KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 232 - Author: Anthony James Velez

Match 232: Monster X vs. M.U.T.O.
Banner: Jackson Morris

A colossal Halloween parade was taking place at Greenwich Village. Catchy music played as floats and people in costumes walked by. The cheering from all the spectators could deafen a man. Food stalls were prepared for those who needed to eat. Basically, fun was to be had for the holiday. Sadly, the joy of humanity would be at an end soon enough.

What the masses didn’t notice was a massive meteorite hurtling toward their current location. Inside that meteor was a nasty surprise for New York. As it descended toward the earth, a single soul in a sea of thousands gazed to the heavens in awe of its appearance. Awe quickly transformed to horror, his voice alerting others of the incoming threat. Soon enough, others noticed the incoming peril too and began to flee by the thousands. After a few minutes of the residents of New York desperately trying to escape with their lives, the meteor smashed into the ground, silencing all with a shockwave of immeasurable power.

An explosion the size of an atomic bomb destroyed Greenwich Village. Manmade material jettisoned into the atmosphere. Glass fractured for miles around the impact crater. Millions of jubilant voices went silent as an eerie calm took hold of the city.

Minutes went by before a hand burst out of the crater the meteor made. A skeletal like bipedal creature made itself known. It had three heads with two of them sunken into his shoulder blades, a forked tail and spikes across its many heads. Crimson eyes gazed upon the destroyed landscape of his entry. Humanity would not look to monsters in celebration as long as it lived. For now, they knew what would befall every city within the United States of America and eventually the world if they did not kneel to the Xilien empire. A world ravaged by the unstoppable goliath known as Monster X.

The night sky nearly swallowed Monster X with shadow. The smoke of his impact snuffing out any semblance of light which remained. Gradually Monster X began to trek through the annihilated city to begin his assault on the rest of the country. Before he could make his move, however, he felt the earth rumble underneath him. With shocking agility for his size, the goliath jumped into the air, levitating to gaze upon what he could only guess would be his first combatant. As something dug itself out the ground, Monster X felt the satisfaction of being right and the anticipation of ripping his newest enemy apart.

It was a black, parasitic creature with a singular red eye and limbs that resembled the coverts and alula of bird wings. To all of humanity, it was known as a M.U.T.O. Its lack of wings and immeasurable size signaled it as a female of the species.

The Female M.U.T.O. roared with annoyance. She was aiming to attack the humans for sustenance before the meteor slammed down on her. Now, nothing was left for her brood! Nothing but the skeletal being that landed in front of her form.

Was this the creature that made the earthquake that nearly killed her? Even if it wasn’t did it matter? She had to deal with the strange skeleton creature either way!

The M.U.T.O. charged forward by slamming its front claws into the earth, shaking the very landscape around her. The launch propelled her at her top speed through the carnage of New York’s once bustling streets. Monster X, seeing her attack, unleashed a barrage of gravity beams from all six of his eyes at her to stop her charging form. The M.U.T.O. sidestepped the assault, a wave of ash blanketing her form as she tackled him into the remains of a building.

The M.U.T.O. tried to bite into Monster X’s throat, but such a reflex proved a mistake. Since Monster X didn’t need air, he nearly laughed as he grabbed her around the waist and slammed her down to the shattered roads below. As the M.U.T.O. was dislodged from the force against her head, Monster X shot a point-blank volley of gravity beams at the fallen beast. The alien creature followed the blast up with a swing of its tail, sending the M.U.T.O. rolling across the ground. The M.U.T.O. eventually used the momentum to her advantage and recovered to her feet a few hundred meters away.

A sickening cackle echoed from Monster X’s jaws. The beast could survive his strikes? Maybe he would get some entertainment out of the battle after all.

Monster X charged at her and tried to punch her in the face, but the M.U.T.O. raised her body above the fist and buried him into the earth below with an immeasurable two-pronged strike. Her foe stagnant for the moment, the M.U.T.O. pummeled him with her arms until Monster X snapped out of his daze and got a lucky jab onto her snout. The Female staggered away far enough for him to jump, turn and slap her across the face with his tail. The M.U.T.O. roared angrily and clamped down on an incoming right hook from the goliath. Monster X groaned as the M.U.T.O. shook her head from side to side in an attempt to tear his fist off.

Monster X would not let her have her way as he lifted her up to his face to give her a head-butt that, while painful, was insufficient in getting her to release him. Blood began to ooze from the wound, causing Monster X’s attacks to transform into a fury. The goliath’s left knee smashed repeatedly into the parasite’s head until she was forced to let go. In a daze, the Female tried to bite him again, but Monster X charged directly into her and continued barreling through the remains of New York City. Both monsters vanishing into a trail of smoke leading to the nearby ocean.

