KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 235 - Author: Connor Clennell

Match 235: SpaceGodzilla vs. Gezora, Ganimes and Kamoebas
Banner: Landon Soto

The world was at stake. Like so many times before, humanity faced the challenge of overcoming a power beyond their scope of comprehension. A legion of intergalactic invaders, who all separately had attempted to claim control of the blue planet in the past, had settled their differences and united their resources in an attack the likes of which could never have been comprehended. Across the globe, the vile alliance unleashed their weapons and monsters on the major cities, decimating the unique cultures and history in their mission of domination. In retaliation, humanity forged its own union with its monster enemies and defenders. The two alliances clashed wherever they met in colossal battles that ripped the very earth apart. Old rivalries were renewed and new enemies collided, with Earth’s future the grand prize. No matter the winner, the planet would never recover from the devastating conflict.

As the war raged, another force sought to take advantage of the discord it produced. Like the invaders, it came from beyond the stars, but its origins were linked to Earth’s infamous monster king. Born from cells of Godzilla that had reached the cosmos, SpaceGodzilla had the potential to exceed his parent in every way. The alien attackers had tried to harness the space reptile’s power for their own, but his will was too strong to be oppressed. While the invaders launched their assault, SpaceGodzilla would carry out his own plan to eradicate Godzilla and his allies.

The galactic fiend descended from the skies above Monster Island. The cosmic energies surging within the saurian visibly crackled across his gigantic crystal shell. As SpaceGodzilla’s shadow landed upon the island, his shoulder crystals flared brightly. Glowing spheres were launched from his crystalline scutes, falling like snowflakes to the fertile soil. In their creator’s wake, a field of crystals grew across the land, sapping it of its resources and energy. More and more acres were consumed by the infection as SpaceGodzilla crossed the island. When the inhabitants returned from battle, exhausted and injured, the entire land would be a fortress of cosmic energies, elevating SpaceGodzilla’s strength beyond that of the legendary Ghidorahs. He didn’t need to join the conflict, merely finish what the invaders started.

Monster Island was almost devoid of life. The monsters that called it home had left to defend their home in this dark hour. Even the cruel-spirited Gabara and gluttonous Kamacuras had joined the rebellion. Out of all the isle’s rulers, only one creature had refused the call to war. It chose its own survival and well-being over the fate of the planet. When the island had company, it kept to its own territory, rarely socializing with its monster kin. But now a greater menace threatened its home. At this time, it could not call on the likes of Godzilla or Mothra for its protection. It was the first and only line of defense against the crystal tyrant. This battle was not one it could ignore the call to.

Up until now, SpaceGodzilla had gone unopposed. Waves of crystals filled the landscape to the horizon as the vile saurian crossed into the south-west section of the island. A great blue lagoon stretched beneath the tyrant, catching his chaotically beautiful form with the midday sun. SpaceGodzilla admired himself as he soared over, not noticing a form stirring under the lagoon’s surface. Without warning, a long, grey appendage was fired from the depths. It was a tentacle. A colossal tentacle. It wrapped around SpaceGodzilla’s belly, driving a shriek of surprise from the otherwise fearless creature. Another tentacle sprang from the waves to secure the reptile further. As a third limb wrapped around, they slowly dragged SpaceGodzilla toward the water. Unsuited for physical combat in his flying form, SpaceGodzilla tried to pull away from the snaring limbs. He managed to lift himself a few meters away, but more tentacles emerged and grabbed onto the galactic conqueror, dragging the crystal dinosaur back down. SpaceGodzilla snarled in infuriation. He would not be beaten in such a humiliating manner. His form surged with light, becoming a living body of energy. The tentacles seared and burned on contact, and a gurgled shriek came from under the lagoon as the coiling limbs retracted into the body of water.

