Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 35:
By: Christian Salabert

Red King marched through the rock-covered mountains of his island home, searching for a challenge. It had been ages since he last fought another kaiju and now he craved the thrill of battle again. He had heard strange sounds eminating from the other side of the island earlier in the day and finally decided to investigate. He hoped whatever creature had made the sounds was tough. The last monster he fought was rather pathetic and died merely because he had ripped both its arms off. Oh, well.

Finally, Red King reached the end of his quest. He spotted the beast he was looking for. It stood on four legs and was covered by some type of shell. It wasn't another upright creature, like himself, but it would do.

He decided the best way to get the battle underway was to bend over and pick up a large boulder. Lifting it as high as he could, he proceeded to toss it at the other beast. The rock hit the quadraped directly in the middle of its shell and shattered.

Anguirus turned around instantly to see what just struck him. He was greeted by the sight of Red King waving his arms at him in a taunting manner, screeching a challenge. Anguirus simply eyed the strange-looking beast for a moment, deciding if he really wanted to fight such a creature. Red King decided to make his mind up for him and kicked another boulder. The rock flew through the air and bounced off Anguirus' snout.

Anguirus howled in anger and went on the attack.

Red King cackled in evil glee as he saw that the beast was accepting his challenge. Flexing his arms, Red King rushed into battle, ready to anihilate his spiked foe. Just as they were within reach, Anguirus reared up onto his hind legs, lunged forward and clamped his jaws down onto Red King's left forearm. The reptillian beast howled as Anguirus sank his fangs deeper into his arm, eventually drawing blood. Red King slammed his fist into the side of Anguirus' head in a desperate attempt to free his limb. Finally the assaults paid off and Anguirus released his toothy grip.

Swinging around, Red King struck his spiny foe with his tail. Anguirus staggered but did not fall. He once again lunged for Red King, only to receive a kick to the jaw. The blow was enough to send Anguirus toppling onto his back. Before he could right himself, Red King pounced, landing on the quadraped's underbelly. Red King began wailing on Anguirus' gut with his powerful fists, drawing a bark of pain with each blow. The two titans' tails entangled with each other as Anguirus struggled to dislodge Red King to no avail. An attempt to claw his opponent's face only succeeded in getting his hand bitten. Anguirus cried out as Red King's teeth pierced his flesh, spilling blood.

It was this attack to his flesh that give Anguirus renewed strength. With a mighty buck, he sent Red King flying from him and immediately returned to his feet. A furious Red King squealed in anger and charged, only to have Anguirus rake his spiked tail across his face. Roaring angrily, Red King pulled the top off a mounatin and tossed it at Anguirus, the chunk of earth exploding upon the beast's spikey shell. Anguirus howled what seemed to be a taunt, prompting Red King to pick up and chuck yet another boulder at his foe. In a flash, Anguirus was upon on his hind leg. He batted the boulder away with his forearms, bouncing it off Red King's face.

Enraged, Red King began waving his arms around wildly, hoping to intimidate his foe. But this ploy was for naught, as Anguirus quickly turned around and launched himself backwards at the bumpy-skinned kaiju. Red King had no chance to react before Anguirus crashed into him shell-first. Red King cried out as he felt the spikes assault his tan flesh. Anguirus returned to his four-legged stance and yeowled at Red King to back down, but the beast roared his defiance. The result was another bodyslam from Anguirus' backside. Even more wounds were inflicted, even more blood was drawn.

Anguirus backed away as a wounded Red King shrieked in pain. His torso was bleeding and his left arm hung limply. Once again, Anguirus demanded Red King's surrender. This time, however, it was given. As Anguirus reared his head back and howled victoriously into the sky, a limping Red King slinked away and disappeared into the jungle.

Anguirus (Showa)