KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 242 - Author: Patrick Alan Green

Match 242: Frankenstein vs. Maguma
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

The wind blew hard as Frankenstein marched through the frozen, snow-covered valley. He kept his eyes glued to the ground, in search of anything he could eat.

Frankenstein wasn't exactly happy about his new home. Food was scarce and the coldness seemed almost unbearable at times. But there was one thing the giant did like about his newfound Arctic home: the seclusion.

It had seemed like no matter where he'd go, there was always something that gave him problems, whether it were humans, or other giant creatures, he just couldn't be left alone. But Antarctica seemed like the ideal place for where he could finally find peace.

As Frankenstein came across a ridge, he noticed something that made him nervous — enormous trenches in the snow, stretching on for what seemed like forever. Frankenstein glared at the channels, contemplating his next move. But his growling stomach quickly made his mind up for him. Letting out a low groan, the giant ventured on, deciding to follow the tracks of the arcane creature.

For two days straight, Frankenstein followed the tracks, without rest, without stop, like a machine. The giant carried on until finally coming across an enormous ice cave. The prints lead inside. Frankenstein growled as he approached the cave entrance, giant icicles hung overhead like teeth. Normally the human colossus would have turned back at the first sign of another creature, but his hunger pursued him to do otherwise.

Frankenstein, desperate for the hunt, took a deep breath of cold air and ventured in, disappearing beyond the darkness.

As he traveled through the dark cavern, it wasn't long till the gargantuan man finally came across the beast he had been hunting. The enormous walrus, Maguma, lay sleeping against a mountain of boulders. Its heavy breathing resonated throughout the cave, filling the emptiness with deep, tired huffs.

Frankenstein had lucked out. If he could manage to kill this beast while it slept, he could avoid a battle altogether. Frankenstein bent down to grab a giant boulder lying on the ground, then slowly approached Maguma.

He glared at his prey with malicious intent, watching carefully as the creature slept peacefully, unaware of his presence. He raised his weapon high, and with tremendous power, bashed the sleeping monster's skull in, bludgeoning the helpless animal with such primal savagery.

Maguma's glowing green eye's instantly flashed open. It shrieked in agony and jumped to its feet; head bobbing back and forth violently as blood poured down its hideous face. Maguma began to crawl away, but Frankenstein jumped on the startled beast's back. He hadn't come all this way to just let his meal escape. Frankenstein pummeled the back of Maguma's head, striking the monster relentlessly until the arctic beast let out a frustrated roar and shook the giant off. Frankenstein came crashing down into the snow with a thud.

Frankenstein quickly rolled to his feet and charged at the beast for another assault. Maguma snarled and lowered its head and charged forward as well, ramming the colossus back to the ground with another loud thud. Before Frankenstein had a chance to get back on his feet, Maguma was already on him. The enormous walrus raised its nasty head high, looking to drive its sharp tusks through Frankenstein's chest!

The giant desperately scanned the ground before quickly spotting the same boulder he had used to strike Maguma. Grabbing hold of the rock, he quickly shoved it in the monster’s opened mouth and pushed his foot into the throat of the Arctic kaiju, kicking the beast off and giving himself a chance to scramble back to his feet. The ancient animal stumbled back, spitting the rock out as it continued shaking its head back and forth in anger.

The monster walrus reared its head back, releasing a loud menacing roar before charging forward again. Frankenstein jumped back and kicked the beast in the face, but Maguma charged on without stop, ramming its skull into the gut of Frankenstein, sending him crashing back to the thick white sheets.

As Frankenstein scrambled on the ground, Maguma pounced, dropping its thick flippers onto the chest of the giant, pinning him to the ground. The monster rose on its powerful hind legs and brought its full weight on top of him again, attempting to crush his body.

Frankenstein shrieked and howled as he wildly pummeled the creature's ugly face, blood leaked from its snout as it snapped aggressively at Frankenstein's throat. In desperation, the giant drug his fingers across Maguma's green eyes, blinding the terrible beast!

The tusked monster jerked back, squealing in pain, blood running down its face and onto the white snow, staining the ground. The monster swung its head blindly, howling in agony as it crawled away, trying to make a hasty retreat through the cave.

Frankenstein grimaced, picking up a handful of rocks, the gargantuan man drilled Maguma repeatedly in the back of the head, one after another until Maguma disappeared out of sight.

Frankenstein raised his arms high in the air and let out a loud shriek that echoes throughout the cave. Frankenstein sprints after the fleeing monster, his feet kicking up snow in clumps as he rushed towards the entrance, ready to finish this beast off once and for all.

Maguma had just made it out of the cave, leaving a trail of blood in the snow as the monster dragged its body across the ground, trying desperately to crawl away. Maguma sniffs the air and growls. Frankenstein was standing directly behind him…

Leaping on Maguma's back, the enormous walrus thrashed and kicked, trying with all its might to knock its attacker off. But Frankenstein hung tightly, wrapping his powerful arms around the creature's throat, choking the monster until its thrashing began to slow.

Frankenstein hopped off and grabbed hold of Maguma's massive tusks, pulling the monster through the snow as the walrus tried its best to resist. With a mighty heave, Frankenstein lifts Maguma high over his head before driving him back to the ground with an earth shattering impact.

He circled the downed monster as it weakly flailed in the snow. He moved in for the kill. He could almost taste it; his mouth watered for it. Then suddenly, the ground beneath them began to rumble and splinter. The ice cracked as it broke apart, giving way under Maguma's body, sending the half-dead monster crashing to the frozen waters below, before slowly sinking below the waves.

Before Frankenstein had a chance to properly react, the ice beneath him split apart too, sending him crashing into the water as well.

Frankenstein bobbed up in down in the water, thrashing as his shrieks echoed throughout the sky. Trying to crawl back onto land, he grabbed onto a large chunk of glacier and began pulling himself up. Then as the water began to plume violently behind him, Maguma erupts from the icy depths, its jaws opened wide, snapping down on Frankenstein's neck! The colossal man cried out in agony as Maguma quickly dragged him down into the cold Arctic waters.

The monsters still fought underwater, creating a spout of bubbling foam. Frankenstein had proved himself a mighty creature in the past, but it was clear there was no hope for him this time.

As Maguma continued to drag him deeper and deeper, Frankenstein let out a couple muffled cries as the icy water quickly filled his lungs - his eyes watched as the light grew dimmer until completely disappearing.

With his life slipping away every passing second, he fondly looked back on the times where he was once treated with kindness, when he had saved those he cared for from that ferocious subterranean beast long ago. As his consciousness faded, a smile formed on his face, in that moment, he welcomed death's cold embrace. For his life as a monster hadn't been completely tragic. In death, he had finally found peace…