The energy curtain faded and the crystal shell retracted into his body as SpaceGodzilla descended to the lagoon’s surface. He sank into the water until it reached his hips. His crimson eyes analyzed the sapphire waters for the offending entity. Whatever this creature was, it would have to face the interstellar reptile in his most powerful state. A swarm of bubbles surged to the surface, turning the waters into a white, frothing mass as the assailant rose. A massive, grey body breached the surface, waving eight thick tentacles threateningly. Gezora’s enlarged eyes met his cosmic rival’s, failing to hide his fear of the godlike lizard. Godzilla himself had not been able to defeat his clone on his own. The cuttlefish’s own odds of victory were a thousand-to-one, but for the sake of the island, he had to try.

SpaceGodzilla scanned every inch of the clumsy-looking creature. He shrieked in laughter at Gezora’s challenge as his crystalline crest flashed, summoning the alien Godzilla’s latent power. Recognizing the technique, Gezora acted quickly. He surged forward, lashing out with his front-most tentacles and cracking them across the space invader’s face. SpaceGodzilla’s head snapped to the side from the blow as the Corona Beam fired, missing Gezora by a yard, and detonating against the ground before it could be redirected. Now in close quarters, Gezora tackled the blue leviathan. He practically leapt onto his foe, his many tentacles coiling tightly around every inch of SpaceGodzilla he could reach. SpaceGodzilla stumbled around, screeching furiously as he tried to remove the clinging cephalopod. His bulky frame hindered his movements, robbing him of the mobility needed to easily dispatch the sea creature. As he wobbled in his fight to stand, Gezora crawled across the cosmic doppelganger’s body, resting in position on the saurian’s back. He wrapped a tentacle around SpaceGodzilla’s neck and squeezed as he sunk his beak into the extraterrestrial’s flesh. As a creature designed to survive the vacuum of space, SpaceGodzilla did not require oxygen to function, and his hide was too thick for the cuttlefish to bite through. Even Gezora’s freezing body temperatures, which made the cephalopod cold enough to produce burns on other creatures, were barely a chill to the cosmic giant.

SpaceGodzilla’s body surged with crackling plasma. Crimson bolts zapped across his form, burning Gezora’s softer flesh. The cuttlefish tried his best to endure the agony, squeezing tighter, even as the coursing power reduced the outside flesh of his limbs to charcoal. SpaceGodzilla growled at the water kaiju’s resilience. More of his cosmic energy surged from his shoulder crystals as red, lightning-like bolts that blasted Gezora clean off the space titan with ease. Gezora shrieked as he hit the water, flailing wildly. A large patch of scorched skin painted his front, preventing him from quickly recovering. Without even looking back, SpaceGodzilla fired off his Corona Beam. The lightning-esque blast warped and twisted in the air, arching over its controller to strike at the wounded Gezora. But, at the last moment, the cephalopod rolled to the side. The bolt exploded against the lagoon floor as the aquatic monster stood up. Just as he found his footing, the Corona Beam reformed from the energy of its destruction and lashed out. Once again, Gezora escaped its wrath by a breath, leaping to the side as it struck out at the spot where he once stood.

The cephalopod turned his gaze to the beam’s projector. His tentacles lashed out, punching and slapping at SpaceGodzilla’s muscular shape with all the strength he possessed. It was barely enough to faze the galactic oppressor. SpaceGodzilla endured the pitiful strikes with a bored expression as he rose into the air. He spun around, smashing his tail into Gezora with an audible smack of meat-on-meat. A horrible bruise was left on the cuttlefish’s side as he was knocked back with a depressing cry. With a shrieking call, SpaceGodzilla followed up by rolling in the air, bringing the crystal tip of his tail down on the monster’s head. Gezora was smashed beneath the water’s surface before his cry could be heard, sinking to the murky bottom.

Glowing spores fell from SpaceGodzilla’s scutes onto the shores on either side. At the water’s edge, shining crystals were summoned from the earth and rocketed into the sky on trails of sparks. The crude missiles hovered on the galactic reptile’s flanks as he calculated. With a sweep of each arm, the barrage was launched into the lagoon’s depths. Flashes of light and rising clouds of bubbles signaled their detonation against the rocky floor. However, of the eight crystals fired, only four explosions could be seen. SpaceGodzilla’s brow furrowed in confusion as he peered into the water. There was something amiss here.

