of energy knocking both combatants off of their feet. After a moment, the two monsters stirred and slowly got back up. They cried out at each other, ready to continue their battle, when suddenly they heard the shrill cry of Daigoro's mother fill the air, echoing from the south side of the island. Before either creature could react, the unmistakable roar of Godzilla was heard from the north side of the island. There was no misunderstanding what their calls meant.

Daigoro and Junior dropped their heads in disappointment. Roaring and nodding to each other, they turned away and began making their way back to their parents.

Darn grown-ups. They always had to ruin playtime.

Daigoro Godzilla® Junior