KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 255 - Authors: Andrew Sudomerski & Harley Jameson

Match 255: Balkzardan & Daigoro vs. C-Rex vs. Zandora
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

The intense summer heat was unbearable to Daigoro. Tiredly, his eyes scanned his home for any signs of food and his stomach growled painfully as he swiftly realized that this heat would make it impossible to get food on his own. His father Saito and his other human companions had promised to come back with more food, but it was such a long time ago.

The sweltering heat wasn’t something Daigoro was used to; an unnaturally hot summer had spoiled whatever food he had left in less than a day, and the drought had turned Goroshima Island’s plant life into dried up twigs. The young kaiju licked his lips, eyeing the salty ocean water as the temptation to drink rose. Saito’s warnings about the salt water kept him from going over to drink it, however.

With a grunt of frustration, Daigoro kicked the large steel enforced bucket that housed his rotted food toward the shore, the smell making him nauseous. He licked his dry lips again, and groaned as his stomach gave another pained growl. Silently, he wished for something to distract him from his ever-growing discomfort.

As if the world had heard his plea, the ocean before him began to churn as foamy white splashes crashed onto the ground. Daigoro’s eyes widened as a large brown and orange creature rose from the depths of the ocean, giving a panicked cry as the Crustaceous Rex darted onto the shore, its limbs slapping the dry earth with its wet tendrils. Daigoro had no idea why this strange creature was here or in such a panic, but he would soon find out.

C-Rex’s face split open, a harrowing whale-like cry booming from the orifice. Its small beady eyes locked onto Daigoro, and in an instant C-Rex knew it would soon quench its own maddening hunger. The odd creature shot a stream of dark inky tar out of his mouth, and Daigoro squealed in shock and desperately tried to swat away the leeching substance from his skin before the intense heat burned it on. C-Rex wasted no time and made a beeline for the younger monster, the four tentacles dangling from the sea creature's underside stretched out, wrapping themselves around Daigoro's arms and squeezing. The one-sided tug of war ended as C-Rex yanked violently, Daigoro digging his feet into the sandy beach in a vain attempt to keep control. Releasing one of its tentacles, C-Rex redirected it to coil around its prey's ankle, applying pressure. Although the brown monster noticed this tactic, there was nothing he could do to retaliate, and he groaned as he felt his bones pop. With a powerful jerk, the orange tentacle sent Daigoro sprawling on his back. C-Rex freed its other extensions, allowing the young kaiju to fall uninterrupted. With its prey downed, C-Rex climbed on top of Daigoro, and the irradiated crustacean’s flower-like face opened wide, tar dripping from its orifice. Pinned to the sandy beach, Daigoro thought desperately about how to escape, before an idea entered his mind. As the four-toed star-shaped foot pressed into his belly, he mustered the inner strength of his family heritage. He used it long ago to save his surrogate family from a devilish space monster, so he’ll use it again to save himself, it was his only choice.

With a loud screech, Daigoro spat a stream of fire at the C-Rex, scorching the orange kaiju with intense third-degree burns, lighting the tar dripping from its mouth ablaze. C-Rex howled in agony, latching off of Daigoro and scrambling toward the shore, desperately diving into the water to extinguish the flames. Daigoro pulled himself back to his feet, dusting off the sand clinging to his body and watching as the sea creature put out its flaming mouth.

Daigoro wasted no time and charged at the dazed sea creature, the hippo-like kaiju ready to knock it silly with one powerful strike. Cretaceous Rex was smarter than that however, and uppercut the young kaiju with its powerful legs. As the youngling stumbled back, C-Rex immediately spewed a large stream of ink. The gross substance splattered over Daigoro's skin, and slowly it began to sap his strength. The tar came in waves, and Daigoro knew that he couldn't wipe it off that easily. As the young kaiju fell to the ground, he gave a weakened cry for help. For his mother, for anyone to save him.

Thunder boomed softly, and two sharp eyes opened. The distant but weak cries of a young one in need reached its ears. Snarling, the loud crack of lightning accompanied the creature, and it took off toward Goroshima Island following the sounds of battle and the pleas of the young one as a trail of thunderclouds followed it.

Trapped underfoot by the sea monster once again, Daigoro’s hope for escape slowly died as his body’s nutrients were absorbed by the black tar-like substance. Any time he tried to unleash the flames of his ancestors, it was all for naught as his strength was drained by the tar. Only small puffs of billowing smoke emerged from his snout. C-Rex, no longer finding the downed foe as a threat, turned and began walking away. The tar was acting as an external stomach, sucking away the victim's nutrients to feed C-Rex. While it didn’t outright kill prey, it did leave them in a suspended state, leaving a shriveled pale body behind. Thankfully for Daigoro's sake, he wouldn't be conscious enough to see the process in full.

