KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 237 - Author: Landon Soto

Match 237: Gezora vs. Gororin
Banner: Matthew Williams

It was a nice sunny day on Monster Island, the trees swaying lightly in the breeze. Amongst the large trees, the top of what looked like a blue ball was seen rolling forward across the landscape. The colossal sapphire ball possessed spikes poking out of it from all over it, and its name was Gororin. Many years ago, it was stranded on the island after a failed Xilien plan to defeat Godzilla, and it was forced to coexist with the other monsters it once fought a great battle against. Over the years, Gororin gained a respect for the denizens of Monster Island and gradually attained good terms with most of them, including Godzilla.

Gororin rolled out of the dense jungle and onto the beach, opening its bright, yellow eyes as it surveyed the beautiful horizon. Gororin felt content, soaking in the warm rays of the sun. However, his time relaxing in the sun was about to come to end. Out in the waves, a large creature ascended the crystal waters. Its huge cranium arose, water falling down its pale skin. Gezora, the monstrous cuttlefish, waved its tentacles in the air, letting out a high-pitched squeal as it slowly lumbered onto the sand.

Gezora nearly strolled through the jungle before its big, red eyes closed in on Gororin. The sea monster stared at the living cactus ball, intrigued by it, and meandered closer to the blue ball. Gororin showed no sign of worry as the large cuttlefish inspected him. Gezora, unable to resist, swung his right tentacle with force, sending Gororin flying from his spot while the cephalopod watched him crash into the sand a couple meters away. Gezora yelped in pain, swinging its tentacle from side to side to remove the needles that penetrated his skin. Realizing that it would probably be best to forget about the weird blue thing, Gezora slowly lumbered back to the sea.

Gororin, eyes wide with malice, recuperated from the sudden “attack” and focused on the bailing cephalopod. Emitting a low, grumbling noise, the blue-green cactus rolled toward Gezora and cut off the squid’s trajectory. Looking back down at Gororin, Gezora chirped obliviously at the cactus and simply passed him.

Gororin eyes focused into two, sharp triangles. Now he was peeved. First this creature smacked him for no reason, then it simply ignored him? Gororin was not going to have any of it!

Springing upward, Gororin slammed into the backside of Gezora and toppled the giant cuttlefish. Rising up, the overgrown cephalopod shrieked in anger and discomfort, sharp needles digging into the back of its large cranium. With his opponent distracted, Gororin bounced forward and slammed into the front side of Gezora, more needles piercing the slimy skin of the aquatic monster. Yanking off the cactus with its tentacles, Gezora carefully yanked the needles off of Gororin. In an attempt to stop Gezora from completely stripping him of his primary weapon, Gororin dischargeda barrage of needles, some missing their mark, while others managed to strike the huge cephalopod’s face, causing the beast to yelp in pain. Left with only a few needles, Gororin’s eyes widened with surprise to see the cephalopod keep its grip on him.

Gororin groaned in pain as he began to feel Gezora’s icy grip course through his thick skin. As Gororin prepared another barrage, Gezora slammed the sentient cactus into the sand and smothered him with its thick tentacles, trying to bury the alien cactus in the ground. Not wanting the warm sand to become his grave, Gororin used all of his might to spring backward from Gezora, landing a couple meters away. Feeling more needles slowly regenerating, Gororin emitted a low, rumbling noise as he prepared his next attack. Gezora stared coldly at Gororin before it waved its arms violently and charged at the cactus, its body swinging side to side in a chaotic manner. Gororin screeched a war cry, its eyes now completely circular, and rolled toward the tentacled fiend, closing the gap and bouncing into the air before the tentacled monster could grab him. Gravity worked its magic allowing Gororin to impact into the vile monster. Gezora was once again slammed into the sand face first, a plume of sand rising as the cuttlefish comically struggled.Gororin landed on top of his aggressor, pressing Gezora’s face into the ground once more as he mocked it. What a pathetic creature, he thought to himself.

