KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 224 - Author: KeSean Johnson

Match 224: Mechani-Kong vs. Krystalak
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

-A top secret base of operations, North Pole.-

Inside the largest building of the base stood a massive,mechanical robot that highly resembled the Eighth Wonder of the World: King Kong. A sinister evil genius wrapped in a black trench coat, known by the name of Dr. Who, was explaining his latest creation to an Asian spy dressed in red by the name of Madame Piranha.

"He's exactly like the original Kong. With this, the world is ours," the doctor said with an evil grin on his face while staring at his business partner.

The spy began to walk away. "It's still not the original. You sure you just didn't build a giant toy?" the madame remarked, not buying into his concept. She, along with the doctor and all his henchmen, stopped in front of his planning desk.

"A toy? That's an insult. How can you say that?" Dr. Who shouted, feeling mocked and embarrassed. "It is the strongest thing there is in the world today."

"Need I remind you how I feel about that? How does it help my government get Element X?" the spy asked.

"This robot can do anything I program." The doctor then aligned the robot's blueprints with a drawing of King Kong. They matched up perfectly. "You can see that I had it constructed exactly as Carl Nelson planned it."

"This man, Nelson, is interesting. Will you get on to the point?" Madame Piranha remarked, being fully sarcastic.

"Most certainly. The giant Kong was Nelson's model. This famous scientist researched the legend...and he reconstructed the strongest creature on Earth." Dr. Who explained to her.

"You stole it." she responded.

"Mmm-hmm," the evil genius remarked, fully embracing his thieving ways, "I took his drawings...and my genius translated them into a robot Kong...that can certainly do anything the original Kong would have done."

"That ego is showing again." the madame said to him with a faint smile. "Remember, my country buys results. We do not underwrite your precious ego."

Dr. Who sat up off his chair.

"I quite understand. I shall soon let my Kong show you that he can certainly do the job."

"Obtain Element X, Dr. Who, and you succeed. My government insists you succeed," Madame Piranha spoke to him, trying to raise his confidence. "You understand that?"

"I do, Madame. We are all ready to start. You'll observe my creation doing now what's never been done."

A group of workers standing in front of the hulking machine walked off to the left.

The giant lever that Mechani-Kong stood stationary on ascended to the surface. The robot started to hum electronically.

A red and yellow helicopter holding the doctor, his henchmen and Madame Piranha began to lift off. They followed Mechani-Kong.

The giant robot began his trek across the frozen landscape. He finally stopped, standing over a large cliff that led to a cave.

"We'll go outside." Dr. Who said to the gorgeous spy.

The helicopter door slid open. Dr. Who, along with Madame Piranha and his henchmen, stepped out into the freezing cold. The large group walked until stopping beside Mechani-Kong.

"Forty-two thousand. Mark!" shouted one of Dr. Who's henchmen. He was referring to the raw power of Element X which lay in the cave below.

"The rays of Element X are strong. You are aware the entire world has unearthed... the total of only three ounces of this rare element," Dr. Who explained to the madame, "Until now, no one could mine this crater. Down there is a deposit of tons."

Madame Piranha stepped forward. Dr. Who followed.

"My robot Kong is in position. After all these years of labor, success has come.", the madman spoke with a devilish grin on his face. He glared at Madame Piranha. "He will bring out 10,000 tons of X, this robot."

The doctor's top henchman approached him.

"We are ready, Doctor," the man drenched in all black said to his superior.

"Test results?" Dr. Who asked curiously.

"Excellent, sir." his main man responded.

The madman smiled insanely toward Madame Piranha.

"Shortly, your country is going to gain nuclear domination of the universe. America and the Soviets can never catch up."

"Shouldn't we count on this taking years, Doctor?", Madame Piranha asked in kinds of his comment.

"A hundred days, Madame."

"That soon?", she remarked, becoming ever more eager.

"Element X is unparalleled. You'll create a nuclear arsenal fast. I predict you'll rule the entire world in time." Dr. Who responded, knowing in the back of his mind that those were his intentions.

"This is a historic day," Madame Piranha said excitedly while taking off her sunglasses. "It's quite a treasure you turned up at the North Pole, huh?"

"Shall we get underway?" Dr. Who said. He was loving this whole event.

The group stepped back into the helicopter. Madame Piranha and Dr. Who sat down in front of two observer screens.

"All right, you may start." he said to his main henchman.

"Right." he responded.

