KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 234 - Author: Stephen Kieselbach

Match 234: Gigan (Millennium) vs. Destoroyah
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

In the vast reaches of space, an object zooms past the moon. Black and gray, with three red and gray wings, a buzzsaw embedded in its abdomen, with armor plates, adorned his neck and tail. On the tip of the tail are three pronged-spikes. A horn juts out of his head. A pair of mandibles gives the space alien cyborg, Gigan, a fierce look. His single red eye glows, sparking crimson bolts as he scans through space. His chainsaw hands buzz as he looks to see where to attack Earth, to which his systems hone in on one of China’s largest cities, now set ablaze.

Hong Kong.

When he lands, he sees death itself; the red and black leviathan flying over the city. Gigan watches as the demon lands, parting his jaws, and letting out a shriek.

The demon’s tail resembles a scorpion’s and a yellow horn protrudes from his head. His sharp golden eyes stare down Gigan and the creature’s wings fully expand to reveal its gargantuan size. At that moment, the animalistic portion of Gigan’s brain felt a long dormant emotion: fear. Still even with this feeling, Gigan challenged his opponent with a prideful screech.

A red burst of light discharges from Gigan’s eye. Destoroyah growls after the Cluster Light Ray explodes against his chest. As Destoroyah winced, the battle was on. A lavender beam fires from Destoroyah’s jaws. Gigan shrieks painfully from the Micro-Oxygen Ray after it burns his circuritory system. Smoke sizzles off bio-mechanical flesh but Gigan ignores the pain and dashes forward, chainsaws flailing. Destoroyah screeches in surprise while Gigan’s chainsaw teeth spin, cutting Destoroyah’s crustacean-like skin. Green blood spurts from the crustacean’s body. Destoroyah’s horn crackles with energy and as he brings it crashing down. The resulting Laser Horn barely missed Gigan’s neck, creating a deep gash at the base of the neck instead which exposed circuitry. Gigan kicks Destoroyah with a clawed foot, and retaliates as he unleashes his Cluster Light Ray, and in the confusion slices Destoroyah’s wings multiple times with the chainsaws.

The kaiju scream at each other before charging toward one another, arms swinging. Destoroyah tries to grab onto Gigan’s hand but he quickly discovers the hard way his mistake as Gigan’s blades slice downward. Green blood erupts in all directions, staining Gigan’s armor as the chainsaw teeth disarm Destoroyah’s left hand. A golden stump now replaced the hand of the crimson demon while Destoroyah utters a painful bellow. Gigan shrieks in satisfaction and fires a Cluster Light Ray point-blank. A red flash overwhelms Destoroyah who immediately collapses from the attack.

An irritated growl echoes for all within Hong Kong to hear. Destoroyah was impressed with Gigan; it made him bleed. Nevertheless, the world feared him as the bane of life and so too would Gigan. He would not let anything live, not even his alien foe!

Destoroyah shrieks and recovers to his feet. Gigan set off another round of the Cluster Light Ray, but Destoroyah barely dodges the crimson light. However, it grazes against his crest, chipping it. The massive crustacean emanates a spine-tingling shrill cry and fires his own Micro-Oxygen Ray. Gigan collapses from the impact, only to arise without delay. The cyborg monster dashes toward Destoroyah and sandwiches the micro-oxygen beast with his hulking chainsaw hands. The teeth in Gigan’s chest spin with great speed and tear into Destoroyah’s armor. The crustacean screams, trying to break free from its grip, but with every attempt, the buzzsaw’s teeth dig deeper into him. Gigan dug his chainsaws into the Precambrian crustacean’s hide, their teeth shredding the armored flesh. Multiple Cluster Light Rays assail the destroyer’s body, blood spewing from Destoroyah’s jaws.

Destoroyah’s eyes bolt open in rage. His horn illuminates with overwhelming energy and swings downward. The mere sparks tear across Gigan’s hide. The source of the energy, Destoroyah’s Laser Horn, easily cuts through the mechanical arm, freeing him from the alien menace. Pulling Gigan’s hand out of his wounded abdomen, Destoroyah shrieks furiously and lashes out with his tail, knocking Gigan down into a series of fiery ruins.

Destoroyah wraps Gigan’s neck through the debris with his tail pincers and ascends into the air. Buildings in mass collapse to Gigan’s form, blanketing him in debris and smoke. Ash clogs the air as the pair descend further into the destroyed metropolis. The cybernetic fiend lashes out with his own armored tail to impale the crustacean. Gigan’s tail tri-pronged spikes dig into Destoroyah’s extension, green blood seeping from the holes as the two tails wrestles for control. The Micro-Oxygen beast shoots his Micro-Oxygen Ray against the cyborg’s back, ending the battle once and for all. Gigan emits a shrill cry of agony, giving Destoroyah the chance to recover.

Destoroyah’s massive wings part and he takes to the sky once more, shrieking in superiority. Gigan spins around and glares at the airborne demon. The teeth on his remaining chainsaw and buzzsaw spin, but Destoroyah notices the tactic. He fires the Micro-Oxygen Ray at the teeth on the belly, destroying them. Gigan reels back in pain, parts his tri-wings, then shot into the sky to meet Destoroyah head on. The destroyer screeches with throbbing pain as the teeth shred his armor and flesh. His right arm thrusts out, the three bone-white claws wrapping around Gigan’s neck. Destoroyah lifts his arm, spins his body and throws Gigan down to the streets and rubble of Hong Kong. The city shakes as Destoroyah impacts the cityscape, landing over Gigan and shrieking of its superiority over the fallen cyborg.

A singular red dot moves across Gigan’s visor, focusing in on Destoroyah. No, he wouldn’t succumb. He would defeat death itself!

Gigan’s writing tail lashes at Destoroyah, making him stumble. Gigan’s Cluster Light Ray shoots from his singular eye, forcing Destoroyah to drop to one knee after the explosion. As he rose, Gigan raised his arm over Destoroyah’s neck, chainsaw teeth whirring and spinning. Now death would succumb to the cyborg!

The enormous crustacean had other ideas.

Coating his horn with energy, Destoroyah rises and swings the Laser Horn as Gigan brings his remaining arm down. The two mighty weapons collide, golden energy sparking a few moments before the Laser Horn cut right through Gigan’s shoulder, severing the appendage. Destoroyah and Gigan both shriek as the arm falls, oils and bloodspewing from the stump. Gigan lunges and chomps on Destoroyah’s throat, hoping to make him bleed. Countering the desperate cyborg, Destoroyah fires a series of Micro-Oxygen Rays at Gigan’s tri-wings, destroying the spikes and damaging the wings beyond recognition. Gigan metallic beak recalls from Destoroyah’s throat and shrieks painfully. Destoroyah fires the Micro-Oxygen Ray into Gigan’s gaping jaws, detonating within Gigan’s head. The now defenseless and decapitated Gigan staggers. It would not exist too much longer

A golden flash overtakes Gigan’s body as Destoroyah turns away from the cyborg. Steady footsteps reverberate through the destroyed landscape, destroying any remaining structures asthe two halves of Gigan fall, sparks flying from them violently. Destoroyah stops his movements, gazing back at his fallen enemy. Yellow, devilish eyes focus in the mangled mesh of flesh and machine. The destroyer fires a stream of white and lavender at the halves, consuming them in a chemical reaction. Destoroyah’s victorious roar echoes across the burning city formerly known as Hong Kong, China.

With all the life vanquished in the city, Destoroyah takes flight and aims for the open ocean. For even in victory, Destoroyah knew his mission was not near completion. For as a city fell, a world still existed to conquer including threats that could possibly rival death itself...