Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 43:
By: Thomas Fairchild

King Kong glared at his opponents.

One was a four-legged, horned brute. It could leap vast distances. Its teeth resembled man-sized daggers. Crimson flesh wrapped around its toad-saurian shaped features. Its thin pointed ears twitched whenever it heard a sound. Kong rarely judged a creature for its appearance. But for Baragon, he'd make an exception. Baragon's raspy breaths steamed the air around his drooling mouth.

The second was a towering theropod. Pixels of gray skin decorated its fearsome body. Sunlight made his skin glint like diamonds. While its short stubby arms were far from menacing, its massive jaws made Kong nervous. The great ape paid no heed to the dinosaur's muscular legs. But when Kong noticed a row of spikes down Gorosaurus' back, he gritted his teeth in annoyance. For some reason, Gorosaurus reminded him of another dinosaur he had fought many times in the past. He was looking forward to venting his frustrations out on Gorosaurus.

Then there was the last giant. This beast was taller than Gorosaurus. Its flesh was so red it looked as if it had been baptized in a sea of blood. Its emerald catlike eyes favored Kong with excitement. Orange-reddish fins jutted out of its neck and backside. Its arms were motionless while its fingers fiddled around like they were playing on a piano. The tip of its tail confounded Kong. Before Kong could ever hope to understand why, Titanosaurus turned its back to him, and provided the answer. The tip of its tail parted, revealing a fan. Titanosaurus wagged its tail back and forth, flapping strong winds into Kong's face. Not only were the winds strong enough to blow Kong off his feet, they blinded the great ape's eyes with dirt and plants.

On an island located in the Pacific, surrounded by miles of dense jungles, rivers, and waterfalls, King Kong roared in defiance and pounded his chest with his fists. Blindly, the great ape charged at Titanosaurus, braving the powerful winds. With his black hair billowing and his footing all but lost, Kong furrowed his brow. A surge of adrenaline spiked his already legendary strength. King Kong jumped forward, parting the winds, and catching Titanosaurus's tail in the process. Titanosaurus wailed in surprise as Kong pulled the beast off its feet with its own tail. The island shook when Titanosaurus fell into it. Kong jumped onto Titanosaurus, pounding the reptile's head in with his fists. Before any permanent damage could be inflicted, Baragon speared its horn into Kong's ribcage.

The pain was immediate. Kong hunched over, nursing his wound. With the wind knocked out of him, Kong squinted to see where Baragon had gone. All he could find was a hole in the ground. Kong rose to his feet right when Baragon burst out of the ground underneath him. Using all the strength it could muster, Baragon aimed for the sky when it jumped. Baragon never reached the sky. No, it hit Kong in his lower jaw, which toppled the great ape instantly. Blood dripped out of Kong's cracked mouth. Its scent sent Baragon into a feeding frenzy. Baragon pounced onto Kong's chest, relishing the kill. As it prepared to rip into Kong's throat with its teeth, Kong slammed his fist into Baragon's skull. The first hit rattled Baragon's brain, forcing the dinosaur to go into epileptic shock. The second nearly shattered Baragon's skull, making him lose his eyesight. The third sent Baragon flying into a batch of trees, blood squirting out of its nose. Kong watched an unconscious Baragon twitch and squirm.

Slowly, Kong managed to get to his feet. That's when the ground rumbled. Kong searched for the source. It wasn't hard to find. Gorosaurus sprinted at King Kong, its maw wide. Pain flooded Kong's thoughts, expunging all other sensations. It took several seconds for Kong to realize Gorosaurus was crushing his arm with its bone crunching jaws. Kong howled, fighting the urge not to faint. With his other hand, Kong grabbed the outer edges of Gorosaurus's jaws, trying in vain to pull them apart. Gorosaurus thrashed, yanking Kong's arm out of its socket. Falling to his knees, Kong knew he had only seconds to react before Gorosaurus would rip his arm off. Thinking quickly, Kong grabbed one of Gorosaurus's legs and pulled it out from under him. Gorosaurus's powerful jaws became his undoing. Though his arm was still being maimed by the dinosaur's teeth, Kong found great use for it by combining his strength with gravity to slam Gorosaurus into the earth. The impact forced Gorosaurus to relinquish its grip on Kong's arm.

That's when Kong vented.

