KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 249 - Authors: Dao Zang Moua & Tyler Trieschock

Match 249: Godzilla® (Heisei) & Godzilla® (Legendary) vs. King Ghidorah (Heisei) & Grand King Ghidorah
Banner: Landon Soto

Under the Pacific Ocean, a massive object stirred, creating a murky cloud of dirt that rose into the water. This ancient object wasn't a thing, but an animal who had survived many of the great extinctions which encompassed Earth over the eons. He had felt a strong presence which seemed like another of his kind, as well as a creature which seemed oddly familiar. But that wasn't what had woken the large behemoth.

Godzilla was an old creature, an ancient leviathan. A legendary titan whose existence was passed down in story from the earliest of men. The reason he had awoken on this day was a threat from long ago was returning to the planet. If he did not face this titan, it would surely destroy the world, and he could never let that happen. Through the murky waters the legendary Godzilla burst forth and swam toward the location where he knew the creature that plagued the Earth would be most attracted to.

In Japan, King Ghidorah terrified the populace with its carnage, destroying cities in its wake under orders from his creators, the Futurians. A group of beings which arrogantly sat in their futuristic ship, watching the destruction King Ghidorah unleased upon their ancestors. As an alert began to ring throughout the ship, a member clicked on King Ghidorah’s controls.

“King Ghidorah, Godzilla is coming. You are to go and kill the insolent dinosaur,”Glen, the Futurians second in command, ordered.

With a new directive, the artificial Ghidorah took its gaze away from the raging fires below its wings and ascended into the air, its destination the nearby mountains. Trees shattered from the hurricane force winds as the artificial beast flew, its sight focused on its adversary below, and not a red meteor which glowed in the bright blue sky. As the Ghidorah spotted its target, a large, charcoal-black saurian walking from the ocean, gave a roar of challenge to the golden hydra. King Ghidorah returned its challenge by landing on the ground, shaking the earth and giving its own bell-like cackle.

“Kill it, King Ghidorah!”Chuck Wilson, the Futurian leader, bellowed with unparalleled ferocity. “Kill that damn dinosaur.”

As Godzilla neared, the golden dragon began its assault. Golden beams projected from the dragon’s maw and struck the kaiju's thick hide. Sparks detonated across the saurian. Fire raged throughout the forest Godzilla trampled through. Cries of pain echoed from the saurian’s jaws. All of these things increased King Ghidorah’s frenzy, distracting both as meteors trailed across the sky.

The atomic saurian cried out in pain as the golden bolts scorched his flesh, particularly his left eye. He returned fire with his atomic breath, striking Ghidorah’s chest before it covered itself in its wings. Blue fire built up within Godzilla’s maw, his eyes focused on the puny show of defense. Godzilla unleashed a stronger atomic ray merely for it to be deflected off the golden wings, surprising the atomic dinosaur. Noticing an opening, King Ghidorah took off into the air, flying toward Godzilla and firing gravity bolts. As the dragon passed by, King Ghidorah kicked the king of the monsters square in the chest. Dirt skyrocketed into the air. It fell like rain upon the winded saurian whose jaws parted yet no roar echoed. King Ghidorah crackled in delight while he circled Godzilla, raining more golden beams upon the fallen creature. Godzilla roared in anger as he was pelted with the near endless barrage only for the attack to be interrupted as the objects in the sky made their presence known.

A red meteor crashed into a nearby mountainside. A crimson shockwave burst from the impact, tearing apart the forest and mountain in seconds as harsh winds and high temperature destroyed all in its path. The earth flowed from the impact, revealing the time ship the Futurians resided within, MOTHER. As this happened, the meteor shower following their leader made impact as well, striking King Ghidorah and Godzilla in a molten storm of alien rock.

“AAAAGGGHH!” Glen screamed as he, like many others, was tossed across the ship’s bridge. Screams of the crew rang out for all to hear, some in pain while others echoed their death cry. As the ship came to a halt, the scattered crew gradually rose to their feet. Their eyes looked to the main screen, watching in horror as a large, golden energy dome formed around their vessel.

“What's going on, the transporter seems to be jammed!” Chuck said as he stood up, noticing their mind control system unable to connect to their Ghidorah. Looking outside the ship like his crew, his eyes widened in terror, a primeval sense taking hold from the three-headed shadow outside the dome.

