KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 238 - Author: KeSean Johnson

Match 238: Dagahra vs. Ganimes, Gezora, Kamoebas (Showa), Manda (Millennium), Titanosaurus & Varan
Banner: Jackson Morris

A rebellion. The oceans of the Earth were not for him to control. Ever since the ultimate destruction of Nilai Kanai, the horrid monster sought to rule the Earth's seas with an iron fist. The billions of tinier creatures were incapable of toppling the sea tyrant, so it was up to a batch of several monsters to finally end the terrible reign of the dragon. The planet's oceans were for every creature to share, whether they competed or not, killed or not, it was just too big for one single being to conquer. Fear was to be kicked to the back and bravery was to be placed at the front of the line. It was time to take back what was rightfully theirs...

Beneath the vast waters of the Atlantic ocean, three mutants eagerly waged war against the ancient tyrant. As they stood on the sea floor, a monstrous cephalopod wiggled its fins and waved its tentacles in a threatening manner. Next to the cuttlefish stood a giant stone crab who raised its arms and exhibited its pincher claws in order to frighten the evil beast. The third combatant was a massive rock turtle with navy blue flesh and a boulder-like shell sitting on its back. Their new adversary, the emerald dragon, glared at each creature with no sense of care. With a menacing bellow, the ancient reptile flapped its waterproof wings and dashed toward the three rebels. When the sea dragon became closer, Ganimes sidestepped the oncoming beast and whacked it multiple times with his big claws. Dagahra was stopped in his tracks. Gezora barked the orders with a couple of loud chirps. Extending his neck, Kamoebas sank his teeth into Dagahra's left arm, drawing first blood. Gezora swam behind the beast and wrapped his long tentacles around the ocean dweller's tail. They kept him captive.

The low temperature of Gezora's moist skin nearly froze Dagahra's tail. Ganimes drove his pincher claws into the sea demon's wings, puncturing small holes in the membranes. Dagahra shook his left arm wildly, but Kamoebas plunged his fangs deeper into his green flesh, more blood spilling from his arm. The stone crab yanked Dagahra toward him while the giant cephalopod pulled backward. They tried to stretch the corrupt monster like elastic. It only made him angrier. Channeling plasma into his jaws, Dagahra vomited a lavender-red blast into Ganimes' torso. Burnt armor exploded off of his exoskeleton, causing the crustacean to screech in agony. As Ganimes stumbled away, Dagahra crawled in circles until his body spun at a blinding pace. Gezora and Kamoebas were extremely dazed, forced to let their enemy free as a result. With a mighty heave, Dagahra used his hands to push Kamoebas onto his shell, making the turtle immobile. Using his thin legs, Ganimes walked onto Dagahra's back and bashed the creature with his pincher claws. Letting forth an irritated bellow, Dagahra blasted the stone crab with crimson energy bolts from his dorsal fins. Ganimes fell from the dragon's body, screaming in pain as his exoskeleton singed.

Gezora outstretched his tentacles and helped Kamoebas to spin over onto his legs. The mutant duo headed straight for the emerald menace. Dagahra quickly turned his body to the right and blasted the approaching sea creatures with his Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave. Their cries of anguish soothed his ears. When Dagahra turned again to face the ugly crustacean, Ganimes quickly crunched the beast's shoulders with his snipping pinchers. Penetrating his thick hide was ineffective. With the dragon in his clutches, the armored crustacean released an ear-splitting screech to hurt his ears and spat coalesced-sea water directly in his face. The foamy water slid off of Dagahra, no harm done, and the dragon growled in aggravation. The emerald dragon carelessly stared into its wobbling eyes, unimpressed. Dagahra quickly spun to his right and smashed Ganimes against his cephalopod partner, disorienting the duo. A quick burst of inner-energy fired from Dagahra's mouth in the form of a deadly ray. The poisonous shockwave ripped into Ganimes' hideous face and completely tore it asunder in a devastating gore-fest. The stone crab was no more.