A large body burst from the lagoon with a spray of saltwater. The crystal Godzilla snapped his head up, eyes widening in shock as Gezora stood before him. The missing crystals were each secured by two tentacles, wielded like bats by the infuriating cuttlefish. On its two free tentacles, Gezora awkwardly strode toward his stunned quarry. He swung one of the crystals as he closed the distance. The sudden attack snapped SpaceGodzilla from his shock and he summoned his Photon Shield. SpaceGodzilla’s repurposed crystal bounced off the crystalline energy barrier, only for another crystal to try its luck. Gezora hammered away at the barrier with his weapons, slowly eroding away at both with each strike. As cracks began to form on the shield, one of Gezora’s crystals shattered into pieces. Discarding the remains, he continued his assault. Cracks spread across SpaceGodzilla’s defensive wall as the ocean kaiju kept on hitting. As the second crystal cracked in two, the Photon Shield shattered!

No time could be given to allow SpaceGodzilla a chance to defend or attack before Gezora was on him. With his stolen weapons, the cuttlefish now had a chance against the cosmic reptile. His repeated strikes brought the great destroyer to a knee as he bashed him over and over. SpaceGodzilla could not find the chance to retaliate against the cuttlefish. When, at last, the third crystal broke, Gezora smashed the final one over SpaceGodzilla’s head again and again. The saurian scowled as the cephalopod bludgeoned him in a wild, uncoordinated mess of an attack. Yet somehow, it was working. This weak, useless creature would beat one of the strongest kaiju in existence!

SpaceGodzilla snarled as his crimson eyes tightened. No. This would not be.

Like all good things, Gezora’s streak of luck came to an end. With one more hit, the last crystal broke. SpaceGodzilla craned his head up to give the beast a diabolical grin. Emerald bolts surged from his shoulders, entwining the cuttlefish tightly. To Gezora’s horror, he was lifted into the air. Levitating off the ground as well, SpaceGodzilla met the scared-shitless cephalopod’s gaze with a look of utter hate. Not since his first invasion had he been so humiliated. It had taken Godzilla himself and one of the repulsive humans’ machines to best him. And now some lowlife creature thought it could accomplish the same?

The royal blue reptile seethed with rage. His damaged pride demanded appeasement. He would not be felled by some dumb, insignificant, useless waste of evolution! The mollusk would die, slowly and painfully, and he would decorate its wretched home with his remains as a reminder to tho---

The world disappeared as something sticky blocked his vision. He shrieked in confusion as the strange objects wrapped around his skull. It was the damn cuttlefish. His tentacles were around his face. He lost control of his psychokinetic powers in his panicked state, falling to the lagoon and disabling the Gravity Tornado. As he splashed into the waves, Gezora fell atop him. The cephalopod’s limbs found their places around the tyrant’s own, binding them tightly. He squeezed and tugged, seeking to rip SpaceGodzilla’s arms and legs from their sockets. The suckers on the lengths of his tentacles kept him anchored as SpaceGodzilla writhed beneath him.

The scutes lining the crystal giant’s back flickered with starlight and plasma. SpaceGodzilla purred in delight as he felt the corona energy swell within him. But as he opened his jaws, Gezora rammed a tentacle into his gullet. The cosmic Godzilla gagged on the slithering limb as it forced its way down his throat to prevent the growing power from discharging. He cringed in disgust as he felt its suckers catch on the sides of his esophagus.

Another tentacle at his rear explored and probed lower. SpaceGodzilla’s eyes widened in horror.

