KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 256 - Authors: Thomas Eckert

Match 256: Baragon (Showa) vs. Mothra (Heisei)
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

[continued from Match 169]

Several hours had passed after the brawl between Baragon and King Kong. The great ape gave the mole-like dinosaur a struggle, but in the end, Kong fell prey to Baragon’s quick thinking. Now the former ruler of Farou Island was Baragon’s well-deserved meal. Baragon clamped his jaws around King Kong’s severed neck and dragged him into a secluded part of the jungle to dine in peace. Pieces of Kong’s fur flew off his corpse and were carried off by the wind. After dragging his meal for a mile across the jungle, Baragon let go of the corpse. He noticed a cool stream of water behind him and took a quick drink. Never once did it occur to the predatory kaiju how refreshing water could be after such a long and grueling battle. With his body properly hydrated, Baragon turned his attention to his meal. He greedily sank his teeth into Kong’s furry flesh and tore off huge chunks of it. His mouth was covered in fresh blood and fur as he savored King Kong’s incredible meat.

Unknown to Baragon, he was being watched by sad eyes in the mountains. The natives of Farou Island, disbelieved that their mighty god was slain, could only watch helplessly as Kong was being devoured slowly. Every bite that Baragon took out of Kong only sickened them more so. Before they could mourn the loss of their god, a gentle breeze brushed against them from behind. The natives noticed a shadow hovering above them. They looked into the sky with wonder at what was arriving on their island. Baragon swallowed one chunk of Kong’s flesh and purred with pleasure from its taste. Before he could eat anymore, his ears perked up at the sound of wingbeats moving above him. Baragon snarled. Who would dare interrupt his meal?

He looked up as a winged silhouette descended upon him. The creature flying above him was a giant butterfly. Mothra had come to Farou Island to rescue the natives from Baragon’s hunger. She would bring them back to her home on Infant Island. But first, she had to deal with Baragon. Mothra chirped before stretching out her wings in a threatening manner. Baragon, however, wasn’t intimidated by Mothra’s threats and delivered his own by standing on two legs and roaring loudly. Seeing that her tactic had failed, Mothra decided to take to the offensive. She flapped her wings tremendously, creating massive gales as a means of attacking the reptilian mole. Baragon roared in frustration as he was battered by the mighty winds, trying his best to remain standing. Seeing the stubbornness in Baragon’s eyes, Mothra changed tactics. Her antennae lit up and fired twin streaks of light at Baragon. Both beams hit the dinosaur in the chest and with an explosion of sparks, sending the screaming dinosaur falling down onto his back.

Mothra chirped and closed in on her target. Baragon struggled to return to his feet, but Mothra continuously pelted him with her beams. Being attacked while trapped on his back made Baragon grow more and more frustrated. When Mothra flew over Baragon, she made a turn to face him. However, Baragon had managed to recover and gave his aerial opponent a menacing growl. Mothra chirped in response, telling Baragon his threats weren’t impressive. Baragon’s mouth started to fill with flames. When Mothra was close enough, Baragon unleashed his Magma Heat Ray onto the butterfly’s chest and legs. Mothra chirped in sudden pain from the attack. While it wasn’t strong enough to kill her, the intense heat from the blast singed her fur.

With his opponent in pain, Baragon leapt into the air and slashed into her right wing with his claws. Mothra cried out painfully from the attack. Baragon’s claws left three remarkable scars on her wings. Overtaken by the nasty assault, Mothra made a sudden nosedive into the dirt. Baragon landed on all fours and snarled at his grounded foe. Mothra tried to flying back up, but Baragon landed directly on her backside. He growled tauntingly and bashed her head with his tail. Mothra screeched in pain from the attack. Her opponent then opened his mouth and bathed her in his Magma Heat Ray. The majestic insect screeched from the burning of the attack. Her head was even starting to blacken from the flames.

Unable to take the heat anymore, Mothra flapped her wings as hard as she could. To Baragon’s surprise, she had enough strength to force him off her and topple backward as she took to the air. Once she was back in her element, Mothra turned around to face Baragon who managed to roll rightside and stand on all fours. He snarled threateningly, daring her to attack him. Mothra complied by flying downward, showering her foe in her beams and burying him in smoke. The smoke was then blown away by Mothra’s wings. When the ground was clear, all she saw was a giant hole where Baragon was. She circled around the hole for a few moments, wondering if Baragon had retreated underground. Minutes passed and still Baragon hadn’t appeared. Believing the danger had passed, Mothra screeched in victory and flew downward. Her new goal was to pick up the natives.