Lavender-red energies fired in the form of a plasma beam. The searing hot blast collided with the shell on Kamoebas' back, barely harming the rock turtle. Dagahra lashed out with his jaws, but Kamoebas slipped his head into his shell for protection. As he slowly extended his neck, Dagahra went for another vicious bite, but the navy blue creature hid in his shell once again. Gezora quietly swam behind his enemy. Before he could even do anything, Dagahra whipped the cephalopod in the upper body with his long tail. Gezora backpedaled once again, chirping a series of pained cries. Quickly, Kamoebas lashed out with his neck, attempting to chew into his opponent's skin. Dagahra easily dodged the attack and viciously slashed the giant turtle. The ivory claws on his right hand carved three gashes into his exposed neck. As blood escaped from his sickening wounds, Kamoebas screeched his last. Realizing his wounds were fatal and breathing quickly becoming labored, the turtle meerly shut his eyes, allowing death to take its toll.

Now that he was aware of the true power that the emerald menace possessed, Gezora swiftly swam away from the horrible dragon. Spreading his tentacles, a stream of black ink sprayed out of his body. The putrid ink temporarily blinded Dagahra, forcing screams of pain to come out of him. The cuttlefish scurried away as fast as its tendrils would allow it, but Dagahra was much faster. The enraged animal stalked the retreating creature like a serial killer. As Gezora attempted to make his grand escape, the evil sea dragon appeared again from the blackest depths and petrified the already frightened cuttlefish. Gezora suddenly turned his body around and lashed out with his tentacles. As the cephalopod released a high-pitched chirp, four of its lengthy tentacles coiled around Dagahra's bulky frame. The suction cups stuck to his body with their freezing cold touch. Dagahra glared into Gezora's bobbled, red eyes with murderous intentions. His nerves began to chill out, but Dagahra shrugged off the shivering pain. Powerful energy channeled into his jaws and the sea demon fired his toxic shockwave. The lavender-red blast severed the cuttlefish's four tentacles that were wrapped around his body. What was left was nothing more than bloody stumps pouring gooey ooze into the ocean. Gezora backpedaled from the blast, mortified by what just happened to his tendrils. Dagahra's jaws were filled with lavender energies once more and the emerald dragon unleashed a powerful shockwave toward the feeble cephalopod. The deadly plasma beam carved a terrifying gash into Gezora's upper body, splitting it like an egg. Vile fluids and slimy organs spilled out of the horrible wound. Gezora went limp and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Dagahra released a grunt which signified his unhappiness with the results of the battle. Those creatures were sadly pitiful. If that's all the rebellion had to offer, then this would be an easy job for the destroyer of Nilai Kanai. The ancient beast hoisted his head and gazed into the illuminating essence of the Sun's rays which shined down into the ocean. Wave one was eliminated. Wave two was up next. Dagahra began his ascendance. The real challenge awaited him up above. So be it, he thought...

This was no place to relax and spend a vacation at anymore. On a secluded beach located in the Bahamas, stood wave two. These three, rebellious kaiju were anxious, but ready for war. The first monster was a draconic snake beast with an interminable body length. Spikes aligned the top of its shamrock scales. Translucent fins ran down the sides of its never-ending frame. Manda was prepared to fight to the death. The kaiju that stood next to him was a quadruped animal that could become biped at will. A cedar brown made up the color on its reptilian body. Long spikes went from its head to its swaying tail. Gliding membranes folded in between its muscular arms and legs. Varan the triphibian monster was set to fight for his life. The last monster of the three was a towering dinosaur with crimson flesh and black warts that covered its skin. A protruding, orange fin attached to its backside as well as another that stood on top of its skull and long neck. Its ear fins twitched while its fingers twiddled around in excitement. With the look of determination in its feline eyes, Titanosaurus knew this only meant life or death. This was the time to go to war, to fight for every creature that deserved a spot in the big blue seas.

As the three reptiles cautiously stared into the splashing waves from the shoreline, batches of red sea stars suddenly popped up on the surface of the sea. The warm waters began to churn and bubble as something large was rising. Sea water shot into the air as Dagahra burst out from beneath the surface, unleashing a haunting bellow toward the rebellious monsters. The sea dweller opened his hands and two objects fell out. He spit out a severed limb from his mouth. The two pinchers of Ganimes and one of the many tentacles of Gezora were a sign of impending doom. If these creatures wanted to challenge him so bad, he'd eagerly eviscerate them into oblivion.

