KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 239 - Author: Landon Soto

Match 239: Godzillasaurus vs. King Ghidorah (Heisei)
Banner: Landon Soto & Matthew Williams

In 1944, on Lagos Island, during the Gilbert and Marshall Islands Campaign, three little Dorats were mysteriously dropped off on the island and managed to survive until one fateful day in 1954...

On March 1st, 1954, Castle Bravo was detonated at Bikini Atoll, an unexpected 15 megatons of TNT went off and caused major fallout, contaminating the nearby Marshall Islands.

Lagos Island was one of the islands hit with the burst of radiation. The Dorats absorbed the atomic fallout with insatiable gluttony and soon began to fuse together. A new abomination quickly mutated at a horrifying rate, growing until it was as large as a small building. King Ghidorah was the name of the three-headed demon, a name bestowed upon it from its Futurian creators should it successfully merge into a destructive new form. However, the draconic mutation wasn't the only inhabitant of the island.

In the year 1944, a large dinosaur was discovered on the island during a Japanese and American skirmish. In a destructive rampage, the dinosaur drove off the Americans but eventually fell to the grievous wounds inflicted upon it. Against all odds, the theropod survived, and continued to heal until the bomb dropped.For reasons unknown, the dinosaur began feeding off the radiation, healing faster and even growing in size, albeit at a much slower rate than its futuristic neighbor. The two became more and more aware of each other's presence as their size altered, and it wouldn't be long before they finally confronted each other.


In the warmth of a June morning, Godzillasaurus trudged along the beach of Lagos. Blood dripped from its jaws from a successful hunt. Chunks of meat impacted the glowing sand beneath him as he trekked toward his inland home for a well-deserved rest, but as the trees in front of him began to shake, the beast realized the time for rest was over.

Walking out of the lush green forest, the ‘newborn’ King Ghidorah unleashed a plethora of screeches as it made its presence known to the dinosaur king. Standing at just over half of its potential height, the juvenile dragon bellowed a roar of conquest against the dinosaur.

Godzillasaurus stopped and stared down the golden hydra. It had tried to get rid of the beast, but the dragon always managed to slink away from it in the nick of time. As its heads gazed down upon the dinosaur, Godzillsaurus bellowed a cautious roar, realizing he was no longer the hunter, but he would not fall like measly prey.

King Ghidorah cackled in delight, unleashing a few bolts of power into the air in a demonstration of its newly attained power. He no longer needed to run. He could finally defeat the predator that had tried to kill it so many times before.

King Ghidorah let out three cackling cries and marched toward Godzillasaurus.The saurian returned the gesture with its own battle cry and charged the man-made beast. The saurian collided first, headbutting the golden dragon in the chest and effectively flooring the hydra. Sand shot into the air as the dragon screeched in shock. With its opponent down, Godzillasaurus bit into the right neck, shaking its head wildly from side. Sharp teeth barely ripped into the young Ghidorah’s thick scales as crimson blood seeped from the punctured wounds into the warm sand. Cackling in pain, the middle head opened its jaws and fired a gravity beam. A golden bolt that resembled lighting lanced across the brown hide of Godzillsaurus, causing it to release its bite.

Godzillasaurus grunted in pain as it felt the burning sensation running along its back, but the dinosaur quickly countered by turning around and smashing two golden heads with its thick tail, knocking the spit out of their maws. Sand momentarily overtook all three heads, cloaking them as the middle head barked orders to the others.

They couldn’t fight alone. They were now one monster, and Godzillasaurus would die by their combined power!

Using its large wings, the golden terror recovered and began to flap its wings, creating powerful gusts of wind in the process. Godzillasaurus stood its ground, sliding from the sand to the earth behind him astrees uprooted with every gust. As a tree burst from the ground and struck his left leg, Godzillasaurus lost its footing and stumbled, allowing it to tumble further into the jungle. King Ghidorah stopped the assault as the dinosaur disappeared into the jungle and landed on the warm sand. The center head barked at other two, reinforcing the power Ghidorah now possessed as the golden terror gradually marched inland to find its prey.