A skyscraper collapsed in a sea of debris as the M.U.T.O. burst through its form with an almighty crash. While the M.U.T.O. tried to regain her senses, crimson eyes illuminated the smoke nearby. Monster X jumped through the cloud and landed on top of her, smashing his right hand into the M.U.T.O.’s head. The goliath launched his left arm for a follow up merely for the Female to smack him off her with two of her arms. A shockwave tore open the beach the pair resided on as Monster X rolled for hundreds of meters.

Gradually, Monster X arose and gazed upon his enemy and more importantly, his surroundings. The ocean now resided just beside their new arena. Just as he hoped. Monster X let out a devious laugh in response to his find, sending slight chills down the M.U.T.O.’s spine. The Female snapped out of her fright and lunged at Monster X, who reacted by grabbing her by the stomach. Monster X’s feet sunk into the soft earth, but a mighty throw forced the creature backward, the Female’s elbows now touching the water.

Monster X continued the assault with a relentless amount of strikes while the Female countered with her own series of barrages. Water rocketed into the air with each blow. Both monsters fell into the chaotic waters merely to immediately resurface and continue the battle. As the minutes began to ware on, Monster X took the opportunity to grab the M.U.T.O. and plunge her face into the water. Bubbles exited the parasite’s mouth, her war cry muffled by the water yet as she gazed upon Monster X she noticed his face completely calm. No bubbles exited his jaws. No breathes were pulled into his lungs. Monster X’s form merely began to laugh under the waves, signaling the parasite’s mistake before he stomped on her face to push it deeper into the ocean.

Panic began to take hold of the Female. She could feel the Oxygen within her body begin to vanish. Her strength following suit even as she struggled with all her might. To win this fight for survival she needed something more. She needed her mate!

Monster X relished the seconds as he felt the Female drown beneath him. As he began to channel energy into his eyes, a shockwave erupted in every direction, rattling the water’s surface. Monster X scanned the horizon, trying to discern the point of such an attack. Was it a final move? A death cry? No matter, whatever the cause she would be dead…

Two scythe like arms sliced across the alien’s backside. A cry of agony erupted from Monster X before the Female smashed her front arms against Monster X’s central head. The impact alone jettisoned Monster X out of the water and dispersed enough water for the Female to gain a breath of much needed air.

The Female M.U.T.O. looked to the darkened sky and circling above her, the Male M.U.T.O. unleashed a cry of support. No longer would the Female fight alone. Now they were together. Now Monster X would surely pay.

Monster X raised himself from his impact crater on the beach. A growl of annoyance echoed as he thought of the idea of fighting two enemies at once. Annoyance quickly transferred to rage and from it power flowed.

Gravity beams detonated across the horizon as the M.U.T.O.s moved into an attack pattern. The Female M.U.T.O. reached his position first and swiped the goliath’s legs out from under him. The loss of balance of her opponent gave her the chance to turn the tables, pushing him to the ground. The Female pinned him to the ground with her front arms while beating him in the ribs with her hind arms. Soon enough, she stopped her first tactic and latched her teeth into his throat.

Knowing that attack in of itself was not going to be good enough, she began wrenching his head upward while keeping his arms pinned down. If suffocating him to death was not good enough, she’d just have to rip his head off altogether! Monster X responded by ripping his arm out of the Female’s grip and jamming his fingers into her visor like eye. The Female cried out in anguish sending the Male into a divebomb. Monster X then placed his legs under her stomach and tossed her off him.

Left and right hooks battered the fallen M.U.T.O. until the Male’s scythe like arms skewered Monster X’s back. The goliath roared in pure agony, lunging backward to smash the puny insect only for it to dislodge in the nick of time. The Male M.U.T.O. worriedly ran toward his mate to see if she was okay, but Monster X would not let such a creature escape! Gravity beams exploded across the parasite’s form causing him to land right on top of his mate as he cried out in pain.

Monster X took a moment to recover as he ended his barrage. These creatures were taking their toll. He needed to end them quickly or else his master would lose patience and bestow him power he surely did not need. These were insects to him and they would fall beneath his own power!    

Monster X charged at the Male, kicking him off of the Female and tackling him farther down the beach. Monster X went for the wings first, shoving his arms into them and tearing into them with his claws. The cries of the Male M.U.T.O. quickly gathered the Female’s attention, but she did not attack right away. Instead she began digging into the ground, signaling him to hold him for as long as he could. The Male M.U.T.O. screeched in agreement and launched into a frenzy against the goliath.

Having knocked Monster X away, the Male arose despite the pain in his arms and slammed his body into Monster X’s legs. The alien creature tripped over the tackling M.U.T.O., landing face first in the sand after rolling off his back. Monster X tried to immediately get to his feet, but the Male M.U.T.O. slammed himself into his back. The Male tried to leap on top of him, but Monster X countered by slamming his back into the M.U.T.O.’s face. As the M.U.T.O. stumbled away, Monster X lashed him multiple times with his tail.