Mechani-Kong began to travel down into the mysterious cave. The helicopter lifted off the cold snow and a giant camera watched as Mechani-Kong went downward.

Upon making it into the cave, Mechani-Kong looked further down, spotting smoke flow aimlessly in the bottom of the cave. The machine tilted its head upward before snatching a grenade from his belt. He dropped it. An explosion followed afterward, causing more smoke to rise.

The robot grabbed another grenade. He dropped it once again. The hissing smoke rose even further. It still wasn't enough. A third grenade fell by the hands of Mechani-Kong.

Back inside the helicopter, Dr. Who said to his business partner with much pride, "That robot is extraordinary. The real Kong couldn't do what it can."

Mechani-Kong let forth yet another grenade. Multiple explosions erupted upon impact. The ground he stood on, caved in, causing him to descend to the very bottom of the icy cave.

"What happened?" Madame Piranha asked anxiously.

"It's nearly there now." Dr. Who responded, calming her down.

The robot Kong thrashed its way thru tons and tons of boulders. Behind the large rocks was the target. The goal they had been searching for: Element X...

Mechani-Kong stared at the extremely flashing element, emotionless. The raw power illuminating from the element was getting ready to scramble Mechani-Kong's circuitry. The once blue light, had now morphed into pink...

"What?! In all my days, not once have I seen this happen before!" Dr. Who shouted in awe.

"Hmm. That's strange." Madame Piranha remarked.

The raw energy coming from Element X had died off. While still staring at the mysterious element, Mechani-Kong witnessed a pair of pink yet intimidating eyes glare back at him.

The machine stepped away, as if knowing something alive was inside of there. Although bore of mechanical means, the instinct was right. A menacing kaiju then burst through Element X like a serial killer through someone's front door, scattering its remains.

A monster filled with pink crystals on the tip of its tail, on its chin and aligned down every square inch of its back had emerged. This mysterious beast stared at Mechani-Kong. It possessed purple and crystal-white skin, bent legs, a long tail, and a roar that sounded like an electronic tiger. Krystalak had awoken.

Dr. Who gasped. It was unbelievable, he thought. "You're telling me that monster was slumbering underneath us this entire time?!"

"Mmm. What a shame." Madame Piranha remarked.

"On top of that, it just proved to all of us that it can withstand the raw power of Element X!" Dr. Who responded in fright.

"It slept inside of it so clearly. I'm assuming it gathered and stored energy from it like a plant would with the Sun's rays," Madame Piranha said to him, having to enlighten the doctor. "Now we can finally bestow upon your robot's capabilities."

Dr. Who screamed toward his machine, "Yes! Mechani-Kong! Destroy that creature for you are the only one who's able to do it! Obtain our Element X!"

A mechanical shriek of defiance was sounded from Mechani-Kong, looking to intimidate his new adversary. The crystal-like beast was not amused. Looking at the robot's face nearly made him laugh insanely, but he controlled himself, growling at the machine that woke him from his deep slumber.

It was then that Krystalak acted first, charging forth on all fours. Mechani-Kong sidestepped the oncoming beast, yet it halted its sprint almost instantly. Krystalak shrieked at his foe before receiving a quick right hook to the face. This enraged him. Krystalak pounced onto Mechani-Kong, flattening him on his metallic back. Using his crystalline claws, the beast slashed his opponent's face, sparks spewing everywhere.

Knowing the damages would be critical if he'd let this continue, Mechani-Kong bashed his fists into Krystalak's sternum, knocking the wind out of him. While he was stalled, Mechani-Kong grasped Krystalak's waist with both hands and tossed him over his head. The beast's back collided with the cold surface of the underground cave. If his back crystals hadn't been so durable, they would've shattered instantly.

Mechani-Kong got to his feet and marched toward his fallen opponent. In a split second, Krystalak tail swiped the machine's legs, causing it to topple hard on its back. An echoing thud spread throughout region of the underground cave followed by falling rocks. Krystalak leapt onto his opponent's torso. One punch to the face, followed by an elbow jab to the chest, and finally a deep slice into Mechani-Kong's metal throat.

A dent was formed on the left side of his chest. Knuckle marks imprinted on his face. Circuitry slashed open, causing alarms to sound off. Krystalak jumped off of his foe. After his opponent stood up, Krystalak charged him once again. Only this time, Mechani-Kong lifted his left foot upward, letting the crystalline beast collide into it full force. Krystalak was stopped in his tracks. He released a shriek of agony, the kick seriously catching him off guard.

