Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 61:
By: Joshua Reynolds

San Francisco is in ruins. While today would normally be a nice, calm and sunny day, it was filled with chaos today. Thick clouds of black smoke blotted out the sun and mountain-sized towers of flames danced in the streets, engulfing everything in their path. In the heart of the destruction, a humanoid monster roared greatly.

A pair of beetle-like wings flapped open and close on its back, buzzing to life every so often. Its head, very insect-like, released thunderous battle cries louder than any man-made vehicle as antennae wiggled on each side of its head. Between the antennae, a large star-tipped horn jutted out, surging with electrical bliss. The most astonishing feature of this strange monster was its arms. It had no hands, but at the elbows, the flesh transformed into pointed weapons of solid steel.

In the sky, lines of helicopters circled the attacking kaiju, firing round after round to no effect. In response, Megalon, the almighty Seatopian God, shrieked in rage and a bolt of jagged yellow energy launched from the tip of its horn. The beam lanced through three choppers in a single shot, sending all three crashing to the streets in a burning heap. The other helicopters quickly turned around, being recalled from battle.

Seeing this, Megalon jumped up and down, banging its metal hands over its head as the weapons vanished into the smoke clouds. As Megalon danced in victory, it was oblivious to its true foe. The pinnacle of man's mechanical achievements, a war machine unlike that of any other was towed through the sky by two powerful jets. Kiryu broke through the clouds first, followed by its carriers: the Shirasagi. Two other jets came down elsewhere and, inside one of them, Kiryu's pilot turned the machine on…

The robot's eyes glowed unnaturally as its systems kicked to life. With a shriek-like roar, Kiryu was released from the tow cables. It fell, jets on its body coming online as it feel. Hearing its call, Megalon turned around, but a wave of yellow energy tore up from its groin to its chest, sending him falling back, kicking and screaming from Kiryu's maser assault. The machine finally touched the ground and closed its jaws and readied itself for combat.

Megalon pushed its huge claws into the ground and pushed himself upright. He roared greatly and the two stood still, both eyeing one another up. Megalon let out a hellish cry again and banged its claws in an x-shape over its head, the ringing echoing through the confines of the city. Kiryu let out a high-pitched roar and charged forth, its jaws opening up to release another maser attack.

The insect deity jumped to the side, allowing the beams to explode into a shower of sparks on the ground. The kaiju lifted one of its legs and spun on the other, but suddenly more explosions exploded on its inectoid body. Kiryu's backpack continued to release dozens of rockets, all of them snaking in the air before impacting on Megalon's body. The Seatopian God was again launched backward, this time crashing hard into a gas station. The complex exploded into a geyser of fire, engulfing the entire street in a sea of flame.

Kiryu stopped moving forward and looked on in the fire. The fire that had been caused was so large it towered over him! But inside the flame, a dark figure could be seen standing up. A flash of yellow was followed by a jagged beam of energy. The lightning bolt cracked like a whip before striking Kiryu's chest, sending a shower of sparks rising up as the electricity ripped through his metal parts.

Megalon moved through the fire, parts of himself actually still burning! The insect God let out a shriek of rage and charged forward, catching Kiryu off guard. The robot bent its legs, but Megalon was on him in a heartbeat. Like a drummer banging his drums, Megalon brought down his thick, metal hands on Kiryu's shoulders. The armor dented and cracked and the robot was forced to a kneeing stance as Megalon continued to hammer away.

The robot snarled greatly and began to struggle. As its shoulders were dented and battered, he lifted his arm and thrust it forward. As he slammed his fist into Megalon's knee, an electric blade stabbed forward, ripping through Megalon's flesh and entering the bone! The Seatopian God screamed in sheer pain and jumped backward, falling down flat on his face when putting weight on his leg.

Kiryu slowly stood up and retracted the blade with a sickening sound of metal grinding metal. The insect held its knee between its large hands and continued to roll about, roaring as he did. The MechaGodzilla let out another cybernetic call before opening its mouth, firing another shot of its twin masers, this time striking Megalon in the forehead. The creature cried in pain and horror as its antennae were set aflame.

The insect struggled to move again as Kiryu's chest popped open. Three blue bolts of energy combined into a single orb within the mech's body. Megalon let out a pig-like scream and tried to crawl away, but it was obvious he wasn't going anyway. Instead the bug did the only other thing it could think of…

Looking up at Kiryu, Megalon's mouth opened up and spat forth a red orb. The orb smacked into Kiryu's face where an expertly fired shot of lightning then struck it. The bomb exploded into a blazing fireball, catching Kiryu off guard. The machine fell backward with a cry, shooting the Absolute Zero Cannon right into the air! As Kiryu's hands patted out the napalm-like flames bathing it, Megalon crept to a stance, careful not to put weight on its damaged limb.