He summoned the energy radiating from his field of crystals. As it was absorbed into his body, his titanic power increased. Now with the necessary energy, he could fire the Corona Beam. The hyper-charged blast vaporized the tentacle in his gullet and rocketed out of his mouth. Immediately, Gezora screeched in horror. He straightened up as the pain of the loss of his limb hit him. He pulled the cauterized stump tight to his body as his hold went slack. Suddenly, a stabbing pain shot through his back. A geyser of blood erupted from the tentacled creature’s front as the tip of SpaceGodzilla’s tail crystal pierced through his flesh. Hoisting the speared cephalopod high above him, the tyrannical invader stood. He stared up at his skewered prey with a cruel and annoyed expression. It was time to end the stupid thing’s life. Concentrated corona energy coursed through his scutes and into Gezora’s body. With each surge, the cuttlefish shrieked and twitched. His limbs flicked weakly in resistance, and smoke bellowed from the wound where the crystal impaled him. The mollusk was fried on the tip of SpaceGodzilla’s tail for only a moment, but the damage was catastrophic.

At last, the cuttlefish went still. Without acknowledging his defeat, he was discarded with a swing of the galactic Godzilla’s tail. His body hit the water and slipped under its surface, polluting the tranquil waters with a cloud of blue fluids. SpaceGodzilla lifted himself onto dry land, resuming the mission he sent out to complete. Despite Gezora’s best efforts, the cosmic conqueror was still on course to finish his fortress on time. The island’s oppression was inevitable. What else could take the quest to challenge him?

In the lightless depths, Gezora lay. His ravaged form was sprawled across the jagged floor, illuminated in the darkness by the few rays of sunlight that could penetrate it. The cuttlefish’s blood rose to the surface in a cobalt plume, polluting the peaceful waters with the taste of death. The giant’s presence should have warded off the lagoon’s fauna. Instead, the cove teemed with life. A cuttlefish emerged into the light. Its alien eyes stared at its colossal relative without any fear. Others of its kind joined their octopus and squid brethren as they swam into the pillar of sunlight around Gezora. Crabs and lobsters scuttled across the underwater terrain. Schools of fish swam around and turtles rested on the floor. The ancient enemies, sharks and crocodiles, put aside their differences as they circled. From the open ocean, pods of dolphins, orcas and humpback whales entered, filling the lagoon with their song. It seemed as if the entire undersea kingdom had gathered to pay tribute to the fallen kaiju. The monsters may rule the island, but this was their home too. In times of need, they had always relied on the titans to restore balance to the land. In the past, the creatures here would be considered prey to Gezora. Now they looked to the cephalopod as their last hope. At this dark hour, he was the guardian they needed.

Gezora did not possess the qualities of a guardian. He lacked the wisdom of Gamera, the benignity of Mothra, or the loyalty of King Caesar. His interactions with his kaiju brothers were limited and short, consisting purely of clashes for territory. The cuttlefish’s solitary lifestyle made him no allies. If he fell here, no one would mourn his passing. But perhaps this was the chance to change that. This was his chance to break free of his self-imposed isolation and find his place among the kingdom of monsters.

The cephalopod began to slowly move. He weakly opened a single eye as he pushed himself from the lagoon floor. The gathered crowd moved back as the sea monster rose up and stretched his limbs. As his other eye opened, he looked down at the amassed sea life. The creatures of the deep moved back, but three stood defiant in the face of the giant. The cuttlefish that had started the gathering held its ground alongside a horrid elbow crab and a matamata turtle as Gezora peered down. It was hard for the massive mollusk to believe it had once been as small as these tiny creatures. For the first time in his life, Gezora cared about something other than himself. He looked away and ascended to the surface with a mission.

As the cephalopod climbed, his blood sank to the bottom of the lagoon. It settled across the terrain like a thick mist as it blanketed the remains of SpaceGodzilla’s crystals. As the cloud of blood covered the fearless trio, it started to glow…

SpaceGodzilla rested at the lagoon’s edge, admiring the landscape as crystals grew across it. He had always dreamed of destroying his ‘father’ since he first became aware of his existence. They shared the same cells, after all. It was only fitting that the strongest Godzilla would be the one to rule the Earth. It was the natural course of things.

The splash and thrashing of sea water came from behind the cosmic dinosaur. He expanded his eyes as a familiar call sounded. That wasn’t possible. But as SpaceGodzilla rotated around, it was. Gezora limped onto the shore. His body was wrecked and scorched. Most of his tentacles were a blackened mess. His shimmering blood painted every inch of his form. He knew that he had no chance of defeating the galactic demon. But he could still do something. Every second SpaceGodzilla was distracted was time not spent spreading his crystals. His efforts would give the rest of the island’s residents some kind of a fighting chance.