C-Rex stopped in his tracks, looking around frantically. Confused, Daigoro attempted to lift his head to see what had the creature so spooked, before the ground began shaking violently. A huge geyser of steam shot into the air, C-Rex shrieking in surprise as it stumbled back from the giant billowing hole. Two shovel-like appendages clamped onto the earth, and Daigoro watched in horror as a strange creature rose from the ground. Its organic components reflected something stranger… something more alien than natural. A seemingly never-ending supply of hot vapor spewed from the tubes surrounding its drill-head. More of its form came into view as it rose from the steam geyser, revealing a plain white body with a thick brown steak running down its chest. Its rigid shovel-like hands each had holes in them, with its long tail slapping the coarse sands. Proclaiming with a series of shrieks, Zandora made his presences known.

The geyser of steam could be seen from miles away, and thunderclouds moved quicker toward the island, knowing that only worse things would happen before it got there.

Hoping the tar would be enough to keep his prey down, a loud howl echoed from C-Rex’s maw. It was a challenge, one Zandora readily agreed to. Taking off in a sprint, the drill-shaped monstrosity charged toward the bipedal mutation, eager to tear into its soft flesh. The orange sea dweller responded in kind, kicking up walls of sand with his lanky limbs. Before they could meet face to face, C-Rex reared up, launching his four long tentacles at the drill creature, constricting its arms. C-Rex yanked hard, intending to slam Zandora face first onto the sand.

Zandora halted his sprint by pressing his blocky feet into the unstable sands, creating deep trenches by his weight alone. The white fiend knew full well that letting his foe have the upper hand was not an option. Using his mighty strength, Zandora began dragging C-Rex over toward him. The undersea giant tried in vain to bury his star-shaped feet into the grains of sand, but it was too light and the sand not hard enough to keep its footing steady. As C-Rex was unwillingly pulled toward Zandora, the sea leviathan attempted to unravel its tendrils from the other creature. But Zandora’s shovel hands clamped down on the retreating tendrils tightly, unwilling to his opponent free. The primitive mind of C-Rex panicked, unsure how to escape its situation.

Channeling more of his unbelievable strength, Zandora slowly reeled C-Rex toward it. With little time to react, the sea dweller charged forward mercilessly, its face blooming open for the Garogan weapon to see. From its mouth, C-Rex spat a thick stream of tar that splattered against the alien behemoth, forcing Zandora to let go to begin wiping at the tar, but the C-Rex responded only with spitting more and more of the sticky substance onto the sub-terror. Zandora's groaned, but raised his arms as jets of molten steam whooshed out of the alien menace like a geyser. The Molten Steam boiled the tar shooting at Zandora, the intense heat purifying it and negating its original properties. With its main weapon neutralized, the pillars of steam washed over C-Rex's open mouth, drying it up quickly.

Ceasing its assault, the orange leviathan squealed and dove into the nearest spot of water it could see. C-Rex's natural biology worked wonders, filtering the salt from the water and hydrating it back up. Zandora interrupted C-Rex's attempt to re-hydrate itself by firmly hoisting its outer carapice. With his enormous strength, the sub-terror beast flung the orange sea creature further inland. C-Rex slowly began rising to its feet as Zandora marched inland, ready to beat his foe.

The warm tidal water washed gently over Daigoro's body. His eyes flickered open as C-Rex's tar continued to sap his energy. Slowly, he cleansed the black goo off his body with the water. He laid silently on his back, groaning lowly as his stomach growled again. He needed something to eat, and fast.

Slowly rolling on his stomach, Daigoro's hands curl into fists in the sand. Rising to his feet, the hippo-like kaiju stumbled over to the dried up and nearly dead plant-life on the wasteland he called home. Even though he would no doubt regret this later, right now it was the best he could do. Uprooting the dead plants, he shoveled them into his maw and began chowing down. Its taste was dry, brittle and disgusting, and he had to force himself to keep it down.

It was a little substance, but he felt some of his strength returned. The sound of the two titans rumbling inland echoed in his ears, and he turned to watch the brutality. Crustaceous Rex lashed with its tentacles at Zandora, but the alien monster repelled them all with a billowing fury of steam, sending the orange kaiju scrambling back in a panic. Thankfully, Goroshima Island was rather barren, other than a few niceties his human friends and family had brought for him, there wasn't much to destroy. 

The sound of thunder caught Daigoro's attention, and as he turned toward the sea, his eyes widened. Thunderclouds were rolling over the island, and lightning could be seen dancing across the clouds. Slowly, Daigoro watched as the thunderstorm moved over Goroshima Island, blocking out the sun with the dark clouds.

The brutality seemed like it would never stop. Both titans of terror lashed out at each other with a volley of whipping tentacles and hard-hitting hooks, both refusing to give up. Zandora finally got the better of C-Rex with a swift twirl, walloping the creature with its elongated tail. Sailing over the course of a few hundred feet, C-Rex collided against one of the many rugged hills, a thick cloud of dirt and dust cascading in the air. C-Rex watched as steam poured from the tubes surrounding the sub terror beast's drill-like head. Zandora bent forward, pawing at the ground with his feet like a bull.

The thunder boomed across the sky, and both of the warring Kaiju ignored the rain that began to fall as Zandora readied his charge. Taking off in a sprint, the white bipedal bioweapon blitzed to the downed kaiju, hoping to gore it with its organic drill. Shaking itself free, C-Rex leaped to the side to avoid Zandora's charge. Missing its target, Zandora’s drill shredded the rocky hillside, creating a hole in its wake. Quickly forming an idea, Zandora began digging with his appendages, leaving a wide hole in the ground.

