KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 243 - Author: Matthew Williams & Matthew Freese

Match 243: Orga vs. King Ghidorah (Heisei), SpaceGodzilla, Gyaos (Heisei), Destoroyah, Gigan (Millennium), MUTO, Goliath, Kumasogami & Desghidorah
Banner: Matthew Williams

Crime demands punishment, and there’s no punishment greater than Hell. A desolate realm with many levels which range from vast, barren landscapes of stone, to endless seas of inextinguishable fire,to whatever torturous structures its rulers dreamt of. It’s a place of endless, agonizing torment and punishment for those with hearts of evil. Demons and many other nightmarish entities inhabited the underworld, always spending their time tormenting the damned souls, making them wish they could go back to the world of the living and undo their sins.

But human souls aren’t the only ones brought to hell upon death. Kaiju are also sentenced to this unforgiving realm for their destructive nature, even those who come from the depths of space. Very few have managed to escape and return to the world of the living, a feat thought impossible for so long.

Amongst the monsters trapped in this cruel world was the space monster Goliath. Though far from the most dangerous monster ever known, he was still a threat to the mortal world. Here he was punished for sloth, having always slumbered for days on end after his rampages. Now, he was trapped in a deep pit filled with millions of serpents. Though they don’t seem to do much, Goliath had little chance of escaping this pit.

After her demise in San Francisco, the female M.U.T.O. was also damned. Her and her mate put their desires for each other and to propagate above all else, condemning them both to the Circle of Lust. Fire and brimstone smothered all who were sentenced to this place. The female M.U.T.O.’s painful cries echoed throughout the land, only intensifying as she felt the flames scorching through her hide. She should have died a long time ago, but some force prolonged her life to draw out her suffering. All the M.U.T.O. could do was helplessly call for her mate to save her, but the male was nowhere to be seen, nor heard.

Not all that are sentenced to hell are completely organic. Anything with a blackened soul, no matter how much metal was laid over it, cannot escape eternity. Gigan was within the Circle of Envy due to constantly demanding upgrades from his masters to let him surpass their other monsters, to whom he always felt inferior. For his punishment, his armor and chainsaws had been stripped away, leaving him as he was when he first came to Earth. To add injury to insult, he was submerged in a freezing sea, so cold that no soul could weather it. Gigan was able to keep himself activated, though the bone chilling temperatures slowed him down, freezing any remaining flesh within. As if this wasn’t enough, many demonic entities had submerged to attack Gigan. Despite the cyborg being able to fight back these fiends, it was only a matter of time before the cold waters completely froze him.

Destoroyah’s bloody mouth opened, letting out a gurgling cry of agony. He had been damned for his wrath toward other lifeforms and for slaughtering any living thing in his path. For his punishment, Destoroyah had been dismembered alive, where he would spend his time in anguish, motionless, for all eternity. And like the M.U.T.O., he too was denied death’s sweet release, no matter how much blood pooled on the ground below.

The Gyaos had always been a major threat toward humanity, due to their unstable hunger meaning they devoured all that they could. This particular Hyper Gyaos was punished for being gluttonous, having caused a famine, attacking villages, and even cannibalizing its siblings and children. As punishment for committing such unforgivable actions, Gyaos was trapped in the third Circle of Hell, Gluttony. Out of all the locations in the realm of the afterlife, the third circle had always been the most sickening to look at. Landscapes made out of living organs, mud, and piles of human waste, it was a horrific and disgusting place. Gyaos, amongst those who were punished for indulging in excess food and addiction, are forced to slosh around in the vile muck that made up most of the circle.

Originally, there was a great demon with three heads that guarded this circle, but he had been since replaced by a creature quite similar to the demon, the monster known as Desghidorah. Perhaps the devil saw potential for the monster to serve as a guardian, but either way, he had offered a deal with the dragon to prevent anyone from escaping, in exchange for ruling the entire circle.

The head of SpaceGodzilla erupted from a pool of boiling hot oil, screaming in agony as his skin was covered in sizzling burns. It was the pain that he deserved, due to his greedy nature. Though usually the souls punished for greed seek greater wealth and refuse to share it with those who have little, SpaceGodzilla was different. His greed had been greed for the Power Surge crystals, which he had refused to share with even his accidental kin, Krystalak and Obsidius. Now that he was dead, he was trapped in an enormous pot of smoldering oil, which he desperately tried to climb out of. The fact that this oil was some of the most expensive material on Earth was lost on SpaceGodzilla, not that its usual irony would have meant much to him.

Then came the last, the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins, Pride. An excessive belief in one’s own abilities that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. And the monster that had been sealed away for this was King Ghidorah. Countless sins marred his soul, but it was his pride that dragged him deepest into the pits of hell, for he was always deeply proud to be the destroyer of Earth and the greatest weapon of the Futurians.

King Ghidorah opened his six eyes, each of his heads groaning weakly as he was unable to bear the pain inflicted upon him. Gashed cuts scarred the hydra’s golden scales, his wings had severe cuts that made them useless for flight, and several horns on his three heads were snapped off. King Ghidorah could hear heavy stomps coming from the entrance of his chamber, which could only mean one thing. It was time to endure more torture. A low bellowing growl echoed through the cavernous halls as it lit up, almost looking as if lava was moving its way toward the chamber. But it was something far worse, something that made King Ghidorah quiver in fear, but also feel just as much loathing as he did toward Godzilla.

The source of the orange hued light approached King Ghidorah, a huge humanoid golem with glowing veins of magma cracking his rocky skin. The one known as the Demon God of Kumaso, better known as Kumasogami stared down at Ghidorah’s middle head, his mouth lightly curving into a devious grin. The devil had given him his orders, and that was to get rid of King Ghidorah once and for all. Kumasogami began to think of many ways to kill the dragon, how to make it as slow and painful as possible. After a moment of thinking, Kumasogami moved closer to King Ghidorah, looking down at the right head which hissed at him. The demon’s right hand began to shift into a blade, as he cackled evilly while beginning this torture which would last until the dragon’s death. Watching him hoist the sword above his head, Ghidorah braced himself, readying to endure this.

The rocky floor beneath Kumasogami’s feet began to quake and ascend toward the ceiling, which opened up like a door, taking the demon to the higher levels of hell. King Ghidorah hadn’t expected this to happen, and neither did Kumasogami. The unholy voice of Kumasogami’s master whispered in his head, informing him that there was a kaiju that he needed to take care of first. What could this kaiju be? Could he be anything like Godzilla, one of the few souls that had managed to actually escape?

The rising floor halted its ascendance when it arrived at the highest layer of hell. Though it was the zone that every damned soul initially arrived in, it was easily one of the most unsettling, nearly reaching the grotesque heights of the third circle. Aside from the towering pillars with moving eyes which always watched, along with the enormous statues of human faces frozen in agony, there were areas where the ground looked and felt like raw muscle. Kumasogami searched for this monster which the devil had declared to be banished, a search which didn’t take long, leaving the demon shocked at what he found.

Lying on the ground, what was once a terrifying creature that had been known as the Doppelganger Demon. A demon that had been given its name for changing its form to resemble Godzilla, and had been granted the position of guardian of this circle. But now he had met his end, after having his head ripped off by a mortal soul. Though not from Earth, this creature known as a Millennian had once tried to harness Godzilla’s Organizer G-1 so it could adapt its form to the planet’s atmosphere, only for the cells to severely mutate its whole body into that of a horrific menace. A mutant who once had the goal of collecting data to start a conquest for its kind had now found a new path to perfection. Consuming any kaiju, it could hunt down, absorbing their powers, thus eternally growing more and more powerful. This was the monster devourer that had been given the name Orga.

Lifting the bloody Doppelganger Demon’s head with his massive hands, Orga’s mouth began to open, then drastically increased in size. Flaps of muscle tissue unfolded from within, increasing his maw’s length even further. This creature that he had killed looked like Godzilla, so it must have identical cells of Organizer-G1. The bellowing cries of the approaching Kumasogami hit the alien’s ears, prompting Orga to not waste time before messily gulping down the head. Kumasogami watched in shock as the severed head slid down the creature’s throat, until he noticed something.

Orga bellowed as he felt the Doppelganger Demon’s essence flow through him, slowly shifting the mutant’s appearance. The alien’s warty flesh began to change into scales, as a single white dorsal-plate began to jut from his back. Orga’s colossal hands rested on the flesh-like ground and began to shake as he felt his power grow significantly. He was not done yet, he would need to consume the entire body of the Doppelganger Demon to complete his transformation.

Kumasogami quickly realized what this creature’s power was, and he refused to let it continue. Extending his arms, the golem’s left hand shifted into a bow while his right hand’s three fingers lengthened and took the form of arrows. Aware of Kumasogami’s presence, Orga turned to face the demon, letting out a terrifying shriek to intimidate him. Kumasogami feared nothing that this pathetic mortal had, so he took aim with his bow before firing. The arrows burst into flames the moment they were fired, they all landed directly upon Orga, detonating once they made contact with his newly scaly hide. Orga shrieked loudly as the explosions erupted on his form, bits of skin and flesh flying off as the mutant narrowed his eyes at the demon. Kumasogami’s regrown fingers lengthened into more arrows, and were ready to be fired upon the hunching fiend.

Light particles emitted from Orga’s shoulder cannon, heralding the fury of the rupture cannon. The fiery fiend bellowed when the beam’s kinetic force blasted him several miles away from Orga. The alien’s wounds began to swiftly regenerate while he watched Kumasogami collide with one of the tall face-statues. Bits and pieces of the sculpted rock crumbled onto Kumasogami, nearly burying him alive, but it was not enough. Hearing the golem’s haunting growls, Orga knew it would take more than that to beat this new foe.

Hunching over and readying himself, Orga made a tremendous leap into the air, easily a kilometer above the ground at his highest. Kumasogami reared back in shock at this, how could such a bulky creature perform such a feat? Kumasogami felt the ground quake violently when Orga landed just before the demon. Kumasogami formed more arrows, but Orga’s three-clawed hand grabbed ahold on them before snapping them like twigs. As the fiend groaned in pain, he then felt the mutant freak’s other hand grapple his entire waist, slowly lifting him out of the pile of rubble. Kumasogami tried to make Orga let go by slamming his elbow onto the alien’s wrist, but the hunched alien turned around to hurl the demon away with all his might. The golem screamed as he soared through the air, before hitting the ground hard enough to bounce off it like a pebble off a lake.

Kumasogami slowly, shakily stood up as his broken arrows reverted back into fingers, and then extended into new arrows. He wanted to get in close and rip into the alien, but as it was he didn’t dare risk close quarters combat against a beast with such power. With Orga lumbering closer, Kumasogami connected the pointed shafts to his bow, then fired directly at the legs. Orga shrieked as the explosions sent him falling face first to the ground. Kumasogami quickly ran to his downed foe, his hands shifting back to their normal state. When the Millennian began pushing himself off the ground, Kumasogami quickly swiped his claws across the mutant’s jaw, piercing the thick flesh. Drops of blood came from Orga’s wounded mouth, but any injury was swiftly neutralized by his healing factor. The demon went for another strike, only to be staggered by a backhand from the alien. The Millennian abomination clenched his other hand into a fist, before slamming it against the golem’s stomach, forcing a groan of pain and flecks of magma from the demon’s maw.

Seeing an opening, Orga reached out to grapple Kumasogami’s shoulder, then bit down on the demon’s arm. His sharp teeth punctured through the solid rock hide, but within a second, the alien’s eyes widened when he felt an intense burn that melted away his tongue and flesh. Kumasogami’s grinned lightly while his other hand reached out to grab one of Orga’s newly formed dorsal plates, holding him in place. What Orga hadn’t realized was that Kumasogami had no DNA, for his blood was magma and his flesh stone. The Millennian abomination desperately tried to release the arm, but Kumasogami held fast and ensured that all the lava spilled from his body flowed down the alien’s throat. Holes formed in Orga’s belly as molten rock dripped out, along with gouts of steam as the fluids in the mutant’s body evaporated.

Kumasogami then decided enough was enough, before letting go of the dorsal fin and changing his now-freed hand into a jagged sword. With one quick thrust, the blade tore through the mutant’s stomach, the end piercing out of the alien’s back. Orga’s eyes widened as now-boiling blood flew from his mouth, threatening to choke him. The demon pulled his sword free, smoke curling off the blade as dried, green ichor stained the unholy weapon.

A cruel laughter echoed across the barren land as Kumasogami reveled in his victory, until his foe continued stirring. The various holes punched into Orga’s body began rapidly closing, giving the mutant strength to begin pushing himself to his feet. Kumasogami recoiled in shock, how could this mere mortal survive such punishment? Orga’s lungs healed, allowing him to let out a bellowing war-cry.

The Millennian was just getting started.

Kumasogami hissed in irritation. He was far more used to picking apart those who couldn’t fight back than he was to actually fighting, so a foe as tenacious as this only made his blood boil more than it naturally did. But even with regeneration, no beast could stand before Hell’s greatest menace!

Kumasogami moved in before Orga had a chance to attack, slicing and dicing through the hunched-back brute’s flesh with his sword. Orga flinched from the sharp blade’s sting, but the deep cuts were quickly healed. Kumasogami’s attention was grabbed by particles of light emanating from the hole in his foe’s right shoulder, alerting the fiend to the deadly weapon about to be fired. The demon swung his sword toward Orga’s throat, but the mutant caught the blade, grunting as it tore into his rough skin. The other large hand held Kumasogami in a vice grip as the alien shifted his body to aim the shoulder cannon. Thinking fast, the demon raised his other palm, which flattened and expanded to become a shield. Orga shoved his foe back, before letting loose the stored energy.

The ray of concentrated plasma burst forth, slamming into Kumasogami’s shield. The stone blockade nearly broke in two as the kinetic force launched the demon back, far away from the nearly finished Godzilla clone, and into what looked like a nuclear power plant. One of the cooling towers was reduced to rubble when Kumasogami crashed onto it, when the smoke coming from the other suddenly stopped lingering in the air. The golem slowly began to recover, but soon realized what he was next to, as entrail-like appendages suddenly latched on to him. The second cooling tower began to crumble as the Nuclear Reactor Demon emerged, a horrid pile of writhing, organ-like tentacles and black eyes. The creature latched onto Kumasogami, not caring about their shared allegiance to the Devil. Among demons, the strong flourished while the weak suffered, breeding an atmosphere of constant war between the vile spirits. The Nuclear Reactor Demon hungered, and that hunger blinded it to its target’s inedible nature.

Kumasogami angrily struggled to break free, but the Reactor Demon’s tentacle had wrapped around his sword, and it refused to let such a deadly weapon be used against it. Orga saw the wrestling demons, and began to turn to find the remains of the Doppelganger Demon. But stopped when he realized he couldn’t risk it with two potential threats active, and so began planning. The mutant saw a colossal stone pillar, taller than all but the grandest skyscrapers, giving him an idea, then hunched down on all fours. Energy began gathering in his shoulder, but the fact he had just used his shoulder cannon meant he would have to wait longer for the energy to build.

Kumasogami stomped hard on one of his foe’s tentacles, crushing and burning the limb. The disgusting beast screeched at this, the distraction allowing Kumasogami to wrench his sword free, slicing the offending tendril in two. Bellowing in hatred at the Reactor Demon, the golem began hacking the beast apart, each swing forcing another cry of anguish out of its mouth. When the tentacled beast’s thrashing turned to pathetic quivering, Kumasogami kicked the broken, burnt mess of a creature away like garbage. His anger toward the interloper sated, the magma golem turned to face his real foe.

Orga continued charging his energy, only one more minute and he could execute his plan. Kumasogami’s sword shortened while splitting into three, ultimately becoming arrows once again, as his other hand became a bow. The hell spawn fired his combustible arrows, which exploded when they struck the alien hybrid’s flesh. Orga cried out as his shoulder cannon fired a laser aimed straight at the towering pillar. A large chunk of the pillar’s base exploded, sending rocks flying away from the two kaiju. Cracks quickly began spider-webbing across the rest of the base, for the colossal weight of the pillar was too much for its weakened base. The moment Kumasogami realized this, it was already too late to get away, as the construct of stone came crashing down next to the two. The ground beneath it broke, sending the tower, the two titans, and the broken corpses of the once fearsome demons they had both killed tumbling into an expansive darkness. Their screams echoed throughout the blackness as it consumed them.

The next thing Orga perceived was himself violently smacking into charcoal-colored gravel, the impact causing something inside his body to let out a cracking sound. As the mutant groaned, he saw Kumasogami sinking into a sea of lava, the mangled body of the Nuclear Reactor Demon doing the same a greater distance away. The Millennian took a moment to observe his surroundings, an area that was quite different to his previous location, yet just as bleak.

The Abyss.

An endless expanse of black, gravelly land made up this place, like the inside of a gargantuan volcano. Jagged, twisted buildings jutted from the ground, looking like they were all carved from obsidian.They stood next to steep cliffs, which lead to an ocean of roiling magma. Volcanoes in the distance eternally spewed smoke and magma, casting a cloud of darkness against the crimson skies.

Orga groaned as his injuries recovered, contemplating his situation. He shook the rocks off of his body as he stood up, but when he got out of the pile of debris and stepped on solid ground, he shrieked as the sole of his foot began burning. The very ground felt like fire, but the mutant shoved any concerns aside. His healing factor meant any damage it could do was rendered meaningless, and in time he would grow numb to this pain. For now, he needed to focus on finding the remains of the Godzilla duplicate. From there… he did not know.