The cuttlefish lifted his tentacles, exposing his underside. A spray of thick ink fired, catching SpaceGodzilla off-guard. He summoned his energy barrier too late to catch all of the stream. The black substance splattered across the tyrant’s face, coating his eyes. He cried out, shaking his head to try and clear it of the sticky liquid as Gezora approached. SpaceGodzilla felt his tentacles wrap around his neck before he was smashed against the ground. Every bit of the cephalopod’s remaining strength was used to bash the crystalline invader’s face against the earth again and again.

Cosmic plasma surged through SpaceGodzilla. Gezora leapt back with a shrill, painful cry as the tentacles connected to the space lizard were dismembered in a crackling rush of energy. Rising, SpaceGodzilla’s fist struck out wildly. His energized knuckle crashed into Gezora’s frail body with a burst of plasma, throwing the sea beast away. Gezora hit the violated earth, overcome by his injuries. Dragging himself across the earth, SpaceGodzilla blindly searched for the lagoon. When he felt water lap around his claws, he pulled himself closer and submerged his head beneath the waves. As the last of the ink was cleaned away, the crystalline titan stood and turned as Gezora weakly rose. Every crystal on his form flashed brightly as the cuttlefish made one last leap at him. The Corona Beam fired, lancing and exploding against Gezora in a violent fireball. Gezora dropped to the ground instantly, groaning with white-hot pain. A sick grin seemed to cross SpaceGodzilla’s visage as he marched over to the fallen creature. Weakly, the cephalopod rose as he approached. Half of his face was a burnt mess, his left eye missing entirely. He feebly reached out with a tentacle and was met with another golden blast. A pillar of fire erupted from the tentacled creature’s back as it impacted, launching chunks of flesh high. Gezora collapsed, twitching and moaning, and he finally went still.

Monster Island’s defender had fallen. SpaceGodzilla was victorious. The battle should have ended there and then. In fact, it was entering its final and most interesting phase.

The lagoon began to bubble wildly. A wide, frothing mass manifested at its center as SpaceGodzilla watched in confusion. From the lather, several tentacles rose. To SpaceGodzilla’s disbelief, a familiar, torpedo-shaped body rose from the lagoon. Two off-white eyes with red pupils stared with hate as water flowed down its form. It was another Gezora. As it rested at the surface, another form began to surface. A rough, rock-like carapace breached, wielding a pair of serrated claws and possessing stalk-like eyes and a pair of antennae. Next to it, a jagged, brown object emerged. It seemed like a miniature, living island, with four claw-tipped legs and a small, fanged head on an extending neck. The newcomers called out with their similar calls as SpaceGodzilla reeled in shock.

Long ago, an alien entity arrived on Earth. Like SpaceGodzilla, it sought to eradicate all life so that it could rule the planet. Lacking a solid body, it possessed and mutated other organisms to carry out its goals. Gezora had been the first of its creations, and had been abandoned when it proved an ineffective tool. Although the cuttlefish had survived, traces of the amoeba were left in its bloodstream. Not enough to control the mollusk, but, in the right conditions, could produce giants like himself. The cosmic power within SpaceGodzilla’s crystals – the same energy the entity would have encountered in its travels – was enough to reactivate the traces within Gezora’s blood and mutate the nearest organisms. Monster Island had a second chance through the rebirth of the Space Amoeba’s children.

