Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 76:
By: Joshua Reynolds

A panic was ripping through the streets of Osaka. Two giants were waging a war against one another as countless innocents fled in horror. One was the monster king himself, a feared tyrant that ruled the lands of Japan with a clawed, scaly hand. His roar drowned out the loudest thunder and his power was greater than that of any army mankind could muster. Standing like a mountain over the land, Godzilla reared his head into the afternoon sky, releasing a thunderous war cry. His tail swayed behind him, smashing through a complex of buildings.

Several hundred yards away from the monster king, a mutation crept low to the ground. A lizard-like creature that was once confused for the grand kaiju, Zilla's sounds rivaled that of Godzilla's. The two were similar in many ways, but different in just as many also. While Godzilla was a slow, lumbering giant of impending doom, Zilla was a stealthy, speedy opponent. As far as Godzilla was concerned, Zilla was a ninja.

Godzilla released another echoing roar before atomic fire began to dance and crackle on his spines. That nuclear energy was carried to his maw and a beam of surging energy was launched. Zilla snarled and leaped back, keeping on all fours before forcing himself to a horizontal running stance. The creature outran the beam, allowing a sea of fire to explode upward where the beam struck.

Godzilla snorted and ended the assault, curling his upper lip as he looked into the wall of blackness growing from the flames. The monster king stepped forward, his clawed feet crushing through the pavement and stomping the sewers underneath. Zilla suddenly leaped through the hell, hissing as he tried to get in close to Godzilla.

The nuclear behemoth quickly reacted, firing his atomic ray again! Zilla stopped on his heels, leaping to the side as the beam crashed into one of the nearby office buildings. Godzilla turned as fast as his gargantuan body would allow, but still he had trouble keeping up with the nimble kaiju. But at last, his beam struck the ground a mere yard in front of Zilla! The explosion that rose up sent the iguana mutant falling backward. The creature let out a high-pitched noise before chunks of debris began to rain down on him.

Godzilla shook his head from side to side, letting out a snarl before he began to approach the fallen Zilla. However, as he waded through the streets, a dark shadow was cast over him. The monster king stopped for a moment, lifting up and squinting his eyes against the sun. Then the sound came, like an enraged elephant! Something else had arrived.

The sound came again and then something exploded in the distance. A fireball had torn through the factories on the opposite side of the city, the chemicals inside igniting. The roar came again, and this time it was closer. Godzilla turned around, smashing his long tail through more smaller structures as he looked at the form of a semi-familiar creature.

It was much like that golden hydra he had faced before, but this one was carried on four legs. Its body was shades of gray and red, and its three-heads skeletal. Its wings were blood red and surged with some type of energy. The air around its toothy jaws were warped from the intense heat generated by the fiend. Desghidorah let out another loud wail, lifting its three heads into the sky. Its three pair of glowing red eyes scanned the streets before fixating on the monster king himself. The nightmare hissed, strands of drool falling from its jaws before it moved forward. Godzilla snorted, forgetting about Zilla as he focused on the return of his old nemesis, or one that was somehow related anyway.

As Desghidorah got closer, atomic fury blossomed on Godzilla's back before his beam was catapulted forward again. The beam smacked into Desghidorah, sending a wave of sparks and smoke upward, but the hydra refused to relent. The creature crawled through the flames, its jaws launching orbs of lava-like energy.

Godzilla lifted his arms, protecting his snout as two orbs smashed into his dark body, coating it in flames. More blasts struck the ground around him, and in an instant, Godzilla was standing in a pool of molten material, the heat generated actually melting the tar and concrete that composed the ground! The monster king snorted as a wall of black smoke drifted up around him, obscuring him from view.

Desghidorah cackled in wicked glee, watching on as the magma that was spawned stretched out into neighboring streets. The hydra snorted, drops of bubbling saliva falling from its toothy maws, but suddenly its red eyes narrowed. Through the black smoke, a faint blue light burned. A cackle of energy flashed before a beam of white and blue atomic power was launched again! The hydra reacted quickly, flapping its huge wings and lifting into the sky.

The hydra looked down into the carnage, watching on as the monster king waded through the smoke, his entire form steaming. Crouched low to the ground, Zilla peaked around the side of a building, the flying monster completely oblivious to his presence. Godzilla stepped out of the magma that Desghidorah's assault made and released a titanic roar that echoed for miles outside the city. The king smashed his tail to the side, daring the doom bringer to come down and face him.

The hydra circled overhead, snarling loudly as Godzilla watched on, lips curling into a snarl. Desghidorah's left head spotted Zilla on the ground, and a shiver of fear ran through the lizard. The flying monster snorted and a lava blast was catapulted from its maw. The ground was engulfed in fire and Zilla burst from the shadows, rushing for cover as Desghidorah continued to pelt the ground with his lava gout energy blasts.