Fortunately for the aberration, he did not have to search long, finding the broken corpse of the shapeshifting demon only a short distance away. Smoke rose from the body as its blood was boiling from exposure to the heat of this accursed place. A smile formed on Orga’s face as he drew closer. He had sought this power for so long, and now it was within his grasp, with nobody here to get in the way.

The Millennian’s maw opened wide, before splitting open even further, as large flaps of muscle began emerging from his throat. His massive hands gripped the corpse, before pulling it into his mouth, the teeth hooking into the flesh. Like a serpent consuming prey, the muscles in his mouth and throat began contracting to slowly pull the body into himself, a glowing energy being absorbed into the teeth and flowing into Orga’s body. The Millennian closed his yellow eyes, concentrating on absorbing every cell of the Doppelganger Demon as his own body began morphing once again.

But DNA wasn’t the only thing he was absorbing, as the Millennian felt something start to enter his mind, something dark.

Pushing back any concern, his mouth continued to stretch over the sharp dorsal plates of his prey, the change already beginning. The scales already on his body solidified and spread to the rest of his exterior, all while the deformed hole in his shoulder closed up, not even leaving a scar. The mutant’s bulky, misshapen body was becoming more upright in posture, the hunch in his back shrinking. His feet grew more saurian as his arms and hands shrunk, two more fingers growing into place.

With half of the Doppelganger Demon’s body already consumed, Orga was already almost looking like an exact duplicate of Godzilla. But now, dark, harsh whispers were echoing in his skull, scaring the Millennian. It was too late to stop now, so Orga tried pushing out the voices, but that failed when agonized screams joined the whispers. A searing pain lanced into his brain, causing the alien to stagger back slightly. What was happening? As the screams became clearer, it was obvious they were the screams of countless different beings.

The last thing the mutant had remembered before coming to this place was himself slowly devouring Godzilla, then a strange heat inside himself, before darkness had consumed his vision. He had had no idea where he was now, until this moment. Orga had never truly contemplated death, much less something after it. To the Millennians, death had been an obstacle, something to overcome by scouring the universe for DNA until they found something that did not succumb to death. But they never had, and death was merely treated as failure, a failure his whole species seemed doomed to. The fact he was still able to perceive and think had been all the proof he needed to think he was still alive, leaving him wondering just what had happened to him.

But as his mind thumped with pain and was overwhelmed by millions of yells, he realized he was hearing the dead, those who had been devoured by the demon he currently feasted upon. A horrid bellow overpowered everything, doubtless the soul of the demon itself, trying to tear Orga’s mind to shreds. When the pain seemed most overwhelming, like it would blast Orga’s head apart and scatter it to the winds, it all faded.

And became so… pleasant.

With the fiend’s feet sliding down the evolving alien’s gullet, Orga’s short, fin-like tail drastically lengthened, growing sharp dorsal plates as it became more lizard-like. Orga then heard multiple cries echo from miles away, approaching him, most likely something that had sensed him. Not wasting any time, Orga swallowed the Doppelganger Demon’s tail as quickly as possible, giving him all he needed to complete the transformation. Closing the muscle-flaps and shutting his mouth, Orga’s head began changing, becoming narrower and reptilian.

Thunderous stomps shook the land as Desghidorah trampled through the rocks. Sensing Kumasogami’s defeat, the devil had deployed the dragon to deal with Orga, deciding the denizens of Gluttony wouldn’t do anything while he was gone. Other, smaller demons accompanied the dragon, cackling to themselves and each other over what they were soon to witness. But as all of them, as well as their master, saw, he had arrived too late to stop the Millennian’s evolution.

Swishing his whip-like tail through the air, Orga turned to face the new arrival, jagged dorsal spines clattering on his back as he did so. The Millennian looked almost exactly like Godzilla now, but there were a few differences. The scales were still the charcoal-gray color of Godzilla, but upon closer look there was a slight crimson hue, along with slightly darker dorsal plates. The most noticeable difference was that the real King of Monsters didn’t have deep, red scars over his left eye, snout, chest, and left thigh. Orga opened his eyes, revealing crimson sclera. He gazed at Desghidorah, making no roar or growl like most kaiju would, just unnerving silence.

After the consumption of the Doppelganger Demon’s remains, the evil presence had tried ripping Orga’s mind apart, so that it could take control of the Millennian’s body. A weaker mind would have fallen to that, but Orga was able to resist. Instead, the malicious spirit had merged with the advanced mind of the alien, creating a new consciousness. Demon Orga was born, and all would tremble in his wake. The mutant heard a voice, the voice of this realm’s ruler. A soothing, calm, almost seductive voice beckoned to the new creature.

“Submit to me...”

“Submit to me...”

“Submit to me, and become one with my army...”

Those words sounded promising, the idea of unleashing hell upon everything was tempting. But he refused to submit to anything, nor did he need to. He had a new plan, one that meant he wouldn’t need to be underneath anybody, one that would bring him to perfection.

To consume everything in Hell.

Making no roar, Demon Orga stepped closer to Desghidorah. This dragon would make a good stepping stone for that plan. Once again, the overlord spoke into Demon Orga’s consciousness, this time far harsher and deeper.

“You have made a foolish choice!”

Desghidorah opened his three mouths and fired a barrage of Lava Gout energy bolts, bombarding Demon Orga with multiple explosions which engulfed his newly evolved form. Most would have reacted to such an attack by either roaring in anger or crying out in pain, but Demon Orga didn’t make a single sound, as if this new form had taken away his ability to speak. But this didn’t mean that he was invincible, for he had shown signs of flinching from the energy bolts, and even a few bits of flesh were blown off by the explosions. Desghidorah moved toward the alien as he continued firing, stopping when he got close enough to swing his three heads like clubs. Orga staggered to the side, but then leaned down as he turned to bring his tail upon Desghidorah, whipping the left head. Howling cries echoed from the super darkness dragon, prompting the middle head to unleash its Hell Flame, scorching the leviathan with a colossal gout of fire. Demon Orga could feel his skin charring, but he endured through the flames as he charged, slashing at his foe’s center head with his claws.

Desghidorah reared up to stand on his hind legs, shrieking as he shoved Demon Orga with his forelimbs, the kick sending the mutant falling to the ground. Right before the saurian hybrid could get back to his feet, Desghidorah pinned him against the hot stone pavement, continuously stomping the alien in an attempt to crush him. Demon Orga struggled to endure the dragon’s assault, ribs cracked further with each strike, and the burning brimstone he was pinned to only served to make things worse. The mutant waited for Desghidorah to rear up again, where he then rolled to lay on his chest, ignoring the searing rocks as his foe’s right foot came down right onto one of his spines. Desghidorah screamed in anguish as he backed away, blood spilling from the gaping wound. Demon Orga climbed to his feet, eager to absorb this foe’s DNA into his own. The demonic Millennian-Godzilla hybrid quickly charged and rammed himself against Desghidorah, clamping onto the dragon’s right neck with his jaws.

The rows of sharp teeth were enough to pierce through the thick armor, allowing the alien to harness samples of the hydra’s DNA. Desghidorah bellowed in indignance, refusing to allow this brute to use his powers, and bit down on his foe’s throat with his left jaws. Demon Orga held strong as his teeth dug deeper, he was already starting to harness the dragon’s energy. The ashy-grey scales were changing into the black armor of Desghidorah, as two horns began growing from the mutant’s skull. The three-headed terror interrupted the alien’s transformation when the central head fired a stream of fire, causing the mutant to let go as his skin was scorched.

Demon Orga’s new features regressed. The Millennian decided he’d have to kill this foe before taking his power, eyes locked into a hateful stare. Desghidorah roared as he rushed at the mutant, biting down on the alien’s scaly hide with all three maws. Demon Orga clawed at the central head, but stopped as Desghidorah channeled horrid amounts of electricity through his jaws.

The mutant twitched uncontrollably as the ebony dragon continued his assault, intent on shocking Demon Orga to death. But as he drifted closer to death, the Millennian felt something building up inside him. It would seem he hadn’t discovered the true power of this body, as the hellacious essence tore through his mind once again, blurring his vision and damaging his sanity. He was turning into a savage beast, not only in body like when he had absorbed some of Godzilla’s DNA, but in mind and soul as well.

The booming thuds of a loud heartbeat hit Desghidorah’s ears as Demon Orga began shivering in a completely different way than he was before. The ebony dragon released his foe when the mutant’s eyes suddenly changed, the sockets being filled with exposed muscle surrounding a glowing sphere. Demon Orga’s upper jaw suddenly erupted upward, revealing countless teeth lining the inside of the mouth all the way down to the throat, as his jaws expanded rapidly. The scaly skin on the neck, chest and thighs all split open to form more mouths and fleshy tentacles. The right shoulder grew into a pulsating bulge, shifting to reform his shoulder cannon. Desghidorah recoiled in horror as Demon Orga continued his transformation, becoming less like a clone of the King of the Monsters and instead an indescribable mass of muscle, tendrils, and mouths. Long slender arms sprouted from the growing monstrosity’s exposed flesh, three large claws on their hands which were identical to Orga’s. Underneath the upper jaw of what once resembled Godzilla, a colossal, cyclopean head formed, its black and red eye staring intently at the gathered demons.

And thus, the abomination let loose a deafening screech, one which brought fear to all of Hell.

Tentacles lashed out, grabbing dozens of demons and pulled them into multiple maws, meanwhile several of them wrapped around Desghidorah’s various limbs. The hydra cried out and snapped at the appendages, until he was lifted into the air and swung around, being smashed against the ground several times. Demon Orga cackled evilly, already loving this new form as it gave him the power to easily thrash all opposition. Desghidorah was feared all across the galaxy for his destructive prowess, easily earning his place amongst his golden cousin. But to Demon Orga, the dragon was a wasted vessel which he could toy around with, before devouring him so the dragon’s powers could truly be used to their fullest.

A portion of the magma sea bubbled as a rocky hand breached the surface and grabbed the shore, pulling up Kumasogami. Lava spilled from his obsidian hide when he stepped out of the molten rock, and the demon had already shifted his hands into a sword and shield. A pair of wing-like appendages emerged from the golem’s back, making him look like a fallen angel. He had finally recovered his strength, and he was ready for round two.

Kumasogami let out a demonic war cry to catch Demon Orga’s attention, and rushed toward the mass of organs like a charging knight. Demon Orga growled in annoyance, he thought he had dealt with this pest. But it wouldn’t matter soon, the mutant thought, as he sent his tentacles at the approaching fiend. Kumasogami raised his shield to block the appendages, but then felt them moving to coil around his arm. He brought his sword down, but felt two more grasping his other arm. Desghidorah took action as Demon Orga was distracted by Kumasogami by firing energy blasts directly into the abomination’s gaping mouth. The eye of the main head widened before it screeched loudly in anguish, steam pouring out of the orifice, but Desghidorah kept firing until the tentacles released him and Kumasogami. Demon Orga bellowed angrily when he swung his large claw at Kumasogami, but the demon parried it with his shield and severed it with his sword-hand. Desghidorah kept his distance from Demon Orga’s large maw as he kept firing his Lava Gout energy blasts at the grotesque monster’s face, all while Kumasogami got close to the mass’ side to cut through the pulsating, organic hide.

Demon Orga bellowed in fury as his severed appendages and hand began to regenerate, he was losing his patience, much like the demons who were getting enraged with the demonic hybrid’s resistance. Kumasogami noticed the regenerated hand, and he quickly put up his shield to protect himself from the sharp claws, leaving them to chip away a few chunks of the shield. Some of the tentacles wrapped around Kumasogami’s legs, then pulled his legs out from under him. Desghidorah moved in when he heard his ally’s call for help, and tried to stop the hideous alien with his barrage of energy blasts. Demon Orga slowly moved his mass toward the hydra, his tentacles dragging the struggling Kumasogami, as he widened his multiple mouths which gave out a deafening screech.

The moment Demon Orga got close enough, Desghidorah stood on his hind legs, letting out haunting shrieks as he slammed his forelimbs into the ground. Kumasogami was able to free his sword hand as Desghidorah used his Fiery Pyre Road. The hot rocky surface began to quake as Demon Orga felt the ground beneath his grotesque body began to break away. Fire burst out from the open cavern, earning screams of anguish from the abomination. The mutant looked down to discover there seemed to be no bottom to this pit, just like the hole he had fallen into earlier. Kumasogami quickly moved out of the way and watched as Demon Orga screamed while falling into the trench, a cruel grin forming on his face.

Not wanting to give up, Demon Orga barely managed to save himself by digging his claws into the ground, his multitude of tentacles wrapping around anything they could find. Despite his unimaginable weight, he had the strength to slowly pull himself out of the trench. Kumasogami refused to let this happen, prompting him to change his sword into a colossal battle-axe. The once worshipped god of Kumaso moved to the mutant’s right arm, bellowing in glee as he began to chop it off, while Desghidorah destroyed any of the clinging tentacles with his Lava Gout energy blasts. The corrupted Millennian screamed in outrage as his plans crashed and burned around him.

With one last swing of his obsidian axe, Kumasogami chopped off Demon Orga’s hand. Desghidorah howled in triumph while Kumasogami grinned evilly as both heard the agonized screams of the alien that had tried to become Hell’s overlord. Those screams were like music to their ears. Demon Orga fell deeper and deeper into the pits of hell, hearing the cries, moans, and screams of the tortured souls, followed by the haughty laughter of the devils. Already he was passing through multiple levels of Hell, for his resistance had given him a far greater punishment. The ruler of Hell spoke to the mutant once again.

“You could have been a great servant, perhaps even my best. But in your folly, you have proven yourself to be just as useless as all who came before you.”

After that, a chorus of demonic voices chanted to him as he fell further. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

The demonic alien felt no fear. He felt a burning rage as they mocked him. Did they think they were better than him? They would all bow to him, beg for some small mercy, before meeting their end at his hands. He slammed his newly regenerated claws into the sides of the walls, slowing down his descent. He reached the bottom of the pit, exiting into the sky above his destination, leaving him with nothing to hold onto. So, Demon Orga fell for miles, screeching in malice and hatred until he slammed into burning sand. Before he could get up, searing rain fell from the sky, earning a groan from the aberration. Demon Orga had arrived in the seventh circle.


This circle was divided into three rings. The outermost ring was a sea of boiling blood, the middle ring was a dense forest with each soul embedded into their own tree or bush, and the center was where Demon Orga found himself. The mutant recovered from his fall, taking a moment to look at his surroundings. It was desert for as far as he could see, with countless souls on the ground below pitifully crawling away from the behemoth.

Realizing that he couldn’t just wait here, and that this form was terrible for mobility, Demon Orga began concentrating. In a display that defied logical explanation, all of the various mouths and tentacles retreated into his body. Demon Orga once again resembled Godzilla, except for now having a hole in his shoulder. At that, he began to roam, seeking anything to get him out of here.

The mutant wasn’t sure how long he had walked for. Perhaps an hour, perhaps a year. Time blurred and twisted in his mind, any internal clock he had was shattered, not that it would have done him much good. What he did know was that not a single demon had tried fighting him, most didn’t even get close to him. The corrupted Millennian guessed that this realm’s overlord had ordered his minions to stay far away from Demon Orga, lest he consume them and grow more powerful.

A sharp snarl left his lips at this thought. “Coward,” he had hissed in some strange combination of the Millennian and Infernal languages.

The burning rain continued falling on his body. Perhaps it was torture to the lesser souls that dragged themselves across the sands, but to a creature that had both traversed the depths of space and spent its entire life in Hell, it was nothing. He merely continued his search for something foolish enough to challenge him.

As he did so, he began to think. Specifically, about his earlier transformation. When he had first combined minds with the demon, all seemed well. Its natural lust for power seemed a perfect fit for his desire for perfection. But when its full power had come forth, it nearly ripped his mind asunder. The malevolent spirit wanted him to submit to baser instincts, to a bestial frenzy. He refused to do such a thing, as what good would ultimate power be without sapience to enjoy it?

A distant shriek echoed across the desert, alerting Demon Orga. He began charging toward it, throwing up plumes of sand with each thunderous footfall. Almost subconsciously, the mutant licked his lips in anticipation. Damned souls tried crawling out of his way, only to be crushed or tossed aside like trash by the colossus. After a few minutes of running, Demon Orga found his target, and what he saw made him shudder with laughter.

Destoroyah limbless on the ground, half-submerged in his own blood. The Precambrian terror had been sentenced to punishment for his wrath, yes, but that was not all. Orga had not been the first to fight against his punishment, nor the first to actually put up a fight. It had been deemed that the Circle of Wrath couldn’t contain Destoroyah properly, for that circle was a great, roaring river where the damned either constantly fought or merely sank to the bottom. So, Destoroyah was instead sent to the circle of violence, his limbs torn away to truly ensure he suffered.

The flesh on Demon Orga’s sides split to reveal two tentacles each, which quickly shot forward and ensnared Destoroyah. They lifted the Precambrian horror into the air as the mutant opened his maw. The alien’s eyes closed as his jaws began expanding, meaning he didn’t notice when the array of bone spikes on Destoroyah’s chest opened.

An invisible blast of concussive force blew Demon Orga back, causing him to roar in surprise as he hit the ground. Destoroyah’s body fell straight down, creating a massive cloud of sand when it landed. As the Millennian got to his feet, a purple laser burst from the wall of sand, tearing through the two tentacles on the alien’s left side. The corrupted mutant screamed as slimy ichor spewed from the writhing appendages, until the sounds of maniacal cackling reached him.

As the obscuring cloud faded, Destoroyah laughed at his foe’s pain. He knew there was no way he could win this, but he would still draw out as much pain as he could. Until, he felt something leave him, like a weight lifted from his shoulders.

