Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 52:
By: Christian Salabert

The people of Japan watched as the golden destroyer of worlds flew through the skies, towards the mountain known as Fuji.

It was not by coincidence that the dragon was headed there. It was foretold in legend that he would be there on this day, to meet those that challenged him. That the king with the power of three would be faced by three lone kings, united and determined to defeat him in combat. The outcome of this battle would determine the fate of the human race.

The three kings had no intention of losing.

The dragon swooped down from the sky, the area shaking as his feet touched the soil. His wings flexed. His twin tails swung wildly behind him. His three heads cackled into the air. There was no mistaking it. King Ghidorah was ready for war.

With the golden dragon in place, the three kings rose into view.

The mighty gorilla emerged from among the trees, his eyes narrowing at Ghidorah. A grunt escaped his mouth as he approached the beast. Having gotten close enough, he let loose a thunderous roar, pounding his fists against his chest. King Kong was ready to fight.

The leonine golem growled as he approached, his arms spread open, ready for battle. His red eyes shone in the sunlight as he bared his fangs, his growl growing louder and louder. Shaking the dirt from his fur, King Caesar reared his head back and roared into the sky.

The third was vastly different from the first two. Whereas they were mammalian, he was reptilian. He roared into the air, baring his own fangs, and thumped his fists against his chest in a slightly more exaggerated manner than the first. Red King raised his tail, then slammed it against the ground.

For what seemed an eternity, Ghidorah stared at his opposition. They stared back at him.

Golden bolts of energy pierced the silence.

The three kings scattered as Ghidorah's Gravity Beams exploded against the landscape.

Red King leapt at Ghidorah and started battering him with his fists. Before the dragon could focus on the creature, Kong joined in the attack, slamming his powerful fists against Ghidorah's ribs. The three-headed monster cackled as the two assaulted his body with their mighty blows. His outer heads turned and snapped at his attackers. They attempted to swat his heads away, but they opened fire with their Gravity Beams, blasting them aside. King Caesar roared and charged Ghidorah, but the golden monster turned all three heads on the golem and fired a series of blasts at him. Caesar stopped and absorbed the bolts into his eyes, then fired them back at their source. Ghidorah shrieked as his own blasts exploded against his scales, waving his heads wildly. Kong jumped back up and snatched Ghidorah's right neck, tugging on it and punching its head. Red King maneuvered himself behind Ghidorah and began tugging on his tails, trying to topple the beast. The other two heads reached around and tried to strike the strange reptile with their Gravity Beams, but couldn't land a direct hit. With Ghidorah distracted, King Caesar roared and resumed his charge. Leaping into the air and spinning around, his powerful leg smashed into Ghidorah's chest, knocking him to the ground.

With the golden monster helpless on his back, the three descended upon him. Kong's fists, Caesar's feet and Red King's tail came smashing down on him, striking all over his body. Though momentarily stunned, Ghidorah soon regained his wits and began spewing Gravity Beams, swinging his heads around and firing wildly. The trio shrieked as the golden blasts tore into their flesh, forcing them to stagger back. With a flap of his wings, Ghidorah rose up onto his feet, cackling in anger. He unleashed another storm of Gravity Beams, igniting the area and knocking his foes even further away.

Kong roared furiously and ripped a large piece of rock from the ground. With a mighty heave, he sent it sailing though the air. Before Ghidorah could react, the boulder smashed against his heads, stunning the dragon and sending him staggering back. Kong and Red King charged and grabbed Ghidorah's outer heads, tugging them outward and trying to rip them off. Ghidorah's central head shook itself out of its stupor, then blasted its foes with another Gravity Beam, forcing them to release his fellow heads. King Caesar charged, but Ghidorah quickly flapped his wings and took to the sky. Caesar tried to grab the dragon's legs, but missed them by mere seconds.

