Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 37:
By: Christian Salabert

The extraterrestrial terror known as SpaceGodzilla was enjoying a moment of peace, a rare behavior for the creature. He had spent the day levelling most of Tokyo to the ground and replacing its structures with his power-granting crystals. Now he was at the base of Mt. Fuji, recharging his energies from the numerous crystals he had grown there. He was almost back to full power and soon would unleash his fury upon another of mankind's cities.

Just then a strange noise struck his ears. SpaceGodzilla's head arched skyward to pinpoint the source of the noise. At first he saw nothing, but after another moment of searching he spotted what appeared to be a shiny insect flying towards him. The mutant clone of Godzilla watched curiously as the insect approached and landed almost directly in front of him. It appeared to be a human of some kind. SpaceGodzilla eyed it suspiciously. He didn't know the humans could fly.

Suddenly, the human began making a strange ringing sound and waving its arms wildly. Before the space demon could even react, a blinding light engulfed the human, and...

SpaceGodzilla was now face to face with Jet Jaguar.

Despite the frozen grin on his face, Jet Jaguar was glaring daggers at the creature before him. He had been too late to stop SpaceGodzilla from demolishing Tokyo. He was not going to allow such destruction to happen again. He was going to stop the monster right here, right now.

SpaceGodzilla reared back in surprise at the sudden arrival of this new being. His mind was spinning - how had this human grown to such enormous size, and so quickly, too? SpaceGodzilla decided it didn't matter, as he would take it upon himself to erase this being from existance. Summoning green energy from his crystals into the ones atop his shoulders, SpaceGodzilla belched forth a blast of his deadly Corona Bolt. The jagged blast strafed the ground on which Jet Jaguar stood, sending bursts of sparks and smoke into the air around him. The second blast hit home, striking Jet Jaguar in the chest and sending him flying.

Jet Jaguar was able to roll with the impact and quickly get back to his feet. That single blast had nearly burst through his armored plating. He'd have to be more careful.

SpaceGodzilla roared at his opponent, trying to get him to strike back. When Jet Jaguar didn't budge, the alien entity decided to prompt him with another Corona blast. Jet Jaguar sideflipped out of the way, avoiding the attack. When he returned to his feet there was already another bolt heading towards him. This time he raised his hands into the sky and took to the air, the beam just barely missing him. SpaceGodzilla watched his opponent soar through the sky but had no chance to react before Jet Jaguar snapped out of his flying mode and lashed out with his right leg. The android's foot connected with SpaceGodzilla's face and sent the space beast staggering back.

Jet Jaguar tried to press his advantage, but SpaceGodzilla would not allow it. He unleashed green energy bolts from his shoulder crystals, the dreaded Gravity Tornado, at the robot's feet. Just as the machine reached his foe, his legs were ensnared by the Gravity Tornado. SpaceGodzilla telekinetically yanked upwards, pulling Jet Jaguar's feet out from under him and causing him to crash onto his back. SpaceGodzilla glared down at his foe, letting out an unearthly shriek as he did so. Jet Jaguar glanced up at the monster's face, then lashed out with a powerful kick to the creature's kneecap. SpaceGodzilla faltered momentarily, allowing Jet Jaguar to get to his feet. But with a mighty heave, SpaceGodzilla swung his enormous tail around, striking Jet Jaguar directly in the chest. The cluster of crystalline spikes at the end of SpaceGodzilla's tail easily punctured Jet Jaguar's armor, sending the machine flying onto his back in a shower of sparks.

Weakly, Jet Jaguar rose to his feet. He had gravely misjudged the situation. SpaceGodzilla was too powerful and his already-high power level was even higher due to all the crystals he had risen. Jet Jaguar decided to retreat and plan a better offensive. Raising his arms, the gigantic warrior once again took to the sky.

But SpaceGodzilla was not a merciful opponent.

Reaching out once again with the mighty Gravity Tornado, SpaceGodzilla telekinetically seized the robot. Ensnared by the emerald bolts, Jet Jaguar was helpless as SpaceGodzilla thrust him downward, back to the soil. With a colossal crash, Jet Jaguar slammed into the earth, sending a mushroom cloud of dust into the air.

SpaceGodzilla shrieked as the impact shook the surrounding area. Finally, the dust began to clear.

Out of sheer luck, one of the beast's crystals had found the wound in Jet Jaguar's chest. The crystal was now all the way through the machine and jutting out of his back. Sparks sprayed from the entrance and exit points, and except for the twitching movement of his head, the mighty robot was lifeless.

SpaceGodzilla reared his head back and cried his victory into the heavens. After a moment, a blinding light enveloped him as he transformed into his crystalline flying mode. He was recharged enough. It was time to resume the destruction of mankind..