Suddenly, the ground exploded from underneath her. She cried out in shock as something viciously clamped its jaws around her neck. With his foe in his grasp, Baragon forced the trapped moth to the ground. Mothra screeched in desperation, only to be silenced by Baragon’s terrible snarl. The red-colored beast clamped his jaws around Mothra’s vulnerable neck, causing Mothra to screech even louder. However, her cries fell on deaf ears. Baragon was more interested in tearing her apart piece by piece. Once Mothra’s blood touched his lips, the carnivorous reptile wasn’t about to stop his terrible attack. Like a ravenous wolf, he shook his head from side to side in order to tear Mothra’s head clean off. He only succeeded in ripping out a large chunk from Mothra’s neck. Mothra’s blue eyes started dimming from the loss of blood. She couldn’t survive any more of this attack. She needed a plan.

Baragon took a moment to swallow the chunk he tore off of Mothra and growled happily at its taste. It was almost better than Kong’s flesh. He needed more. Before he could take another bite out of Mothra, she pulled out another trick. She pinched her six feet into Baragon’s chest and conducted energy through her touch. Baragon felt the energy coursing through his body and roared in agony from its power. He forcefully let go of his opponent to avoid further pain. While he backed off, Mothra took a few seconds to breathe. Her neck was badly wounded. She could still fight, but she needed to end this fight now. She made a quick recovery and took off. Baragon was still in pain from the attack. When it started to lessen, he searched for his opponent. Instead, she found him.

Mothra clamped her legs around Baragon’s nasal horn and ears and before he could attack, she unleashed more energy through her legs and into his horn. The intense currents of energy zapped throughout Baragon’s head. He screamed in pain from the energy stinging him. His eyes started to water from the agony. With her opponent quivering in agony, Mothra used all of her strength to lift Baragon into the air. Baragon thrashed and kicked, but wasn’t able to escape from Mothra’s powerful grip. When she was high enough in the air, Mothra dropped Baragon back onto the island. The falling dinosaur roared in frustration until he crashed into the ground hard on his back. The impact crushed small trees and made small hills collapse. Baragon roared as he tried righting himself. He fell silent when Mothra casted her massive shadow over him.

Not giving her opponent the opportunity to attack her, Mothra flapped her wings and unleashed scales from them onto Baragon. They stung the dinosaur tremendously who roared his agony out loud. Before long, he could feel them inducing paralysis to his entire body. Realizing he needed to escape, Baragon unleashed his heat wave at the cloud. This, however, backfired on him in the worst way possible. His flames were reflected right back at his face and bathed his entire face in fire. Baragon screamed in agony from his very own attack burning him. The worst part was his eyes being cooked by the immense heat and melting out of their sockets. Baragon was now blind. Hearing her foe’s cries of agony made Mothra further press on her attack. She then fired lightning bolts from her wings and struck every part of Baragon’s body. One of the bolts landed into Baragon’s left eye socket and exploded out of his head with pieces of his brain splattering all over the jungle. Baragon collapsed onto the ground.

Mothra ceased her attack and inspected her fallen foe. He wasn’t moving. Mothra chirped triumphantly. Having vanquished her enemy, Mothra made her toward the natives of Farou. However, when she got there, she was met with a horrifying sight. The natives were being hunted and devoured by dozens of Gyaos. While she was fighting Baragon, the terrible bat-like creatures had flown onto the island and found themselves a large buffet. Some of the creatures were feeding on the deceased King Kong and now others were tearing into Baragon’s fresh corpse. Mothra chirped threateningly toward the Gyaos which earned their attention. The pack of killers screeched hungrily toward the defiant Mothra. To them, she was just another meal. Mothra braced herself. Her battle with Baragon took a lot out of her. But she wasn’t going to let the Gyaos get away with feasting on the people wanted to save. Her opponents smelt the tasty blood seeping from her neck wounds. If they won, there will be enough meat to last them for a long time.

Mothra (Heisei)
Mothra (Heisei)