Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 81:
By: Kristian Zatkoff

Dark times had fallen on Monster Island.

On mainland Japan there was an accident which had resulted in a nuclear reactor exploding. But that wasn't the worst of it. Reports indicated that the fallout went out to sea... where Godzilla was swimming. Now the beast had once again become Burning Godzilla. Fearing that he would go into meltdown, the military sent out special weapons that would freeze the Monster King. Their efforts were in vain as the other kaiju on the island mistook this as an attack on them. Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Varan and several others had crushed the DAG-MB96's while Rodan swatted the Super-X3 and ASTOL-MB93's out of the sky like flies. As if that wasn't bad enough, the resulting fight had caused the Monster King to fall into one of the island's active volcanos. With the Super-X3 out of commission it would be impossible to freeze Godzilla.

While new freezer weapons were being sent in, charges were set on the volcano to free Godzilla in the hopes that he would go back into the sea where the cold water would help slow down his rising body temperature. Night time had fallen as a storm was brewing over the island and the charges were set off. The island was rocked by a mighty blast that could be felt for miles. Unknown to the rest of the island, an unwelcome guest had landed nearby. Enshrouded in darkness, only the red eyes of Hedorah could be seen in the gloom. Lava pored out of the volcano as Godzilla walked out, large patches of red skin pulsing, his spikes and eyes glowing with uncontrolled power. Steam issued from him as well as dead, burning flesh flaking off of his body as it worked endlessly to replace the dying cells. His spikes randomly flashed with energy once in a while, a testament to his runaway radiation.

Hedorah called out, getting Godzilla's attention, then fired a jagged beam at the Monster King. The devil was angered by such an act. How dare this thing attack him in his own home, his very kingdom? Hedorah body slammed into Godzilla in a plan to dissolve the dinosaur with his own acidic body. Hedorah was pleased to hear Godzilla scream in agony until he felt his body burn. Hedorah let go as he backpedaled away from Godzilla in pain. He looked up to see Godzilla slam his hand right into one of his eyes. Both monsters cried out in unimaginable pain. Godzilla was refusing to let go despite his intense agony. He wanted the Smog Monster to burn to death. Godzilla was puzzled as the pain went away. Despite his current situation he pulled his hand out to see that his right arm had been reduced to nothing but bone up to his elbow. Godzilla pushed Hedorah away in a panic as he fired a powerful red atomic blast.

Hedorah screamed out as he was sent flying back and slammed into the side of the volcano with a sickening splat, dried chunks sent flying everywhere. Hedorah got up and realized with horror that his body was flaking. Hedorah transformed into his flying form and flew away. It was a short flight as he collided face first into a powerful tail. Hedorah sent a dark mist out of his body making Godzilla cough. Hedorah, back in his final form, got up right away and tried to keep his distance. Once Godzilla could breath again, he charged at Hedorah and threw him into the lava that was still pouring out of the side of the volcano.

Hedorah panicked in his effort to get out of the molten rock. Godzilla took advantage of this, his body surged with red hot power as he lift up his head, opened his toothy maw and spewed out deadly energy on par with a miniature nuclear blast. Hedorah was sent flying through the air by the blast and landed a few miles away. Hedorah was flailing about on the ground, thrashing his arms, his eyes popping and sizzling. Godzilla fired another blast of his atomic ray.

Godzilla stopped pouring the nuclear energy and stared. Hedorah was laying in a crater dried out, dead. Godzilla let out a victorious roar as lightning flashed across the night sky. Godzilla had won, it should have ended there.

Fate had other plans.

It finally began to rain, Hedorah's corpse absorbed the much-needed water, his body quickly having life flow through it again. His eyes slowly returned, changed from ashy black back to ruby red. After a good five minutes, Hedorah blinked. He sat up and let out a gurgle. Godzilla was just a few steps away when he the noise got his attention. He paused mid-step, not sure if he had really heard it. He listened for a few minutes but other then the hiss of rain evaporating on his burning hot flesh, he heard nothing.

Then there was a pop. Godzilla turned around only to get a face full of acidic sludge. Godzilla howled in bloody rage as Hedorah fired jagged beams at his feet. Godzilla danced around as his feet burned, causing him to fall into a large pit made by Baragon earlier that day from the battle with G-Force. Hedorah rushed over, not wanting to give Godzilla a chance to fight back. Godzilla's eyes still burned too much to open, so he was unable to notice Hedorah until he felt something cold and wet cover him like a slimy blanket. Godzilla's grunt of disgust soon turned into a enraged roar as burning, stinging pain ran all over his body. The sludge soon burned away as Godzilla forced his own body to burn hotter, but the sludge soon turned into toxic smoke which filled Godzilla's lungs and burned. Godzilla coughed and choked on the toxic fumes. Hedorah couldn't help but laugh. Godzilla had caused him much trouble in the past. He only wanted to feed, but he and several others had always attacked him. That's why he was on this island. He was going to fight off all the other monsters, so he could go wherever he pleased and feed off the world's pollution.

Godzilla now knew where Hedorah was, thanks to his mocking laughter, but he was coughing too much to fire his atomic breath. Suddenly, his body gave off a bright red and white glow, and the next thing Hedorah knew, he had slid and fell a good distance away as burning hot energy blasted him. Godzilla could finally breath as the nuclear pulse had pushed away the toxic fumes. Godzilla opened his eyes and let the rain wash away the filth. Now able to see again, the living nuclear bomb climbed out of the pit and looked back to see Hedorah staring at him. Godzilla let energy surge through him, but this time his spikes were not the only thing glowing as his entire body was glowing a bright reddish-orange, making it nearly impossible to look at him. His body was giving off even more steam, with even more burning embers flaking off his body. His footprints were on fire, some of them even made the ground become molten rock. It was raining the burning embers like a rain of fire, nearby trees caught on fire from just being too close to Godzilla.

Hedorah saw this and knew he had to act quick. The rain helped keep him alive and made it harder to dry him out, but he wasn't as big as he was before. The last beam attack and nuclear pulse had vaporized huge chunks of his body. At this rate all the water in the world would not help him if he ended up completely vaporized. Hedorah fired a glob of himself right into Godzilla's eyes. Caught off-guard by this, Godzilla had stumbled back and fell at the worst time as his beam flew harmlessly over the toxic monster and hit a distant mountain with the force of a nuke.

Godzilla got up in time to see a huge mushroom cloud just as Hedorah flew at him and latched on, heading right for the sea. The two beasts fell into the cold sea which quickly boiled and steamed from Godzilla's body heat. Both monsters were completely submerged, giving Hedorah the much-needed advantage. Godzilla fired another beam at point-blank range. While some of Hedorah was atomized into nothing, the water had lessened the effects enough to shield him from most of the beam's power. Hedorah grabbed Godzilla's head and shoved it deep into his own body. Godzilla thrashed around with all of his might, firing a powerful beam.

Hedorah endured the pain until it finally stopped.

Hedorah rose out of the water and walked onto the shore. A flash of lightning showed several monsters staring at Hedorah. Another flash and they were gone. No one wanted to fight the new King of the Monsters and suffer a painful death as a result. Hedorah gurgled a sickening laugh as he went back to the sea to finish the job.

The next day, the world was gripped with fear as the skeleton of the former Monster King, Godzilla, washed up on the shores of Japan. Now only the brave or foolish would dare to fight Hedorah, for death would take them before the day was over.

Hedorah (Showa)