KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 253 - Authors: Harley Jameson

Match 253: Megaguirus vs. Zilla
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

The swarm was doing well. The Meganula were bringing their queen more and more energy by the day, including that delicious atomic energy. The source of this atomic energy was a little different however, some odd raptor or lizard type creature. But Megaguirus paid it no mind, she had to feast.

The Meganula had flown some more fresh corpses back to the nest where the swarm was, the dead infant Zillas being dropped in as the swarm began feeding alongside their queen, who instructed them to get more of the atomic energy found inside these dinosaur-like creatures. She paused as the ground began shaking before she and the swarm began eating again, it was just an earthquake, that wouldn't bother them.

That is until the ground underneath the hive exploded outward. Packs of baby Zilla began filing out and mercilessly attacking the Meganula, who responded in kind and began zipping and buzzing around the baby Zillas, biting and stinging them to drain their energy as Megaguirus barely had time to react to the home invasion when the adult Zilla rocketed out of the now giant hole in the nest, slamming into Megaguirus with an enraged shriek. It had finally tracked down what was killing its young, and Zilla would put an end to killers.

Megaguirus was furious. How dare this overgrown lizard attack her in her own home! Her swarm was busy in a ruthless battle with Zilla's offspring, so she had to do this on her own. Typical. Megaguirus began beating her powerful wings and burst away from Zilla before it could do any more damage. Megaguirus flew out of the nest and watched with satisfaction as Zilla followed, giving an enraged roar. The Meganula queen made a sharp 180, and used her tremendous speed to blitz Zilla, zipping right past him and letting her wings and sonic waves cut into Zilla's flesh, spilling fresh blood on the ground.

Megaguirus gave a cackling cry, confident she had this battle won. She whipped around again, ready for another round of sonic waves until her eyes widened a bit as Zilla again body-slammed her, sending the swarm queen crashing into the ground, Zilla scratching at Megaguirus's scaly body and dipping its head to bite into her flesh, causing a roar of pain to come out of the swarm queen.

Sensing their queen in danger, the Meganula quickly abandoned the fight with the young lizards, and burst out from the nest and latched themselves and swarmed around the adult Zilla, who stumbled back and swatted at the air, thrashing its head and tail around as it the swarm began to overpower Zilla. Megaguirus rose back into the air, giving a satisfied chirp. Zilla would fall here. That is until Zilla's own kin began climbing out of the nest and began attacking the swarm again, staying in packs as they gave their parent some breathing room.

Zilla gave a roar of thanks at its children, making the choice to use its ultimate attack to turn the tide back in its favor. Taking a breath, Zilla unleashed the mighty atomic ray, slicing through the Meganula swarming it and burning a great portion of the swarm in its wake.

Megaguirus's jaw dropped, its eyes wide as she just witnessed Zilla slaughter her entire swarm in one go. Then she grinned happily, so this creature had similar powers to Godzilla. She would make sure to take advantage of that.

The swarm queen made a beeline for Zilla, who barely had time to react before Megaguirus punctured its stomach with her stinge. A strangled cry of pain coming from the lizard as Megaguirus began draining Zilla's energy, giving a happy chirp as she felt energy coming back. But her bliss was cut short as she noticed something off. Looking down, her eyes once again widened as she saw Zilla hunched over, unmoving. Did she actually kill the beast? She was sure that the beast still had more energy to give her.

A sick and loud cracking sound echoed across the battlefield, and Megaguirus flew back in a stunned state, before looking down at what was once her beautiful stinger, now completely ripped off and nothing more than a bleeding stump. Megaguirus let out confused and pained high pitched screeches, which were slowly growing louder into wails of pain.

Zilla just reared its head, ripping the stinger from its mouth and causing it to give a muffled cry of pain. Megaguirus looked up at Zilla, and gave a furious screech, while its stinger was no longer apart of her, she could still use the stump for her own end. She concentrated and focused all of Zilla's stolen energy into the stump where her stinger used to be. A concentrated ball of energy forming as Zilla began to charge Megaguirus, stinger in one claw as it leaped into the air just as Megaguirus fired.

The ball of energy struck Zilla square in the chest, blowing it back and forcing it along the ground, its children gathering around their parent, wondering if it was even alive. Megaguirus screeched out, the remainder of her swarm heeding her call and she gave a howling command.

Kill everything.

The babies all cried out as they began desperately fighting off the swarm, trying to protect their sole parent and not even caring if their siblings began slowly being picked off one by one. The baby Zillas continued to clamp down and claw at the Meganula, not thinking even for one second to abandon their parent.

Foolish creatures. Megaguirus grinned evilly as she saw her swarm slowly begin to overtake the Zillas. This was a good day for her. While she lost most of her swarm, she would instead gain valuable energy to make her stronger, even more powerful than ever before. She would be invincible!

Until, that is, she saw the impossible. Zilla twitched, then it began moving. The adult Zilla slowly rose up, giving an annoyed screech to the Meganula attacking it. It swung Megaguirus's broken stinger like a club, batting the annoying insects out of the air with ease.

The swarm queen couldn't believe it. How was this creature not dead yet!?

Megaguirus gave an enraged cry. She was done toying with this stupid beast. It was time she ended this. She began charging another energy ball, confident that this one would finally kill the annoying lizard. Zilla reared its head up, and began collecting what little energy it had left into one final attack; it was all or nothing now.

Zilla stepped forward, firing off a final atomic ray and it collided with Megaguirus's energy ball, causing a massive explosion to engulf the mutated queen. Megaguirus gave a shrill shriek of pain as it fell from the sky with a loud crash.

Her body was burnt all over, and she could barely move. Megaguirus watched with horror as Zilla and its kind destroyed the remainder of her swarm, and made their way over to her. Zilla roared and bent down, biting down on her skull as the babies began to tear into her charred flesh, and with a mighty heave Zilla ripped off Megaguirus's head. Devouring it in a few crunches, Zilla roared to the skies as its kin fed on the queen's corpse.