The infernal mutant prepared his shoulder cannon, before firing the golden beam into the now almost completely faded cloud. A gout of sand erupted upward from the blast, but there was no sound of pain from the beam’s target. Demon Orga’s eyes widened as he soon saw his quarry was gone completely, as if he had never been there.

Deeper in the infernal realm, as deep as possible in fact, a lone figure watched this battle. He cringed at what he just had to do, but reassured himself it was for the best. Allowing Destoroyah to once again breakdown and reconstruct himself would prove troublesome to deal with, but it was the best course of action. The Precambrian horror could be recaptured and dealt with, but the corrupted Millennian had to be stopped soon, or else the mutant would spiral out of control and…

The devil refused to consider what would happen next, out of either pride or fear.

Demon Orga backed away, his head swinging back and forth in an effort to avoid a surprise attack. He wasn’t sure what his opponent could do, but after what he had been through, he refused to underestimate another threat. His caution proved fruitless when the ground just before him exploded upward, revealing the towering form of Destoroyah, returned to his full, horrid glory. The spawn of the Oxygen Destroyer swung his claws at the hybrid’s chest, ripping through the thick flesh and scales. Demon Orga recoiled in anguish as blood flowed from the gaping wound, before throwing his head forward. He bashed his skull against Destoroyah’s throat, making the beast stagger back.

Before the infernal mutant could capitalize, Destoroyah brought his foot up, bashing it against his foe’s stomach. As Demon Orga stumbled back, the Precambrian horror turned around, latching the claw at the end of his tail around the Millennian’s throat. Spreading his wings, Destoroyah took off, dragging the helpless alien behind him. Energy coursed through the violet tail, shocking and burning the struggling Demon Orga. Walls of sand were kicked up as a massive trench was dug through the ground by the thrashing body of the mutant, all while Destoroyah cackled in sadistic joy.

Tentacles slithered out from the demon’s body, before lashing out toward his opponent. They restrained Destoroyah’s wings, causing the ancient beast to fall to the ground with a surprised shriek. Fighting past the harmful energy being channeled into his neck, Demon Orga climbed to his feet. Destoroyah released his foe and clawed at the tentacles wrapping around his wings, allowing the infernal mutant to charge his shoulder cannon once more.

Destoroyah ripped the tendrils apart, causing the corrupted Millennian to cringe, but he held strong. The alien fired his shoulder cannon, which struck Destoroyah’s back, slamming the Precambrian horror into the ground. Demon Orga stepped closer, only for the spawn of the Oxygen Destroyer to push himself back to his feet, then quickly turn to face his foe. The two stared briefly, neither making a sound. Demon Orga rushed forward, shoulder-tackling the crustacean. Destoroyah stepped back, before shoving his foe, sending the alien staggering.

Violet energies built up in the ancient beast’s maw, then came forth as a thin, purple laser. The Oxygen Destroyer Ray speared into the flesh of the alien’s stomach, prompting a scream of agony, the pain growing greater as Destoroyah lifted his head and raked the beam across his foe’s chest. The ray ripped open the skin and exposed muscle underneath, but Demon Orga’s natural regeneration began swiftly sewing the wound back together. As the infernal mutant groaned while subconsciously backing away, Destoroyah lunged forward. The Precambrian terror’s horn produced a long, crimson saber of energy as he approached. Before the ancient beast could bring it down and split his opponent’s skull in half, Demon Orga quickly turned around, whipping his tail against Destoroyah’s face.

As Destoroyah staggered back, Demon Orga turned once again, his shoulder glowing with yellow particles. The spawn of the Oxygen Destroyer thrust his arms back, the floral pattern on his chest opening up. Both kaiju fired their concussive rays, which collided directly in the center between them. The result was a colossal shockwave which lifted both off their feet, and sent them flying back with roars of rage and shock. Colossal amounts of sand had been sent flying from this, even more falling from when the two kaiju hit the ground.

All was silent for a moment, as both colossi had been buried. The peace was broken as Destoroyah arose, sand falling from his form as his feet left the ground. The ancient beast hovered in the air as he began flying toward where Demon Orga was, knowing full well it would take more than that to kill this foe.

What Destoroyah hadn’t expected was for half a dozen tentacles to burst from the sand, wrapping around his limbs before he could react. The sand shifted and fell as the Millennian emerged, having once again shifted into the abominable behemoth of tentacles and mouths. His mind throbbed with a familiar sensation to when he first became this, but he brushed it aside. A chorus of hellacious screeches escaped its various maws, as his single eye stared at the ancient beast. The aberration slammed Destoroyah into the ground, as more tendrils shot forward to ensnare their target. Destoroyah fired another Oxygen Destroyer Ray, severing three of the tentacles before they could reach him. When some tentacles tried wrapping around the ancient beast’s mouth and throat, he brought down his laser horn and tore them apart.

Demon Orga brought Destoroyah closer, swiping at the crustacean’s throat with his clawed hands. Another violet ray from the crustacean’s maw tore apart one hand, as the other carved three deep grooves into the thick muscle of the ancient beast’s throat. Yellow blood flowed from Destoroyah’s mouth as he screamed, the pain only growing as his tail’s end was brought down into one of the gnashing maws of the abomination. Demon Orga began absorbing his foe’s DNA, only to screech in pain as a horrid burning sensation began filling him. Destoroyah cackled as he felt the constricting hold on him loosen as the infernal mutant writhed in agony.

The Precambrian terror was born from the antithesis of life, it was his power source and his essence. Any creature attempting to devour him would be better off devouring pure poison. As the Millennian learned this the hard way, Destoroyah wrestled himself free, then channeled power to his horn, forming the deadly laser horn once again. The hive-mind crustacean brought this weapon down, intent on slicing his foe’s head in two. The alien was able to see this through the pain, and leaned back, leaving the laser horn to only slice his lower jaw in half. All of his mouths screamed in anguish as the main head’s tongue rolled out, gargling its own cries. Destoroyah prepared to slash again, but Demon Orga slashed at his foe’s throat once again. Destoroyah cried out as the strike carved out more of his throat, but endured the pain to charge his laser horn. Unfortunately for the hive-mind crustacean, he soon discovered the slash had just been a distraction, as a blinding light emanated from the abomination’s “shoulder.”

A massive Rupture Cannon burst forth from the aberration, slamming directly into Destoroyah’s chest. The Precambrian terror screamed as it was launched back, blood pouring from his maw as his insides were pulverized by the force. The infernal mutant lost sight of his foe, but didn’t care as he tried tending to his split jaw. There was a white foam where the laser horn had cut through, which was somehow preventing his wound his from healing. He was trying to brush it away with his tendrils and hands, but it only served to make the wound hurt more, as if the foam was clinging to his flesh.

Six violet rays fell from the sky, raking across the alien’s flesh. His colossal eye looked up to see six small, winged lesser versions of the Precambrian terror. The ground behind him exploded as six Aggregates burst from it, bashing their limbs against his body. Despite the pain, Demon Orga smiled at this. His tentacles shot up into the sky, ensnaring the flying creatures in any way they could. His arms reached behind himself to grab two Aggregates, which he hoisted into the air before throwing them. He commanded his tentacles which held Destoroyahs to whip against the ground, three of the crustaceans managed to free themselves before then, but the rest were roughly bashed into the ground. One of the winged crustaceans had come down head-first, breaking its skull open and spilling brain matter all across the sands, while the other two writhed in pain from broken limbs. Demon Orga’s hands wrapped around two more Aggregates, ignoring the multiple stab wounds forming on his back. He repeatedly slammed them into the ground, breaking their carapaces open, until they stopped struggling. The two he had tossed forward earlier skittered toward him, firing Micro-Oxygen rays at the abomination. The alien fired his shoulder cannon at one’s torso, causing it to explode in a shower of yellow ichor and organs as its companion was tossed aside by the concussive force. The other three flyers came around for another strafing run with their beams, this time blasting open portions of their foe’s back.

The two Aggregates still clinging to the demon’s back unsheathed their secondary jaws, before ramming them into open wounds. They felt their foe shudder as micro-oxygen coursed through his veins, only for their footing to grow uneven as the skin they clung too began shifting. The two Aggregates were tossed back as tentacles burst forth from underneath them, sending them flying back with shrieks of terror. One of the flying crustaceans which had gone too low was ensnared by a tendril, one which wrapped itself along the length of its neck. Demon Orga broke that flyer’s neck in two by squeezing in two different places, sending it collapsing to the ground limply. Five down, and so far, it seemed Destoroyah was making little progress.

More tentacles lashed through the air, whipping into unfortunate flying Aggregates, sending them spiraling down until they caught themselves. One such Aggregate had never caught itself, as a clawed hand had gripped it before it could do so. Before the crustacean could fight back, its head was bitten off by one of the many maws making up their opponent, staining some of the demon’s flesh with its yellow ichor. Demon Orga fired his concussive ray into the air, narrowly missing a passing flyer. The hive-mind of crustaceans decided this was a failing strategy, and so began retreating. The two Aggregates that the alien had knocked back transformed into their flying forms, escaping with the rest of their siblings.

Demon Orga considered chasing after them, but stopped when he looked at the bodies around him. His mouths all curved into smiles as he grabbed the bodies, dragging the corpses to him. He began absorbing their DNA, only to cringe at the pain they brought. The alien endured the pain as he continued absorbing them, even as smoke began curling up from the bases of his teeth. By this time his main mouth had healed, the foam having faded away. Spider-like legs burst from his back, like those of the Aggregates confined to the ground. The sides of his head began expanding into the crest found on Destoroyah’s head, as the deep purple armor plating began forming over his skin. The pain stopped, most likely he had assimilated enough DNA to neutralize the negative effects of absorbing Destoroyah’s essence. From each mouth, a secondary pair of jaws shot forth, clacked its teeth, then retreated.

After a time, Demon Orga transformed back into his normal form, which had also changed. He still had the head-crest and the purple carapace, but there were other benefits from his latest absorption. His muscle mass had increased, the arms and hands having thickened. The end of his tail had two prongs coming from it, but they were neither large enough nor flexible enough to close like Destoroyah’s did. A horn was coming from his head, but it wasn’t nearly as large as Destoroyah’s, most likely a result of not having absorbed the entire DNA of the Precambrian terror. Opening his mouth, the alien saw that a second set of jaws could be summoned forth. He concentrated briefly, firing an Oxygen Destroyer Ray, before retracting the jaws. But all of these benefits paled in comparison to the wings now coming from the demon’s back. They were small, but as the alien learned with a flap of them, it was enough. Demon Orga’s feet left the ground, as a cruel smile formed on his face.

With another mighty beat of his wings, the Millennian took off into the sky. He kept flying, until the ground below faded away. Until he found a ceiling of stone.

The Sixth Circle was the destination of heretics. Here, the damned were locked into fire filled tombs. As demons patrolled an area of the facility, making sure all was as it should be, a booming sound echoed from beneath the stone floor. A squadron of demons waited around the floor where the sound had come from, weapons poised and at the ready. The ground exploded upward, as Demon Orga ascended from his failed prison, letting out a bellow which promised doom to all.

The ruler of Hell watched this happen, a growl echoing from him and across the desolate place he called home. No matter what he or his minions tried, it couldn’t seem to keep this foe down. As he turned his head away from the scene of the Sixth Circle being ravaged, an idea came to him. Perhaps if his minions couldn’t stop this irritation…

Goliath struggled against what bound him to the pillar, his skin crawling as snakes crawled along it. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t break his binds. As he hung his head, the pillar began rumbling. His binds disintegrated, making him recoil in surprise.

The Female M.U.T.O. struck the ground, trying to find her mate. The battle in the Abyss had broken the ground in several places, allowing souls damned for lust to escape, including the primeval predator. She had been crying out and randomly striking the ground in an attempt to find her mate, but she had no luck thus far. Kumasogami stood across from her, sword raised as he prepared to charge at her. Suddenly, Kumasogami heard a voice telling him to stand down, confusing him.

Gyaos dodged a Lava Gout from Desghidorah, the blast instead destroying a mound of human waste and mud. Gyaos fired a sonic cutter, which failed to pierce his foe’s ebony scales. As the Super Darkness Dragon charged forward, intent on ripping his foe to shreds, the voice of the devil stopped him.

Gigan sliced a demon in half, but like always, two more took its place. The cyborg’s movements grew more sluggish as more time drew on. It wouldn’t be long until his movement stopped all together. Suddenly, he was lifted from the freezing waters. His head swung from side to side, trying to find his savior.

A reconstructed Destoroyah wandered the desert, searching for the alien that had previously bested him. He could find nothing, until he suddenly felt a presence.

SpaceGodzilla once again tried flying out of the boiling pitch, but as always nothing happened. The oil still burned his hide, and relief was still so distant. He tried again, his stubborn nature refusing to let him give up. But to his surprise, he actually left the oil this time. SpaceGodzilla let out a shriek of triumph, but would soon discover that hadn’t been under his own power.

King Ghidorah was sleeping, when a jolt went through him. His eyes snapped open, even though it had not been a painful jolt. To the hydra’s shock, his myriad of wounds began to close, as if they had never been there. The three-headed monster stood up, cackling to himself. Gravity bolts left his three maws, tearing through the ceiling of the place that sealed him. As he prepared to fly up, a voice echoed through his collective mind.

A voice echoed through all seven of the kaiju’s minds, the same smooth, kind voice that had first spoken to Orga.

“I free all of you from your torture to make a bargain. Find this creature,” The devil spoke, at those words an image of their target was displayed in their minds. “And destroy him. Crush him, tear him apart, and ensure any spark of life in his body is snuffed out.”

The kaiju he was speaking to were confused, shocked, and unsure. Sensing this, he continued speaking. “Slaughter the interloper, and you will have a second chance at life.”

At this, all of their eyes widened. All of them let out roars of joy, until the overlord spoke again, this time far harsher. “And if you betray me, in any way, I will ensure you wish and beg for your previous torments!”

This threat cowed any thought of rebellion, for now at least. At that, the various kaiju began moving, searching for their target.

The Sixth Circle shuddered before Demon Orga’s wrath. Its denizens were powerless as he demolished all in sight. A stone building would be pulverized with a kick, or a vast stretch of land would be carved into by a Micro-Oxygen ray. Various demons would throw themselves at the mutant, only to be reduced to red mist by a lazy counterattack. Freed souls who weren’t instantly crushed ran as far and fast as they could, but these efforts only proved fruitless. Demon Orga had devoured several larger demons, but they did not have enough DNA to affect his appearance or abilities yet. But for now, he basked in the destruction he wreaked, laughing at the screams and futile attempts to stop him.

A distant blast behind him caught his attention, causing him to turn around. The Millennian saw a cloud of smoke, which faded to reveal an array of large, purple crystals. A shriek echoed across the land as the smoke disappeared fully, revealing a black saurian with colossal crystals coming from his shoulders. SpaceGodzilla roared again, challenging the demon.

The infernal mutant rushed forward, crimson eyes focused on his target. Once he was roughly five hundred meters away from the cosmic saurian, another screech was sounded, followed by a thin, purple ray striking the ground in front of Demon Orga. He stopped, both him and SpaceGodzilla watching as Destoroyah landed. The hive-mind crustacean stepped forward, ignoring the roar of protest from the cosmic saurian, until three more roars echoed out.

Goliath, the female M.U.T.O., and Gyaos descended, the former two causing plumes of dust to shoot up and briefly obscure them. These three had been helped along to this location by their malicious benefactor, as they naturally would have been unable to reach it. The blue behemoth stepped forward, horn sparking with lightning which he fired near Demon Orga’s feet as a show of intimidation. The demon did not flinch.

The sound of a revving buzz saw hit Demon Orga’s ears, causing him to duck as Gigan, his various upgrades now returned to him, came swooping in from behind, trying to get in a cheap shot. The cyborg laughed as he turned and landed, before bashing his hammer claws together.

The tension was thick. Demon Orga looked between his opponents, daring one of them to make the first move. For a moment, none of them did. Before anything else could happen, a series of sounds echoed from the distance. The rumbling of heavy winds, the booming sounds of objects exploding, and the whirring sound of energy coursing.

Then a trio of cackling calls, as King Ghidorah approached, destroying anything and everything below him with gravity bolts and hurricane force winds. He cared little about the affairs of demons, all he knew was that there was a chance to rejoin the living, and it was through the one thing he knew best.

Demon Orga stared at his gathered foes. His claws flexed in anticipation at all the power he saw on display before him, power which would soon be his. Some of his foes looked ready to turn on each other, but it wasn’t something he’d count on. The flesh on his sides split open as several tentacles emerged, writhing through the air. He hoped he wouldn’t have to transform again, but if it was necessary, he would.

The seven kaiju looked at their target, and back to their allies. They didn’t trust each other, that much was obvious. But for now, they would bear it. Goliath was scared of his opposition, and most of his teammates. M.U.T.O. didn’t want to face her foe, but if it meant a chance at seeing her lover, she’d do it. Gyaos hungered, and the thought of once again feasting on the living suppressed all hesitation. Gigan’s heart pounded under layers of muscle and metal as fear, the hope of freedom, and the desire for battle fought for dominance of his mind. Destoroyah wanted to butcher everyone here, but he knew full well trying such a thing would only get him killed. SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah both felt rather similarly, that everyone here was inferior to them, and that their own victory was utterly assured. The latter three only intended to help themselves, so “teamwork” wasn’t likely from them. All was silent for a moment, which felt like it lasted an eternity.

And then Hell shook with a cacophony as the monsters let loose their signature war-cries.

