Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 70:
By: Kristian Zatkoff

Biollante had recently taken residence in Antarctica. Seeking a place where she could be left to rest in peace, she found the prefect place at the bottom of the world. Unfortunately for her, that peace would be shattered. Grand King Ghidorah, the Destroyer of Worlds, had landed on earth. For nearly two weeks he had been traveling around the globe, destroying several cities such as Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, London, France and Hong Kong. But now the King of Terror was looking for a place to rest as well. Biollante awoke to the sounds of cackling and explosions. She opened her eyes to see an Antarctic base in the distance explode.

Biollante looked up and saw King Ghidorah flying in the distance. The three heads cackling and thrashing about, showing that it was truly out of its mind. It was chaos incarnate. It was a surreal image as the hydra flew through a heavy blizzard, its golden scales a sharp contrast to the snow falling around it. King Ghidorah was both beautiful and deadly. The three-headed monster landed, ready to face Biollante. Despite the heads thrashing about everywhere, Biollante could feel the cold malice of Grand King Ghidorah's gaze. Biollante's vines shot forth, but King Ghidorah blasted them away with its gravity bolts. Huge chunks that were blown off landed on the ice with loud thunks. The glacier ground behind King Ghidorah cracked open as a spear-shaped vine tore into his right wing, leaking acid into his bloodstream. Distracted by the vine already in his wing, King Ghidorah didn't notice second volley of vines until they tore into both of his wings. Grand King Ghidorah fired his gravity bolts which tore into the vines and ripped them apart. King Ghidorah ripped the stumps out of his wings while firing red bolts of electricity from his wings right at Biollante. The mutant plant screamed out as chunks of her flesh were burned off but to King Ghidorah's dismay they healed instantly. Biollante uprooted herself and charged forward. King Ghidorah kept blasting, but Biollante kept coming.

Before the three-headed monster knew it, he was being lifted up in her maw. Biollante chewed on King Ghidorah like a dog would a helpless animal. King Ghidorah unleashed several gravity bolts into her mouth, the back of her head exploding into a shower of flesh, bone, acid and blood. Biollante let go in shock. King Ghidorah warped one of his long, serpent-like necks around Biollante's mouth, closing it shut. The other two heads slammed into Biollante repeatedly, each smack rewarded with a wail of pain. Occasionally, their antlers stabbed into Biollante's head.

The two heads then fired their gravity beams point blank, burning Biollante's flesh. She shook her head but King Ghidorah would not let go. The two heads then bit down on Biollante's face while firing their beams. Biollante began to burn as her body was set on fire. The three-headed monster was enjoying the sight until the acidic blood poured out of her wounds and into King Ghidorah's mouths. He ceased his attack and howled in pain as he felt teeth melt and fall out. Several vines with pods wrapped around King Ghidorah, spewing acid from their toothy maws. King Ghidorah's middle head lessened its grip, letting Biollante free. Red electricity raced up from her stomach sac to her giant mouth. King Ghidorah didn't panic at first, merely thinking that this was the sign of an energy weapon coming. Evolution had given him a unique power. When an energy source, such as a solar flare from a star or a beam weapon that many monsters use, is about to hit the space demon, its scales would capture the light from them and reflect it into a shield in front of him that would block the oncoming projectile. However, to his dismay, her weapon was not energy, but more acid. It burned and seared him as the green substance shot from her mouth at her target. Golden scales melted and fell off. King Ghidorah blasted the vines away and shredded Biollante's stomach sac his beams, ceasing her attack. King Ghidorah took to the sky and kicked her in the face with his left leg, leaving a huge claw slash on her head. Biollante looked up only to have twin, spiked tails smack her right in the face causing even more gashes across it.

Kind Ghidorah landed some miles away. Biollante was about to charge again when she heard a hissing in the air above her. She looked up and saw a great flash of light. Suddenly, another King Ghidorah appeared literally out of no where. It slammed its feet right onto the top of her head, causing her to fall face-first into the ground. Then it jumped off of her and landed next to the first one. Grand King Ghidorah could not believe its eyes. It was him. He looked different but instincts told him that it was him. Mecha-King Ghidorah roared out. He stared at the Biollante as she rose back up.

