KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 228 - Author: Landon Soto

Match 228: Mechani-Kong and Godzillasaurus vs. Maguma
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

Somewhere deep in the North Pole, a base of operations remained hidden, protected by the harsh snowfall of the frozen wasteland. Inside its cozy corridors and rooms, something nasty was brewing in the main control room.

Sitting in a comfortable black leather computer chair, a fairly old man watched the TV monitor in front of him. On the display was video footage of his perfect creation: a colossal mechanical ape, known as Mechani-Kong, burrowing into a snowy mountainside. Chunks of frozen rock and snow tumbled down as Mechani-Kong sought to complete its mission.

“Yes, very good my Mechani-Kong, bring me heaps upon heaps of Element X!” Doctor Who proudly stated as his lips contorted into a wicked grin, exposing his yellow crooked teeth.

Mechani-Kong was just about to draw out the hidden Element X from beneath the dirt, when suddenly the mechanical ape detected an unknown life form in the vicinity. Halting its excavation, Mechani-Kong turned to face the nearby frozen lake.

Doctor Who noticed the life form on his radar and hoped to the heavens that it would leave them alone. Mechani-Kong was about to get back to work, but the ice capping the lake exploded, alerting the Kong of steel. A thick roar bellowed in the icy gust, overcoming the loud whir of the wind, thick blubber made its way onto the snow covered ground as frigid water rolled off its hide.

Doctor Who frowned with discontent. “Damn, it’s Maguma. A rare sight indeed... If it knows what's good for it, it will stay far away from my Mechani-Kong.”

Maguma roared into the freezing winds, massive tusks protruding from its upper jaw, it looked around with its round, ocean blue eyes. It spotted the one that was making such insufferable noise and waking it from its slumber. Maguma thrust itself forward and charged the metallic gorilla with animalistic ferocity. Mechani-Kong screeched as it faced the walrus head on, wanting to beat the kaiju down and finish its job.

In an attempt to deter the massive walrus, Mechani-Kong used the powerful lamps in its eyes to shine a bright ray of light in the giant mammalian monster’s eyes. Maguma roared in frustration, but he kept his course. The walrus kaiju slammed its bulk into the ape-like doppelganger, and both titans collided into the mountainside, snow and rock pelting both behemoths. Mechani-Kong uppercut the massive pinniped, which stumbled back. Grabbing a grenade from its belt, Mechani-Kong threw it at the aquatic mammal. However, the powerful winds threw it off its intended course and the bomb exploded to the left of Maguma. The giant flinched in surprise.

Recalculating the trajectory, Mechani-Kong tossed another grenade, this time away from the giant mammal. The walrus beast clapped its flippers, as if mocking the machine. It clearly was inferior to Mechani-Kong in intelligence. The bomb was once again blown off course, but this time it slammed right into Maguma’s head. Exploding on impact, it caused the monster to roar in pain as fire littered its body.

Rolling in the snow, Maguma extinguished the flames from his body. Rising up, he howled in rage! Mechani-Kong shrugged the frost off his armor plates and let out a mechanical screech in return. The two charged and slammed into each other, the ground shaking underfoot. Maguma grunted as it pushed against the metal monkey. Mechani-Kong grappled with the beast’s head, trying to push it back. Maguma rose to his full height and slammed into Mechani-Kong, toppling the mechanical primate. Mechani-Kong struggled to keep the pinniped off, as its massive body weight pinned the machine in the snow. Slipping past the robot’s grip, Maguma stabbed its powerful tusks into Mechani-Kong's chest, barely puncturing the armor.

Mechani-Kong shoved the walrus off and rose to its feet. Before the robot could examine its injuries, the big blubbery behemoth body slammed the machine into the mountainside once more. A bluish glow radiated from the exposed Element X as the final layer of rock and sleet crumbled down the mountain.

“Ah, Element X! Hurry Mechani-Kong, finish that bloated bastard and bring those precious minerals to me!” Who ordered, shouting with power.

Mechani-Kong let out a robotic shriek as its eyes shined brightly once more, temporarily blinding the walrus kaiju. Marching forward, Mechani-Kong socked Maguma in the jaw, the marine creature reeling back in pain as metal struck bone.

The two monsters circled each other, Mechani-Kong's movements becoming choppier. Maguma roared before charging the imitator, with the mechanical titan unable to react fast enough. Mechani-Kong toppled over as Maguma slammed its weight into the robot ape, causing it to skid across the sleet covered ground. Struggling to get up, Mechani-Kong was at Maguma’s mercy.

Doctor Who growled in disdain as he looked at another monitor, signs showing that Mechani-Kong was malfunctioning. Powerful magnetic waves tampered with the robot, a side-effect from the exposed Element X.

“Just my luck, Mechani-Kong is losing the fight, he was supposed to be the one to excavate the minerals. That Element X is truly unpredictable. If I don't do something about this, my greatest creation will perish!” Doctor Who thought to himself aloud.

A thought surfaced in the mad doctor's mind; he remembered the 'guard dog’ he had successfully captured near a tropical island. Doctor Who had planted a mind control device into the beast’s ears and commanded it to do his bidding. Now it would save his mechanical creation and help mine Element X.

A few hundred meters from Who’s base, two large steel doors begin to crack open, sliding open as snow fell into pit below. The floor below was pushed upward as roars and grunts were heard, once the platform was up, the beast roared into the chilly sky. It was a brown dinosaur from a bygone era, found roaming the jungles of its island home, Who captured it and forced it to guard his base. Now it would unleash its fury upon his master’s target.