The M.U.T.O. watched as her supposed “allies” fired their beam weapons, meanwhile Demon Orga fired both his shoulder cannon and Oxygen Destroyer Ray. Though the corrupted Millennian’s purple ray was able to block Destoroyah’s identical beam while the shoulder weapon blasted Gyaos far away, he was unable to block off the other beams, leaving them to bombard the demonic Godzilla imposter with multiple explosions. Demon Orga bellowed loudly as already, his body was covered in serious burn wounds. The M.U.T.O. saw this as an opportunity to strike, and she gladly took the risk by recklessly charging in to ram herself against Demon Orga. The other monsters ceased fire when the M.U.T.O. was within range, raking her hooked claws across the leviathan. They feared that should they kill her or any other allies, it would be a one-way ticket to back to hell, forever. Demon Orga bellowed loudly as his palms and tentacles grabbed ahold of M.U.T.O.’s frontal limbs, shoving her as they struggled against one another. The evil hybrid casually outmatched the parasite’s strength, shoving her back. The M.U.T.O. shrieked loudly, telling the others to help her.

Goliath bellowed in response, suddenly making a tremendous leap into the air to crash into Demon Orga, forcing him to relinquish his grip. The parasite fell and rested on her knees, then looked up to see Goliath pinning Demon Orga, emitting an alligator-like bellow as he pummeled the unholy Godzilla clone with his big, burly fists. Two tentacles wrapped around Goliath’s arms before more joined in binding his body. Demon Orga hissed as his intestine-like appendages lifted the horned reptile off of him. Rising up to his feet, the demonic alien carried Goliath high into the air. Before he could send the space, monster crashing down on the hard pavement, Gigan instantly took flight and quickly cut through the fiend’s tentacles with his chainsaws, sending Goliath falling to the ground onto his chest. Gigan then swooped by and sent his spinning, bladed hand to rip through the demonic hybrid’s hide. Demon Orga shrieked as yellow blood oozed out of his slit wound, but it, along with the severed tentacles, regenerated in a matter of seconds. Gigan swiftly steered himself around, rotating his abdomens buzz saw as well as readying his bladed-hands. Demon Orga opened his jaws to quickly fire his Oxygen-Destroyer Beam. Gigan turned himself to the side, his armor only taking a few minor burns from the bright purple ray. Still flying through the air at great speeds, the cyborg passed by the new hell spawn, hacking away several tentacles that were almost done regenerating.

Demon Orga growled in frustration from the blood pouring down his body, and at his foe’s evasiveness. He extended his wings to take flight, trying to blast the speedy cyclops with his harnessed Oxygen Destroyer Ray. A familiar, haunting cry hit Demon Orga’s ears when he looked back to see Destoroyah taking off to pursue him. The real Precambrian terror wanted vengeance on the hybrid, and now was the perfect time. Energies crackled within Destoroyah’s crest as he fired the violet ray at Demon Orga, and with no way to turn around or defend himself, the energy beam lanced into the mutant’s back. Destoroyah cackled when he watched the fake Precambrian terror crash-land on the stone below, when he then noticed King Ghidorah step forth. Watching the hybrid slowly recover, King Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams, striking the ground beneath the beast’s feet while Destoroyah joined in on the fun with his own ray. As Demon Orga turned to face the hydra and ready his Oxygen Destroyer Beam, Gyaos swooped down, now recovered from being launched away, and screeched out her Sonic Beam. Gigan joined the gluttonous flying reptile, firing his Cluster Light Beam from his visor. The crimson blast of energy split into multiple explosive bolts of energy which detonated around the demon’s body, Gyaos’ yellow laser simultaneously cutting into the evil Godzilla clone’s waist. Demon Orga’s beam was fired at the same time his head thrashed to the side from pain, leaving the devastating ray to miss King Ghidorah and instead go toward SpaceGodzilla. The crystalline clone generated his Photon Shield to reflect the Oxygen Destroyer Beam back at the hybrid.

Being engulfed by so many energy beams was something that should defeat anybody, even the real Godzilla would be overwhelmed. But with his impressive regenerative powers and tolerance toward pain, Demon Orga still stood tall. Fury boiled within the demonic Millennian, not only was he being overpowered, but he was being outsmarted. He needed more of Destoroyah’s DNA in order to complete his transformation, giving him the power to crush these weaklings without having to rely on his true form. He was wary of unleashing that form of gnashing jaws and flailing tentacles due to how he felt when he first released it, like he was losing control. Demon Orga screeched at the top of his lungs before his second jaw, shoulder cannon, and floral chest-pattern all fired at once. SpaceGodzilla shrieked when he was struck by an invisible blast, Destoroyah was blasted far away by the energy ray that came from the hybrid’s shoulder, and King Ghidorah had to use his wings to guard himself from the Oxygen Destroyer Beam. Gigan and Gyaos both shrieked when they flew after Demon Orga, but were met with a violet energy ray that swept across them. Gigan barely landed on his feet while Gyaos cried out as she hit the ground in an undignified heap. The Shadow of Evil looked up to see the hybrid charging toward her, mouth swiftly expanding, as tentacles shot forward and ensnared her.

SpaceGodzilla fired his Corona Beam, spiraling through the air before it struck Demon Orga’s head, blasting open an instantly cauterized wound. Capitalizing on the distraction, Gigan brought his chainsaw down on the tentacles, freeing Gyaos, who instantly flew to get far away from the horrid cavernous maw she had seen up close. Demon Orga narrowed his eyes at Gigan, SpaceGodzilla and then King Ghidorah after hearing the dragon’s three heads shriek in malice. Gigan’s chainsaws vibrated with a loud whirring sound, SpaceGodzilla commanded more crystals to sprout from the ground with his geokinesis ability, and King Ghidorah continued to cackle as he waited for his enemy to make his next move.

No matter how powerful they were, they didn’t terrify the hybrid. No matter how well they worked together, it would only be a matter of time until they all fell, and became one with him.

While the recovering Demon Orga was occupied with Gigan, SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah, Goliath managed to stand up, and walked over to the M.U.T.O. to help her. He cared little for her or any other allies, but he knew they’d all have to work together to overcome this and escape the realm.

Demon Orga grappled Gigan’s wrists to keep the chainsaws away from him, leaving the cyborg to shriek in defiance while SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah were constricted by the demonic alien’s intestine-like tentacles. A ray of pure electricity struck his back, prompting him to turn his head while snarling, only to be shocked as all he saw was the M.U.T.O. already upon him. She clawed at the scars on his face, briefly widening the red marks. The corrupted Millennian tossed his grappled foes as far away as he could while ignoring the attacks, until the M.U.T.O. slammed her forelimbs onto her foe’s skull as hard as she could, causing him to double over with a grunt of pain. Demon Orga lashed his claws across the parasite’s face, before clamping his jaws down on her neck. The multi-legged specimen screeched as she battered the hybrid with her legs, but they were soon caught by the fleshy tentacles and pulled back so far, they almost broke. Goliath readied his electric beam, but Demon Orga took notice and turned around, dragging the parasite across the ground, whipping Goliath with his tail. Demon Orga focused on absorbing the M.U.T.O.’s DNA, one step closer to indomitable power.

The transformation was interrupted almost immediately when Gyaos swooped down from above, clawing at the hybrid’s face like a bird of prey. Geysers of blood shot out as she dug her claws into his eyes, ripping the orbs right out of their sockets. Demon Orga bellowed in anguish, dropping his prey as he staggered back. The M.U.T.O. looked up as Gyaos continued assailing their common enemy, the way she fought using her speed and mobility reminding the ancient predator of her mate, giving her a strange appreciation for the Gyaos.

Goliath moved closer to stand in front of Demon Orga, then slugged the hybrid right in the stomach. Demon Orga held his breath to try and not vomit after taking the blow, only to be punched again in the lower jaw by the space monster. Demon Orga blindly shoved Goliath with his shoulder, pushing the reptile back. The female M.U.T.O. stood up and charged in to ram her skull against Demon Orga’s waist, bringing the hybrid crashing to the ground. Gyaos landed next to the lying demon, and clamped her jaws around his neck. The rest of the monsters watched as Goliath, Gyaos, and M.U.T.O. overwhelmed the monster, refusing to let him have a chance to get up. The other four considered getting involved, but were curious as to how this would go.

The corrupted Millennian’s claws dug into the ground, a low growl leaving him.

Demon Orga’s eyes finally regenerated, then were narrowed at Gyaos as he wrestled himself out of her jaws. With the winged reptile in range, light shined within the mutant’s shoulder cannon. Gyaos shrieked when the concussive ray crashed into her chest, launching her back with a gargled shriek as blood poured from her maw. As the shadow of evil crashed into a wall and was nearly buried by its collapse, Demon Orga fired an Oxygen-Destroyer ray at the M.U.T.O.’s neck, causing her to hit the ground in writhing anguish. The infernal mutant began climbing to his feet, only for Goliath to begin pushing him back down. Four tentacles burst from his sides, then wrapped around each other to form a thick battering weapon. They whipped into Goliath’s side, launching him like a baseball struck by a bat.

The blue reptile sailed past SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah, who merely stepped aside to watch with slight grins on their faces. As Goliath dug a trench through the ground with his body, crushing demons who couldn’t escape in time, Demon Orga locked eyes with Destoroyah. They had unfinished business. The hybrid’s devilish wings carried him into the air, where he honed in on Destoroyah. Gigan intercepted him in midair, only to be knocked out of the way by his foe’s violet ray. A Corona Beam and a trio of Gravity Bolts lanced into his side, earning a scream of pain. Demon Orga barely kept himself flying as he endured the potent energy attacks. Seeing that this wasn’t working, and that Destoroyah had merely widened his arms to welcome the head-on charge, SpaceGodzilla activated his Gravity Tornado. Emerald bolts of lightning left his shoulder crystals, ensnaring Demon Orga and stopping him in place. The cosmic saurian brought his target closer, laughing at his thrashing within the psychic grip.

Until a blade of crimson energy lengthened from Demon Orga’s horn. The hybrid swung his head, and though the weapon was a good deal weaker than Destoroyah’s own at this point, it was still enough to easily tear through flesh and muscle. The cosmic clone howled loudly, before angrily throwing Demon Orga to the ground. Destoroyah slowly began approaching, watching as SpaceGodzilla blasted the downed mutant twice with his orange rays. A low hiss left the crustacean’s throat as he drew closer, directed at the crystalline tyrant for trying to get in his way. King Ghidorah prepared to attack, only to stop as Destoroyah turned around and latched his tail around Demon Orga’s throat. SpaceGodzilla chose to just watch, refueling himself with power from his crystals. If the crustacean hive-mind wanted to get himself killed, the cosmic saurian wasn’t in a rush to save him. Demon Orga’s energy was being sapped away by micro oxygen from Destoroyah’s tail, leaving him unable to release his Oxygen Destroyer Beam or shoulder cannon. But he was far from helpless.

Slowly rising to his feet, Demon Orga’s jaws opened as they clamped down on Destoroyah’s tail, with the second jaw piercing through the hard exoskeleton. Destoroyah screamed when the teeth tore into the flesh, but that was the least of his problems as he soon felt his DNA being siphoned out. Before SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah could intervene, the infernal mutant bashed the cosmic clone back with his tail, as his tendrils constricted around King Ghidorah’s jaws.

The features on Demon Orga which resembled Destoroyah’s began changing. The prongs on his tail began lengthening, growing to exactly resemble the Precambrian terror’s tail. SpaceGodzilla prepared to attack again, only to stop as that newly formed tail claw closed around his neck, draining his energy with micro oxygen. His wings grew to match those of Destoroyah’s final form, his horn doing the same. The crimson in his eyes was polluted by the piercing yellow of the crustacean hive-mind’s own, turning the infernal mutant’s eyes orange. Three pairs of tusks formed on the sides of his mouth, signifying the end of his transformation.

And thus, Demon Orga had completed his transformation without needing to devour Destoroyah entirely. The hybrid turned around, opening his jaws to release Destoroyah and throw him aside. The infernal mutant roared at the top of his lungs, some horrid mixture of Orga’s, the Doppelganger Demon’s, and Destoroyah’s cries which sent fear coursing through all who heard it. The demons and damned souls listening would’ve said it was close to the devil’s voice in terms of terror, not that they’d admit it under fear of death.

King Ghidorah fired a trio of golden beams at the mutant, not letting up in the hopes of ending this menace. Demon Orga flinched for a moment, but shrieked back at the hydra before unleashing a blast of his Oxygen Destroyer Beam, which was now much more powerful than before. King Ghidorah groaned painfully when he felt the empowered laser burning his golden scales, but he kept firing his Gravity Beams at the hybrid. With his body now fully covered in Destoroyah’s exoskeleton, although not immune to electricity, Demon Orga was now even less susceptible to pain.

Destoroyah stood up and turned to witness Demon Orga with disgust. This thing had copied his power, thought himself to be better than the spawn of Oxygen Destroyer. He’d pay in blood for this offense, Destoroyah would ensure it.

Demon Orga set his orange eyes on SpaceGodzilla. The moment the infernal mutant had seen the cosmic saurian, he already had desired his power. SpaceGodzilla looked upon the corrupted Millennian with nothing but disgust. They were both derived from Godzilla, and both sought similar things. But the difference, in SpaceGodzilla’s mind at least, was that the crystal tyrant relied on his own power to try for that goal, as opposed to relying on the strength of others like the demonic hybrid.

SpaceGodzilla, King Ghidorah, and Destoroyah fired upon Demon Orga, but failed to stop him from taking off, in part due to his new physiology making the Precambrian terror’s beam less effective against him. Corona Beams kept hammering into his chest, but the infernal mutant still rammed shoulder-first into the cosmic saurian, sending both collapsing to the ground. In the chaos of their struggle, the claw-tipped tail managed to latch onto SpaceGodzilla’s neck, allowing the corrupted Millennian to take off with the beat of his wings, dragging the crystal tyrant through his own crystals and shattering them like glass. Demon Orga spewed out an Oxygen Destroyer Beam which he passed over Gigan, Goliath and then the recovering female M.U.T.O. to ensure they would stay down as he drained SpaceGodzilla’s powers.

After being driven through his own crystals, the cosmic clone absorbed their released power, a source of power which Micro Oxygen couldn’t drain. Channeling that power through himself, his very touch surged with energy, which he used as he bashed his claws against the clamp around his neck. The hybrid released his grip, allowing SpaceGodzilla to catch himself in midair with his telekinesis. An intense light shined through SpaceGodzilla’s body as he shifted into his flying form, where his legs and tail were replaced by dozens of crystal spikes. Demon Orga steered around to head toward the crystal tyrant, as they both shrieked when they fired their energy beams at each other. The two Godzilla clones were able to shrug off each other’s attacks, but when they passed by each other, SpaceGodzilla’s crystal spikes raked through Demon Orga’s exoskeleton. The hybrid cried out when he felt the deep cut on his back which poured yellow blood, but he kept flying as he turned around to make a beeline for SpaceGodzilla. The moment he got close enough to the levitating saurian, Demon Orga’s chest burst open with another concussive blast, which was powerful enough to make SpaceGodzilla cry out as he began dropping.

Demon Orga grinned as he grasped the saurian’s arms, before biting down on the crystal tyrant’s neck. Not wanting the alien to achieve more power, Destoroyah fired his Oxygen Destroyer Beam as he took off. The powerful ray was able to tear a gaping hole through Demon Orga’s right wing. The Millennian’s jaws didn’t relinquish SpaceGodzilla, instead he only tightened his grip by wrapping his tentacles around the saurian, holding strong as both plummeted. As the hole in his wing patched itself up, the infernal mutant’s dorsal spines began shifting to become crystalline. SpaceGodzilla widened his eyes as crystals began to emerge from the corrupted Millennian’s shoulders, and at the moment, a surge of energy flowed through the saurian. The energy of the crystals he had shattered earlier, the power of the fortress still below, and his rage all coursed through him and mixed together, and was unleashed in a drastic way.

The cosmic saurian’s shoulder gems and dorsal spines began pulsing with crimson. Muscle and flesh expanded until it split to reveal veins of glowing red power. His body temperature skyrocketed, gouts of steam curling into the air off his form. SpaceGodzilla’s eyes were filled with shimmering red as well, making them look as if they were filled with fire. With a final scream that was a mixture of agony and joy, the crystal tyrant finished his transformation.

Critical Mass.

Demon Orga tried to endure as the inside of his mouth blistered and sizzled, the lure of this power giving him the strength. But as the cosmic clone retracted the massive shell of crystals, he dug his claws into the hybrid’s own, conducting horrid amounts of scarlet energy into them. The flesh on the Millennian’s arms began popping and boiling, causing him to release his foe as he screamed. The cosmic saurian unleashed a Corona Beam, shattering the hybrid’s right shoulder crystal. Shrieking furiously, Demon Orga activated his laser horn, swinging his head down and cutting a massive gash into his foe’s belly. The infernal mutant cackled as SpaceGodzilla recoiled at the bleeding wound in his stomach, only to stop and instead scream as the saurian stabbed the hybrid through the chest with his tail. The heat the crystal tyrant gave off boiled the blood in Demon Orga’s body, as he used the boosted physical strength Critical Mass gave him to throw the infernal mutant to the ground with ease.

Demon Orga cried out when he roughly hit the ground back-first, forming an impact crater. He stood up, and prepared to attack again, only for SpaceGodzilla to stop it by firing a beam at the hybrid’s remaining shoulder crystal. Demon Orga felt any features and power he had absorbed from SpaceGodzilla fade away.