Mechani-Kong let forth another Kong-like, robotic battle cry. He drove his left knee into Krystalak's face. The beast howled in anguish. There was more. Mechani-Kong then grasped two of Krystalak's chin crystals and lifted him upright. Running as fast as his mechanisms would allow, the robot Kong smashed his opponent's face into a cave wall. Krystalak was dazed from the impact. To finally finish the job, Mechani-Kong then jumped behind him, wrapped his metallic fingers around the beast's tail, and spun him in the air.

"You see Madame, that's the inner-Kong in him," Dr. Who graciously said to her. A command was then sent to Mechani-Kong, "Now let him go!"

After several long seconds of spinning, the hulking machine finally relinquished Krystalak from his clutches. The crystalline freak of nature was sent sailing in midair before colliding into another cave wall. The deadly impact knocked him unconscious. After crashing to the ground with a loud thud, thousands of tons of cold rock descended upon Krystalak's fallen form. The crystal kaiju was smothered and buried under the avalanche.

Mechani-Kong turned away from his defeated foe, resuming his mechanical humming.

A round of applause was created from all the crew members inside the airborne helicopter. Dr. Who was very pleased and Madame Piranha was actually impressed. They grinned at each other, devilishly.

Afterward, Dr. Who observed his robot from his monitor once again before saying, "Excellent work Mechani-Kong. You've done well. Now gather what is left of Element X, and bring it back to the sur---"

Rocks sounded if as they were moving by themselves. A faint rumble was heard not too far away. Mechani-Kong turned around to his adversary's grave only for the beast to burst from the avalanche. If the monster was presumed dead, then he had been reborn!

Throwing his arms to his sides, the crystalline terror known as Krystalak released a menacing war cry, letting the world know he was still alive.

Dr. Who screamed in anger, "That damn thing is still alive?! Mechani-Kong, kill it once and for all!"

The mechanical abomination shrieked at his returning foe. Krystalak hissed followed by gritting his fangs. Veins popped out. Muscles became tighter. Adrenaline rushing. Krystalak was infuriated!

A bright flash of pink light spawned from Krystalak's back. Lifting his head up and crossing his arms over his face, a narrow blast of raw plasma then erupted from his maw. The pink colored Prism beam collided with Mechani-Kong's chest, causing him to stagger. Another shot of the painful energy forced him onto his back.

Krystalak kicked his way out of the pile of rocks, heading straight for Mechani-Kong. The robot Kong glared at his approaching foe, getting ready to ambush him. At that moment, Mechani-Kong snatched a grenade from his belt, opened the lid, and chucked it at Krystalak. The beast watched as the metallic weapon smacked against his abdomen, creating a massive explosion on impact.

The crystalline beast was sent toppling onto his back. This was Mechani-Kong's chance. The robot Kong leaped onto his foe, bashing his metal fists into Krystalak's menacing face, releasing a cry of pain. Showing no mercy, Mechani-Kong grabbed the second to last crystal on the left side of his opponent's chin and snapped it in half. Krystalak screamed in anguish. Mechani-Kong then thrust the broken object into Krystalak's left shoulder, purple blood trickling down his arm.

This fueled the crystal kaiju with uncontrollable rage. Krystalak hoisted his tail up Mechani-Kong's groin area, then up his back, only to plunge his tail crystals into the machine's shoulder. Mechani-Kong was stunned. Krystalak then bent his legs toward his abdomen before bashing them into Mechani-Kong's torso. The super mule kick sent him flying backward, causing snow and hard rock to fling upward.

Krystalak sprinted toward Mechani-Kong. Catching a glimpse of his speedy enemy, Mechani-Kong had to act, fast. At the very last second, the machine grasped Krystalak's ribcage, tossed him over his head, grabbed his thighs, and finally smashed him onto his back. Several of his crystals had cracked.

Reeling from the impact, Krystalak struggled to get back to his feet. The air in his lungs had been knocked right out. A terrible cough ensued. Mechani-Kong waited for his struggling opponent to get back up. Upon doing so, a spinning light activated on top of Mechani-Kong's head. The multicolored light of distraction shined off of Krystalak's eyes.

He was becoming dizzy, taking steps and trying to hold himself up at the same time. He began to hallucinate. How would he ever topple his foe now? How would he overcome this mind-controlling light? Mechani-Kong slowly walked toward his distracted enemy, hoping the light would control him faster. For as uncontrollable as he was, the light shall not seize his mind. Not today!

