Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 48:
By: Christian Salabert

Monster Island. Home to most of the massive inhabitants of Earth called as daikaiju - more commonly known as giant monsters.

Today, it was home to chaos.

Anguirus howled out as Titanosaurus' foot smashed into his face, driving him back. Baragon joined in, grabbing Anguirus' tail and tugging on it. Gorosaurus suddenly leapt in, bodyslamming Titanosaurus and knocking him to the ground. Anguirus rose to his feet and leapt backwards, striking Baragon with his spiked shell. Gorosaurus advanced on the fallen Titanosaurus, but the aquatic dinosaur was quickly back on his feet, delivering a powerful punch to the predator's midsection, causing him to stagger back. Backing away from Anguirus, Baragon fired his heat ray, scorching the quadruped's face with its atomic flames. Just then, a red blast of energy struck Baragon from the side, knocking the subterranean monster flat. Gomora announced his arrival as he charged, slamming his horned head into Gorosaurus and smashing him to the ground.

Titanosaurus attacked Gomora, smashing his fist into the monster's face. Gomora staggered back and tripped over Anguirus, toppling onto the spiked creature's back. Baragon stood up and fired his ray at the two, causing them to cry out as they attempted to untangle themselves. Titanosaurus crashed to the ground hard as Gorosaurus reared up and smashed both his feet into his back. Baragon stared at Gorosaurus, and the two charged each other. Baragon swung his hands at Gorosaurus, but the oversized allosaur bent down, then straightened up, smacking Baragon with his head. Baragon staggered, allowing Gorosaurus to rear back and kick the underground beast, knocking him away. Gorosaurus' roar quickly turned into a cry of pain as Anguirus bit down on his tail. Gomora attacked Baragon, slamming his fist into the creature's face. Baragon shrieked and took a step back, but Gomora quickly spun around, his whip-like tail striking Baragon in the head and sending him careening to the ground. Titanosaurus leapt at Gomora, but he caught the dinosaur and tossed him towards Gorosaurus, sending the two crashing to the soil. Anguirus lifted his head and howled at Gomora, charging. Gomora swung his tail at Anguirus, but the spiked monster stood up with his back turned to him. Gomora shrieked as his tail collided with Anguirus' spikes.

Gorosaurus cried out as Titanosaurus' fists struck his head again and again. Gorosaurus reared back and unleashed his infamous kick, but this time Titanosaurus backed away, avoiding the attack. Baragon suddenly leapt into the air and slammed into Titanosaurus, jabbing him with his snout horn. Gorosaurus roared and began to charge, but Baragon unleashed a blast of his heat ray, stopping the reptile in his tracks. A second blast, this one from Gomora, knocked him to the ground. Baragon and Titanosaurus turned their attention to Gomora as he charged them, roaring along the way. Gomora spun around and whipped Titanosaurus with his tail, knocking him away, but Baragon opened fire with his heat ray again, aiming at Gomora's head. Gomora was quick to respond, however, and fired a burst of crimson energy from his horn. The two beams collided in mid-air, and their owners struggled to emerge victorious. Gomora's energy wave gained strength, however, overpowering Baragon's heat ray and smashing into the monster's head. Baragon crashed to the ground, shrieking, his face smoking.

Anguirus advanced on the fallen Titanosaurus, snapping at the underwater creature's long neck. Titanosaurus swatted at Anguirus with his arms, but the quadruped was not to be denied. After several unsuccessful tries, Anguirus lunged in and clamped his teeth around Titanosaurus' throat. Gorosaurus attacked Gomora, snapping at him with his powerful jaws. Gomora backed away with each attempt, following up with a fist to the snout each time. Unfortunately, he was too slow on one, and Gorosaurus bit down on his right hand, withdrawing a shriek. Seconds later, Baragon ran in, headbutting Gomora in the side and sending him toppling to the ground. Baragon fired several blasts at Gomora as he tried to get back to his feet, Gorosaurus kicking up dirt and rocks at the downed monster. Anguirus shook his head back and forth, digging his teeth deeper into Titanosaurus' neck, despite the monster's fists slamming against his head. Suddenly, Gorosaurus' tail rammed into Anguirus' side, surprising him enough to release Titanosaurus and turn to face Gorosaurus. The two charged, and Anguirus leapt up onto his hind legs, clawing at Gorosaurus, who returned fire with his own claws and teeth. The two went back and forth until Gorosaurus backed up and tripped over his own tail, crashing to the ground. Anguirus roared victoriously before raking Gorosaurus with his spiked tail. He turned around to face Gomora and Baragon, only to find that the two creatures were no longer there.

Leaving Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus behind him, Anguirus scanned the area for his other two foes. He was confused; where had they gone?