Dagahra parted his beige wings and dashed out of the water, heading toward his new enemies. A Poisonous Jet Stream Shockwave blasted from his jaws and the burning ray kicked up a vast amount of sand around the monster's bodies. The three kaiju closed their eyes and shielded themselves from the flying sand, releasing panicking cries. Dagahra flew overhead, only to turn around and fire another shot of his toxic death ray. Varan and Titanosaurus were painfully struck in their upper torsos, toppling both saurians onto the sandy shores. A lavender-red blast carved into the sand surrounding Manda's body, uprising lots of it and forcing the snake to twist in agony. Flapping his wings, Dagahra closed the gap between him and the others. The sea dragon grabbed a hold of Manda's thin body and sank his fangs into the serpentine, cold blood trickling out of his puncture wounds. Manda carried out a deep roar of pain and instantly lashed out with his maw, biting Dagahra in his left wing. Manda twisted his head ferociously, shredding parts of the membrane in his slippery wings. Dagahra ignored the pain, but couldn't ignore the other two monsters who began to pummel him with their savage attacks.

Varan slashed at the ancient menace, trying his best to get through his durable hide. Titanosaurus bashed the ocean dweller in the back with bone-shattering fists of fury. Dagahra released Manda from his grip and thrashed around from the double assault on his body. As he crawled on the ground, Varan pounced onto the dragon's back, slashing his claws with no remorse. Manda slithered behind Dagahra and plunged its dangerous fangs into his tail, causing a bloody wound. The sea monster bellowed a cry of pain. Titanosaurus joined in the act by stomping his feet into Dagahra's head one after the other, rattling his brain. His face smashed into the sand with force. With a powerful twist of his wounded tail, Dagahra threw Manda off balance and turned him onto his backside. Red energies charged within Dagahra's dorsal fins before flying out straight above him. The crimson bolts singed Varan's underbelly and toppled him onto his back, forcing a series of agonizing grunts from the obaki. Dagahra slightly lifted his head and fired a poison-filled shockwave into Titanosaurus' feet. The lavender-red blast scorched the flesh on each foot. The aquatic dinosaur tipped over to his side and collided with the ground.

Hurricane winds blew sand away as Dagahra flapped his wings and became airborne once again. The ocean menace roared a threatening bellow to allow his enemies to leave while they could. But they were very defiant. They weren't backing down now. A deep roar released from Varan's mouth as the reptile ran forth on all fours. Dagahra angrily vomited a blast of his plasma ray which ruptured the ground all around Varan, but the obaki continued to advance. Stretching his arms and legs, Varan revealed his wing membranes and began to glide toward Dagahra. The aggressive animal landed on top of the emerald dragon's back and punched his head. As Dagahra soared above the waves of the ocean, Varan grasped the ivory horns on his cranium and raddled his head. Dizziness comes into play, Dagahra grunted in aggravation, a headache ensued. With a couple of hard punches to the sea demon's face, Varan managed to interfere with Dagahra's flying. The growling dragon lost control and headed straight for the beach.

Crimson energies charged within his dorsal fins. The scorching energy bolts fired above, but Varan easily leapt and glided away from the falling beast. Before Dagahra could meet the sand below, an angry Titanosaurus grabbed the menace and bit down on his lower jaw. With tremendous jaw strength, the prehistoric reptile held the panicking Dagahra in the air with his mouth only! One punch to the gut, and Dagahra was hoisted upward with godly strength. Another punch, and his stomach nearly dented inward. Being the slick animal that he was, Manda crawled up Dagahra's back, hissing at the dragon and chewed on one of his dorsal fins. Screaming in agony, Dagahra blasted the irritating snake with his dorsal bolts. Manda roared in pain, backing away as his flesh singed and sizzled. Dagahra lifted his right hand and slashed his claws into Titanosaurus' abdomen. The aquatic dinosaur let his enemy go and held the bleeding wound on his golden abs, a reverberating shriek of agony coming out of his mouth.

Dagahra slowly flew away from the shores and over the jungle as tainted blood poured out of his maw. He licked his wounds and drank his own blood, gazing menacingly at his foes. The ocean dweller spun around to commence his next attack, but before he could carry it out, a gliding Varan headed straight for him. The obaki twisted his body around until he was gliding upside down. The long spikes on the reptile shreded a nasty gash in Dagahra's back. His putrid ooze sprayed out of his aching wound. Being in so much pain, the sea dragon plummeted and crashed into the ocean, kicking up an entire body of water. As the waters churned, Dagahra's enemies glared into the beautiful ocean, waiting for him to resurface. Several seconds passed and there was no sign of the ancient destroyer. Manda, Varan, and Titanosaurus echoed forth their respective cries of victory. They marched on the beach, heading for the big blue ocean.