Bouncing repeatedly off the cuttlefish, Gororin slammed Gezora with force and embedded more and more needles into the cephalopod’s backside. Hopping off the impaled creature, Gororin stared at the fallen monster. With his work done, he was going to go find a new place to relax. Before Gororin could bounce another step, an icy cold tentacle wrapped around his spherical form. Trying to struggle free, the chilling effect once again started to spread throughout Gororin’s spiky body which caused the cactus monster to become dangerously sluggish. Gezora rose up, sand flowing off its slimy frame, chirping in fury, and immediately thrust Gororin into a mass of slimy, squirming tentacles. Feeling the cold spread more and more, Gororin was unable to muster the strength to bounce free. Gororin’s vision was quickly obscured by darkness, only catching small glimpses of light through the vine-like tentacles. Gororin felt something like water drip onto his thick skin, and darting his eyes up, he saw a sharp beak, gaping open.

Gezora shoved the top of Gororin into its beak and began to gnaw on the alien creature. Feeling the sharp beak try to puncture through him caused Gororin to roar in discomfort. It seemed that he had underestimated his opponent and was now paying the price for it. The cactus monster winced in pain as his body endured the brutal punishment, his eyes widening in shock as a small stream of clear liquid rolled down his face. The sight of his own life force spilling out of his body infuriated the cactus monster. Gezora, feeling victory in its grasp, continued to gnaw on his prey, ready to devour whatever was inside his foe, when something stabbed into its tongue.

Gezora’seyes widened in shock, red veins briefly appearing across his orbs as it screeched in pain. The cephalopod gurgled in agony as needles shot into the soft, sensitive insides of its mouth. Releasing Gororin, the cactus ball rolled free from his awful prison, staring down Gezora with hateful eyes. Although the injury wasn’t major, it had been decades since he was last busted open. The only one that was able to accomplish such a feat was Godz…

Gezora charged wildly at the spike ball, cutting off the cactus ball’s thoughts, wanting to squeeze the round alien like a grape. Gororin rolled into the nearby forest and became nearly obscured by the tree tops. Gezora gave chase and clobbered through all trees in its path, trying to keep its eyes locked on Gororin. Entering a small valley, the two stopped and stared each other down once more.

Gezora unleashed a fighting shriek.

Gororin simply emitted a rumbling noise.

Gezora wildly burst forward after the blue alien, losing what little sense of reason it had. Gororin rolled away, however, and instead scaled a nearby mountain.As quickly as it climbed up the formation, Gororin launched off the side of the mountain and crashed into Gezora with full force, flooring the incompetent Yog monster. Gezora rose, but was immediately forced back down as Gororin smashed into the squid monster. Squealing in frustration, the cephalopod flailed its tentacles, Gororin watching his opponent’s tantrum with amusement.

Gororin was surprised to see his foe get up and immediately dash toward the forest, attempting to retreat from the living cactus. Wanting to give Gezora one last parting gift, the cactus alien followed closely. They reached the beach once again, the place where all the trouble brewed from. Gezora turned, sweating bullets as it looked the angry cactus in the eyes. Although it took awhile, Gezora had finally realized it was terribly outmatched. With icy blood running down its blue skin, it wanted nothing more than to sink into the waves and rest. Gororin rumbled and warned Gezora of the incoming smack down, the giant cephalopod shrieking in terror. Gororin sprung forward but was instead stopped by Gezora’s icy tentacles; it had managed to grab Gororin and was dumbfounded itself. Realizing it had Gororin at its mercy, the squid monster began slamming Gororin into the sand repeatedly, the cold sensation slowing down the spiky alien. Using its other tentacles, Gezora beat the cactus with its thick appendages.

Gororin rumbled lowly and ejected his needles once more, this time leaving him completely bare. Gezora shrieked in pain as more needles embedded themselves into its slimy skin. In a response to the stinging pain, Gezora launched Gororin out into the sea, watching him hit the water with a splash. With his opponent helplessly floating in the tide, Gezora slipped back into the waves in the opposite direction of Gororin, wanting nothing more than to rid itself of the cactus’ needles.

Gororin floated in the open ocean, its eyes flat as lines as he bobbed from side to side, watching clouds pass by. Hearing a familiar cry echo above him, he spotted the crimson, high flying Rodan circling above. Calling to the sky beast, Gororin bounced out of the water like a dolphin, using the little strength he had. Noticing his comrade in a pickle, Rodan carefully scooped up Gororin and headed inland.

Perhaps Gororin could unwind with Rodan for the remainder of the day?

Gezora Gororin
Gezora Gororin