Three beams shot out of King Ghidorah’s three gaping maws, striking Demon Orga to get his attention. The three-headed monster was growing tired of this charade, and if it meant actually working with other creatures, then so be it. The diabolical fiend’s crimson eyes glared back at the hydra, before he fired his shoulder cannon with a shriek, but King Ghidorah easily flew above it. As Demon Orga extended his wings to chase the dragon, Gigan rose his feet and immediately took flight with Gyaos closely following. By the time the demon noticed the two, Gigan brought down his chainsaw down to chop through the left wing as Gyaos precisely fired her Sonic Beam to sever the right wing. Demon Orga quivered in pain as he landed on his feet with an echoing thud. He looked around, eyes widening as he realized a harsh truth.

He was right where they wanted him.

The still glowing SpaceGodzilla sent out a mental command, causing showers of sparks to erupt from the bases of his remaining crystals as they launched like rockets. At this signal, Gyaos, Gigan, King Ghidorah, Destoroyah and SpaceGodzilla all fired every energy weapon they could at once upon their target.

An echoing cry left Demon Orga as every crystal and beam hit him at once. There was a colossal fireball accompanied by a booming shockwave, drowning out his roar as the Sixth Circle shook. The seven kaiju guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins watched in careful anticipation as the resulting smoke faded.

The infernal mutant stood still as a statue. His armored carapace was gone, along with most of his flesh, revealing blackened muscle and the occasional white speck of exposed bone. His wings were shredded; even the bones which held the pink membrane were broken and mangled to the point where they soon fell to the ground, unable to hold their own weight. He fell forward, his body nearly crumbling from that alone. White smoke billowed out of the body, surrounding the carcass.

The recovered female M.U.T.O. nudged Goliath to get up, as both King Ghidorah and Gyaos landed, gazing at the white smoke. No sound left the Millennian, until his body dissolved. The gathered kaiju all roared in victory, except for Destoroyah. He knew full well what was about to happen, prompting him to shriek to his allies in an attempt to warn them.

Several beams, half of them violet and the other yellow, erupted from the cloud. One of the rays struck SpaceGodzilla in knee when he was unprepared, causing him to fall to one knee. When he, along with his allies, looked up, they were horrified at what they saw.

Demon Orga had broken down into a swarm of twisted Aggregates and Flying Forms. Their heads were crocodilian in shape, with pincers that split into clawed hands and pointed legs ending in clawed toes like those of Godzilla. The deformed saurian/crustacean hybrids charged forth, hungering for power. King Ghidorah unleashed his golden bolts, but a hail of purple rays struck him in response, throwing him off balance and letting three Aggregates leap upon him. Gyaos and Gigan began flying, only for a flyer to crash into the shadow of evil, bringing her to the ground. Gigan turned and tried to help, only for two other Flying Forms to chase after him, forcing his focus to his own concerns.

Gyaos looked up in horror to see a trio of the demented creatures, two Flying Forms and one Aggregate, attacking SpaceGodzilla. He fired a Corona Beam at the Aggregate, nearly blasting it in half and sending it falling to the ground with a shriek. The two flyers still raked at his flesh as they unsheathed their secondary jaws, which they dug into the saurian’s flesh. SpaceGodzilla shrieked as they coursed Micro-Oxygen into his body while simultaneously draining his DNA. The shadow of evil was distracted from this as the hybrid that had downed her fell from the skies, now in Aggregate form.

The aberration let out a shriek as it lunged, clamping its claws around Gyaos’s wings as she tried to get up. The gluttonous reptile fired her sonic ray into the Aggregate’s chest, releasing a torrent of blood. The hybrid released its grip while backing up, but as Gyaos beat her wings to take off, the reptilian crustacean lashed out with the spiked limbs jutting from its back. They tore into the shadow of evil’s chest, forcing a scream from her as it tried dragging her back down. Gyaos bashed the piercing appendages, ripping them free of her skin, letting her escape into the air. The hybrid changed into its flying form, pursuing its quarry.

SpaceGodzilla impaled one of the hive-minded mutants on his tail, throwing it to the ground with a contemptuous ease. The one he had shot with his Corona Beam earlier had recovered, and was currently attacking his crystal fortress. Keeping his eye on that Aggregate, he whipped his tail to strike the other mutant on his back. He hit nothing, confusing him and prompting him to turn around. The creature had already retreated, skin a darker tone and with glowing gemstones arising from its body. SpaceGodzilla went to chase after it, only to be stopped as both flying Aggregates from before leaped onto him again, distracting and enraging him.

The M.U.T.O. stared down her foe, who responded with a hiss. The ancient parasite lunged forward, swinging her bladed arm at her foe’s neck. The demon bent down to let the scythe pass over its head, before firing a blast from its shoulder cannon into its foe’s chest. Though the golden beam lacked the punch that the demon’s full form had, it was still enough to push the M.U.T.O. back and up, causing her to shriek as she struggled to stay on her feet. Before the parasite could regain her footing, the hive-minded demon deployed its secondary jaws, before lunging forward. The M.U.T.O. was able to get back her bearings before it could impale her, and so she slammed her front limbs down onto the Aggregate’s back. The Aggregate was shoved to the ground, crying out as the ebony scythes of its opponent tore into its back, spilling blood.

Goliath stumbled back as the nightmarish hybrid leaped onto his stomach. He tried grabbing it, but it skittered away from his grip and onto his back. There, it dug its pincers into the blue reptile’s back, drawing out a groan from him. Letting his legs go slack, Goliath fell backward, hoping to crush his attacker. It would have worked were he fighting an Aggregate from the original Destoroyah, but with the addition of G-Cells, this hybrid could actually support the blue reptile’s weight. Goliath groaned as the demon’s eight legs began slowly sinking into the skin of his back. The Aggregate charged its Oxygen Destroyer ray, aiming it right at the nape of the reptile’s neck. Before it could fire, the ground beneath it burst open, sending it and Goliath rolling to their sides with surprised cries.

Before the Demon Orga Aggregate could respond, a Destoroyah Aggregate climbed onto it and began to whale on it with its pointed legs. The demon thrashed, forcing the hive-minded crustacean to back off, and then climbed to its feet. The two Aggregates bashed heads in a contest of strength, one in which the demon clearly had an advantage. The Destoroyah Aggregate was forced back, but before the demon could capitalize, it felt something grab its tail. Before the hybrid could reply, Goliath threw it behind him, then turned around and began firing his lightning. The Destoroyah Aggregate joined the blue reptile with its violet ray, drawing out groans of anguish from the demon as the two beams tore into its carapace.

All over the battlefield, Destoroyah Aggregates and Flying Forms began combating their devilish doppelgängers. The tide was quickly turning against Demon Orga’s swarm, but the Millennian wasn’t through yet.

The hybrid which had successfully absorbed SpaceGodzilla’s power flew over the raging battlefield, massive shell of crystals coating most of its form. It watched as the rest of itself were being rapidly overpowered, prompting it to action. The crystal demon descended, first focusing on a group of three Destoroyah Aggregates currently charging toward King Ghidorah and the three demons assailing him. The hive-minded crustaceans looked up as the cosmic hybrid swept down, its crystals and headcrest sparking and glowing. An orange and purple beam left its maw, splitting into three jagged spears of mixed cosmic energy and micro-oxygen. The Destoroyah Aggregates could only scream as the cocktail of energy tore into their spines, exiting through their stomachs and detonating on the ground. As the energetic discharge launched the Precambrian terrors’ swiftly dissolving corpses into the air, the infernal mutant charged King Ghidorah.

The three-headed monster was handling his attackers rather well, his multitude of limbs and three minds working in sync equipping him perfectly for fighting many foes. King Ghidorah currently had one of three demons hoisted above him, left neck wrapped around its throat, right restraining its tail, and central mouth tearing into its torso and painting his golden scales a duller yellow. His tails and legs currently flailed in all directions, slapping away the other two Aggregates as they failed to climb onto him. The cosmic demon swiftly flew past King Ghidorah’s front, gashing open the dragon’s chest with its massive crystals. The three-headed monster threw the Aggregate he had been tearing apart to the ground, drawing a weak groaning shriek from it, before turning to face his newest attacker. It replied in kind by firing its mixed beam at the golden dragon’s newest chest wound, widening it greatly. King Ghidorah bellowed at this, before firing all three Gravity Bolts at the crystalline demon. It summoned its Proton Shield, deflecting the attacks, before flying past and away from the three-headed monster. Before King Ghidorah could give chase, three jaws tore into the flesh of his haunches, absorbing his DNA and pumping Micro Oxygen into his bloodstream.

Gigan juked left, dodging the beam of one of his pursuers. The demon hybrids knew full well they couldn’t actually gain this foe’s abilities, but he was too dangerous to be kept alive. The cyborg turned around, revving his chainsaws as he rushed the winged Demon Aggregates down. The two dodged at the last moment, only receiving gashes in their armor. The infernal mutants fired their shoulder cannons, but Gigan was too fast to succumb to these attacks. The cyborg fired a Cluster Light Ray, striking one of the Aggregates. The hybrid shrieked as explosions rocked its form, before falling limply as smoke drifted off its body. As the struck demon recovered in midair, the other demon charged directly at Gigan, mouth open as it charged a beam. If Gigan’s beak could have, it would have curled into a smirk as compartments on his chest opened up. Spinning buzzsaws were fired from the slits, one tearing into the flying Aggregate’s wing as the other hit the side of its open maw. The hybrid dropped like a sack of bricks as its head was nearly sliced in half, ichor spraying from the wound like a geyser. Gigan shrieked in triumph, then stared down the remaining Aggregate.

Only for the crystal covered Millennian to arrive, releasing glowing rings from its body.

The EMP waves washed over the cyborg before he had even realized the new arrival was there. He thrashed in agony as the machinery infused into him short circuited and sparked, before he fell from the sky. The hybrid that was about to confront the cyborg roared to its other self in gratitude, before descending toward the downed alien. The SpaceGodzilla-Demon went off to ensure Destoroyah’s Aggregates did not interfere too much.

Changing back into its land form, the Demon Aggregate skittered toward Gigan. Standing over the alien, the demon unsheathed its second jaw, then raised its head to plunge it into Gigan’s skull. The cyborg sluggishly rolled out of the way before it could do so, then slowly climbed to his feet. The alien raised his chainsaws in front of him, now nothing more than oversized clubs. His circuitry would eventually reboot, but for now, he’d have to be very careful. The Millennian Aggregate rushed forward, accepting the challenge fully.

The M.U.T.O. tried clawing out her foe’s eyes with her inner limbs, still pinning it to the ground with her forelegs. The hive-minded alien lifted its head to face the attacks, gritting its teeth as one of the inner legs came within inches of hitting its orange eyes. As the other leg swung toward its face, the mutant’s second jaw came out, clamping down on the limb. The M.U.T.O. cried out as the small appendage was crushed, rearing up subconsciously. Using the limbs on its back, the hive-minded creature pushed the parasite further, sending her crashing to the ground. Green gore left the now severed inner leg of the primeval predator, making her writhe as the Aggregate climbed onto her stomach. The demon bit down onto her chest, and began absorbing DNA. As its skin began to blacken and its limbs sharpened further, the M.U.T.O. dug her scythed legs into its back, trying to fight back in any way she could.

Goliath thrashed on the ground as two of the hybrids pinned him to the ground, their legs tearing into his palms and almost to the ground below. His eyes drifted over to the SpaceGodzilla-Demon, who was currently weaving around the majority of Destoroyah’s Aggregates, leaving most of the kaiju to fight on their own. The horned behemoth lifted his head, firing a bolt of lightning from his horn. It hit the left Aggregate, burning its face and causing it to fall back. The other bit down on the reptile’s sagging stomach, beginning to absorb DNA. As the hybrid’s horn grew in length and its flesh was tinting blue, Goliath grabbed it and tried to pull it off. The demon responded by deploying its inner mouth, digging itself deeper to avoid being pulled out. The blue behemoth began pulling, only to stop from the pain. The Aggregate’s Body began inflating with muscle, its arms lengthening. The other hybrid bit down on Goliath’s leg, trying to do the same as its kin.

A black and orange arrow streaked through the air, tearing into the hive-minded creature. It detonated, sending the demon flying away from the behemoth. A chorus of roars echoed across the bleak landscape, drawing all eyes to it. Desghidorah flew through the air, heads flailing as they cackled, while Kumasogami sat atop the ebony dragon’s back like a knight atop a warhorse. The golem turned his bow to the Aggregate atop the M.U.T.O., blasting the now ink-black mutant away. The primeval parasite began slowly climbing to her feet, her remaining inner leg clutching the sopping wound in her stomach. The infernal mutant stood up, revealing its eyes were now replaced with an orange tinted visor, and that its pointed limbs were curved like that of the M.U.T.O.’s. Forming a white cloud around itself, it swiftly vanished.

The Goliath-Demon released the horned reptile, leaving him to stagger away as he stared in horror. The Aggregate was a mixture of bright-blues and dark-purples, with bulky arms and legs. Its face was more rounded as it partially resembled Goliath’s and partially Godzilla’s. Finally, its horn was twice as long, and coursed with electricity at its command. Seeing the action of the M.U.T.O.-Demon, it also broke down into microscopic organisms.

A crystal covered Aggregate leaped off of SpaceGodzilla, floating away to stare at its foe. Its comrade had been crushed and broken by the cosmic saurian, but even that wasn’t enough to appease the tyrant. Rage overtook him as he realized two of these abominations had taken part of his power, rage that fueled his still burning Critical Mass. Before he could obliterate the crystalline demon before him, it disappeared into smoke. SpaceGodzilla shrieked at the top of his lungs, scaring his allies more than his enemies.

Gyaos frantically clawed and bit at the demon currently latched onto her. No matter how much she fought, it still sunk its teeth into her shoulder, leeching away her essence. She tried to fire her sonic ray, but could not get her head around to actually land a hit. The shadow of evil had spent the entirety of their encounter trying to keep as far away as she could, but in the end, it hadn’t been enough. The Aggregate’s skin turned brown as the wings stretched out. From where its headcrest met its now swiftly streamlining head, pointed frills grew. The hybrid’s claws grew longer and sharper. Deciding it had enough, the Gyaos-Demon unlatched from its foe. The shadow of evil fell for a moment, before sloppily catching herself, then stared up in horror. The Gyaos-Demon gathered power into its throat to execute her, only to stop as the echoing cries of Desghidorah hit its ears. Looking back down at its target, the demon began breaking down. Her death would be soon anyway.

Gigan staggered back and forth as he tried to swat off the Aggregate which rapidly skittered across his body, striking at his body randomly as it did so. The cyborg nearly fell over from just its weight on him, but straining he kept his balance. The hive-mind perched itself atop the cyborg’s backfins, then began repeatedly striking his neck. Metal bent and broke with each strike, growing closer each time to decapitating Gigan. The alien smacked the Aggregate, causing it to stumble slightly, falling further down Gigan’s back. The cyborg suddenly felt something churning inside himself, as machinery started back up. Before the demon could attack further, Gigan’s tail claw latched around its tail. Gigan threw it to the ground, turned around, and ignored its struggles as he slammed his left chainsaws down. The hybrid’s neck was between the two blades, and soon was not as the cyborg activated them.

As Gigan coated himself in the Aggregate’s blood, King Ghidorah fell feet-first upon a gold-tinged hybrid, splattering it across the stone. The other two demons lunged forward, biting down on King Ghidorah’s tails as they tried to get more of his DNA. The three-headed monster turned his heads to face them, but before he could utilize his bolts, the bellowing roars of Desghidorah reached him. Almost subconsciously, one of the golden dragon’s eyes rolled to look at him. At that moment, the demons currently siphoning his power faded from existence, as did everything else. Because he saw Kumasogami, his tormentor. With a trio of roars, the three-headed monster took off, rushing toward the golem. The hive-minded demons clung onto his tails with all their might, basking in their changing form. Dark-purple chitin was overlaced with golden scales, as lumps formed on the demons’ shoulders. Fan-like wings sprouted from their backs, while their tails split into two halves which both became full tails.

Finally, the lumps on their shoulders shifted and expanded into dragon heads atop serpentine necks.

Releasing their holds, the two King Ghidorah-Demons dissolved into smoke, joining their brethren. The golden dragon continued his charge, uncaring of the bleeding wounds all over his form. Desghidorah landed, allowing Kumasogami to step off of his steed. The golem approached Goliath and the M.U.T.O., looking at their bleeding wounds. Before either could react, Kumasogami threw his hands out, placing them on both of their biggest wounds. The two kaiju cried out as smoke curled off where they made contact, but as soon as it had begun, the golem took his hands away. Their wounds were cauterized, but neither exactly felt good about it. Especially with the grin on the golem’s face, which was not one of kindness.

SpaceGodzilla landed near his fortress, growling as prepared himself. Destoroyah changed back into his final form, enraged at how this battle was going. Gyaos hovered in the air, hissing at Desghidorah, who returned with a snarl of his own. The two guardians of hell had been commanded to stay back, in case they provoked the kaiju. But after what had just happened, the Devil would pull out all the stops. King Ghidorah arrived, glaring daggers at Kumasogami, who returned with a stare of his own. The three-headed monster did not care about any punishment he’d receive, none of it would matter to him if he got the chance to pulverize the bastard into ash!

Until that noise hit their ears, a sound that a nightmare couldn’t compare to.