The three creatures shot a collective stare of hatred at the cosmic fiend. In their natural forms, they could do nothing against the terror of the cosmos. Now they held the power to fight back. Unwilling to give them the chance, SpaceGodzilla spewed through a volley of Corona Beams. The new Gezora leapt to the side as the lagoon’s surface erupted. Lacking the cuttlefish’s mobility, Ganimes raised his claws as shields against the blasts, with his thick carapace protecting him from the few bolts that made it past his defense. Like the crustacean, Kamoebas could use his natural armor to endure the crackling corona. He also possessed enough agility to charge the crystalline terror with a determined squeal. He pulled his head close to his shell as he sprinted toward SpaceGodzilla through the barrage. As the distance shorted, his neck extended and his head shot out with the speed of a bullet, taking SpaceGodzilla by surprise. The intergalactic Godzilla shrieked as the massive turtle sank his fangs into the meat of his right thigh. With his attention drawn, Gezora came in from the other side. Twisting a pair of tentacles around each other to form a primitive “fist”, the cuttlefish struck down with its conjured appendages on the reptile’s neck. The blow, combined with the thrashing Kamoebas, caused the leviathan to stagger. Both creatures violently grappled with the extraterrestrial, trying to force him to the ground.

Scarlet energy burst from SpaceGodzilla’s body and crystals, blasting the duo off and back. They cried out as their skin seared from the burning plasma. As SpaceGodzilla corrected his balance, Ganimes screeched as he scuttled in. He swung his claws around in a random frenzy, driving an angered shriek from the cosmic Godzilla as he battered and cut his thick flesh. Emerald lightning captured the crab, removing him from the ground and lifting him to SpaceGodzilla’s level. He cringed in terror as the crystalline alien’s jaws parted, revealing glowing, golden energies. Before he could fire, Ganimes’ mandibles opened. A spray of coalesced seawater fired into SpaceGodzilla’s face, filling his sockets with stinging salt. The saurian instantly dropped the crustacean, shrieking in rage as he blinked away the salt. Ganimes crawled way, regrouping with his brothers before attacking as one.

SpaceGodzilla’s restoring sight greeted him with the sight of the charging trio. A stream of Corona energies spewed from his maw, striking the earth before Gezora. The cuttlefish was thrown aside by the ensuing explosion, crying aloud. The bolt reformed in milliseconds, striking out and detonating against Ganimes’ armor, forcing the clawed monster to stagger back. Reforming again, the third blast erupted underneath Kamoebas. The turtle squealed as he was thrown into the air, flipping inflight and crashing onto his back. His limbs kicked at the sky as he attempted to flip back onto their feet. The reptile’s distress was noticed by his allies and enemy. Without time to assist, Gezora and Ganimes turned their efforts to defending their immobilized ally. The cuttlefish cried out, drawing SpaceGodzilla’s attention as he charged with his brother. As they closed the distance, a Corona Beam lanced from the saurian’s maw. As it circled the duo, Gezora reached out and grabbed Ganimes, hoisting the crab off the ground. As the Corona Beam lashed out, the crustacean raised his claws to take the hit. A wave of fire and sparks shot from his front, bathing both creatures in a hot shower. Using the thick blanket as cover, they reached the titanic reptile. Before SpaceGodzilla could register, Ganimes was hurled at him. The master of crystals cried out as the crustacean crashed into him, claws biting into his flesh as he clung on. The collision sent the tyrant stumbling back, unable to recover before Gezora leapt in, tackling the space monster to the earth.

Under their combined weight, SpaceGodzilla was pinned against the earth. He snarled as Gezora’s tentacles wrapped around his limbs, restraining the tyrant as Ganimes battered his reptilian mug with relentless, hammering blows. While not enough to severely harm the cosmic dinosaur, the crustacean’s assault provided the distraction needed for his cephalopod brother to reach out and uproot a large crystal from the ground. With all the power he possessed, the cuttlefish slammed the structure against SpaceGodzilla’s left shoulder crystal. The interstellar conqueror’s head snapped to the side, eyes wide with horror as Gezora smashed the two crystals together again. From the other side, SpaceGodzilla felt a pair of hard objects strike the other crystal, looking to his right as Ganimes assaulted his other shoulder crystal. Both creatures rapidly hammered away at the crystal features, slowly chipping away at their structure.