King Ghidorah was timeless. He had destroyed entire worlds even when the universe was still young. Some had life and some didn't. He was unbeatable. That was before he came to Earth. Most of the monsters he had encountered were easy to kill but a select few, like Godzilla, had injured him, showing him that he was in fact mortal. As if to add insult to injury, he lost to one of Godzilla's clones: Biollante. She had torn off his middle head and left him for dead. But it seems that fate had other plans for him. Seeing a chance to make the ultimate weapon, humans had rebuilt him as a cyborg called Mecha-King Ghidorah. When a pilot was selected to control him, he turned the tables around and possessed the man's body, filling him with his evil soul. Like a little puppet, he made the pilot send them back in time. Now here he was, several years in the past, ready to help his past self win by killing Biollante and maybe even preventing the loss of his middle head. He would finally have his revenge!

Grand King Ghidorah fired his gravity beams and lightning bolts from his wings, Mecha-King Ghidorah joined his past self in the attack by firing his own gravity bolts and his laser triple beam. Biollante sent several vines to try and tear them to shreds, only to have them destroyed. Searing hot pain raked across her body. A few of the vines managed to get past the barrage and tore into the Ghidorahs' chests and wings. Both Kings of Terror stopped their attack to howl in pain. Gold blood poured out of their wounds. Several vines were about to pierce Grand King Ghidorah's middle head, causing Mecha-King Ghidorah's eyes to widen. He remembered this. This was where he lost his middle head. Mecha-King Ghidorah shot a Laser Triple Beam that tore the vines in half. Before Biollante could react, Mecha-King Ghidorah fired his Machine Hand and capture cables. The cables punched into her body while the Machine Hand grabbed onto Biollante's neck. Ungodly amounts of electricity was sent into her body. Stuck in a state of paralysis, Biollante couldn't do anything. She would have passed out right then and there had her acid blood not burned the cables away. Biollante looked up, only to see to her dismay that both Ghidorahs could still fly, despite having their wings torn to shreds. Thanks to their anti-gravity flight, they flew on either side of her. Grand King Ghidorah wrapped one tail around the tusks on the left side of her face while Mecha-King Ghidorah wrapped one tail around the tusks on the right side of her face. She was about to attack when the spiked tail and forked tail that were still free lifted up and slammed right into her eyes, blinding her. Biollante howled.

Thanks to their combined might and anti-gravity flight, both space demons actually managed to do the impossible and uproot Biollante, lifting her into the air. Higher and higher they flew, until they had reached the cold reaches of space and let go of their foe. For a few moments, Biollante simply floated in the air. Then she started to glow orange as she fell back down to Earth, being burned by the intense heat and friction of atmospheric reentry. There was nothing Biollante could do as she caught on fire. She slammed into the ice below, the intense force of her crash caused the ice to give way as she fell into the cold waters.

King Ghidorah and Mecha-King Ghidorah landed nearby. They had won. Suddenly, the ice behind them erupted as Biollante broke through the surface, climbing up onto the ice. Both Ghidorahs felt fear and almost considered retreating... Until they both saw that her wounds had not healed. She still had burns, bite and claw marks, her eyes were still popped. Her vines hadn't reformed. She had used up so much energy in this fight that she didn't have any left to fuel her cellar regeneration. Now was their chance. A barrage of Gravity Beams and Laser Triple Beams were unleashed, tearing Biollante apart and lighting her on fire once again. They kept firing until Biollante let out one final wail and collapsed to the ground, dead.

Grand King Ghidorah turned when he noticed that bright light was coming from Mecha-King Ghidorah's body. As if by magic, his cybernetic armor vanished and his middle head was its original, organic one. Then another bright flash of light shone from him and he too vanished. Grand King Ghidorah stood there for a few minutes, not making a noise. His future self had prevented the loss of his middle head and total defeat at the hands of Biollante. He had prevented the future in which he was rebuilt as a cyborg and traveled back in time. It was as if none of this had happened. The timeline had been altered.

Pondering this thought, he looked up at the sky. They had been fighting for so long that he didn't even noticed that it was night until now. The southern lights were out. It made the base he had destroyed before the fight look like it was haunted. During his long life of killing entire planets, he had seen many beautiful phenomenon in the universe. Things that the humans could only dream of. He stood there and watched for several moments, enjoying a moment of peace that was rare for him.

Grand King Ghidorah took to the sky once again, ready to destroy more of this world. Maybe he would be lucky and have another rematch with the so-called King of the Monsters. He would love nothing more then to kill Godzilla. He already killed one of his clones, so he was certain he could do the same with the real thing.

And the world would follow shortly after.

Grand King Ghidorah Mecha-King Ghidorah