When they stepped on the shoreline, waves began to bubble like crazy until Dagahra popped his body out the water. It didn't work, he was still alive! Frustrated roars released from their maws. Dagahra glared into their eyes with utter disgust. Red smoke floated out of his shoulders as the emerald demon unleashed numerous balls of dangerous starfish from the circular holes. Each batch of sea stars attached to his opponent's bodies with their horrible stickiness. The red Barems secreted acids into the three reptile's flesh. Manda achingly twisted his entire body around as he could feel his innards being burned. Titanosaurus crazily stomped around, his insides being slightly melted. A lavender-red plasma beam ripped into his chest and easily toppled him to the ground. Varan rolled across the sand to dislodge the starfish, but the agonizing Barem would not let go of his skin. Dagahra looked at his enemies with excitement. A sadistic smirk appeared on his green face.

The psychotic dragon flew into the air once again. Titanosaurus suddenly stood on his feet and leapt high in the sky with extraordinary force. Dagahra smacked into his muscular pecks head first, a bellowing cry coming out of him. When the evil beast crashed onto his belly, Titanosaurus spun around and opened the orange fan in his forked tail. Swinging his tail from left to right, hurricane gusts blew into Dagahra's face and consumed his entire form. The panicking dragon dug his claws into the sand to anchor himself to the ground, but the windstorm was just too powerful. Kicked up sand flew into his eyes, blinding the ancient monster. His body was beginning to be pushed backward, but he wouldn't allow himself to fly back. An infuriated Varan appeared behind his back and grabbed the dragon's tail with his hands. Using all of his strength, the obaki relinquished Dagahra from the ground and hoisted him upward. Dagahra panicked as he was blown backward by the force of Titanosaurus' wind gusts.

Manda and Varan looked at one another, coming to an agreement on doing the same thing. Both reptiles pounced into the sea and quickly swam below the surface. Titanosaurus glanced at the flying Dagahra before sprinting into the ocean. Dagahra growled forth at the running creature. Straightening his massive wings, the emerald dragon dove into the waves and chased the aquatic dinosaur. Titanosaurus knew Dagahra was on the hunt. The prehistoric reptile swooshed his tail fan back and forth in order to swim extremely fast. Dagahra chased the dinosaur underwater like a bloodthirsty animal. When Titanosaurus stopped, he looked back at the oncoming Dagahra. The crimson dinosaur swam downward and his partners appeared from out of nowhere! The reptiles widened their jaws and let forth deep roars at Dagahra, definitely throwing him off his game. Varan swam forth and latched onto the dragon's right wing, keeping it stiff. Manda lashed out with his serpentine body and coiled around Dagahra's left wing, damaging the membranes. Titanosaurus placed his feet onto the beast's underbelly and held his hands to his shoulders.

The powerful dinosaur clamped Dagahra's mouth shut with his dangerous maw. As blood spilled out of his face, Dagahra aggressively shook his body, but his three opponents wouldn't let go of him. An idea rang in his mind, he knew how to dislodge them. Clumps of mutated sea stars fired from his circular shoulder holes and instantly connected with the palms of Titanosaurus' hands. The splotches of Barem released corrosive acid into his soft flesh, forcing him to scurry away from Dagahra. Titanosaurus reverberated a high-pitched shriek of anguish as the starfish seared through his leathery skin, his cries making bubbles in the water. Dagahra blasted the aquatic dinosaur with his toxic shockwave and the jagged blast ruptured the flesh on his back, causing him to bleed out. Dagahra spun his body in circles until he was spinning like a rapid buzzsaw. Disoriented beyond relief, Manda and Varan relinquished their grasp from the emerald dragon. Manda swiftly moved his body in waving motions in order to swim away. Unfortunately for Varan, a lavender-red blast of plasma ripped into the softer flesh on his front, carving the obaki's ribcage open in a display of sickening horror.

