Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 77:
By: Christian Salabert

Jet Jaguar craned his neck up to look at the towering beast. The human-sized robot was on a tall cliff, and even still he had trouble seeing the top of the creature before him. She was currently unaware of him, a fact which Jet Jaguar was reluctant to change. Biollante was resting peacefully, her tendrils lazily slithering about the area. Jet Jaguar didn't want to disturb her, as she had no intent of harming anyone, but there were several settlements nearby which were in danger from the massive plant. He had to try to get her to leave the area without endangering the nearby humans. Making his decision, he took to the air and flew off of the cliff, landing a good distance away and in front of Biollante. Letting loose a robotic cry, Jet Jaguar began to wave his arms around in a specific pattern. Seconds later, a bright light burst from his chest.

A blinding light and a strange whirring sound roused Biollante from her slumber. Her eyes opened just in time to see Jet Jaguar reach full size, which was still nowhere near Biollante's impressive height. He began moving his hands around and calling out to her with strange, metallic sounds, apparently attempting to communicate something to her. Biollante just snarled in response. This strange being interrupted her rest and now appeared to be giving her instructions. Aside from that, the being's garish colors annoyed her. She didn't want to fight just now, but if this colorful creature insisted on annoying her, she would be glad to change her mind.

Jet Jaguar finished explaining to Biollante about the nearby humans. He wondered if she understood his message. He got his answer when she sent several tendrils screaming at his chest! Jet Jaguar leapt into the air, barely avoiding the toothy vines. The android was taken by surprise by the sudden attack; he hadn't expected the floral titan to be so ill-tempered. Angering her was not his intention. But he couldn't just fly away, the humans were still in danger. He flew around Biollante, landing behind her and lashing out with a powerful kick. Biollante snarled as Jet Jaguar's metallic leg struck her backside. Narrowing her eyes, she rose several tendrils from the ground, sending them towards the automaton. Two of them opened their mouths and bit down on the robot's shoulders, yanking him away from her. Reaching up and snatching their heads in his hands, Jet Jaguar managed to wrench them off his shoulders, but by now Biollante had managed to turn herself around. With a thunderous charge, Biollante rushed forward and slammed her mountainous body into the robot, sending him hurtling through the air head-over-heels. Jet Jaguar hit the ground with a crash, dizzied from his trip through the air.

Biollante sent more and more vines at her foe, intent on impaling him. Jet Jaguar managed to swat a few of them away with his hands, but there were too many coming at him. One managed to spear through his waist, its tip sticking out through it. Crying out, he managed to grab it and rip it in half, then out of his waist. He looked up just in time to see Biollante swing her head, slamming her giant, crocodilian snout into his chest and once again sending him through the air. Jet Jaguar rolled across the ground, then woozily got back to his feet. He clutched a boulder from the dirt and hurled it at Biollante's open mouth. The mutant plant howled in frustration as she shook her head back and forth, trying to dislodge the rock to no avail. Furious, she sent even more tendrils at Jet Jaguar. The robot managed to dispatch the first few, but there were too many attacking too fast. One snaked around his leg and pulled him to the ground.

Jet Jaguar looked up and saw green liquid dripping from Biollante's mouth. She was using her acid to try to dissolve the boulder. Not good.

The humanoid machine lashed out with his leg, kicking an approaching tendril away. Reaching down, he ripped the vine wrapped around his leg in half, freeing himself and jumping away. More of the thorny limbs quickly advanced on him, but he lifted his arms and shot off into the air. Just as he landed some distance away, Biollante crunched down on the weakened rock, reducing it to rubble and freeing her mouth. Shrieking wildly, the floral Godzilla clone charged forward, waving her tentacles in the air. Two of them lashed out and wrapped around Jet Jaguar's arms, holding him in place. He struggled to pull them free, but couldn't in time before Biollante reached him. Opening her cavernous jaws, she bit down on Jet Jaguar's shoulder, her teeth piercing his armor. Lifting her foe high into the air, Biollante shook her head before unclenching her jaws and letting him soar through the air, once again crashing to the ground.

Jet Jaguar couldn't take much more of this. Biollante was too large and too powerful. He was too badly damaged. He didn't want to fight her, but he knew he had to do something to finish this fight and quickly. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. It just might be enough to tip the scales in his favor. As Biollante made her way towards the machine, he repeated the same choreographed arm motions he made earlier. Biollante recoiled as another blinding flash of light enveloped him. Seconds later, she once again found herself facing Jet Jaguar... Except the android was much larger than before. He now stood eye-to-eye with the colossal plant.

Biollante reared her head back in surprise, stunned by her opponent's sudden new height. Jet Jaguar marched up to her and swung his arm at her, karate chopping her in the side of the head. Biollante wailed as the blow reverberated through her head, stunning her. Before she could recover, Jet Jaguar clapped his hands on either side of her head. The monstrous plant cried out as she felt her skull crack. Jet Jaguar flipped through the air, uppercutting her bottom jaw with his foot. The blow knocked out several of her teeth and sent her reeling back. A trio of tendrils attacked, but Jet Jaguar clasped all three of them in one hand and yanked hard, tearing them out of the soil. Spinning around, the droid whipped them across Biollante's face. Before she could react, Jet Jaguar was upon her, wrapping his arms around her neck and began to squeeze.

The cry that escaped Biollante's throat gurgled as Jet Jaguar applied more pressure to her neck. Her tendrils stabbed at the machine from behind but only succeeded in splitting their tips open, now too weak to pierce Jet Jaguar's metallic skin. Biollante struggled to free herself, but Jet Jaguar's grip was too strong. Unable to think of anything else, lightning crackled up Biollante's throat, and a moment later, a torrent of acidic sap flooded from her mouth. It covered Jet Jaguar's arm, instantly causing him to release her and jump back. The robot was alarmed as his arm smoked and began to corrode, but Biollante wasn't done yet. She focused her sap into a high intensity stream, blasting Jet Jaguar in the face and coating him in the corrosive green liquid.

Jet Jaguar cried out and panicked, feeling the acid eat away at his armor. But Biollante wasn't done yet. She summoned more and more tendrils from the ground. Several wrapped around each of his legs and strained, pulling him down to his knees. Before he could reach down and begin to rip them away, even more attacked and latched around his arms, holding them outstretched. The heroic machine struggled, trying to pull away, but their grip was too strong and he was afraid if he struggled too hard, they would tear through his acid-weakened armor. It was then that he realized that Biollante was now directly in front of him. Jet Jaguar looked up in defiance at the titanic beast, who returned with an icy cold glare. With a speed that belied her size, Biollante thrust her head forward and opened her jaws, clamping them down on Jet Jaguar's head.

With all her strength, Biollante wrenched her jaws away, tearing Jet Jaguar's head clean off his neck.

The monstrous plant withdrew her tendrils, allowing the decapitated robot's body to crash to the ground, sparks firing from his open neck. Satisfied with her victory, Biollante decided to vacate the area and find a more restful spot. Hopefully, nobody would bother her this time.