KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 231 - Author: Andrew Sudomerski & Harley Jameson

Match 231: Godzilla® Junior & Godzillasaurus vs. Titanosaurus vs. Spyler, Wargilgar & Zandora
Banner: Landon Soto

The Japanese coast was nearly devoid of all life. The pine trees bent and groaned as the heavy typhoon winds shook them violently, the rains crashing down in a never-ending chorus of noise. The sky was dark with clouds as they swirled inward toward the eye of the storm.

Two titans towered over the pines, the first being an emerald colored dinosaur with yellow accents on his chest and stomach. This creature stood with a slight hunch, his arms longer than his distant theropod cousins with sharp, ivory claws. Pitch white dorsal spines similar to the infamous King of the Monsters jutted out of his back, a sharp contrast to the darkened sky that shrouded the battlefield in near blackness. His thin, worm-like tail whipped the ground, and Godzilla Junior thundered a warning against the raging winds and rain at his opponent. One last chance to back off, or else they will face severe consequences.

Standing beside the son of Godzilla, a much older beast let out a low growl. Although uncannily similar to Junior in basic anatomy and size, this was a very different creature. This beast’s scales were brown; its neck longer than his radioactive relative and the ancient predator hit his thicker tail against the pines, sending them crashing down against the mud. Each hand had three digits and each foot sports three sharp talons and a small toe supporting his muscled legs and thighs. Known as Godzillasaurus by paleontologists and kaijuologists, the byproduct of nature screamed at the creature before him.

Standing in front of Junior and Godzillasaurus, stood a kaiju that towered over both of them. Red, bumpy skin covered his body as his own dorsal fins, this time more akin to fish and sea-life flapped wildly against the winds. His long, thick tail swayed softly, ending in a giant fan-like protrusion. Dubbed Titanosaurus by Shinzo Mafune, the deep-sea beast gave a warbling cry of in-response at his two opponents. He wouldn’t back down.

So, there would have to be blood.

Not willing to waste any more time, Godzillasaurus bellowed into the storm-laden sky and charged headfirst at Titanosaurus. Junior quickly followed his ancestral relative as Titanosaurus gave an almost mocking cry. He whipped around, the fan on his tail opening as he swayed it back and forth, using the already strong winds to his advantage to create even more powerful gales.

Godzillasaurus and Junior each howled as they were toppled over by the winds. As Godzillasaurus rose to his feet, he screamed and charged again. Junior snarled, and unleashed his underdeveloped ranged weapon. The bright blue Atomic Ray lit up the dark battlefield as it slammed into Titanosaurus, forcing the sea-faring creature down against the wet ground harshly. This pain was so familiar to him...

Godzillasaurus eagerly pressed the advantage, bearing down on Titanosaurus with fervor as he ruthlessly bit the downed creature, a pained cry echoing across the battlefield. Titanosaurus kicked at Godzillasaurus with his powerful legs, sending the ancient dinosaur flying as it crashed onto the muddy ground. Rising to his feet, Titanosaurus roared in anger, bending slightly as he leaped into the air.

The darkened sky blocked Junior from seeing Titanosaurus land on top of him, sending mud and dirt flying into the air as the ground shook from the impact. The deep sea dinosaur wasted no time slamming his powerful fists down on Junior, who screeched in agony as he was assaulted.

Godzillasaurus roared, whipping around and sprinting at Titanosaurus. The red kaiju grabbed Junior and growled as he hauled Junior up, throwing him at Godzillasaurus as the two family members collided against one another, both shrieking in pain when they made impact. Titanosaurus wasted no time, opening his fan again, he swayed his tail back and forth.

The winds sent the two kaiju stumbling over each other, but Junior lifted his head and fired another atomic ray at Titanosaurus, the blue beam digging a trench in the ground as it exploded against the sea creature’s back. Titanosaurus shrieked in agony as he remembered a similar pain many years ago. The dinosaur shuddered in fear, briefly considering fleeing from the fight.

Before the battle could continue, three enormous pods broke through the storm clouds, crashing with a thunderous impact. Godzillasaurus, Junior, and Titanosaurus shift their attention to the source, only to be overwhelmed by a powerful shockwave and furious fire. Nearby foliage burn to cinders, rivers evaporate from the searing heat. The explosion destroys the complex ecosystem around it, leaving it barren.

After the initial impact, things settled. The dinosaurian monsters, recuperated from their dizziness and the blast, scan the crater left behind. Within it, they see the pods; but in front of the capsules are three figures not of this world.