The roar of the newly risen Demon Orga, a cacophony of mixed calls as chaotic as he looked. His skin was various colors and textures all mashed together like patchwork. Thin crystals curved out of the fiend’s shoulders, and below their bases, draconian heads perched on short necks waved through the air. The left head was mostly black, with a red, glowing line instead of eyes, and the right was streamlined with the added features of the Gyaos. The center head was a bulky conglomeration of features, with Destoroyah’s head-crest, King Ghidorah’s and Gyaos’ horns, and SpaceGodzilla’s orange crown. The main head opened its maw, revealing four rows of razor-sharp teeth. All three heads had single horns exiting their foreheads, but the main head’s was twice as long as it had been before. Golden and pink wings stretched out of his back, easily big enough to carry his weight. Two tails swung out to the sides, one ending in Destoroyah’s tail claw and the other in SpaceGodzilla’s crystalline mace. Long, bulky arms ending in a menagerie of various claws dangled from his sides, but what drew everyone’s attention were the extended bones covered in black flesh coming from his wrists, pointing backward and ending in curved scythes. Demon Orga extended his arms, revealing them to be folded wings like that of Gyaos, only now colossal and multi colored.

Rivalries faded instantly, as did pride. All that mattered to the nine kaiju standing before the aberration was survival. Demon Orga flapped his four wings, taking off into the air at speeds that belied his sheer muscle. The hybrid rushed toward SpaceGodzilla, bringing his feet forward. SpaceGodzilla braced himself, throwing out his arms to catch them. Demon Orga slammed into the saurian, and the cosmic clone cried out in agony as his arms broke from the impact. Destoroyah charged, shoulder-tackling the abomination. It was at this point everyone realized how massive the Millennian had become, as the spawn of the Oxygen Destroyer only came up to his chest.

The chimera opened its horrendous jaws, giving way to a kaleidoscope-esque array of flashing colors. An unholy combination of oxygen destroying particles, cosmic energy, sonic waves, and lightning came next, tearing into Destoroyah’s chest. He was launched back, screaming as his chest was split open and scourged with blazing power. As the crustacean vomited blood all over itself and the ground, Gyaos and the M.U.T.O. rushed in from the sides, hoping they could attack before being noticed. The two draconian heads turned to face them, then opened their maws. From both heads, Gravity Bolts mixed with the sonic cutter and concussive blasts were fired. Both of the female colossi were tossed back, crying out in agony as scorched wounds scarred them.

Goliath landed on Demon Orga’s back, wrapping both hands around the gigantic horn jutting from the skull. The blue reptile remembered his own greatest weakness, and so began throttling the horn in attempt to weaken the demon. In reply, the horn sparked with various blistering energies, forcing Goliath away as his hands instantly blackened. Demon Orga callously tossed the reptile away with his tails, too busy staring as King Ghidorah and Desghidorah stood side by side, spamming Gravity Bolts and Lava Gouts. The abomination charged, closing the distance with ease as he endured everything they tried.

King Ghidorah lashed his horned heads against the infernal mutant’s torso, but the aberration ignored this, ramming his fist into the dragon’s torso. The three-headed monster cried out in anguish as it easily tore through his scales, flesh, and muscle, letting gore spray out. Desghidorah unleashed his hellfire, only succeeding in drawing his foe’s attention. His shoulder crystals crackled with energy, and from the horn atop the center head, a jagged sword of crimson, orange, and blue energies emerged. Desghidorah leaped out of the way just in time, leaving the blade to simply tear into the ground with no resistance. The ebony dragon realized that getting hit by that was a death sentence, no matter how durable his scales were.

Upon witnessing this, SpaceGodzilla hatched an idea, a desperate plan to overcome this trial. If numbers couldn’t take down something this big, then they needed more power, and the cosmic saurian had just the solution. Gigan stood nearby, trying to come up with his own plan. He noticed SpaceGodzilla turn to him, and the two locked eyes briefly before the saurian growled to the cyborg, revealing his plan.

At his command, more crystals tore out of the ground and arose, shimmering with cosmic radiation. Demon Orga’s three grotesque heads turned to see the rising crystals. He deployed tentacles and sent them forward, hungering for their power. Though he had absorbed enough of SpaceGodzilla’s DNA to have most of the tyrant’s arsenal, the secret of actually growing crystals was lost to him. Gyaos quickly recovered and took flight, intercepting the tendrils with her sonic ray. The slimy tentacles were sliced in half, spraying multicolored ichor for a moment until they healed even faster than before. Gyaos kept trying to slice apart the tendrils, as King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, Desghidorah, and Goliath rained their beams upon the Millennian. Demon Orga turned to them, hissing. A barrage of beams left his mouths and horn, sending his foes scattering to avoid them.

With their common foe distracted, Gigan began cutting down the crystals before him. SpaceGodzilla snarled, resenting how he had to stoop to such lows. The fact that he had to share his power was revolting, and it was even worse due to how he had failed to stop the infernal mutant before he reached this point. The cosmic clone reassured himself with the knowledge that when this was over, his endless power would be his and his alone.

SpaceGodzilla heard the haunting growls of Kumasogami, then turned to see him standing next to the still weakened M.U.T.O., firing his arrows from a distance. The space dinosaur shrieked at the demon to get his attention, then growled at him to approach and smash the crystals. Kumasogami’s bow turned back into a hand as he grinned, surprised at the greedy monster’s sudden generosity. He also relished the groan of rage said smirk drew from SpaceGodzilla. The golem walked to the crystals, changing his hands into a pick and an axe. Using these unusual weapons, Kumasogami started breaking the crystals. SpaceGodzilla used his Gravity Tornado to carry the M.U.T.O. closer, then dropped her right next to the crystals. Already knowing what SpaceGodzilla wanted her to do, she weakly raised her arms and began striking the gemstone.

After cutting through the third crystal, Gigan had harnessed enough power for his body to enter the Critical Mass state. His cobalt armor darkened, becoming an almost charcoal-colored black. Glowing veins began spidering across his body, as the chainsaws and universal cutter were coated by a crimson glow. Finally, his visor intensified in its light. The cyborg howled to the skies as he basked in his new power. The M.U.T.O. quickened her pace as she saw Gigan transform, eager to also have that power. Shattering one more crystal into dust and energy, the parasite also reached Critical Mass. Along with the usual molten lines, her eye visor turned a bright orange. Though she was still in some pain, the crystals had acted almost like painkillers, dulling it considerably. Slamming her forelimbs against the ground, the primeval parasite bellowed a challenge.

Finally, Kumasogami joined them. His change wasn’t nearly as dramatic, merely a hue change in his eyes and magma veins. Grin forming across his face, the golem transformed one hand into a colossal battle axe, then charged into battle. The rest followed suit.

Having recharged his own critical mass, SpaceGodzilla entered his flying form. Gigan followed him into the air as the M.U.T.O. charged forward fearlessly, Kumasogami keeping pace.

Demon Orga’s left head turned to stare at the two flying monsters, eyes widening. He fired a Corona Beam with Gravity Bolts spiraling around it. Gigan, his flight speed enhanced, performed a barrel roll to dodge the beam, which instead surged toward SpaceGodzilla. The cosmic clone activated his Photon Shield, not even slowing down. The homing ray of fused powers was split and reflected to multiple directions when it lanced into the polygonal crystal, with some of the thin rays directly striking the corrupted Millennian’s chest. Gigan swooped past the left head, raking through its tough neck with his glowing universal cutter and chainsaws, nearly severing it. The other two heads let out screams of agony as they swiveled upward to see Gigan, but were unable to retaliate as the M.U.T.O. slammed her body against the aberration. Despite Demon Orga’s overwhelming size advantage, the blow still made him stagger back. The M.U.T.O. dug her jagged forelimbs into the Millennian’s chest, piercing through a combination of purple carapace and golden scales. Intestine-like tentacles wrapped around the parasite’s limbs and hoisted her into the air, but before Demon Orga could do anything, Kumasogami freed her with a single swing of his axe.

SpaceGodzilla and Gigan kept the heads busy while the M.U.T.O. and Kumasogami continued tearing at the body of Demon Orga, as King Ghidorah and Desghidorah offered covering fire from a distance. Meanwhile, Goliath approached the field of crystals which SpaceGodzilla had created. Curious to see what they could do, and with nobody watching, Goliath cracked his burnt fists and got ready to demolish the vibrant rocks. Suddenly, over a dozen Aggregate Destoroyahs appeared, for the Precambrian nightmare wanted to ensure he was at full capacity before jumping back into the fray. Tired and enraged, the Destoroyahs began tearing the crystals apart.

Goliath shrugged as he started breaking the crystals, ignoring the charred burns on his hands which ached with each punch. The injured Gyaos joined in when she started clawing and hitting the crystals with her bat-like wings. By that time, most of the Aggregate Destoroyahs had already reached critical mass and began breaking down. The veins within Gyaos’s forearm membranes began to glow, and in an instant her whole body was covered with the glowing veins. The shadow of evil let out a shrill shriek as she felt the sheer power her thin form emanated. Goliath had also received the strength that he needed, as his blue flesh darkened. He could feel the energy flowing through his bloodstream, rapidly increasing his muscle mass as every vein became visible and alight. The nasal horn filled with that same ominous light, crackling with scarlet electricity at his command. Goliath looked at his hands, flexing them as he not only admired his new appearance, but felt an undeniable urge to test his newfound power.

A thunderous sound echoed out when the blue reptile slammed his fists together, before letting out a deep bellow. The display was quickly overshadowed as a grand shriek left the maw of Destoroyah, now returned to his perfect form. His skin had turned black, accentuated by the beaming light radiating from the cracks in his armor. The sight of Destoroyah in this state would send most running in terror. The three kaiju were reinvigorated and ready for another round, hopefully the last.

The M.U.T.O. and Kumasogami roared in agony when Demon Orga instantly turned around and smacked them with the crystalline mace on his tail, sending them both sliding across the ground on their backs. Desghidorah made his last attempts to put an end to Demon Orga’s resistance by using the Fire Pyre Road once more. The black dragon slammed his front feet onto the ground, causing it to shake as a fissure formed. The corrupted Millennian’s four wings carried his deformed bulk into the air, easily dodging the growing canyon and the supernatural flames spewing from it. His three chimerical heads opened their maws wide to ready multiple beam weapons. Before he could rain down destruction, Gyaos screamed as loudly as possible to fire her enhanced sonic ray, tearing through the membrane of one of his arm-wings.

Demon Orga groaned at this, the sudden weakness of the wing destabilizing him and throwing off his concentration. Before he could shoot Gyaos out of the sky, Destoroyah announced his flying charge with a screech. Noticing the energy crackling from the hive-mind’s crest, Demon Orga quickly activated his Photon Shield in anticipation. The crustacean just kept flying directly toward the nightmare, until his horn extended into the scarlet blade, which he brought down on one of the pinkish-gold wings of his adversary. Golden bolts from Goliath and King Ghidorah struck the aberration as he fell from the sky. The misshapen mutant cried out when he crashed feet first, giving Goliath the opportunity to leap upon him and attack. Each punch from the blue behemoth echoed across the land, actually drawing pained groans from the abomination as they cracked bone. Demon Orga’s right neck shot forward, wrapping around Goliath’s throat and pulling him into the air. A second later, the reptile’s horn sparked with lightning which shocked the serpentine neck, scorching flesh. The infernal mutant dropped Goliath, staggering back as the reptile kept laying into him with punches.

Talons belonging to the shadow of evil sunk into the top of Demon Orga’s head, and an obsidian sword was thrust into his side by Kumasogami. Before the three could attack further, emerald energy left the Millennian’s shoulder crystals, ensnaring Goliath. This Gravity Tornado was not as powerful as SpaceGodzilla’s own, but it was enough to quickly lift the blue behemoth and throw him back. As soon as the green bolts faded, the abomination turned to Kumasogami. The golem wrenched his sword free, before turning his other hand into a spiked mace. Demon Orga brought his center head down, flustering Gyaos who hadn’t expected the sudden movement. Kumasogami hit the ground hard as the colossal skull crashed against his own, forming a small impact crater on the golem’s forehead. Activating his laser horn, Demon Orga threw his head back. Gyaos barely dodged the blade, then flew away from her foe. A gravity bolt tore into her back, sending her into a spiraling fall.

Goliath rushed forward, arms swinging wildly. The aberration’s chest opened, unleashing a massive concussive ray. The invisible blast stopped Goliath instantly, breaking ribs and tossing him back. Fortunately for the prone behemoth, Gigan flew past the deformed colossus, drawing blood with his chainsaws. Demon Orga turned to face the cyborg, only to watch as two compartments in Gigan’s chest opened, deploying thin buzz saws. Before the projectiles could land, the Millennian’s side heads intercepted them with beams, as Demon Orga raised one of his scythes into the air. The sharp limb turned red as electromagnetic energy built up within, ready to be released to cripple the irritating cyborg.

...Only for a Corona Beam to strike the upraised limb, blasting it apart and leaving the building power to disperse harmlessly. SpaceGodzilla soared straight toward the infernal mutant, transforming back into his land form as he did so. Demon Orga prepared to blast the saurian out of the sky, but lost concentration as Gigan’s Cluster Light Ray hit him from behind. As the abomination screamed in rage, the crystal tyrant kicked him square in the chin, breaking bone and knocking teeth loose. SpaceGodzilla landed directly in front of his foe, mouth curved into a smirk as he fearlessly faced him down. Destoroyah landed next to the saurian.

Both titans shoulder-tackled the deformed colossus, putting all their weight into the strike. The portion of stomach they struck caved in, forcing a river of bile and gore out of the aberration’s jaws. Before it could heal, the two destroyers followed up by digging their arms into the concave wound up to the elbow. Neither could strike anything important as Demon Orga grabbed their shoulders, then pulled them back, ignoring the line of blood that followed with them. The two destroyers were knocked further back as the infernal mutant’s meaty fists slammed into their guts, lifting them into the air with an audible crack. He pulled his fists back, allowing the two to catch themselves in the air. The two destroyers fired their respective beams, focusing them onto their foe’s face.

The aberration thrashed in pain as the lances of energy tore apart his face, charring it black and boiling his eyes. When SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah stopped firing, he lunged forward, shocking the two and leaving them unprepared to defend as he wrapped his massive hands around their tails. Demon Orga whipped them against the ground, making both of them cry out in pain, before hoisting them into the air once more. The two destroyers freed themselves with precise beams to the deformed colossus’ arms, then began flying back to get some distance. Neither got far before the abomination’s main mouth opened and surged with multiple colors of energy. Using the eyes of his secondary heads, Demon Orga aimed a colossal mixture of beams which split into two and surged toward them. SpaceGodzilla summoned his Photon Shield, which blocked the beam for a moment before shattering. Destoroyah was thrown back, but the cosmic saurian was able to stay airborne thanks to his shield.

The M.U.T.O. rushed in from behind, climbing atop her foe’s back and repeatedly striking it with her hooked limbs. Demon Orga tried fighting her off, but was soon distracted as Gigan landed just before him, glowing chainsaws and universal cutter revving at max speed. At this moment, Kumasogami got to his feet. The cyborg shoved his chainsaws against the Millennian’s stomach, throwing out showers of sparks as the metal clashed against the infernal mutant’s thick skin. Demon Orga punched Gigan in the side, throwing him to the ground, but couldn’t do more against him as Kumasogami dug his sword into the Millennian’s leg. The obsidian blade severed the muscle tendons, forcing Demon Orga to take a knee. Corona Beams rained down onto the Millennian, scorching flesh and forming burnt craters each time. Kumasogami prepared to strike again, raising both weapons high. Before he could, two tentacles slithered out of the hybrid’s side, before lashing out and punching the golem across the chest. His leg muscles healed, Demon Orga stood tall. His outer heads turned around, facing the M.U.T.O. She responded by raising her arms to drive them through their faces, before swinging them downward. They dodged the swings, then clamped their jaws down on her legs. As their teeth grinded against her exoskeleton, she shot forward with her own jaws, digging her teeth into the visor like eye of the right head. Blood of various colors stained her teeth, and she began thrashing her head back and forth to worsen the already severe damage.

The right jaws fell away from the parasite’s limbs as it howled in anguish, allowing the primeval predator to slash at the other head. The attack forced it away as well, giving her back both scythed limbs. Before she could do more, the flesh on the back of the main head’s neck slid away, revealing a distorted mouth. She went to dig her talons into it, only to be launched back by Orga’s own concussive ray.

Gigan tried climbing to his feet. This was stopped as a massive chimeric foot stomped onto the base of his tail, bending and tearing metal with ease. If the cyborg hadn’t had his current power up, it would have severed the limb. Kumasogami shot an arrow into the leg pinning his current ally, only succeeding in drawing the hybrid’s attention away from the alien cyborg. Still keeping his foot on Gigan, Demon Orga whipped his Destoroyah tail at the golem, wrapping the claw at its end around Kumasogami’s throat.

Enhanced Gravity Beams and Lava Gouts tore into the abomination’s side, throwing him off balance and allowing Gigan to escape. The corrupted colossus turned to face the source, discovering that King Ghidorah and Desghidorah had joined their allies in Critical Mass. The two dragons cried out as they approached, eager to pay the mutant back double for the pain he had inflicted upon them. It was at this moment the rest of the abomination’s foes had recovered, and were now standing ready to continue the fight.

Confidence was leaving Demon Orga, its place being taken by mounting fear. He frantically looked around, realizing this was turning from an uphill climb into an inevitable, fatal fall. There was a whispering in the back of his mind, a call to a more savage approach. It was the voice of the Doppelganger Demon, beckoning him to call upon the power of the true form of the fiend. It filled his minds with wondering of what power such a form would hold now, and a reassurance that all obstacles in his path would be turned to ash. The more rational parts of his mind, whatever fragments of the original silver-colored alien’s conscious still clung on, fought against it. Victory would be assured, but how much of a victory would it really be?

A storm of burning energy fell upon his wings, crashing his train of thought and harshly bringing him back to reality. Every foe with beams had fired them, reducing his back wings into charred, broken wrecks. Before he could recover, all nine descended upon him.