Godzilla eyes gradually parted as the meteor storm ended. His nose flushed out the dust, snarling in annoyance as he stood up and shook the ash from his spines. The saurian looked over the blackened battlefield, spotting a struggling Ghidorah when a deeper, more elegant cackling drew his attention.

Where the red meteor crashed came a golden flash as a familiar shape formed. Reflective, golden scales covered the new creature as its monstrous wings blew the ash away from its rising body. As it stood, a terrifying grandeur struck the atomic beast. Godzilla knew that this creature was vastly stronger than his other foe. Though they may look similar, Grand King Ghidorah was a true Ghidorah, an intergalactic King of Terror.

Grand King Ghidorah studied the imperfect duplicate seizing beneath his gaze. He’d been heading to a separate planet to siphon life energy when it sensed another of his kind on the wretched planet he stood upon. Intrigued, he decided to visit his newly born kin to see whether it was a worthy successor or not, taking a couple years to reachers. With his kin’s insolent creators soon to be boiling alive within his organic prison, Grand King Ghidorah hoped to interact with the new Ghidorah, but it seemed he needed time to fully comprehend its freedom. While King Ghidorah continued to spasm, Grand King Ghidorah’s six eyes slowly shifted to face the nearby saurian bellowing a challenge toward him.

Something within the dragon’s mind stirred. A thought? A memory? A nightmare? Whatever plagued Grand King Ghidorah’s mind the dragon suppressed it. A malevolent cackle emanated from the King of Terror as he sized up his opponent, viewing Godzilla as a challenge worth killing as he waited for his kin to recover.

Godzilla stared at this second Ghidorah in rage and unleashed his atomic beam at his foe. However, instead of striking Grand King Ghidorah, the light within his attack was reflected and turned into a light barrier around the interstellar dragon, dissolving the attack. The King of Terror cackled as he flew into the air,blinding Godzilla with his golden aura as Grand King Ghidorah demonstrated true power. Golden gravity beams washed over Godzilla like a rushing current, knocking him over with shocking ease. As the King of Terror flew over, red bolts of lightning arched from the tips of his wings, burning the tough skin of Godzilla and earning a cry of pain from the saurian. From the sidelines came another torrent of smaller, golden bolts as a lighter cackling reverberated the charred battlefield. King Ghidorah had overcome its confusion of the lost connection with its creators. It was finally free to do as he wished. The younger Ghidorah released a cackle of gratitude to its older brethren as it ascended into the smoke-filled air to join Grand King Ghidorah in the destruction of the lizard below.

Both Ghidorahs dropped down together, crushing Godzilla beneath their hulking frames. Grand King Ghidorah’s right foot stomped Godzilla’s head beneath the blackened soil while King Ghidorah jumped up and down atop the saurian’s abdomen. Neither of the dragons seemed to notice as a colossal figure arose from the nearby ocean, its earth-shattering footsteps masked by the delight of watching Godzilla suffer beneath their heels.

Godzilla started to foam at the mouth as Grand King Ghidorah’s foot pressed against the atomic beast’s throat. Six eyes awaited death’s embrace of the impudent creature, but upon glancing into Godzilla’s eyes, they only found wrath. Godzilla’s jaws parted, sparking with nuclear energy merely for his body to illuminate. An aura of pure, radiation blasted the Ghidorahs off the saurian’s body, singeing the dragon’s scales. Recovering from the saurian’s desperate attack, both Ghidorahs turned to face Godzilla only to discover more destructive fury.

Godzilla directed an atomic ray, one far larger than any before, at Grand King Ghidorah who felt a sensation not felt in eons, fear. The King of Terror flew into the air at the last second, evading the beam, but allowing it to blind side his kin. As the atomic ray overwhelmed King Ghidorah, striking him head on, the dragon helplessly rocketed backward into the mountain side. A blinding explosion accompanied the impact, the shockwave’s winds rattling Godzilla and Grand King Ghidorah as an avalanche overtook King Ghidorah’s body.

Grand King Ghidorah was surprised to find that the dinosaur could wield such power with an energy attack. The beast’s tenacity, firepower and destructive potential seemed… familiar. The dragon buried the idea and focused on the impudent beast before him. No matter, Godzilla would surely be a greater challenge than he first thought, but like all that dared challenge him, in time he would learn to fear the dragon’s primeval wrath.