The Garoga war machines were here. Spyler banged its claws together as Wargilgar gave a challenging war-cry at the earth kaiju. Zandora simply shot steam into the air, clanging its shovel-like appendages together. They came to take earth once and for all, and nothing would stand in their way.

Junior snarled, and met the open challenge with an atomic ray, the ground exploding in front of the alien invaders. Wargilgar responded back, the cannons latched into its mouth opened fire on the three earth kaiju, sending the three of them stumbling back. Using this opening, the Garoga monsters charged at the earth-born monsters. They would be the first of many casualties in this invasion.

Godzillasaurus reared his head and sprinted forward, slamming against Zandora and sending them both toppling to the ground as Spyler battered Titanosaurus with its powerful claws. Wargilgar fired at Junior with his cannons again, and the Prince of Monsters screeched in pain as blood splattered out of his already healing wounds from the attack. Junior howled in rage and spat another atomic ray, blasting the Garoga menace in the chest and pressed forward, slashing at Wargilgar with his powerful claws.

Godzillasaurus roared directly in Zandora’s face as it viciously clawed at the drill-like head. Instantly, molten hot steam gushed out of the tubes on its artificial head, forcing Godzillasaurus off as it screeched in agony, his flesh burning and smoking as the heavy rains did nothing to cool it down. Zandora easily pressed the advantage, banging Godzillasaurus with its powerful appendages and forcing the ancient dinosaur to the ground. Viciously, Zandora began stomping on Godzillasaurus, and the dinosaur roared in agony as he desperately tried to push Zandora away.

An atomic ray rammed into Zandora’s side, forcing the Terror-Beast off as Junior roared in anger. But Wargilgar quickly pressed the advantage; a huge gout of flames shot out of his maw, smoke billowing into the air as the flames made contact with the rain. Junior howled in agony as the flamethrower charred and broiled his scaly hide, allowing Wargilgar to summon its twin-cannons and fire again, sending Junior toppling down in pain.

Spyler crashed his claws against Titanosaurus’ body, and he wailed in pain as he desperately tried to shove the laser terror-beast away. Spyler was having none of it however, and activated his flashing knobs.

Although finely attuned to surface level light, Titanosaurus was an aquatic deep-dweller by nature. With his eyes currently adept to the darkened cloudy sky, the unnatural flashes left the sea dinosaur vulnerable. Titanosaurus screamed in agony as his eyes were assailed with the bright flashing knobs of Spyler. Sensory receptors scattered across his neuron system screamed as his eyes felt like they were on fire. He thrashed around wildly, desperately trying to regain his sight as Spyler’s shrill cry howled with joy. The laser terror-beast gashed Titanosaurus with his claws, forcing the deep sea kaiju down on the ground.

Desperately, Titanosaurus waved his tail rapidly, wanting to create the strongest winds he could muster to put as much distance between his foes and himself as possible. Spyler shrieked in surprise as he was blown off his feet, tumbling across the wet and muddy ground along with the other terror-beasts. Junior howled as he was blown into Godzillasaurus.

After a few more tail waves, Titanosaurus pushed himself upright. His vision was returning to him, and he could see the ocean waves violently crashing against the shore. While against Godzillasaurus and Junior, Titanosaurus knew he had a chance to win in the territorial dispute. But against these new unknown entities...he didn’t want to risk it.

He didn’t care who won this battle, all Titanosaurus knew is that if he stayed, he’d die fighting. With his blurry vision, Titanosaurus tried to sprint as hard as he could toward the ocean, but Spyler would not let him off that easily. Picking himself up from his feet, Spyler charged at the stumbling Titanosaurus, body slamming the aquatic beast and pinning him to the earth. The knobs illuminated with stunning brilliance, blinding Titanosaurus in an endless barrage of flashing light.

As his echoing cry reverberated across the battlefield, Junior and Godzillasaurus were left to defend themselves against two of the Terror-Beasts.

Junior rose slowly to his feet, panting heavily. He felt weaker, drained even of his usual power. While the fighting had been rough, he hadn’t expended that much energy that he should be this tired. Junior stared down the alien invaders, roaring another challenge.

Besides him, Godzillasaurus rose to his full height. In contrast to his radioactive cousin, Godzillasaurus felt stronger than ever. He didn’t know where this new-found power came from, nor did he realize that he was leeching off of Junior’s own radioactivity, but he was growing stronger by the minute and that was all that mattered to him. Giving a loud, powerful roar, Godzillasaurus dared the alien kaiju to attack.