The mutant lizard dove for cover, but the hydra had made a fatal mistake. It took its attention from its true adversary. Godzilla pushed his way through several buildings, launching a powerful atomic ray at Desghidorah! The beam struck the hydra between its left front and rear legs. As a ball of fire raced upward, the beast fell from the sky, smashing down on the streets with a thud that sent buildings hundreds of yards away shaking.

Before Desghidorah could recover, Godzilla was on him. The king kaiju lashed out with his muscular tail, bringing it down like a hammer. A sickening thud rang loudly as flesh met flesh. Desghidorah shrieked in pain as the blow came again, ringing like a drum. Godzilla snorted and looked over his shoulder, watching on as the dark one squirmed under his physical assault. Then, suddenly, Desghidorah's entire being surged with heated energy. A pulse of energy launched from its very core, surging through Godzilla and the street around it. The ground gave way, cratering around the warring behemoths before the energy was cast outward. Godzilla, as heavy and mighty as he was, was lifted off his huge feet and hurled away, his head and shoulders smashing through the roof of a building to the base.

Desghidorah shook its three, skull-like heads and hissed in defiance as he turned to face the fallen monster king. Godzilla pushed against the ruined ground with his hands, crawling to his feet. The demonic hydra roared greatly before rearing back on his hind legs. The talon-like claws on his toes surged with power before he came crashing back down. The entire city shuddered as a fault line formed in the streets, making a pit straight to hell itself! Buildings fell apart as if they were made of sand and the streets vanished into the darkness. Then, as the crevice continued on its path to Godzilla, flames began to shoot upward!

Godzilla got to his feet just before the hell fire reached him. The saurian kept his feet on each side of the formed crevice, struggling to keep a stand as the ground continued to split apart and shoot fire into the sky. Desghidorah's booming laughter sounded, but soon the laughter ended and a vengeful cry escaped…

Zilla had leaped onto his back!

Godzilla's brow narrowed as he took this chance to recover, moving to one side of the crevice as the fires began to die. Zilla was like a frenzied dog, a frenzied dog trying to bite through a horse made of cement. Desghidorah's hide didn't even scratch before one of its snouts reached back, grabbing Zilla by the forearm. Mist began to rise as the demon's heated saliva burned away at the lizard's gray flesh, exposing redness. The hydra maneuvered more of its heads to Zilla in an attempt to rip the monster away…

But suddenly something power gripped its center and right head!

Its crimson eyes looked into Godzilla's cat-like face and the monster bellowed greatly. The demon's center head began to spit fire, but the flames washed harmlessly over Godzilla's hide. As Zilla clung to Desghidorah's back and the hydra's left head tried to remove him, the monster king channeled nuclear energy throughout his body. His eyes flashed a brilliant light before a glow of blue flashed in his jaws and vanished into his throat.

Desghidorah leaned up on his hind legs again, but Godzilla still held onto his two heads. The hydra was trapped. Zilla screamed as he held on, trying to bite through the rock hard armor of the beast. Then, nuclear energy exploded from Godzilla's body! A shockwave of atomic annihilation ripped through Desghidorah! The hydra screamed in pain as his body wanted to fly back from the force, but the king's grip prevented it. Zilla, on Desghidorah's back, felt little of the pulse. The lizard leaped off the hydra, landing on all fours and crouching low again.

Godzilla released Desghidorah's heads and the beast slumped to the ground. The body of Desghidorah twitched and its wings softly beat the ground, but Godzilla was looking at Zilla. The monster king leaned his head back, roaring into the smoke-filled sky and exposing his dagger-like teeth. Zilla hissed and stood on his hind legs, tail swaying behind him. The mutant lizard roared back… and his roar sounded near identical to Godzilla's!

As the two traded roars, Desghidorah exploded into action. Like a bat out of hell, the fiend leaped into the air, wings flapping as he launched into the sky. The sky flashed an orange glow as he penetrated the smoke clouds, retreating from the Earth... for now. The three-headed doom bringer would be back... Someday.

Godzilla watched as Desghidorah fled, and turned its deadly gaze to Zilla again. The lizard touched his wounded arm with his boxy snout and then showed his own, smaller teeth at Godzilla. The monster king snorted and slowly turned around, his tail dragging calmly behind him. Zilla tilted his reptilian head and hissed. Godzilla was heading out to sea…

And then Zilla took a step forward. He looked down at the ground, realizing he was standing in Godzilla's footsteps. Rolling his shoulders and shaking his head from side to side, the iguana monster ignored the pain in his arm and took another step, his feet matching Godzilla's steps. The monster king vanished back into the sea, the water bubbling around his black, rubbery hide. The beast looked back over his shoulder, watching on as Zilla slowly advanced behind him.

When Godzilla's head vanished beneath the waves, Zilla stepped into the sea. He shook his boxy skull again and snorted before he too entered the abyss...

On this day...

A new alliance had been born...

Godzilla® (Heisei) Zilla