The three kings could only stare up and watch as Ghidorah soared through the sky, circling them. They reached into the air, roaring in frustration. Ghidorah soon turned back to face them and, diving down, began firing bolt after bolt of destructive energy. The blasts rained down upon them, sending balls of fire in the air. Unable to reach their foe, the trio were unable to do anything but try to dodge the blasts, but there were too many. The bolts ripped through their flesh, burning and charring it. Again and again he spewed his golden lightning on them, until their movements slowed, his assault obviously weakening them. Cutting off his airborne attack, Ghidorah swooped around and headed directly for his foes. Dropping his legs down, he rammed into them one by one, instantly slamming them against the ground. As his opponents groaned in pain, Ghidorah landed nearby, watching them struggle helplessly on the ground.

The sky began to darken.

Ghidorah started to advance on his fallen foes, cackling deviously. King Caesar got to his feet and charged, but a slam from two of Ghidorah's heads sent him back to the ground.

Clouds gathered.

Red King leapt up and readied to slam his fists into Ghidorah's ribs, but a hail of Gravity Beams forced him to the soil.

Rain began to fall.

Kong roared in defiance as he pulled himself up, glaring at the three-headed monster in fury. Slamming his fists against his chest, Kong's cry filled the air, and he charged.

Thunder rumbled from the clouds.

Ghidorah opened fire, striking Kong again and again. Despite his strength, Kong couldn't handle the numerous bolts of energy striking his body over and over and collapsed to his knees. Kong screeched as Ghidorah's Gravity Beams continued to assault his flesh. Even the mighty Eighth Wonder of the World couldn't take this for much longer...

Suddenly, Kong was hit by a bolt of energy, but this one did not originate from Ghidorah. Another blast of lightning struck Kong's charred fur, and the gorilla looked up at the dragon, energy blazing in his eyes. He immediately sprung to his feet and charged at Ghidorah, roaring furiously. The golden beast immediately opened fire with its Gravity Beams, but this time Kong acted as if he barely even felt the blasts. Each time he was struck, they merely fizzled away with sparks of electricity. Within seconds, Kong had reached his foe and began assaulting him with his fists. Ghidorah cried out as he was hit - not only was Kong far stronger now, but electric power surged through his fists into Ghidorah's body with each hit. Again and again, Kong slammed his supercharged knuckles into Ghidorah's ribs, driving the triple-domed destroyed back with every impact.

Temporarily ceasing his assault, Kong looked up at Ghidorah's heads. Quickly reaching up, he grabbed Ghidorah's right and middle necks. With a mighty heave, Kong tugged the necks over his shoulder and tugged the dragon high into the air, flipping him over his shoulder. With a thunderous crash, Ghidorah's back collided with the earth. As Ghidorah tried to regain his wits, Kong went and grabbed his tails. With another burst of his ungodly strength, Kong flipped Ghidorah over his shoulder again, slamming his chest into the dirt. Ghidorah screeched as he felt his ribs crack from the blow.

By now, King Caesar and Red King had recovered and rejoined their ally. They began attacking Ghidorah's outer heads as Kong tangled with the one in the middle. Ghidorah's center head cackled as Kong's electric power scorched his scales.

His mind filled with nothing but victory, Kong began to pull.

Red King grabbed one of Ghidorah's wings and began to rip at it with his claws and fangs. Ghidorah cried out as his left wing was shredded worse and worse by the dinosaur-like kaiju.

Ghidorah felt things snap and tear within his central neck as Kong put even more strength into his arms.

King Caesar leapt onto Ghidorah's back, roaring loudly. He began stomping down on the dragon, smashing his powerful legs into his spine.

Lightning flashed within Kong's eyes. He tugged as hard as his muscles could manage.

With a sickening sound, Ghidorah's middle neck was torn from its socket.

King Kong raised the dragon's severed neck high over his head and howled victoriously into the air. King Caesar and Red King joined him, the stormy sky filled with their cries of celebration. King Ghidorah's body went limp, blood spilling from the stump where his neck once was. The eyes on his other heads went dark, the life within them faded.

The three kings had proved victorious. Mankind would see the dawn of another day.

King Caesar (Millennium) King Kong Red King