His wish would soon be granted. Zandora tilted downward and disappeared into the ground, while Wargilgar ran straight at the two Godzilla family members. Wargilgar fired his twin-barrel cannon, the ensuing explosion detonating near the son of Godzilla. Retorting with a blast of his own, Junior spat a weakened atomic ray at the charging alien. Explosions rocked the battlefield as Wargilgar easily shoved through the weak beam, slamming into the emerald monster ferociously and forcing him back.

Godzillasaurus barreled toward Wargilgar, crashing into the alien menace with more force than the alien had expected. Howling angrily, Godzillasaurus clawed savagely at its long-necked adversary, alien blood spraying and splattering as the dinosaur tore into Wargilgar. But before Godzillasaurus could continue his onslaught, the ground underneath him exploded.

Zandora had burrowed underground and behind Junior and Godzillasaurus, and was now in a perfect position to help its comrade. Molten steam poured out of Zandora’s arms, bathing Godzillasaurus in an agonizing steam bath.

The ancient dinosaur’s skin burned as Godzillasaurus staggered away from Zandora, only to be met with Wargilgar thrusting his head toward him, his mandibles snipping at his burnt chest. The theropod howled in agony as Zandora ceased fire, backing up and pawing at the ground.

A nuclear reaction stirred from the young prince, his miniature dorsal fins igniting with atomic power. Before Zandora could lunge, Junior spat an atomic ray at the alien’s blocky feet, causing the mammoth monstrosity to trip and fall over. Without a second thought, the immature Godzilla unleashed hellfire on Wargilgar, sparks flying off its bizarre body. Letting go of the elder dinosaur king, Wargilgar backed off and regained his composure. As the bulbs on its eye-stocks reconfigured, they detected something not even the two reptiles had picked up on.


A heavy, low rumbling echoed from behind the dinosaurs, both turning back to see what it was. Much to their surprise, the creature wasn’t grounded, but airborne. Within the split second, Spyler’s silhouette whizzed by the two titanic saurians, colliding against Wargilgar and plunging them both into the earth. The weary warbling and clumsy footfalls alerted them that Titanosaurus had returned. It was evident that Spyler’s barrage of flashing lights still took a toll on his eyesight, but he was slowly regaining it by the second.

Getting back on their feet, Spyler and Wargilgar glared at the three dinosaurs, the latter whom began to spray an intense, fiery flamethrower their way. Among the three, Titanosaurus was the first to initiate a counterattack. Flipping his tail open, the leviathan spun around and began to flail his fan-tail, kicking up a powerful gale. Godzillasaurus and Junior were quick to evade the wrathful winds, steering clear of Titanosaurus’ signature technique.

The Terror-Beasts fumbled amidst the strong gust, falling over each other, with the large cloud of dust shielding Titanosaurus from Spyler’s flashing knobs. Godzilla Junior joined by spitting atomic fire at the war machines. Carried by the strength of the wind, the bubbly beam of atomic fury picked up speed as it traveled across the battlefield, lancing into Wargilgar’s hide.

Zandora, after distancing himself to where the wind finally dissipated, drove himself underground as Spyler and Wargilgar struggled against the gusts.

Godzillasaurus, after witnessing Junior’s display, decided to put the winds to use. He observed his path, wanting to sink his teeth into the clawed creature with the moon crest on its back. After much primitive calculating, he went in. Jumping in the path of the gale, Godzillasaurus flew across the ground, letting the forces do their thing. Even if it started rather clumsily, the overall outcome proved to be fruitful. Godzillasaurus’ airborne body collided against Spyler, knocking the alien fiend to the earth below. With a sudden surge of adrenaline, Godzillasaurus promptly went to work at tearing the Laser Terror-Beast apart.

Wargilgar could do nothing but keep stepping back. Every attempt at blowing a flamethrower from his mandibles proved useless, and even the cannons would be pushed back from the ruthless winds. Between that and the atomic rays being shot at him, he would have to wait it out.

Fortunately for Wargilgar, that wouldn’t be for much longer.

A snake-like trail of up-heaved soil made a mad dash toward the bumpy-skinned dinosaur. Godzilla Junior took note of this and cried out to his former enemy, but the notice came too late. When Titanosaurus took heed of Junior’s warning, the trail slipped under the great sea monster’s legs. The newly hewn hollow earth caved in from Titanosaurus’ immense weight, dropping the gargantuan leviathan into it with a reeling shrill.

