Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 36:
By: Christian Salabert

Tokyo was in flames as Prism Bolts shredded block after block. The evil Battra had returned to punish mankind for its near destruction of the planet, and this time he would allow no force to stand in his way. The Black Mothra, currently in larval form, was met with the best military forces the puny humans could muster, but they were all mowed down by the insect's might. Soon the city would be completely destroyed and then Battra would move on to the next, then the next, then the next, until the entire civilization of man was nothing but flaming debris.

As Battra neared the heart of Tokyo, a mighty roar suddenly echoed across the city. Upon turning around to see the cause of the noise, Battra was faced with a humanoid, lion-like creature. King Caesar had come to save Japan from the demonic insect, fully aware of the beast's intention. With a furious cry, Caesar charged his foe. Battra growled in annoyance; how dare this foolish creature try and stop him? In a flash of light, purple Prism Bolts blasted from Battra's eyes. Without even stopping his charge, Caesar leapt into the air, above the blasts, spun around and delivered a powerful kick to the side of Battra's head. Cackling in pain and surprise, Battra toppled to the side, crashing through a row of buildings as he went.

King Caesar was not about to let up his advantage and pounced upon his fallen foe. He immediately began pounding Battra with his mighty claws, drawing sparks with each strike. No matter how hard Battra struggled, he couldn't dislodge Caesar. Finally, he lashed out with his tail, striking Caesar in his legs and knocking him off balance. Battra thrust his lower legs out, pushing Caesar backwards and sending him landing on his rear. With a mighty effort, Battra righted himself and fired his Prism Bolts at Caesar, sure to hit their target. However, the bolts were drawn into Caesar's left eye and within nanoseconds, they fired out of his right, blasting Battra in the chest. Angrily, and certain that Caesar couldn't repeat the technique, Battra fired his bolts once again, and once again Caesar reflected them, hitting the armored insect in the face and side. Battra roared furiously and advanced on Caesar, who was already back on his feet.

Just as Battra was on him, King Caesar reached out and grabbed the insect's tusks. He began to grapple with Battra, nearly forcing him back onto his side. But with a suddenly thrust of his head, Battra sent Caesar toppling to the ground, crashing into a building and covering him in debris. Caesar quickly rose from the wreckage and leapt at Battra, colliding with the mighty insect and sending them both to the ground. Caesar began pounding on Battra once more, sending his fists into Battra's chitinous face again and again. Battra cackled angrily. Once again he was forced to the ground by his feline foe and his main weapons were useless against him.

King Caesar stopped his hail of punches. His fists were beginning to tire from striking his opponent's armored hide. He looked for something to use as a weapon. Unfortunately, this gave Battra an opprotunity to get back to his feet. The Black Mothra opened fire with his Prism Bolts once again, but this time they were aimed at Caesar's feet. The blasts sent a cloud of dust and debris into Caesar's face, making it impossible for the Okinawan deity to see until it was too late. Battra had charged and tackled Caesar with his horn. With a mighty heave, Battra lifted Caesar and sent him flying over his head. With a mighty crash, Caesar landed through a nearby skyscraper.

Battra waddled over to investigate his opponent's prone form. He was unmoving at the moment, but he decided to make sure he was finished by obliterating Caesar's body with his Prism Bolts. Just as the purple blasts were fired, Caesar's eyes snapped open and reflected the bolts, again striking Battra's face. Battra shook in agony as the bolts strafed his face while Caesar leapt to his feet and into the air. Just as Battra turned to attack, Caesar's foot connected with his face. This time a loud crack was heard, and yellow blood began to drip from Battra's mandibles. King Caesar roared at Battra, folding his canine ears into attack position. He prepared to attack again.

This foe was proving stronger than Battra had initially thought. He wanted to destroy humanity, not battle another kaiju. He decided to retreat and attack another city, one where this furry beast could not reach him. He fired a crimson Prism Bolt from his horn at the ground, sending another cloud of dust into King Caesar's vision. Another horn bolt managed to strike Caesar in the chest, sending the guardian beast crashing to the ground.

When King Caesar got back to his feet and the dust cleared, the only sign of Battra he saw was a large hole in the ground. Satisfied with his victory, Caesar reared his head back and roared triumphantly, letting his ears drop. The mighty protector turned from Tokyo and began his trek back to Okinawa.

King Caesar (Millennium)