As the King of Terror landed and was about to reenter the fight, an ancient roar called out to Grand King Ghidorah, attracting Godzilla’s attention too. Within the King of Terror’s mind, a distant memory stirred of the last time he besieged Earth, of a large beast which drove him away after his destruction of most of the population. Turning around, Grand King Ghidorah found himself face to face with the same creature that attacked him those millions of years ago, that made him forget of Earth and suppress the sensation he felt all those years ago. The King of Terror screeched with rage at the legendary beast he faced eons ago, and of the terror he would bestow upon him.

A breath millions of years old vented from the Alpha’s jaws. Reptilian eyes scanned Grand King Ghidorah as the true alpha of Earth recalled his previous battle with the intergalactic terror. A war which decided the fate of life on Earth eons ego. After several millions of years on Earth, Godzilla always felt he’d face his ancient foe once more in combat, to decide if life would continue on or end with his death. Unfortunately for Grand King Ghidorah, Godzilla possessed no desire to submit to terror on this day.

The legendary Godzilla trudged forward to meet his old foe in combat as the King of Terror flew toward him. Looking up, the Alpha swung around to bring his large tail into the sky, trying to hit the flying hydra but missing by a couple meters. Grand King Ghidorah cackled in glee, mocking the beast’s slower reflexes as he fired several bolts of lightning from his wing tips while hovering above the ancient Godzilla. As lightning burned against the Alpha’s hide, Grand King Ghidorah didn't realize that the newer Godzilla had finished recovering to his feet. A furious roar quickly alerted Grand King Ghidorah of his error.

Godzilla unleashed a concentrated breath of atomic energy at the King of Terror, only for the dragon’s light barrier to appear and block the attack. Enraged eyes snapped to the younger Godzilla, their maws forming destructive energy. Several gravity bolts struck the newer Godzilla, knocking him over as the newer Ghidorah recovered from the nuclear pulse, emerging from under the pile of rubble.

King Ghidorah screeched with malice at the saurian which dared to challenge him. Once the reptile died, he would prove himself as a Ghidorah worthy of even his ancestor’s respect, but first, he needed Godzilla to suffer.

Lightning like gravity bolts lanced across the landscape, pinning Godzilla down as King Ghidorah strolled over to the fallen saurian. An endless barrage of gravity bolts which gradually began to diminish as King Ghidorah felt something begin to attack its free mind.

“Finally, we got out of that stupid barrier. Wait… was there always two Godzillas? And is that the true King Ghidorah out there?” Glen asked to Chuck as the monitors showed the battlefield. “We teleported out of the dome, right? We didn’t travel to another time?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Chuck announced as he walked over to Ghidorah’s controls.

 “King Ghidorah, you will help your ancestor destroy that other Godzilla!” Chuck ordered as the artificial Ghidorah was forced to oblige.

“That thing tried to kill us!” Glen yelled merely for Chuck to retort, “And we shall kill that damn dragon after, but first, we kill both Godzillas.”

 King Ghidorah flew into the air and began to rain its gravity beams down on the older Godzilla. In a storm of gravity bolts, the Alpha vanished beneath golden energy, allowing the younger Godzilla to arise unabated.

Through the relentless onslaught, the Alpha growled in pain from the assault the two dragons bestowed upon him. Grand King Ghidorah touched down in front of the ancient titan, unleashing a plethora of bolts against his armored chest, but giving the Alpha an opening he couldn’t miss. Superheated flames burned from Godzilla’s jaws toward the King of Terror. His beam struck Grand King Ghidorah’s barrier as he curved his head, reflecting the beam into the underbelly of his other foe. As King Ghidorah fell to the Alpha’s side, the legendary Godzilla slashed across its backside, sending golden scales flying, and grabbed its tails before he tossed the dragon toward the King of Terror. Grand King Ghidorah side stepped the throw, the dragon’s wings sparking with power as lightning cascaded across the Alpha’s hide.

Grand King Ghidorah sensed something was wrong with his younger ancestor as it began to spasm on the ground beside him. Such a weak mind his copy had, it was disappointing. If he was to be an easily controlled slave to a lesser being, then he would ensure that the control would never work again. Stopping his wing lightning, the King of Terror looked at his young relative and began to override King Ghidorah’s Futurian mind control, sending waves of pain through his younger relative’s three heads.