King Ghidorah kept its three heads high above the trees as they searched for their prehistoric foe; meanwhile, Godzillasaurus crouched low and remained hidden beneath the dense jungle canopy. From a safe distance, the dinosaur watched as King Ghidorah passed by. With its head hung low and with careful steps, the dinosaur king began to stalk the golden dragon, waiting for an opportunity.

Ghidorah reached a large, grassy field at the jungle’s edge. The hydra glanced around the open landscape until it felt an excruciating pain on its left wing. Ghidorah’s left head jolted back to witness the dinosaur’steeth sunk into its sensitive wing. In a burst of fury, the dragon unleashed its power.

The golden beam forced the dinosaur to release the hold and back off, but King Ghidorah flicked its twin tails and struck Godzillasaurus in the jaw. The saurian toppled over and struggled to get itself up. Seizing the opportunity, King Ghidorah swiftly turned to wrap its heads around the dinosaur’s neck and waist. King Ghidorah, with its awe-inspiring strength, began to raise the dinosaur king up and constrict the life out of the beast.

The prehistoric animal began to struggle with all its might, fighting back in order to prevent its own death. The theropod smacked its tail against the hydra’s stomach, each hit loosening the dragon's grip. Godzillasaurus managed to break free after another solid strike to the gut and landed in front of the terrible creature, immediately headbutting the dragon again.

King Ghidorah backed up, each head snarling with hate toward the relic. Soon, all three heads began firing gravity bolt after gravity bolt. The first harmlessly flew over the dinosaur king’s head, the second one hit the ground near its feet and caused an explosion of earth to shoot into the sky.

Godzillasaurus was blindsided by the dirt and stumbled in pain allowing the third one to strike the side of the beast. An explosion erupted from the energy attack. The mighty saurian toppled over and screeched in pain as more bolts of energy pelted its hide. Smoke gradually overtook the fallen titan, only dissipating as Ghidorah ceased its barrage.

Godzillasaurus groggily rose to its feet through the haze. Its ribs were bruised and slightly broken with a stream of blood running down the theropod’s side. King Ghidorah cackled with glee as it watched the dinosaur struggle to stand. The juvenile three-headed terror began to flap its wings, lifting off the ground. Mocking cries echoed for the island to hear as Ghidorah circled Godzillsaurus from the air.

A defiant roar silenced the dragon’s cries, daring it to come down and fight the ancient dinosaur. If it truly was king, it would not fight like a coward from afar. The golden dragon easily obliged and swooped down from behind, wrapping its twin tails around the neck of Godzillasaurus, trying once again to squeeze the air out the dinosaur king.

Godzillasaurus squirmed again as it tried to bite into the upper region of the golden tails dangling above its head. The barbed tips of the tail dug deeper into dinosaurs’ neck, causing it to wheeze in pain. King Ghidorah moved forward, dragging the saurian along the dirt. Godzillasaurus groaned in pain, yet managed to maneuver its head to reach the rest of the tail.

Opening its jaws, the saurian took a large bite into the right golden appendage. King Ghidorah shrieked in pain as it felt the tugging on its tail, sharp teeth ripping into his golden scales.

A cloud of dirt erupted as Godzillasaurus touched down.The beast dug its claw-tipped feet into the soil, slowing down the dragon’s flight as the dinosaur slid across the ground. With a mighty heave, Godzillasaurus flung its head downward with enough force to drag the golden hydra out of the sky.

The glistening body of Ghidorah slammed into the ground, the impact kicking up dirt and foliage. Godzillasaurus charged forward and stomped its right foot on the back of Ghidorah, his left foot pinning the mighty left wing of the dragon.