Its beetle-like shell exploded open entirely, revealing four translucent wings. The creature launched into the air and, like a falling meteor, came crashing down. The monster pointed its hands above its head and combined them. A whizzing noise came as the beast formed its unearthly drill and began to spin it…

Kiryu let out a loud roar right before Megalon came down, his body falling directly down so that its drill pointed at the robot. A sickening crash was followed by sparks and smoke as Megalon drilled through Kiryu's body! The machine cried aloud, extending its wrist blade again, but it was helpless against Megalon's drill! The insect's powerful weapon ripped through Kiryu's zero cannon like it was a tin can. The machine let out a loud scream before a final explosion tore through its mid-section.

Turning off its drill's rotation, Megalon remained buried inside Kiryu's chest, his drill more than a third still inside MechaGodzilla. The insect God folded its wings away and, like a falling tree, the creature fell to the side with a crash, his weapon plopping out of Kiryu's chest. The insect screamed as his wounded knee bashed the ground.

The cyborg's yellow eyes slowly dulled before surging with more unholy power. A red tear line suddenly formed and its jaws opened up, but what came out was no robotic call, but the sound of an enraged animal. Ignoring the damage in its chest, Kiryu pushed itself to a stance. As Megalon again forced himself upright, Kiryu was looking down upon it with malice.

With speed, Kiryu lashed out, gripping Megalon's skull between its hands. The insect's head began to fire bolts of lightning, but Kiryu's jaws shot forward, clamping down on the star-shaped tip! The insect God screamed in pain as Kiryu fired his own masers into the horn, overpowering it! A tremendous explosion of fire and armor tore through each side of Kiryu's mouth as he destroyed Megalon's horn!

When the machine released its catch, Megalon roared in anguish and stumbled back. Kiryu didn't let him escape and twisted around, lashing out with a sweet kick, cracking its robotic foot on the side of Megalon's cranium! The creature fell to the side, green goo seeping out from his jaws, eyes, and stump of a horn. Kiryu's head began to wave from side to side as he released another beastly war cry.

Megalon groaned and looked to the side, his burnt antennae wiggling freely. Kiryu snarled in rage and opened its mouth, ready to fire again. With the sound of the drill spinning, the ground suddenly exploded upward and the insect was gone in a flash, leaving nothing but a cloud of dirt and dust behind…..

Kiryu was no longer a Mechagodzilla. He was a Godzilla, and his masters knew it. With 35% power left, it'd be a long night yet. The cyborg roared in defiance again as its Shirasagi flew past, but suddenly something was quickly wrong. The ground began to shake violently.

Kiryu looked around confused as buildings by the dozen began to fall like dominos, and he was dead-center of the action. The street underneath him gave way, swallowing him up to the thigh! As the ground continued to fall into a gigantic pit with him at the center, Megalon erupted mere meters in front of Kiryu's body!

The Seatopian God, horn still bleeding and head dented inward, let out a chilling cry. He parted his metal hands. Kiryu let out another roar before Megalon's large hands clapped his head! A cloud of sparks and smoke quickly burst from the mech's jaws and eyes as Megalon crushed Kiryu's head between his steel spade forearms. The robot lifted its hands, firing blasts of lasers from its wrist blasters.

Megalon shook its insectish head in rage as he continued to force his hands together. They naturally wanted to connect, and Kiryu's head was in the center, forced between the powerful drill parts. With another thunderous roar, Megalon parted his hands again and smashed them on each side of Kiryu's head once more, this time shattering the metal frame. Like a broken coconut, Kiryu's outer armor split in half and fell into the churning pit of dirt and debris.

With just circuits and bone exposed, Megalon parted his hands again and smacked them on each side of Kiryu's head! The robot let out a final scream of pain before its cranium gave way, allowing the spades to connect. Trapped between Megalon's arms, Kiryu's head exploded into a fiery explosion when the drill began to spin. The machine's body instantly went limp. Megalon's back ripped into wings again and the beast exploded from the pit as more buildings fell into his trap, burying the remains of Kiryu…

The Seatopian God landed on the edge of hell itself, arms parting and dropping what remained of Kiryu's undistinguishable head. As the city burned around him and the ground stopped churning in the pit as everything settled for Kiryu's grave, Megalon beat his chest with one drill and launched the other in air…

Megalon was victorious….