Twin swords wielded by Kumasogami danced across his stomach, slicing it open with a deadly precision. The golem quickly leaned to the side as Goliath ran in, both fists held over his head. The behemoth delivered a brutal double axe-handle punch to the wounds formed by the obsidian blades, causing gore to burst through the weakened flesh. Demon Orga backhanded the two away, leaving him open for Gigan to sweep in and dig his revving blades into the recovering wound, widening it further and blending the twisted intestines of his foe into paste. The hybrid tried to shriek, which only came out as a gurgle when rivers of gore left his mouths, all of which fell on Gigan. The cyborg reveled in the bloodshed, only to stop and cry out as the spiked ball on the end of one of his foe’s tails crashed into his leg. The limb wrapped around Gigan’s leg, and with a horrid anguish, Demon Orga ripped the cyborg out of himself and tossed it away. The aberration stumbled back, hoping for a temporary halt to the pain, one which never came as Lava Gouts and burning arrows tore into the stomach cavity. Desghidorah and Kumasogami stood side by side, unloading their arsenals. The two guardians of Hell stopped firing as Destoroyah flew past, shrieking. The burning attacks had cauterized most of Demon Orga’s bleeding, but it was of little comfort as smoke poured from his body, and pain that temporarily blinded him surged through his form.

The spawn of the Oxygen Destroyer sliced off one of his foe’s arms with a precise swing of his laser horn. As the thick limb hit the ground, Destoroyah landed, firing his Oxygen Destroyer Ray into the recovering wound. Before it could do much damage, the floral pattern on the hybrid’s chest opened, blowing Destoroyah back with the concussive blast. The crustacean screamed as he hit the ground, face mangled from the blast, but his allies still kept up their assault.

The M.U.T.O. leaped up, digging her right claw into the stump of the hybrid’s arm. Using it as leverage, she swung herself up and began slashing apart the aberration’s face. Snarling in hatred at the sudden turn in the battle’s tide, Demon Orga opened his horrid jaws and dug all four rows of teeth into the limb. He tasted the blood of the parasite as he swung his head to the side, bringing her with it and nearly ripping the leg off. Letting go, the hybrid sent her flying. The parasite hit the ground hard, groaning in pain as the end of her left foreleg dangled limply.

This victory was short lived for the Millennian, as Kumasogami and Desghidorah resumed firing upon him. He bellowed in outrage, then charged forward, still cringing as his stomach wound was stopped from fully healing. Despite this, he still endured. When he was within range, Demon Orga kicked out with his right leg, which caught the underside of the ebony dragon’s chest. The blow sent the alien destroyer flying back end over end, until he crashed into a nearby building and reduced it to rubble. The golem’s neck was caught by the clawed tail of his foe. Kumasogami grabbed the clamp as it pulled him into the air, trying to pull himself free, until it whipped him away. As the golem hit the ground almost a mile away, Gyaos arrived, wrapping her claws around the left head of her foe. He raised his newly healed hand, ready to crush her skull with it.

But was unable to do so as King Ghidorah delivered a flying double kick to the back of Demon Orga’s head. The aberration hit the ground hard, throwing up dust and debris as the back of his skull bled. As the shadow of evil took off to hover nearby, the three-headed monster took off again. He climbed almost a mile into the air, until SpaceGodzilla joined him.

Both locked eyes. In any other circumstances, they’d be fighting to the death. But here they were, allies against a greater foe. The two destroyers grinned to each other, before dropping from the skies. They were mere moments from bringing down over 140,000 tons down onto the aberration’s spine...

When flesh burst open, revealing a wide, toothy maw which SpaceGodzilla fell into, and tendrils which wrapped around King Ghidorah’s body and lifted him into the sky. The newly manifested jaws clamped around the cosmic saurian’s waist, forcing a scream of agony out of him. As this happened, Demon Orga’s body began shifting and rising, expanding as he transformed. The allied monsters all roared in shock, before going on the offensive.

Lava Gouts soared toward the growing mass, only to bounce off a Photon Shield. As the fireballs crashed back into their user, sending the ebony dragon reeling back, Demon Orga swung King Ghidorah downward at Goliath. The blue behemoth leaped out of the way, barely avoiding the impact as a crater formed beneath the golden dragon. With several quick bursts of her sonic ray, Gyaos freed the three-headed monster. The golden dragon got back into the air, shaking his three heads to regain some bearings.

SpaceGodzilla thrashed against the teeth tearing into his thighs, until out of the corner of his eye, he saw his foe’s shoulder crystals. They were growing, becoming thicker as the totality of the saurian’s power joined Demon Orga’s endless arsenal. Every inch of SpaceGodzilla’s body sparked as he conducted his energy through it, scorching the gums of the mouth and forming thick clouds of smoke. The aberration released him, which the saurian used to instantly fly upward and away. In the heat of the moment, no one seemed to notice how silent the hybrid was.

His fears had not come true, as the two extremes of the joint conscious waged war. The pure logic of the Millennian, and the raw bloodlust of the malevolent spirit. Half of him wanted to wait and observe his foes, dismantling them with precise and calculated strikes, while the other just wanted to rip them shreds without any care for strategy. Unlike before, this was not an issue for long.

As the DNA of Ghidorah had given him new minds to distribute these ideals.

As the transformation neared its zenith, two arms grew from the writhing mass of Demon Orga. Unlike the thin, gangly limbs the true form previously had, these were thick pillars of muscle, ending in clusters of clawed fingers that couldn’t even be called hands. The draconic heads on his body reared up on intestine-like necks, with all the flexibility of his tentacles. Their eyes fell on Desghidorah. Flesh popped as their jaws split open, large flaps of muscle lined with teeth beginning to unfold from their throats. They lunged forward, necks expanding toward the ebony dragon.

From beneath the upper half of the upraised main head of the hybrid, the crimson, cyclopean head formed with the snapping of growing bone and flesh. It opened its jaws, revealing a cavern filled with countless rows of teeth going all the way down into the dark depths of its throat.

Fire scorched several tendrils near Desghidorah, leaving them to limply fall. The ebony dragon cried out in an attempt to intimidate, only for the boisterous call to turn a shriek as the two draconic jaws clamped down onto his sides. Their teeth punctured through his scales and into skin, allowing them to drain his essence and add it to the chimera. Desghidorah turned his heads to assail them with Lava Gouts, but couldn’t when three beams of mixed energies lanced into his chest.

From the various mouths of the Millennian, various beams utilizing the multiple wellsprings of power he could draw from sporadically fired and assaulted whatever they could. As this new development took place, another arose from the ground. Crystals, ones more curved, taller, and sharper than the cosmic saurian’s were summoned by the chimera’s side. SpaceGodzilla had escaped, but it had been much too late to avoid giving the Millennian just what he had wanted.

Through the chaos that was their foe’s changing form, Gyaos was the only one of them to see through it all and witness as two new draconic heads burst from the mound of flesh, along with a dark tint coming over his armor. Panicking, she quickly searched for Desghidorah, and upon finding him, descended to aid him. The M.U.T.O. also rushed to his side, piercing his attackers’ throats. Glowing fireballs crashed into the necks, forcing them away as Desghidorah freed himself. He stumbled briefly, feeling nauseous from blood loss. He shook his heads, then roared.

A cascade of lights consumed Demon Orga’s lower body, forcing most of his foes to shield their eyes. His grotesque body left the ground, as a shell of crystals grew from his body. By the time the shift in forms was done, the cluster of gems looked like an upside-down mountain from its sheer size.

The M.U.T.O. and Goliath looked up in horror as their allies all took off into the sky, Kumasogami astride Desghidorah, leaving them on the ground. The horned reptile just slouched his shoulders, and began slowly walking over to the cluster of crystals his enemy had created, doing everything he could to avoid being seen. His power-high from the Critical Mass was gone, and all he had left was the hope he could salvage some usefulness from himself.

Meanwhile, the primeval parasite slinked away, hoping to hide completely before the overwhelming presence. Before, she had been able to muster the needed courage, but now she couldn’t even reach her foe. She was ashamed, but no matter what powers, nuclear or extraterrestrial, flowed through her, she was an animal. And nothing could fight past the most ingrained instinct in all animals. Survival, above all else.

Destoroyah and SpaceGodzilla flew side by side toward Demon Orga. A cascade of beams soared toward them, causing the saurian to take point and activate his shield. The barrier reflected the blasts, leaving both unharmed. Tendrils lashed out at them, prompting SpaceGodzilla to drop and letting Destoroyah move forward. The Precambrian terror sliced apart the appendages with his laser horn, clearing up the way and allowing the duo to continue their charge. As the four outer heads of the living mountain constantly looked around to ensure no sneak attacks could land, the main head stared directly at the two. Its jaws slowly opened.

A colossal geyser of Hellfire came forth, enveloping them both. SpaceGodzilla tried protecting him and his ally with a Photon Shield, but the flames merely rushed over it. The duo of destroyers screamed as their flesh was burnt, yet still the fire kept coming. It was too much, and they began falling.

Demon Orga ceased the attack when a thin, yellow ray punctured the flesh of his center eye. As his screams of pain echoed, the four outer heads instantly looked to the source. Gyaos noticed this reaction, and so she backpedaled. With horrid grins on their faces, the draconic heads rushed forward.

Wings beat rapidly as the shadow of evil began fleeing from the retaliation. Beams cut through the air as they tried to bring her down, all the while drawing closer to rip her apart with their teeth. Even with the ability to shift their beams in midair, they found Gyaos to be much too agile to strike from a distance.

Before they could get in close, an orange ray, tipped with a white-hot point, and a thin, purple ray swept across their throats from underneath. The four draconic heads screamed in anguish, then looked down to see SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah, most of their bodies blackened. Despite this, the two destroyers still fought, and they were currently flying up to attack the four heads. Tentacles lashed out toward the duo and Gyaos, catching them by surprise. The slimy limbs were coated in various chitins, scales, and crystal, turning them into horrid bludgeoning weapons. The shadow of evil screamed as they struck her chest, leaving deep scars, as her saviors fared better in enduring the pain. Using this to his advantage, Demon Orga withdrew his extended necks.

Sparks flew as Gigan brought his chainsaws down onto the skull of the chimera, carving into the thick hide slowly but surely. Unfortunately for the cyborg, slow wasn’t an option, as he discovered when his foe’s massive arms slammed into his sides. The war machine screeched in anguish as over twenty claws dug into each side of his stomach, his pain only growing as they swung him down to in front of the main head. Demon Orga pulled his various talons free, leaving the cyborg’s sides to pour out the vile concoction which flowed through Gigan’s veins, which served as both blood and oil.

Rotating buzzsaws were fired from compartments on Gigan’s chest, which dug into the front of the Millennian. They drew blood, but were soon smothered by the sheer amount of muscle and fat that surrounded them, stopping them cold. It was by this point that the four draconic heads returned, and immediately they slammed their skulls into Gigan’s chest, sending the war machine reeling back even further as metal dented and split.

The hybrid at this moment was vaguely aware of something striking at the conglomeration of crystals covering his form. Only vaguely, as it was an impenetrable fortress. He fired three rings from his crystals at Gigan, who had been distracted by the draconic heads. The cyborg screamed as EMP waves washed over him again, shorting out large portions of his anatomy. To the surprise of all his foes, Demon Orga then quickly spinned himself in midair. His gargantuan shoulder crystals smacked Gigan away, sending the cyborg flying with a weak groan, as the infernal Millennian saw who had feebly attacked him from behind.

Kumasogami and Desghidorah fired at him, not stopping as he saw them, instead directing their attacks toward his body. They defiantly roared at him, refusing to bend the knee before any who weren’t their true master. Demon Orga cared little about their little display. Green bolts fired from his shoulder crystals. Desghidorah dived to avoid them, but this only served to save himself. The golem was lifted off his steed by the Gravity Tornado, flailing helplessly as all control was ripped from him for that moment. Every mouth on the chimera’s body curled into smiles, before he threw Kumasogami to the ground, who screamed all the way down. Desghidorah went to try and catch his ally, only for two pulsating orbs to crash into his back, exploding into brilliant arrays of colors.

Blackened rock scattered across the stone floor as the golem landed on his back, the vestigial wings having partially shattered from the fall. Deep groaning left his mouth as he turned to push himself back up. Lava fell from large cracks in his body, which glowed brighter than usual due to the cosmic energy flowing through him. He looked up, to see a single, crimson eye staring down at him. Demon Orga’s main jaws opened, and were illuminated by a horrid luminance, an abundance of mixed energies so grand in scale that already wisps of power leaked from his mouth.

Kumasogami froze. His legs locked up, for he realized that running would do nothing. Terror, pure and unrefined, filled him for the first time in his long life. It consumed him so much that when two golden tails wrapped around his throat, he didn’t notice until they lifted him off the ground.

Everything shook as the living mountain unleashed his charged ray, pushing him back and up as for a moment, all darkness faded. All sound was drowned out by the booming roar of its flowing power. It was a column of surging, flashing colors, greater in diameter than any of his foes were tall. Time slowed down for Kumasogami as he, being dragged by King Ghidorah as quickly as the three-headed monster could move, watched the beam lance into the ground less than a mile away from him. Beneath him, the stone floor collapsed into a void.

Noticing King Ghidorah fleeing with the golem in tow, just barely making it out amongst the seemingly endless light of his own ray, Demon Orga began turning his head to chase after them. The sheer heat began warping Kumasogami’s legs, as the golden dragon screamed in anguish. This pain fueled the three-headed monster, giving him the strength to keep flying. He tried releasing his grip on the golem, but to his frustration, two obsidian hands had clutched onto his tails and refused to let go. The golden dragon had initially planned on just grabbing Kumasogami and dropping him onto Desghidorah, but that was before all of the Millennian’s focus fell to the ancient god.

Power began fading from Demon Orga, he couldn’t keep this up for much longer without recharging. He threw his head upward in frustration, taking the beam with the motion. Destoroyah threw himself to the side as the beam ascended toward him. He dodged the pillar of death, but still screamed as his carapace boiled from its radiant power. The rest of his allies had been further away, leaving them to watch as the beam went up into the void of the sky above. A moment later, it faded, leaving a visibly exhausted Demon Orga.

There was a gap in the ground several miles wide. A quarter of the abomination’s crystal field had fallen away into it, the rest still humming with energy as they refueled their master. Somewhere else on the rim of the crater, Goliath clung on for dear life, his legs dangling above the void. The empowered behemoth strained as he began pulling himself up, then gave a panicked grunt as he felt and heard the ground he was holding crack apart. As he began falling, with one final hoist, he pulled himself up onto his feet and began running to solid ground. Once he judged that he was safe, he hunched over, panting heavily. His eyes went to the field of demonic crystals, which were close.

Squaring his shoulders, Goliath approached the fortress. The gemstones dully pulsed as they refueled their master, captivating the horned reptile for a moment. He shook it off, before reeling a fist back. He shattered the construct with one attack, putting a smile on his face. He looked up, checking to see if the chimera knew he was here. Fortunately for Goliath, it didn’t seem to be the case, as Demon Orga seemed much more focused on using his tendrils to keep his foes away as he recharged. With that, Goliath went back to carefully destroying the crystals, not wanting to do it too fast and end up alerting the Millennian.

King Ghidorah dropped Kumasogami onto solid ground, who replied with a bitter hiss toward his savior. The golem changed his hands into swords once more, and pointed them both at the three-headed monster. King Ghidorah flared out his wings in reply, all three mouths letting out cackles which dripped with hatred. They began slowly circling each other, daring the other to make the first move. It seemed that even in the face of such cataclysmic danger, pride was never ending.

The sound of rushing water cut them off, as all eyes present looked to the sky. A great, murky waterfall came from the void, filled with countless screaming bodies. Even in their predicament, they still fought each other, struggling to get their heads out of the water.

Demon Orga’s attack had breached the Circle of Wrath.

King Ghidorah looked to the ancient deity, and cackled, before flying back into the fray with Demon Orga. Most of the river fell into the crater that the chimera’s beam had formed, but still enough of the water missed it to send floods roaring over the bleak wasteland. Kumasogami cursed the golden dragon, before calling out to Desghidorah, the whole time trying to put distance between himself and the growing flood.

The ebony dragon did not hear his former rider, the golem’s bellows were drowned out by the roaring waves and by his own heart thumping in his ears. He was trying to close the distance, but the various glowing rays, pulsating energy orbs, and lashing tendrils made it nigh-impossible for him to do so. He fired his fireballs in reply, but they either detonated against expendable limbs, or were consumed by beams. As his six eyes looked around, they saw that his allies were doing little better. This was turning into a war of attrition, a war Demon Orga was guaranteed to win.

SpaceGodzilla had stopped dodging altogether, choosing to just hover in place while holding forth his Photon Shield. He was wasting energy by thrashing about to avoid the attacks, and by doing this he could think. His line of thought was identical to that of Desghidorah’s, but with one addition at the end. They would need to deliver one precise, deadly attack to put this foe down. But what such an attack would be, he had no idea. Demon Orga noticed the saurian’s stillness, and so he turned toward the crystal tyrant.

The Millennian was growing tired of this. The longer this battle dragged on, the more likely it was that his enemies would figure out a way to defeat him. He needed a way to change this battle, something that would throw his foes off. An idea came to him, one which would turn the tide quickly.

Goliath continued bashing away at the crystals below. Despite his best efforts, he wasn’t satisfied with his progress. He had trimmed down roughly a quarter of the fortress, and a cursory glance upward told him it wasn’t enough. He had to work faster. Taking a deep breath, the behemoth hoped his allies would be able to back him up. He reared a fist back, ready to drive it through another crystal…

When at that moment, the bases of several crystals exploded into sparks, propelling them into the air. His fist almost subconsciously soared forward anyway, tearing into the now energized crystals. It exploded, starting a chain reaction with the rest of the activated gemstones.