C-Rex stared at the hole dumbfounded. It looked all around, unsure as to where its foe had gone. The rumbling thunder grew louder, but again C-Rex paid it no mind, even as the torrents of rain grew in ferocity.

Daigoro felt the rain hit his body, and his eyes closed and he opened his mouth to let the water fall into it. The soothing and cool rain was welcomed after suffering through the drought. His strength was slowly returning despite his still aching hunger. Soon he would be able to fight again.

Zandora burst from the ground an explosion of mud and dirt, slamming onto C-Rex with an almighty bellow. The two thundered to the ground as C-Rex thrashed in an attempt to unlatch the alien menace from him. Using its powerful legs, the crustacean kicked Zandora off, slowly scrambling to its feet.

As Zandora stood, a thundering cry echoed across Goroshima Island. Both combatants froze, as a white beast rumbled down from the thunderclouds. Balkzardan snarled as it landed on the wet ground, howling into the sky, causing the cannon-like thunder to boom.

C-Rex took a fearful step back, knowing what this creature was capable of. Balkzardan shot a dangerous look toward C-Rex, and gave a low growl. A warning to leave. C-Rex didn't need to be told twice, and scurried to get away from the storm kaiju as quickly as possible.

Zandora clanged its digging appendages together, challenging Balkzardan. The other kaiju's eyes narrowed at the alien threat. If it wanted a fight, it would get a fight. Balkzardan tore off with lightning speed, surprising Zandora as the thunder beast roughly slammed into it, sending it skidding across the mud.

Zandora quickly scrambled to his feet, and pawed at the ground with his giant blocky feet, and steam once again poured out as it readied another charge. Balkzardan stood unimpressed as the sub-terror creature charged. The storm kaiju stood tall, and opened its maw wide.

Thunder cracked through the air as Balkzardan roared, the Tornado Bolt exploding out of the horns near its mouth, and for a brief moment, the entire island was engulfed in a white light. Zandora's cries of pain were muted as the Tornado Bolt slammed into it, exploding a huge chunk of its drill-head off and sending the creature tumbling down, writhing in pain.

Balkzardan roared as lightning rained from the sky onto the storm kaiju's back, powering it up. His entire body began glowing brightly as it prepared for its signature attack, eager to end this once and for all.

Zandora shakily got to his feet as Balkzardan sprinted toward the alien creature. Even after sustaining damage from the Tornado Bolt, the alien fiend refused to fall. Pulling its forearms in front, the molten steam spewed from the holes on its rigid hands. Foreseeing this tactic in advance, Balkzardan utilized his sonic speeds to bank a hard left, making several sharp turns before winding up behind the extraterrestrial. Zandora barely registered that Balkzardan was now behind him.

Howling to the thundering sky, Balkzardan rammed into Zandora, slamming the sub-terror monster’s back and screaming in pain as sparks of lightning and explosions ripped it to shreds. When the Spark Dash's attack was complete, Zandora was nothing more than a smoldering corpse. Balkzardan's eardrums pricked when the sounds of battle reached his ears, and slowly, he turned with narrowed eyes.

Daigoro howled as the C-Rex's tentacle-like appendages inched closer and closer to his face. The young hippo kaiju refused to back down now, and channeling the last reserves of his strength, threw C-Rex off of him.

The deep sea dweller crashed onto the muddy shore, and Daigoro puffed his chest up. As C-Rex rose, the hippo-like kaiju inhaled deeply, standing his ground. C-Rex roared at Daigoro, charging at the younger mammal fearlessly.

Daigoro watched as C-Rex got closer and closer, waiting for the right moment to strike. His eyes narrowed as C-Rex was nearly on top of him, and he gave a loud scream as a stream of fire exploded out of Daigoro's maw.

C-Rex screamed in agony as the flames washed over the crustacean, even with the torrents of rain, the heat was unbearable. Daigoro roared as he hammered his fists down onto the deep-sea kaiju, the outer-shell cracking with each powerful blow.

C-Rex squealed in pain, and in desperation, shot a glob of tar at Daigoro's face, forcing the young Kaiju off as it sprinted for the shore. A bolt of lightning slammed in front of the retreating C-Rex, and Balkzardan roared in fury. It would not let C-Rex escape again.

Balkardan carefully pushed Daigoro out of the way, and stood up straight, his eyes locking onto the retreating C-Rex. Its mouth horns sparked and flickered with energy before the thunder cracked across the sky once again, and all was engulfed in a bright light before the Tornado Bolt rocketed into C-Rex, frying the kaiju's system and leaving it a smoking pile on the muddy shores.

Balkzardan snorted a little, grabbing the carcass of C-Rex and gently setting it near Daigoro, inclining his head at the young kaiju. There was its dinner. Daigoro stared in disbelief as the storm kaiju roared and took back off toward the sky, the thunder rumbling as the storm followed Balkzardan's retreating form, the sun once again shining down on the battlefield that was Goroshima Island, leaving Daigoro to feast on cooked crab in peace.

Balkzardan Daigoro
Balkzardan Daigoro