“We’re losing connection!” Glen remarked in astonishment. Sparks across his screen caused him to recoil merely for Chuck to throw him aside. The leader furiously typed away, hanging onto their creation’s mind with everything he had.

Commands flooded King Ghidorah’s mind. Orders, emotion, pain, pleasure, freedom; King Ghidorah screeched in agony as his mind felt the strain of Grand King Ghidorah’s and the Futurian’s tug of war. All thought vanished from King Ghidorah in an instant as Grand King Ghidorah won, shattering the dragon’s mind.

King Ghidorah began to flail its heads wildly as it recovered to its feet. The dragon fired its gravity beams wildly, striking more terrain than the enemy. Several bolts even hit the barrier around Grand King Ghidorah. Flying into the sky, the now broken Ghidorah flew straight toward the two Godzillas, firing its beams at them as Grand King Ghidorah cackled in malicious amusement.

The ancient Godzilla went to walk forward to deal with this youngling, when his young ancestor stood in the way as gravity beams flew around them, striking his tough scales. The younger Godzilla grunted to his ancestor, wanting this one for himself as he fired his own beam at King Ghidorah. The beams struck each other, creating an explosion of energy in the air as the two younger generations went to duke it out.

The Alpha strode toward his ancient foe, realizing just how much power his nemesis achieved destroying planets over the eons. He rushed as fast as he could to the true Ghidorah, barely reaching the old dragon when it floated just out of his reach. Enraged at the taunting, the ancient predator swung his tail, sending fallen meteor chunks and boulders at the Ghidorah. Grand King Ghidorah brought his wings in front of himself to defend against the boulders as his tails swung downward.

Pathetic creature! Did it think mere rocks could harm his unbreakable hi-

Reptilians jaws snapped onto the dragon’s left tail. Godzilla’s right arm clutched the other. A sickening head snap yanked the King of Terror from the air, engulfing both monsters in a plume of black dust. Turning one head to look behind him, Grand King Ghidorah found that the ancient predator still clutched his tails and was now stomping on his large wings, breaking the bones within.

A gravity bolt scorched the ancient saurian and Grand King Ghidorah arose from the ground to face his nemesis merely for Godzilla to strike the armor-like skin of the King of Terror with his serrated claws. The ancient Godzilla grabbed and bit into the left head of the Ghidorah as the other two began to pelt him with their own beams, trying to bend gravity to allow their body flight. The ground fractured, chunks of rock swirled around the pair, yet Godzilla remained planted on Earth, his teeth breaking Grand King Ghidorah’s scales with every second. The center head leaned down and bit into the gills on the ancient creature as atomic energy swelled in his maw. The ancient Godzilla released a stream of blue flames point blank, not giving the King of Terror the space, he needed to form the barrier. Grand King Ghidorah cried out in pain as his golden scales blackened from the heat. Enraged by the defiling of his scales, the central and right heads unleashed a concentrated blast of gravitonic energy right into the gills of the ancient predator, damaging the insides of the leviathan and forcing him to release his hold on the now blackened neck. As he landed upon shattering rock, blood poured from the open wound of Godzilla while he cried in agony of the grievous wound.

King Ghidorah flew into Godzilla, knocking the atomic saurian over as he wildly fired a beam, striking the artificial Ghidorah’s wing, destroying it. The artificial abomination plummeted with its wings no longer supporting it. As King Ghidorah tried to get back up, the newer Godzilla discharged beam after beam at the hydra, blowing off the center head in a torrent of unrelenting atomic fire. Desperate as its scales began to catch fire, one of its heads began to fire gravity bolts at the atomic saurian, only for Godzilla to counter. Gravity beam struck radioactive fire and the lightning like bolt vanished immediately within a neon blast. The ray continued to the gravity beam’s source and detonated King Ghidorah’s left head, knocking out the other in an overwhelming blaze. King Ghidorah lay motionless in a sea of fire, his spilled blood boiling while Godzilla turned to help out the Alpha.

Grand King Ghidorah bombarded the Alpha, who fought to stay standing, under a storm of gravity bolts and crimson lightning. A blue inferno made of atomic fire burst through the assault, scorching Grand King Ghidorah’s chest, knocking the wind out of the hydra. Godzilla took a moment to breath while Grand King Ghidorah plummeted to the ground, its six eyes wide in shock.