Out of nowhere, the ground underneath Anguirus began to shake. The four-legged beast had little time to move before the soil around him exploded and something underneath him knocked him away, sending him crashing onto his back. Suddenly, Baragon appeared, rising from the dirt. But it was soon seen to not be of his own volition as it was revealed that Gomora was hoisting him over his shoulders. With a mighty heave, Gomora tossed Baragon into the air, and the kaiju came crashing down near Anguirus and Gorosaurus. Gomora punched his hands together and advanced on his foe.

Suddenly, Titanosaurus rose to his feet and posed his arms. He spun around, his tail snapping open to reveal the webbed fan within. Instantly, he began waving his tail back and forth, whipping up powerful gusts with his fan. The hurricane winds started battering his four foes, forcing them back. Gorosaurus and Gomora struggled to keep their footing, though Gorosaurus soon lost his and crashed onto his back. Gomora fell next, falling to his knees. Being low to the ground, Anguirus was able to keep his footing, howling at Titanosaurus, unable to reach him. Baragon tried to burrow underground to escape the gale, but its force sent him rolling across the ground before he could get very deep. Titanosaurus trumpeted their misfortune as his winds knocked them around, never letting up with his assault.

Struggling to keep from being blown away, Gomora squinted through the hurricane gusts hitting him. He was vaguely aware of Baragon crawling up next to him on all fours. The two subterranean reptiles looked at each other, then at Titanosaurus. Taking aim, the two fired their rays. The blasts of energy pierced through the powerful winds and struck Titanosaurus in the back. The aquatic kaiju cried out as the beams exploded against his flesh and sent him crashing to the ground. Gomora quickly rose to his feet and spun around, kicking Baragon in the face and flipping him over onto his back. Leaving him behind, Gomora turned back and advanced on Titanosaurus.

Gorosaurus roared in pain as Anguirus sank his fangs into Gorosaurus' leg. The quadruped eventually released his toothy grip and reared up on his hind legs, yeowling at his foe. Gorosaurus responded by lashing out with his legs, sending Anguirus careening onto his back. Just as Gorosaurus landed back on his feet, Baragon attacked, leaping at Gorosaurus and tackling him to the ground. Anguirus rolled back onto his feet and charged the two monsters, but Baragon fired a blast of his heat ray at him. The ray bounced off Anguirus' shell, who continued his charge. Baragon tried to move out of the way, but Anguirus smashed his head into Baragon's gut, knocking the monster towards the dirt. Before he could hit, however, Gorosaurus lashed out with his legs again, hitting Baragon in the face and knocking him away, crashing onto his back. Gorosaurus was quickly on his feet and began kicking the downed Baragon. The monster unleashed his heat ray, but Gorosaurus avoided the blast and kicked him again. Baragon tried to roll away, but Anguirus was soon upon him, snapping at his face. Baragon swatted at Anguirus with his fists, then fired his ray again, forcing the spiked kaiju to back away.

Titanosaurus cried out as he crashed to the ground, having been headbutted by Gomora. The underwater reptile got back to his feet and kicked a nearby boulder at his opponent. Gomora's horns flashed and he fired another burst of his crimson energy from his horn, blasting the rock to pieces and continuing on to strike Titanosaurus. Gomora put more energy behind the attack, causing Titanosaurus to shriek as wave after wave of the blast exploded against him. The attack forced Titanosaurus to one knee, the sight of which caused Gomora to cut off his ray, lower his head and charge. Just as Titanosaurus got back to his feet, Gomora thrust his head forward, stabbing his snout's horn into Titanosaurus' gut.

Titanosaurus' cry caught the attention of the others, who turned just in time to see Gomora summon energy from his head horns and begin channeling it into Titanosaurus. Energy crackled throughout his body, and he was helpless to do anything but scream in agony, unable to dislodge Gomora. On and on the assault went, until Gomora stood up with all his strength, using only his horn to lift Titanosaurus into the air and toss him up over his head. Titanosaurus shrieked as he flew through the air.

Seconds later, Titanosaurus crashed to the ground. The energy pumping through his body sparked, and Titanosaurus exploded into a ball of fire.

Gomora turned and faced the others.

Seeing Titanosaurus' destruction set off an alarm in the other monsters' heads, who immediately began to flee the area. Gomora watched as Anguirus ran off into the jungle, disappearing around a mountain. He turned the other way and saw Gorosaurus doing the same. Turning back to Baragon, all he saw was the reptile's tail disappearing into a large hole in the ground.

With his opponents vanquished, Gomora reared his head back and roared victoriously. He turned away from the area and began heading inland, searching for a place to rest.