As the M.U.T.O. backed away from the lashings, Monster X unleashed a destructive trio of gravity beams. Monster X then attacked with his tail again but this time tripping him with it. As the Male M.U.T.O. tried to get back to his feet, Monster X slammed his right foot down to squash the Male’s face merely for the earth to crack.

Using the distraction to his advantage, the Male M.U.T.O. barreled toward Monster X merely for a barrage of gravity beams to encompass the Male’s form. The Male M.U.T.O. retreated backward under the onslaught as Monster X successfully got to his feet again. Monster X did not expect him to lunge at him so quickly, however and got slapped in the face with the Male’s wing as a result. The force knocked him off his feet, the M.U.T.O wasting no time to latch his jaws onto his throat.

Monster X cackled at the Male M.U.T.O. for making the same assumption that the other did, placing his feet him under his stomach and kicking him off. The M.U.T.O. landed on what was left of a hospital, getting buried under the rubble while Monster X rubbed his neck in annoyance. When the Male M.U.T.O. burst from the ground, he only got floored again by the goliath’s gravity beams.

Pathetic creatures. How they would never learn!

Before Monster X could recover, the arms of the Female M.U.T.O. burst from the ground and pulled him back down by the shoulders. The Female M.U.T.O. pushed her upper body out of the ground while keeping her opponent pinned and used her echolocation to alert her mate. The method had favorable results as the Male M.U.T.O. got to his feet and moved to assist his mate.

Appendages slammed against Monster X from all sides. The goliath’s claws scraped against the sides of the burrow merely for sand to fall upon his form. While Monster X endured the onslaught, teeth latched onto his throat in an attempt to remove his head. Blood began to pool within the pit and the sight of it caused a being hundreds of miles away to look on with disgust. A simple snap of his fingers began the transition of power, and Monster X could immediately feel its effect even as he neared death’s door.

The act enraged the alien abomination as he felt his body begin to shift. No! He didn’t need the power to vanquish these insects, but Monster X knew he couldn’t stop the change. These insects. They forced him to evolve and for that they would not simply die by his hands. Now he would vaporize these irritating creatures once and for all!

Monster X arose from his pool of blood by his newly manifested wings, freeing himself from the Female in the process while causing the Male to jump off in alarm. As Monster X forced the Female to retreat, he landed onto the beach on all fours. The skin across his arms burst with new muscle as his back legs did the same. The small wings that had protruded now extended far greater than even the Male’s wingspan. The Female M.U.T.O.’s instincts signaled fear causing her to attack, but Monster X’s new elongated and dragon-like heads smashed into her. As she arose, the Female witnessed Monster X’s final form take hold as Keizer Ghidorah roared to the heavens of its birth.

The Male M.U.T.O stood motionless with fright at the new creature. The Female roared in defiance of the massive new creature, however and dashed toward it. Keizer Ghidorah cackled at the sight and unleashed a trio of gravity beams at her. The golden beams slammed into her body, stopping her charge before lifting her effortlessly into the air.

With a simple twist of its jaws, Keizer slammed the M.U.T.O. down into ruined city landscape. Smoke encompassed the impact zone, but the gravity beams continued to hold the Female in Keizer’s grasp. The Male M.U.T.O .moved in an effort to save his mate and lunged at the dragon’s left head. The jaws of the left head effortlessly caught the Male while the other two heads raised the Female ever higher into the air. The Male M.U.T.O. slammed its remaining claws in a desperate attempt to free its mate and itself yet it felt its strength begin to vanish with ever second in the dragon’s grasp.

Eventually, the Male’s eye began to glow dim. Its arms fell stagnant yet life still clung to the parasite. Seeing the Male M.U.T.O. on death’s door, the other heads of Keizer Ghidorah let the gravity beams evaporate and dropped the Female M.U.T.O. As she accelerated down to earth, Keizer Ghidorah began pulling the Male M.U.T.O.’s shoulders down and his head up. Soon enough, the dragon accomplished what the insects desperately attempted so many times and ripped the Male’s head clean off.

Keizer Ghidorah let out a bird-like screech of victory as the Female M.U.T.O fell back down to earth, creating a fresh impact crater a half mile away. Keizer Ghidorah leisurely strolled toward the new feature and gazed upon the crippled insect which lacked the strength to even crawl out of its grave. The Female M.U.T.O. snarled at Keizer Ghidorah, causing the dragon to think of thousands of slow deaths for the beast as she could do nothing about it but simply await her death. As Keizer Ghidorah scanned the landscape for a proper grave, the dragon noticed a pit stained with its own blood.

A golden flash encompassed the Female’s form, leaving nothing but ash as Keizer Ghidorah continued to burn the landscape with its unmatched power. Now with the M.U.T.O.s eradicated, he could continue his mission to make humanity kneel to his master’s power.

Monster X
Monster X