Godzillasaurus marched onto the snow and began making its way toward Mechani-Kong and Maguma. Normally, the cold would pose a problem for any saurian. But in thanks to Who’s wonderful thinking, the mind control devices emanated heat throughout the dinosaur’s body, keeping it warm and able to function in the coldest condition.

Maguma punctured Mechani-Kong's left arm and exposed the complicated circuitry underneath. Mechani-Kong was still too close to the radiating Element X to fight back, but soon the machine started to pick up traces of a familiar energy signature. Maguma stopped its assault and turned toward the sounds of roaring and earth-shaking footsteps.

The dinosaur king, Godzillasaurus, roared a challenge at the walrus beast as it began charging the blubber brute. Happily accepting the challenge, Maguma charged at the omnivore, ready to kick it off its own turf.

The two rammed into each other with full force, both monsters backing up as they sized up one another. Godzillasaurus lashedout and clamped onto walrus’ neck with its dagger-like teeth. However, even the predator’s impressive bite force could not break through the extra thick layers of blubber, just bruising it. Maguma maneuveredits head and scraped the side of Godzillasaurus, small droplets of warm blood leaking down the injured pores of the saurian.

Godzillasaurus let go as it felt its skin tear under the frightening might of Maguma. Godzillasaurus turned to slapMaguma’s face with its tail. The walrus grunted in annoyance as Godzillasaurus began circling it. The mammoth walrus was cautious as the living fossil, snapping its jaws trying to intimidate it.

Maguma broke the standstill and flung its body forward. Godzillasaurus was stunned by the sudden attack and tried to move away, but the snow impeded its movement. The two beasts sent plumes of snow and dust into the air. Godzillasaurus rose to its feet to find that Maguma was gone. The saurian found it difficult to find its opponent amongst the thick snowfall and dust.

Understanding that its opponent was clearly not suited for this environment, Maguma carefully slunk around in its snowy camouflage. Not able to find its target, Godzillasaurus marched toward Mechani-Kong and carefully bit on its metal leg and dragged the robot ape away from the mountain it lay near. Mechani-Kong started to move, albeit with rugged movements. As soon as Mechani-Kong extended its arm out in gratitude, Godzillasaurus was slammed into the ground, Maguma roaring in triumph. Cocking its head, Maguma spotted Mechani-Kong staring back with cold eyes.

Roaring in fury, Maguma prepared to decapitate the mechanical ape, but Mechani-Kong still had one trick up its cold sleeve. Rainbow lights violently flashed the walrus as Maguma roared in discomfort, soon the walrus backed off and fell flat on its face. Godzillasaurus broke out of its daze and saw Maguma collapse in the snow. With an opening, the saurian helped its mechanical teammate to its feet.

The duo then faced the walrus that was starting to come to. Maguma raised its head and bellowed into the snowy sky, the snowstorm calming to light snowfall. Maguma slapped a wave of snow into its opponents. Godzillasaurus yelped in surprise, but Mechani-Kong was unfazed. The mechanical gorilla threw another grenade that exploded against the pinniped’s front side, Maguma shrieked in pain as fire pelted its blubbery hide, and smoke assailed its nostrils.

Godzillasaurus charged and clamped its jaws around the burnt neck of Maguma. Slowly but surely, small streams of blood flowed down the sea cow’s neck and onto the pure snow, tainting it red. Godzillasaurus moaned with joy as blood slithered down the dinosaur king's throat, warming him. Godzillasaurus rammed its taloned foot into Maguma’s ribs, slowly tipping the walrus over.

Using its good arm, Mechani-Kong planted its remaining grenades around the struggling walrus. Godzillasaurus placed its foot atop the fallen walrus, roaring victoriously. Mechani-Kong motioned the dinosaur to back up far from the mammalian beast.

Groggily, Maguma flipped itself upright and was about to charge back into battle, until it felt the grenades tucked under its body. Immediately, a large explosion engulfed Maguma and the pinniped kaiju wailed in agony as it skyrocketed into the air. Landing with a sickening thud, the snowy must dissipated and revealed Maguma unconscious in a small crater. Mechani-Kong scanned the unconscious walrus for injuries and found first and second degree burns littering the mammal’s body, and few cracked bones. Relaying the information back to its creator, Mechani-Kong let out a robotic cry and beat its chest in victory.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Doctor Who examined the data and was thoroughly surprised.

“Hmm, large, durable, and strong. Perhaps I can use this beast for my own personal uses,” Dr Who cackled in glee, now he had another pawn to aid him in his journey to power. “Mechani-Kong, bring me Maguma!”

Mechani-Kong gripped the tail of Maguma and dragged it along the snow toward Doctor Who’s base, while Godzillasaurus kept watch from behind.

Back at the base, a lackey handed Doctor Who a vanilla folder, skimming through it, a wicked grin stretched across his face.

“King Kong, you're just the right beast for the job,” Doctor Who gleefully laughed as he placed the folder amongst his workspace. Spilled along the colorful buttons were pictures of the Eighth Wonder of the World: King Kong.

On Mondo Island, King Kong bathed in the sun's rays; the mighty gorilla sat up and let out a big sneeze before lying back down.

Godzillasaurus Mechani-Kong
Godzillasaurus Mechani-Kong