The duo leapt off of SpaceGodzilla as the tyrant surged his body with his astounding conductive energies. Their focus remained on the colossal invader’s only weakness, spider webs of cracks appearing on the crystal’s surfaces as their onslaught intensified. Bringing his claws together, Ganimes delivered a dual-‘handed’ strike down on SpaceGodzilla’s right crystal. With a splintering crack, part of the feature broke off, clattering on the ground beneath.

After that moment, all SpaceGodzilla could see was red. His body exploded with all the power at his disposal, blasting the twin mutations away with bolts of corona. He would stand for no more. It was time to live up to his promise. It was the time to eradicate these insects!

As the cosmic titan hovered back to his feet, Kamoebas finally managed to flip himself off his shell. The damaged crystal on SpaceGodzilla’s right shoulder caught the terrapin’s attention. As Gezora recovered from the last attack, Kamoebas’ cry caught his attention. He turned to face his reptilian brother as he cried out again, talking to Gezora in the language of kaiju. Understanding the plan, Gezora narrowed his eyes in determination as he moved over to Kamoebas. As the mollusk approached, the quadruped retracted his head and limbs into his shell, leaving only his tail exposed. Gezora’s tentacles wrapped around the limb tightly and the cephalopod spun around with all his might. As SpaceGodzilla landed back on his feet, Gezora hurled his comrade like a discus. The turtle’s shell spun in the air like a living buzzsaw, rapidly closing the distance between his brother and the galactic saurian before the latter could retaliate. Kamoebas smashed into the damaged crystal, shattering it into a thousand pieces.

The impact sent both creatures stumbling back. Kamoebas’ shell skidded across the ground, spinning wildly until the turtle extended his limbs and dug his claws into the earth, bringing himself to a controlled stop. SpaceGodzilla howled in anger at the reptile as Gezora and Ganimes flanked her brother on either side, staring at the crystalline Godzilla with the same look of hate he shot them. The remaining shoulder crystal flashed brightly as SpaceGodzilla’s body surged with oranges and reds. Even with one crystal, he would live up to his promise.

From the horizon, another roar sounded. SpaceGodzilla’s head shot in the direction of the sound, recognizing it instantly. The trio of mutants looked in the same direction with confused expressions as other cries echoed from across the island. A chorus of angry roars filled SpaceGodzilla’s cruel heart with dread. The distraction had run out. The war was over. In his weakened state, without a conduit to draw extra power, the chances of besting an entire island of monsters were severely reduced. Despite his instincts to crush and conquer, the galactic creature saw retreat as his only option. His crystalline scutes expanded and crystals grew from his body to form his flight shell. Without hesitation, the tyrant ascended into the sky. He cast one last look at the trio of Gezora, Ganimes and Kamoebas before he disappeared into the stratosphere. His reputation had been soiled by these lowlife creatures. When he had recovered his power, he could return to destroy them all. Yes… He would return…

The three creatures, as different as could be, watched the cosmic oppressor retreat. Against all the odds, they had defended their home. The trio each raised a limb and pressed it against the others’ in a gesture of achievement. Their moment of relief was interrupted as a colossal form emerged from over the hill, kicking down the remains of destroyed crystals. The three turned to face Godzilla as the monster king unleashed a thunderous roar. As he descended toward the lagoon, the likes of Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Gabara and other monsters crested the hill, joining their king in the destruction of the vile crystals. As he reached the shore, Godzilla inspected the Yog trio harshly. His encounters with Gezora had been limited, but he could tell by scent and the cuttlefish’s stance that it was not the same individual. The other members of the trio were unfamiliar, making the atomic dinosaur’s opinion difficult to decide.

The call of Rodan directed Godzilla to investigate his most trusted friend. The pterosaur locked eyes as he crouched over the corpse of the original Gezora with Varan and Gabara. The gathered monsters looked toward their king, awaiting his judgement of the cephalopod’s spawn. Now understanding the situation, Godzilla turned back to the children of the Space Amoeba. The defenders of the island looked up at the larger monster with innocent expressions as they sought his answer.

Godzilla nodded his head, content with his decision.

Gezora Ganimes Kamoebas
Gezora Ganimes Kamoebas