Krystalak overcame the mind-control, he just so happened to pretend like he was at his opponent's mercy. It was a trap. Mechani-Kong had been bamboozled and he didn't even know it. Krystalak channeled high amounts of raging energy into his heart, causing it to shine and beat faster. Mechani-Kong relinquished his head lamp's power, finally realizing his opponent was free the entire time. A gigantic shockwave of devastating raw power ruptured from every point of Krystalak's structure.

The deadly wave of ionized plasma collided with Mechani-Kong, sending him sailing into a cave wall and leaving parts of his armor charred and sizzling. While his opponent was down, Krystalak pounced on him once again, scowling at the machine. Mechani-Kong's eyes lit up furiously. A bright beam of blue light glanced off of Krystalak's face, temporarily blinding the beast.

The crystal monster shrieked in pain as he couldn't see. Knowing he would stare right back into the light if he looked down, Krystalak then wrapped his right hand around Mechani-Kong's eyes, severely dimming the intense light. Yet, what he didn't come to realize was that Mechani-Kong had a grenade ready in his hand the whole time. The grenade exploded in between both giants, a set of flames dancing over them while smoke flew up over their bodies.

Then it all stopped. Mechani-Kong turned his eyes beams off. Krystalak's hand slid off his face and drooped to the ground, lazily. Just when he thought the battle was over, a hiss sounded above the machine. Krystalak glared back at his foe, not a scratch on him!

The crystalline horror wouldn't stay down, though. Krystalak then hoisted his enemy upward before tossing him to the side. He swung his long tail like a baseball bat, battering the machine in the abdomen. Afterward, the beast lunged backward, smashing his back crystals into Mechani-Kong. The hulking robot collided his back with another cave wall. To end the assault, Krystalak performed a somersault, letting his tail bash Mechani-Kong's head down. Being the athletic kaiju he was, the beast landed right back onto his feet. Krystalak was satisfied with his actions. He was toying with him.

The menacing kaiju then grasped Mechani-Kong's biceps before sinking his fangs into his right shoulder. Being a machine, he couldn't feel pain, bu tKrystalak's bite somehow released a cry of agony from him. Mechani-Kong decided to punch him square in the face. This only caused Krystalak to plunge his sharp teeth deeper inside. Mechani-Kong karate chopped him in the cheek. Then he punched him as hard as he could. Krystalak relinquished his fangs from the robot's shoulder, not wanting his teeth to shatter or electrify.

Krystalak brought his right leg upward before driving it into Mechani-Kong's torso, causing him to step back erratically. As he was distracted, the beast then charged up a sphere of blue energy into his tail, then released it. The oncoming ball of energy exploded against Mechani-Kong's right shoulder, causing it to spark and separate a lot of wires inside. As he clutched his artificial wound, Krystalak channeled more raw energy to his crystallized heart. A masculine pulse of devastating raw plasma erupted from his body once again.

The obliterating shockwave sent Mechani-Kong sailing into a cave wall once again. Only this time, his right arm was strictly forced to detach from his shoulder, hitting the ground with a boom. The armored machinery was now decimated, the expensive piece of equipment lost forever.

Krystalak stomped his right foot into his opponent's body. Its armor charred beyond repair, sections of it crumbling, wires cut, sparks spewed with rage, and mechanisms went haywire. The horrifically damaged machine had only 4% of life left. Krystalak would put that last bit of energy to rest...

Hissing at his foe with utter disgust, Krystalak then swung his tail forward, shards of pink crystals jetting out and plunging into Mechani-Kong's face. His head lamp was struck as well, destroying it for good. The damages were too high. Mechanisms could not send signals to his repair modules. It was over. Mechani-Kong shut down...

Lifting his head to the cave ceiling, Krystalak let forth a ferocious roar of victory, finally triumphing over his foe.

Krystalak released the crystal from his shoulder, staring at it with interest. Already, he had become unamused by it, deciding to drop it to the ground below.

The crystalline nightmare then glanced at the floating helicopter above the surface, letting forth a hiss of revenge.

"Don't just sit there! Get us out of here, NOW!" Dr. Who screamed at the pilot.

Krystalak climbed his way out of the cave, leaving Dr. Who's machine behind like a pile of junkyard trash. Chilling winds danced off his body as Krystalak made it to the top. It didn't even faze him. Yet, by the time he made it to the top, the helicopter holding the robot's owner inside had already flown off.

The crystalline terror came to a decision: crush his secret base of operations in return...