The blast echoed across the area, catching everyone’s attention as Goliath was launched back. The horned reptile screamed as he flew, eventually crashing into a building which instantly crumbled beneath his bulk. The M.U.T.O. screeched as the structure she had been hiding behind collapsed, causing her to flee further.

Smoke curled off the behemoth’s form, his body wracked with burns and agony. But as he opened his eyes, the physical feelings were nothing compared to the feeling of seeing the deformed colossus’ full attention upon him. He looked down slightly, seeing that the field of crystals was gone, now just a smoking crater. Demon Orga did not care as he felt the various attacks of his enemies scourge his skin, his rage toward the horned reptile numbed it.

The chimera fell like a comet toward Goliath. The behemoth stood up, only to cringe as muscles locked up, making him fall. They were enduring too much punishment, but now was not the time to rest. He tried to fight past the strain through will, but adrenaline only went so far. His allies only stood back, either deciding they were too far away to really help, or that such an act would be too dangerous. Goliath could only watch as the living mountain came closer, a look of pure sadistic joy etched into his five faces. The M.U.T.O. frantically glanced between the two, her mind racing.

Time slowed down. The parasite could help her ally, but such an act would mean certain doom, either by being crushed or by the Millennian’s retribution. She began to turn, deciding that she was useless. Until, when she saw the look of terror on Goliath’s face, a vision came to her.

The M.U.T.O. rushed forward, putting all of her might into this run. The ground shook with each footfall, until soon she was within reach. Her skull came down, slamming into the horned reptile’s side. Goliath cried out as he was knocked back. The M.U.T.O., moving as quickly as she could, stood over her ally’s body and wrapped two of her limbs around his torso. She started running, just as Demon Orga was about to hit the ground.

The chimera turned slightly, scraping one shoulder crystal through the ground as he watched the primeval predator run away. The M.U.T.O. tossed Goliath away when they were no longer underneath the chimera, then turned. Demon Orga had stopped, his center eye locked onto the parasite’s own. Jaws big enough to devour both King and Desghidorah at once opened, heralding another of the great beams that nearly brought the Sixth Circle crashing down into the Seventh.

With a quick run-up beforehand, the M.U.T.O. leaped forward, front most claws raised high. She brought them down into the scarlet eye, the scythe like appendages easily piercing the soft membrane. Hell shuddered at the bellow of pain that left Demon Orga’s jaws as he reared up, the beam in his mouth fading. The primeval parasite did not fall, only digging her claws deeper. She began pulling back, the glowing veins on her body flaring up. As Demon Orga flew higher, one thought pierced the cacophony of pain tearing through his mind.

Where had this sudden confidence come from?

The female M.U.T.O.’s vision had been a simple one, yet still filled with dread. She saw another of her kind, smaller than her but with wings atop his back. She saw her mate, cowering before an endless mountain of teeth, flesh, tendrils, and crystals. He meekly called out for her, stumbling back as the wall of death which stretched from horizon to horizon drew closer. It had been enough to show her that this battle would have consequences beyond the immediate, and that no matter where her mate was, if this thing won, it would find him. She would do anything to prevent such a thing.

Screams echoed out as flesh began tearing from Demon Orga’s face, as the parasite’s claws nearly punched through the roof of the mouth. King Ghidorah suddenly screeched to his allies, the display reminding him of just how they might be able to beat this foe. If they destroyed his center brain, the rest of the heads would suffer a sensory overload from the sudden strain of having to control the whole body, leaving him helpless. It had happened to the golden dragon, and so the same had to be true for Demon Orga.

The chimera’s two arms reared up, ready to crush the M.U.T.O. with a single blow, only for a Corona Beam and an Oxygen Destroyer Ray tore into the “hands”, blasting them apart. The four heads turned to SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah, snarling. They all fired mixed energy rays, which combined together then split into two before lancing into the duo’s chests. The saurian and the crustacean flew back, screaming in anguish. The four heads turned to the M.U.T.O., as countless tendrils began rising to strike her. Despite this, she still pulled, more flesh breaking away.

Tentacles began wrapping around her limbs, trying to pull her off of the chimera’s face. They couldn’t get a good enough grip to pull her away with making the wounds she created worse. The four reptilian jaws bit down on her back, forcing a cry of anguish from her as blood stained their teeth. Gravity Bolts came down upon them, carving into their flesh. Two of them let go, turning to face the descending King Ghidorah. The three-headed monster fell upon one of the heads, crushing it between his foot and the body of his foe. Bone and brain matter splattered against his feet, but he couldn’t relish in it for long before two mixed bolts tore into his back. They left deep scorch marks and black wounds, forcing a cry of pain from King Ghidorah as he turned to face the two heads who had released the M.U.T.O. The three-headed monster lunged forward, biting down on them both. The remaining head went to the parasite’s head, opening its mouth as it prepared to send a beam through her skull.

The talons of Gyaos fell upon it before it could do so, punching through the pseudo-dragon’s left eye. She frantically clawed at it, before the head shook her off of itself, then reared up to bite at her. King Ghidorah wrapped his right and center necks around the necks of his foe, but they did the same. They squeezed against each other, wrestling for dominance. The shadow of evil screamed as the serpentine throat of her foe constricted itself around her, pinning her wings to her sides. King Ghidorah used his free head to bite at the face of the pseudo-dragon currently fighting his center head.

The combatants shifted as, with one final pull, the M.U.T.O. nearly ripped the upper half of the face off. Unfortunately for her, it still held, suspended only by the upper jaw bones. Thin streaks of energy fired from the mouth, before curving back around to strike the three kaiju currently assailing him. King Ghidorah was able to shift himself enough to where the beams also tore into his foe, charring both sets of necks. Gyaos screamed as the bolts tore into her body, but this was not only a scream of pain, as her sonic ray also fired at this moment. It tore into the side of the head restraining her, causing its lower jaw to limply flop down at the tendons snapped. Its grip loosened, allowing her to fly back. A concussive ray left the broken jaws, slamming into her torso and launching her away with a screech. She crashed into the still raging waterfall, which carried her down with it into the seventh circle.

The M.U.T.O. briefly fell limp as the beams tore into her, but she managed to barely hold on. She wasn’t exactly in danger of falling off, but still she put forth all her will to overcome the last sinews holding it together. King Ghidorah twisted his free head toward one of the stretched tendons, and fired a Gravity Bolt.

The golden ray tore into the bone, burning it and sending cracks through it. Instantly, the two necks that had been constricting King Ghidorah’s own unraveled themselves from him. The head the three-headed monster had crushed, as well as the one that Gyaos had maimed, joined them.

Demon Orga had split his joint consciousness, with the center head taking the Millennian’s mind, and the draconic heads taking the demon’s madness. With the logical alien’s mind preoccupied as he attempted to pull the M.U.T.O. away with his tendrils, the spirit was free to do what it wanted.

So, when all four heads opened their jaws, before unleashing torrents of Hell Fire upon King Ghidorah, they weren’t taking strategy into account. Which was why the supernatural flames, aside from enveloping the three-headed monster and drowning out his cries of anguish, also swept over the weakened joint of the chimera.

It all happened so fast. The flames burnt it away, causing a loud snap as Demon Orga’s face was ripped away. The M.U.T.O. weakly screamed as she was thrown back, her forelegs still buried in a gigantic mound of flesh. King Ghidorah fell back, unable to hold himself up anymore. But as he fell, he still smiled.

For Demon Orga screamed in horrid anguish at the fact that his brain was now exposed to the open air. The wrinkled grey matter throbbed, as fluid from it poured out of the cavernous wound. The edges of it began trying to close up, but such a wound wouldn’t close quickly. The four remaining heads tried desperately to cover up the wound, while also keeping eyes open for any potential attackers.

Emerald energy enveloped King Ghidorah’s form, stopping his fall. The cosmic clone slowly carried himself and the golden dragon upward. They needed everything they could get for this last attack. SpaceGodzilla looked over the three-headed monster. In life, they had hated each other. Now, here he was saving his life.

The four draconic heads shielded the brain, almost touching the pulsating organ. This proved a mistake when an invisible blast struck the four of them, thrusting their horns into the tissue. They flailed, widening the holes in it as they tried to free themselves. The mouth of the center head hung open, ready to attack if need be.

Destoroyah hovered before them, closing his chest pattern. SpaceGodzilla floated up to him, carrying King Ghidorah above his head. The three-headed monster’s eyes were open as he stared at his ruined foe. Power built up within the canyon-like throat of the chimera, but the same happened within his three foes.

Using the rest of their power, the trio fired their signature attacks. The Corona Beam, the Oxygen Destroyer Ray, and the Gravity Bolts tore into the secondary heads. The pseudo-dragons tried to endure, but their skin boiled and burst as the fractions of seconds dragged on. The glowing power of Critical Mass faded from the trio’s bodies, flowing into their final attacks. The multitude of energies broke through the last of the defenses, and finally breached into the soft, defenseless brain.

Cosmic energies mingled with anti-oxygen particles, and in the center of the brain, they detonated in a flash of purples, oranges, golds, and whites. Demon Orga’s skull became a shower of gore. He went limp immediately afterward, and thus fell. As did the three destroyers, closing their eyes as darkness fell over their sights.

Far away, Desghidorah found Kumasogami, crouched atop a particularly tall structure to avoid the rushing waters. The ancient god prepared to climb onto the dragon’s back, but stopped when an explosion hit both their ears. They looked up, to see the Millennian’s falling form.

The two growled, angered at what they perceived to be their kill stolen from them.

Goliath and the M.U.T.O. both watched their foe’s failure. They weakly groaned in joy, before letting their heads hit the ground. Sleep was instant thereafter. Elsewhere, Gigan’s head hung low. These enhancements had been his downfall, allowing others to once again take the glory. He cried out to the heavens, cursing his own fragile pride and body. The mountain of crystal and muscle slammed into the stonework ground, crashing through it like it wasn’t even there.

Over a million tons of corrupted Millennian fell into the Seventh Circle, itself flooded from the pouring water. Gyaos sluggishly looked up, then instantly was shaken of her stupor as she flew away. Watching her foe plummet from a safer distance, she cried out in joy. Tears fell from her eyes as she thought about a return to the world of life.

She was jolted from this as the realm trembled again, Demon Orga’s corpse smashing through the sand and into another void.

The Eighth Circle, the place for those who committed fraud in life, was a place of many various tortures depending on the exact nature of one’s sin. It too shuddered as the chimera plummeted, tearing through its ceiling. Demons and damned souls scattered as he fell like a meteor, soon tearing through that floor as well.

An endless expanse of ice, bodies frozen beneath. This was the final layer. Betrayal. The place where the Devil himself dwelled. The ceiling of this abysmal plane collapsed, and thus came forth Demon Orga. He slammed into the ice, shattering it for miles with a booming crash. Next, there was a great collapse, soon burying the entire body in ice.

All was silent. Soon enough, it looked like the surface had never even been damaged, as chilling winds fell over it all. This place was different then the punishment Gigan had undergone. Whereas he had been in freezing waters, he could still struggle and move about. Here, those put under this ice were petrified. In the time it had taken him to reach this point, one of the secondary heads of Demon Orga had healed enough to gain sight and consciousness. Its eye moved about, trying to take in all it could.

The Doppelganger Demon had betrayed everything, so it was fitting he end up here. His only eye which could see above the surface surveyed the landscape, trying to find something to give him freedom. Instead, he only found a source of torture, far worse than any physical pain that could be inflicted upon him. For he saw the overlord of Hell, the endpoint of his plan to devour all in this plane.

His apotheosis, Satan, frozen up to the waist in this ice, unable to free himself.

The trio that had put an end to this long war all roughly landed on their feet, quaking the Seventh Circle with their colossal weights. They were all drained, especially King Ghidorah, for this fight had pushed them to their limits. But in the end, they had earned their right to return to the world of the living.

The ground shook as it slowly ascended to the opening ceiling, carrying all seven kaiju that represented the Seven Deadly Sins. King Ghidorah’s central head looked afar to see Kumasogami, mounted upon Desghidorah. The two stared off at each other for a moment as they parted ways. Kumasogami, even after the hell they had been through, still despised King Ghidorah, especially because the golden dragon would most likely keep that pride upon his resurrection. However, he gave the Three-headed monster a nod, as a way of saying “Thank you” for helping him win this battle, one that not even he could’ve won on his own, nor could his steed. As the ascending ground went through the open ceiling, which slowly closed back up, Kumasogami grunted to tell Desghidorah to take off, the dragon giving a mighty bellow before taking to the air.

The seven kaiju were passing through all the Circles of Hell, and during this, they heard the devil’s voice in their heads.

“You have all fought, and beaten, the impossible, and not one of you has perished. Needless to say, I’m impressed.” The devil said as they neared their destination. “But just as a reminder, should you resume the sins that you once had, you will return to this realm, and suffer once more forever.”

Finally, the rising floor came to a halt. The kaiju were taken to the top of an impossible tower, which dwarfed even Demon Orga in his final state. Standing in front of the seven was a Shinto Shrine, standing tall and shrouded by swirling thunderclouds.

“Pass through, and begone.”

This was it, their one-way ticket to escape Hell. Gyaos immediately rushed to pass through it, her form fading into it. Before the six passed through the gateway, they stopped and looked at each other. Chances were they’d be enemies if they crossed paths again. But despite this, they still thanked each other, and wouldn’t soon forget this. After that, they all headed to the Shinto Shrine, passing through the red gate. Their forms faded, and soon they could only see one thing.


* * * * *

Sirens whirred in the EDF HQ, as the satellites which kept track of all kaiju activity detected seven anomalies suddenly emerge. And to the worry of all who saw the reports, they were all kaiju that had been reported to be dead. Orders were given, and every special aircraft and mech was mobilized to deal with the new threats. At the same time, any Anti-Kaiju facilities were out on high alert, and evacuations began for the more immediate threats.

The bully of Monster Island, Gabara, laughed in mockery as he held both Minilla and Daigoro. The two child monsters flailed to break free, but their attempts were futile when Gabara stunned them both with his electric powers, making them twitch violently. As the oni-like creature raised his fists to bash their skulls together, a lightning bolt struck him in the back, making him cry out painfully. Gabara screeched in anger before turning around to see who would dare attack him from behind. He was greeted by Goliath leaping forward, delivering a sluggish, but powerful punch right to the face. Gabara stumbled backward before tripping, crashing down as the punch had instantly knocked him out. Minilla and Daigoro were surprised to see this, but the young hippo was even more shocked to see his arch nemesis back, despite the blue reptile’s death. Goliath snarled when he stared at Minilla and Daigoro, but then groaned while walking away. He was too tired to mess with them, all he really wanted now was just a nice, long, and deserved rest after what he been through.

The Male M.U.T.O. perched on the isle of Hawaii, broken hearted after the loss of his beloved mate. But then, with his echolocation, he picked up a familiar cry that came from the exact same place his female counterpart had perished. Could she have found a way to come back from the dead? Or was this the call of another female? It didn’t matter, the Male M.U.T.O. let out a loud calling cackle as his wings extended. The male parasite flew high above the vast seas, as he began to make the long journey to San Francisco.

Chunks of ice burst apart as Gigan let out a shrilling cry, rotating his chainsaws with a loud whir. With the Xiliens no longer on this planet, the cyborg was free to follow his will, now that nobody could control his M-Base genes. But even if his masters did return, until then, Gigan took off and left Antarctica to find what else he could do. Hopefully blow off some steam after his performance in the battle against the chimera.

The waters of Tokyo Bay erupted into the air, alerting all the fishermen and sailors as the next thing they saw was Destoroyah letting loose a diabolical cry. Immediately, they began fleeing for their lives, several unfortunate enough to be blasted to shreds as the Precambrian terror unleashed an Oxygen Destroyer Ray across the waters. Now that he was alive once more, nothing would get in the way of his destructive wrath.

A yellow laser cut through one of the Pyramids, as the revived Gyaos, who had been known as both the strongest and the most dangerous, landed on top of the damaged monument. The revived Shadow of Evil began the process to build a new nest, where she could give birth to her young. Only this time, she would nurture them instead of feasting upon them. The Gyaos population was low, due to both her and her kind’s natural exterminator, Gamera. So now was not the time to feed, now was the time to regrow their numbers. Humanity would learn its place once more, under a million beating wings.

Towers of crystal spires rose from the surface of Fukuoka, most of them tearing through buildings that they had been seeded below. The towering minerals stick out as they surround the Fukuoka Tower, energy surging around it, followed by the echoing cry of SpaceGodzilla. The cosmic clone of Godzilla began to rest as his exhausted body charged up. Once he had recovered his exhausted powers, his plans for conquest would begin anew. And this time, he would not fall.

King Ghidorah opened his six crimson eyes, finding himself standing in the center of Tokyo, several miles away from Destoroyah. The three-headed monster spread his draconic wings and cackled loudly, sending a message to Japan and the world. He had conquered death itself, to spread fear across the lands once more.

Back in the EDF HQ, one of the staffs reported that the satellites detected something else. Underneath Mt. Fuji, there was a sudden accumulation of thermal energy and heat, to an unnatural extent even for a volcano. And it was steadily growing in intensity...

King Ghidorah (Heisei) SpaceGodzilla Gyaos (Heisei) Destoroyah Gigan
King Ghidorah (Heisei) SpaceGodzilla Gyaos (Heisei) Destoroyah Gigan
M.U.T.O. Goliath Kumasogami Desghidorah  
M.U.T.O. Goliath Kumasogami Desghidorah