Faint cries of agonizing pain escaped from Varan's jaws. As his breathing became less, both heand Titanosaurus swam back up toward the surface, painfully struggling as they did so. As Dagahra stared at the retreating kaiju, Manda hissed at the dragon and went in for the kill. The shamrock colored snake completely wrapped around Dagahra's form and constricted with intensity. As the death grip became tighter, Dagahra could feel his innards trying to burst out. Manda made sure his ruthless enemy could not slip out of his clutches. He had him right where he wanted him. The draconic snake fearlessly roared into Dagahra's face. A big mistake. With his mouth wide open, the emerald menace vomited a lethal plasma ray down his maw. The shockwave sickeningly burst out of the backside of Manda's neck and decapitated his head in a showcase of disturbing gore. As the cranium of the sea snake floated away, pools of red blood sprayed out of the stump on his neck, instantly becoming plumes of disgusting fluids.

The serpentine body of the scaly snake loosened, allowing Dagahra to slip out of its grip. It became hard to breathe. His insides began to achingly throb. Battling through the pain, Dagahra unleashed a bellowing roar of triumph. It hurt to even move his damaged, left wing, but he still did it anyway. The menacing monster dashed upward with tremendous speed. The other two creatures were in for a cruel awakening.

Titanosaurus and Varan broke the surface of the waves together. As they slowly headed for the beach, a lavender-red beam composed of plasma smashed into Varan's sunken feet. The obaki released a deep cry of anguish as he grasped his injured heels and thrashed around, swimming away from his partner. Under the ocean, Dagahra spun his body around in circles. The spinning speed of the dragon highly accelerated until a tornado materialized from his back. The gigantic twister consumed Titanosaurus within its powerful winds as it exploded out of the water. Varan could do nothing but watch in shock as his fellow comrade was sucked up into a ferocious twister. Titanosaurus panicked as he was thrown around within the super tornado. Some of his bones shattered from the force of the violent twister. Continuous strands of azure lightning zapped the aquatic dinosaur with their electrical flashes, scalding his crimson flesh all around and tearing it apart. Mounds of Barem latched onto the panicking Titanosaurus with their sticky bodies, nearly covering the defenseless creature from head to toe.

When the tornado dissipated, Titanosaurus smashed onto the shoreline, hard. Waves of water slipped under his body as he was down on his side, lazily staring into the beautiful ocean. Piles of Barem secreted their gruesome acids deep into his flesh all over his body. Their corrosive properties made sure the prehistoric sea creature could not move his burning limbs. Titanosaurus faintly squealed, painfully, breathing in and out. Varan cautiously walked toward his fallen comrade on all fours. The obaki gazed into his feline eyes. This were his final moments. Titanosaurus closed his eyelids, accepting his fate.

Infuriated, Varan glared a sense of absolute hate into Dagahra's eyes as he floated in the splashing waves. The fact that he was within his eyesight must've meant that he had murdered Manda too. He knew he couldn't defeat the menace, so all he could do was just sit back and let him do as he pleased. Varan shut his eyes and crouched down, giving Dagahra the chance to finish him off right there and then. The emerald dragon looked back at him with insanity, smiling like a twisted lunatic. Instead of taking the ultimate opportunity to kill the weaker kaiju, Dagahra released a deep grunt and dove into the ocean. There was no point in assaulting him now.

Varan stared at the deceased form of Titanosaurus. There was nothing he could do for his noble partner at this point. With sadness in his mind, the distraught reptile marched into the sea, leaving Titanosaurus behind. Varan crawled on his feet until he was deep within the water. The brown creature lowered his body and began to swim until he was far out from the beach. Yet, he suddenly stopped. Varan lifted himself up again and turned around, staring at the dead body of Titanosaurus one final time. The sense of sympathy changed to a sense of absolute fear when Dagahra burst his head out of the water in an act of horror! The emerald dragon opened his jaws and plunged his fangs into Varan, his lower jaw trapped in his throat while his upper jaw was stuck in his neck. The obaki echoed out a gurgling cry as vital fluids leaked out of his punctured jugular. His panicking whimpers became silent when Dagahra slowly submerged him under the ocean. Reptilian blood changed the bubbling waves on the surface from a peaceful blue and white, to a satanic crimson. That's how it all ended.

Through blood, sweat, and pure evil, Dagahra conquered six different monsters in one day. With a bad attitude, resilience, and a showcase of raw power, Dagahra murdered each and every one of those different monsters. They were definitely brave, but they didn't have what it took to kill him. These were his oceans to rule. There was no place for arrogant rebels in his waters. The claim to be the undisputed ruler of the Earth's oceans now belonged to the destroyer of Nilai Kanai. Dagahra, Lord of the Seven Seas, was unmatched.