Baragon blinked. Slowly, it regained consciousness. It had its metabolism to thank for its miraculous recovery. Baragon rolled onto its feet, searching for King Kong. It found him beating the life out of Gorosaurus in a clearing. Baragon knew in a one-on-one fight against either, it stood no chance. Perhaps it'd let Kong pound Gorosaurus into a bloody pulp. Then after the ape had left, Baragon's teeth would find Gorosaurus's flesh. It would've been the perfect plan. However, fate had given Baragon a ravenous hunger, which threw common sense out the window millions of years ago.

Kong felt Gorosaurus' ribs shatter with each punch. Gorosaurus wailed so loud the entire island could hear its pain. Again and again, Kong pounded the carnivore's chest. At one point Kong bent down and bit one of Gorosaurus's tiny arms to return the favor. The great ape would've bit the arm in half had Baragon not tackled him off Gorosaurus. Baragon wasted no time munching on King Kong's neck. Hot blood poured into Baragon's mouth, emboldening the dinosaur's already insatiable hunger. Kong overpowered Baragon by standing upright and judo flipping the beast head first. One moment, Baragon was swallowing blood; the next, it was swallowing dirt. Raising his arms above his head, Kong wanted to make short work of Baragon's skull. Baragon rolled over, breathing fire into Kong's face. Kong closed his eyes just in time as the scorching flames burned his face. With smoke obscuring his vision, Kong couldn't see a revived Titanosaurus charging him at full speed.

King Kong didn't see Titanosaurus kick him. But he sure as hell felt it.

One kick sent Kong sailing through the tropical winds. The great ape landed in a river large enough to contain him. The impact created massive waves that swallowed the nearby trees. Kong rushed to the surface to breathe. The water helped cool his burnt face but not his rage. Swimming to the shore, Kong was almost close enough to pull himself back into the jungle. Suddenly, Titanosaurus leapt head first into Kong. Titanosaurus's massive size alone drove Kong straight into the river's floor. Before Kong could retaliate, Titanosaurus disappeared into the murky depths. Kong fought to return to the surface, knowing the aquatic saurian was circling him like a predator. This made Kong madder. Snarling, Kong stopped his ascent, and challenged Titanosaurus in his own watery domain. The great ape was prey to no one! Like a torpedo, Titanosaurus speared Kong into the river's edge, accepting his challenge. Titanosaurus repeatedly clawed and bashed Kong's head. Before Kong could do anything about it, Titanosaurus' jaws found Kong's throat. Kong panicked, realizing this beast could bite as hard as Gorosaurus. But the situation became worse; Titanosaurus' neck muscles were the strongest in the world. It easily matched Kong's prestigious upper body strength. Kong was running out of time and air.

Baragon crept closer to Gorosaurus, not sure if the larger beast was alive or dead. When it saw Gorosaurus breathing, Baragon hesitated. The smaller carnivore was about to retreat until the situation dawned on him: Gorosaurus was unconscious! Like a hungry rabid dog, Baragon was about to pounce on Gorosaurus until the bigger dinosaur stirred from its sleep. Gorosaurus snapped to its feet, seething with pain and anger. It glared at Baragon, stopping the smaller beast in its tracks. But Gorosaurus did not attack. The mightiest beast on the island was still very much alive. To take down the Eighth Wonder of the World, Gorosaurus would need all the help it could get. Strategy was as foreign to Baragon as science was to a fire ant. Like a frog, Baragon jumped out of danger and took refuge in the jungles. Gorosaurus marched to where it could smell the oversized mammal, knowing Baragon had not abandoned the battle.

Meanwhile, Kong had the choice of either drowning or fighting dirty. He picked the latter. In less than a second, Kong's hand moved fast enough to pluck one of Titanosaurus's eyes out of their socket. Titanosaurus backed away, its screams reverberating downstream. Kong swam to the surface, not before punching Titanosaurus's face in for good measure.

Even after dragging himself back onto dry land, Kong had trouble breathing. Titanosaurus had bitten him so hard his windpipe had almost been crushed. The great ape was given only a minute to regain his strength. Gorosaurus shook the earth as he sprinted towards King Kong. Kong braced himself for a mouth full of sharp teeth. Instead, Gorosaurus stopped in front of him. Leaping up, Gorosaurus kicked Kong like a kangaroo. Earlier, Kong underestimated Gorosaurus's legs. Now he never will again. Gorosaurus kicked Kong so hard he parted the river as he crashed into the other side.