With Titanosaurus’ disappearance, the windstorms finally died down. Wargilgar got back to his feet, locking his eyestalks at Junior. The double-barrel cannons were exposed, firing a barrage of explosives at the immature Godzilla. Each direct hit punctured the young monster’s scales, bursting with blood and reeling from the agony. Wargilgar advanced, ruthlessly assailing him with cannon blasts. With Titanosaurus underground and Godzillasaurus mauling Spyler, Junior was left to fend for himself.

Lying on his back amidst the newly formed ditch, Titanosaurus brought his head up to see what lied in front of him. The hollow earth, surprisingly large enough to be a cavern to host kaiju, exposed the white drill monster, Zandora, approaching the downed aquatic beast. Mildly stunned from the drop, the red-orange leviathan tried to support himself onto his feet, only to be met with a sudden burst of steam. White molten vapors poured out of the holes in Zandora’s hands, washing the leviathan with a bath of smoke and sparks. The superheated nature dried out Titanosaurus’ naturally bumpy skin, shriveling like that of a prune. Every breath turned into a wheeze, making the once legendary dinosaur a shadow of its former self. After expelling the mist, Zandora slammed against the walls of this hewn cavern, burying the weakened Titanosaurus under the earth, to remain in his tomb for the rest of his natural lifespan. Using his drill-head, Zandora began to navigate out of this burial site.

One last cannon fire brought Junior crippling to his feet. Although his regeneration was of use, it wasn’t enough to fully heal the constant onslaught dealt upon him. Wargilgar’s cannon retracted into his throat, with the jagged mandibles clipping with eagerness.

As Wargilgar closed the gap, a sudden explosion of dirt and foliage came about. For a moment, Junior was hopeful; maybe it was Titanosaurus. But all sense of hope drained from his essence as he saw the other Garoga monster bellowing a war-cry.

Mustering his loudest cry, Godzilla Junior tried to call out to the only ally he could rely on. But Wargilgar intervened, spewing gout of fire in his face. Junior roared in anger and pain as Wargilgar’s flames coated his body. With his power so depleted, his regeneration was worthless as his wounds were coming in faster than he could heal it. Junior could hear the other alien kaiju approaching, and he screamed in agony as Zandora’s molten steam joined Wargilgar’s fire.

Soon, Junior’s screams of pain ceased. Wargilgar and Zandora stopped their assault as Junior’s charred and lifeless body hit the ground with a dull ‘thud’. The prince of the monsters, Godzilla’s son, was dead, sizzling in the mist of the typhoon’s rains. The Garogan aliens cried out in victory, but their fight wasn’t done. There was just one more…

Even long after Titanosaurus’ gales faded, Godzillasaurus relentlessly mauled at the bizarre alien lifeform. The high adrenaline rush, kicked in by the radiation he leeched off of Junior, gave him the strength to persevere. His mind was squarely focused on the kill, blocking out all sounds in the process. Spyler, whose light knobs had been shattered in a ruthless barrage of the theropod repeatedly slamming his tail, snipped at the brown dinosaur with his pincer claws. Even when they drew blood, this did not hinder the mighty creature in the slightest. The only thing that ceased Godzillasaurus’ onslaught was the ever-so familiar chime of cannon fire exploding against thick brown skin.

With the first audible holler, Godzillasaurus slipped off of Spyler and squirmed helplessly as he continued to bleed out.

Rising to his feet, Spyler joined his monstrous allies by their side. Chirping and shrieking, Spyler ordered the other two to attack, and they did. Blasting the poor creature with a volley of flames and molten vapor, Godzillasaurus yelped and cried for every second of hell that he had to endure. Then, finally, his body fell limp.

For the Terror-Beasts, they knew this would be the first of many. They all turned toward the nearest city and began their march. The invasion had begun, and this time there would be no stopping them.

In their conquest, Earth would finally belong to the Garoga.


In the time that passed, he wasn’t sure what it was that brought him out of unconsciousness; his flesh was charred and broiled, barely resembling the creature he once was. But something inside of him pushed forward, to continue the fight. His spirit was strong, but his body was weak. Mustering the little strength that remained, Godzillasaurus dragged his body toward the silent, crispy remains of his distant relative. Junior’s husk was just a shadow of its former self, with no sign of life dwelling within the vessel. But something drew him to it; a warmth that he could feel course through his veins.

This warmth, the last that remained of Godzilla Junior, was the only comfort Godzillasaurus would ever receive before he closed his eyes.

Spyler Wargilgar Zandora
Spyler Wargilgar Zandora