Godzillasaurus opened its toothy maw and clamped down on the central neck. The ancient beast shook its head violently like a crocodile,blood oozing from the lethal attack. The Ghidorah’s heads cackled in agony. King Ghidorah’s left head attempted to fire a gravity beam, but Godzillasaurus yanked the middle head upward. The bolt lanced across the central head. The resulting explosion caused gashes to form in the injured central head, allowing it to be ripped apart and completely blown off!

The neck’s break caught the dinosaur off balance, sending Godzillasaurus stumbling backward off the now two headed dragon. Godzillasaurus quickly regained its composure, ripped a chunk of golden flesh from the severed head and tossed rest of the neck away from his form.

King Ghidorah gradually arose, wailing in pain as it mourned the loss of its central head. The two remaining heads turned and stared at the dinosaur king with hatred. They watched as the prehistoric monster happily swallowed a strip of bloody meat from the golden, shimmering neck of the middle head. The saurian's jaws happily clamped together as it swallowed the delicious meat.

The golden hydra’s heads glanced at each other, then slowly refocused on Godzillsaurus. The dragon’s left foot took a step back causing Godzillasaurus’ eyes to narrow in confidence. Godzillasaurus charged forward, its massive jaws agape, but the dragon’s wings spread and flapped forward. A gust of wind overtook Godzillasaurus, stopping the monster in his tracks as Ghidorah took to the skies once more.

Even with the dragon fleeing Godzillsaurus, however, was not finished with the battle. If Ghidorah escaped, it would only return far larger and stronger. To ensure the saurian’s continued existence as the only apex predator on the island, Ghidorah needed to fall and fall it soon would. Godzillsaurus began to sprint toward the fleeing dragon. Trees shattered as the dinosaur rammed through the surrounding forest, adrenaline coursing through its veins.

King Ghidorah struggled to stay in the air, the blood loss from the lost head was slowly taking a toll on the hydra, but if it could just fly to another island and finish growing, then it would exact its revenge on the beast that defiled its beautiful body. A demonic beast thats footsteps echoed beneath Ghidorah’s majestic presence, the height of its flight dropping ever more as it neared the coast. 

As the pair neared the beach, King Ghidorah burst forth to make it past the shoreline. Its two heads focused on the island in the distance, a place it could grow in peace and return when it fully matured, instead of the sound of sand parting from Godzillsaurus’ leap.

Ancient jaws clamped onto Ghidorah’s tails. Careful to avoid the spiky tips, Godzillasaurus forced the hydra into the waves with a mighty heave.The golden terror screeched in shock as salt water splashed against his open wounds. Although the water was shallow, the twin heads desperately flapped their wings to become airborne once more to no avail.

Once again, Godzillasaurus found itself on top of Ghidorah and began to maul the right neck. The left head shot forth at the dinosaur and bit into the bumpy monster’s shoulder, small trickles of blood falling into the waves.

Godzillasaurus released the right head and let it sink into the waves. The saurian swiftly stomped on it, crushing it under the water’s surface. The head struggled, but a muffled crack signaled the head’s death as blood clouded the shining waters.

The left head began losing consciousness, the injuries it had suffered were far too great, and it too ceased its attacks. One last cry echoed beneath the waves before its vision faded to black, the red cloud it resided within being its final companion.

Godzillasaurus watched as the abomination writhed and squirmed in the waves before finally becoming still. Godzillasaurus inspected the dragon to see if any reaction might occur, but its body remained still. The mighty king then placed its right foot atop the creature's back and roared into the heavens of its victory. Godzillsaurus was bruised and bloody, but it had finally rid itself of a very large pest. Godzillasaurus then began to drag the carcass back ashore and began feasting on its hard earned, shiny trophy.

Godzillasaurus raised its head and looked off into the blue midday sky.Clouds slowly crept along the horizon.The sun's rays bathedthe many islands surrounding Lagos in light.

In time, once he recovered and grew in size, Godzillsaurus thought of venturing to islands outside his domain. But those were thoughts for another day. In the meantime, the dinosaur king plunged his maw into his well-earned futuristic feast.