Lying on his back, it took moments for Kong to realize where he was. The river separated him from Gorosaurus. It was a temporary reprieve. With a broken sternum and punctured lung, Kong's chances weren't looking good. Gorosaurus stepped into the river, swimming much like a crocodile would. When it made landfall, Kong thought he was seeing things. Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus emerged out of the river. Streaks of blood dripped out of where Titanosaurus once had an eye. Leaping across the river in a single bound was Baragon. Now all three dinosaurs were closing in on King Kong. They were going to attack him together and finish this fight.

Even if this is his last fight, King Kong will take them all down with him.

Titanosaurus and Gorosaurus lunged at Kong in unison. Kong outmaneuvered Gorosaurus's snapping jaws, pushing the beast into Titanosaurus's path. Titanosaurus tripped, pinning Gorosaurus to the ground. In one move, Kong had temporarily removed his most dangerous attackers from the battle. Baragon stayed back, torching Kong with his fire breath. Kong shielded his face with one arm, while grabbing a nearby boulder with his other and chucking it at the fire breathing dinosaur. It shattered when it hit Baragon's face. It was enough to keep Baragon distracted long enough for Kong to run over, grab its horn, and snatched it out of its forehead. Kong wasn't finished; he seized Baragon's mouth, hoisted its head up, and plunged the horn into the screaming creature's throat.

Baragon died instantly.

One down, two to go. Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus were back on their feet. Kong faced them, unimpressed. With a savage roar, one that made Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus stop in their tracks and rethink their strategy, King Kong challenged them. He challenged them not only for the lordship of these lands but for the right to live.

Titanosaurus swung around, flapping its tail. A gust of wind smashed into Kong, ripping scores of trees from their roots. Kong punched into the ground deep enough to anchor himself to it. But the winds were too fierce. Try as he might, Kong could not stop the winds from blowing him off his feet. As soon as Kong landed on his back, Gorosaurus's foot slammed into his chest. Kong's tired, broken body prevented him from expressing his pain. Gorosaurus' lungs were still burning, a testament of Kong's strength. Reluctantly, the dinosaur continued stomping Kong's chest in. Gorosaurus would rather seek shelter and rest for a month. But he knew it'd be easier to rest with a full stomach.

King Kong caught Gorosaurus' foot, snapping his ankle in a single twist. Howling in pain, Gorosaurus hopped away on one foot. Kong jumped up, eager to take advantage of Gorosaurus's injury. But he was too tired to see Titanosaurus running at him. Scaly arms wrapped around Kong's chest, squeezing the life out of him. Kong would've freed himself if Titanosaurus hadn't bitten his neck. Titanosaurus lifted the great ape off the ground with his jaws. Kong couldn't fight back, let alone move. Titanosaurus swung Kong around without difficulty. In a final showcase of incredible strength, Titanosaurus tossed Kong into the ground next to the immobile Gorosaurus.

First there was darkness. Then there was light. Little by little, the obscurity of Kong's surroundings became clearer. Kong clung to the grass, his body shaking. The tremors in the ground quickly alerted Kong to Titanosaurus's whereabouts. The aquatic beast was about a hundred meters away. When Titanosaurus was close enough Kong could smell his vile flesh, the great ape used up the last of his strength. Slipping past Titanosaurus's claws and vile jaws, Kong yanked the towering saurian down with his biceps. Kong considered choking Titanosaurus to death. But he thought that might've been too much of a hassle. Instead, King Kong snapped his neck, and Titanosaurus's eyes rolled up into their sockets.

Kong opened and closed Titanosaurus' lifeless mouth. Satisfied, the great ape faced the Sun and pounded his chest in victory. Surveying the island—his island—Kong saw Gorosaurus writhing where he left him. Kong approached the dinosaur with caution. While Gorosaurus was not the mightiest creature King Kong had ever fought, he certainly had a great deal of potential. During the battle, Gorosaurus showed an uncanny sense of loyalty. He could've devoured Baragon or Titanosaurus but chose not to.

The world was full of giants. Even now, Kong could sense some of them closing in on his new territory. Gorosaurus could help dissuade them from taking what is rightfully his. Kong locked eyes with Gorosaurus and laughed. Who was he kidding? He knew the real reason why he was keeping Gorosaurus alive.

King Kong could use the entertainment.

King Kong