How? How could this ancient, withering beast break through his shield? His barrier should have easily blocked the beam. The dragon’s eyes looked over his body, rage billowing, power coursing from golden scales now blackened, burned and disfigured. Grand King Ghidorah refocused on the Alpha, channeling the rage he felt into gravity bolts within his maws until something struck his check again. A blue cascade of sparks engulfed Grand King Ghidorah while the younger Godzilla echoed a roar of challenge to the ancient dragon.

The King of Terror strode toward the younger saurian and began to bend gravity to his will before he floated into the air. Godzilla fired his signature weapon at Grand King Ghidorah, but the dragon shut its wings at the last second. Atomic fire met glowing, golden scales, deflecting the blast to the earth below. However, he was just the distraction to keep the King of Terror blinded from the front. The ancient Godzilla grabbed Grand King Ghidorah from behind, dragged him downward and clawed at his backside,forcing cries of pain from the dragon. The dragon’s center head snapped backward and fired gravity bolts, striking the ancient Godzilla in his open wound, making blood pour out once more. As the dragon did so, he opened up his wings to fire gravity bolts from his other heads at the Godzilla in front, only to find him right in front of him as the dinosaur tackled him over.

The newer Godzilla started to slash the Ghidorah from the front while the ancient one attacked from behind. Golden scales flew into the air. Blood sprayed across the ground until an infuriated roar echoed. Grand King Ghidorah bolted upward, his eyes wide with malice as all of its power channeled into its maws, illuminating his body within golden light. 

No longer would he combat these pathetic, insolent creatures! No longer would he submit them to terror, for they deserved only death!

Grand King Ghidorah unleashed a triple gravity beam as magnificent and large as it was powerful. The Alpha countered with his own breath, meeting the King of Terror’s display of power in mid-air. Bolts tore across the ground from the collision, the earth quaked in anticipation of the struggle’s resolution, but the Godzilla of legend watched his ray begin to buckle, its power lessening with every second.

Golden light neared the Alpha, causing its eyes to close as he accepted his death, but a familiar roar caused the ancient creature to gaze to the newer Godzilla, its spines now burning not blue, but the brightest crimson he’d ever gazed. With a breath that seemed to glow with embers, Godzilla discharged a mighty Spiral Heat Ray toward Grand King Ghidorah.

“Enough of this time,” Chuck barked to his subordinates. “Get us out of here!”

“I think King Ghidorah is coming back to us?” Glen yelled across the vessel, “Something is on the radar but I can’t make it out.”

“Put it on the main screens,” Chuck ordered, his gaze shifting to the front of the MOTHER, allowing a constant red glow to fill the room. Screams echoed, subordinates including Glen ran for their lives while Chuck placed his hand on his forehead, rubbing it in his final moment to ease the irritation which pulsated through him.

“God damn dinosaur.”

Grand King Ghidorah’s burning form crashed onto the MOTHER. Fires burst hundreds of meters into the air while the force of the detonation sent high speeds winds to flow past the two, victorious Godzillas.

The nuclear saurian unleashed a billowing cry of victory, shaking the very earth he stood upon while the Alpha continued to stare at the fireball which once was the Futurian vessel, awaiting the inevitable. Golden wings gradually broke through the flames. The King of Terror’s body revealed itself, its six eyes glaring at the two creatures before he retreated to the high atmosphere of Earth, feeling a sensation he remembered, dreaded and vowed to one day spread across the planet.

The two kings roared out to the retreating King of Terror, mocking the dragon in its defeat. Once Grand King Ghidorah vanished into the blue sky of Earth, the ancient Godzilla stared at his younger counterpart and grunted in approval.

When Grand King Ghidorah returned again, the Alpha did not know if he would be around to combat its malevolent presence. He’d killed many creatures and watched just as many die peacefully, but as he looked to his distant relative, he felt security for the world he cared for.

A final roar announced the Alpha’s departure, King Ghidorah’s corpse dragging behind him as he walked into the sea. Godzilla turned around in gratitude, growling in appreciation for his ancestor’s assistance before he turned to find his own place of rest, a city somewhere in Japan to be set aflame.

Godzilla® (Heisei) Godzilla® (Legendary)
Godzilla® (Heisei) Godzilla® (Legendary)