KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 223 - Author: Christian Salabert

Match 223: King Kong (Showa) vs. Varan vs. Godzillasaurus
Banner: Christian Salabert

The young native woman gasped for air as she ran, panicking due to the enormous beast not too far behind her. She had heard tales of the gigantic creatures that roamed Mondo Island, but she had never witnessed them herself. This, combined with the fact that the natives' god always kept them safe from harm, led her to doubt that the danger outside her village was anywhere near as bad as the elders claimed. As such, she didn't see the harm in venturing beyond the perimeters set by her people as she went out and searched for food. When she came upon the lake near the middle of the island, she even thought the scene was one of peace and serenity.

Unfortunately, she soon realized the error of her ways as the water of the lake began to churn and bubble. A series of white, boney spikes split the surface, water pouring down the sides of a large form that pulled itself up and out of the water.

With a mighty roar, the unbelievable Varan announced to the rest of Mondo that he was awake once again.

In complete shock, the young woman dropped the pot she was using to contain the fruit she had gathered. The container shattered against a rock and the noise was enough to grab Varan's attention. The girl froze. Varan looked at her, contemplating. Why not, he thought. She wouldn't be enough to fill his belly on her own, but she'd be a good start. With that, the spiked reptile started toward her.

The girl finally felt her legs again and she took off into the jungle.

Roaring as he chased her, Varan sent trees flying in every direction, sending animals scurrying. The girl ran as fast as she could, zigzagging and hiding behind trees, but try as she may, she couldn't lose the deadly beast. Eventually, she happened upon a clearing. Realizing she would have nowhere to hide here, she ran as fast as she could, hoping to make it to the foliage on the other side. Looking back, she saw Varan getting closer and closer. If she could only make it to the opposite end of the clearing...

The girl grunted as she ran into a large rock and bounced off, her butt colliding with the ground. Holding her head, she looked up to see what she'd ran into. Once again, she froze.

As solid as it was, it was no rock she'd hit. It was the snout of a very large, equally dangerous animal. It was a sleeping Godzillasaurus, whose eyes were now open and glaring down at the small being that woke him from his slumber. Growling angrily, the dinosaur opened his maw and reached forth, ready to devour the girl in a single bite. Just then, one of Varan's paws came down, slamming against Godzillasaurus' snout and smashing it back against the ground. Moving back, Godzillasaurus lifted himself up to his full height, screaming a challenge at Varan.

The Obaki snarled and raised up onto his hind legs, smacking Godzillasaurus across the face. The dinosaur lunged forward, sinking his teeth into Varan's left arm, eliciting a cry of pain from the gliding beast. Slamming his right fist against Godzillasaurus' head, Varan couldn't get the dinosaur to let go at first, but after the fourth blow, he finally succeeded. Godzillasaurus charged, but Varan quickly turned around, threatening to stab the dinosaur with his spines. Godzillasaurus quickly ceased his attack, but swung around, slamming his tail into Varan's legs and knocking the mystical creature to the ground. Growling in fury, Varan got back to his feet and leapt toward Godzillasaurus, wrapping his arms around the ancient beast and tackling him to the earth.

The girl watched in horror as the two titans battled each other. It took her a moment to realize that this was exactly what she needed: As the two monsters fought one another, she could escape without them noticing. And that is exactly what she did, taking a few steps back before turning and bursting into a full on sprint.

Unfortunately, somehow, even in the middle of the intense battle that was taking place, the sudden movement caught Varan's eye. Batting Godzillasaurus across the face, Varan turned and began to chase the girl once again. Furious that Varan would attack him and then try to run, Godzillasaurus roared as he began to chase after him.

The girl was filled with nothing but sheer panic and adrenaline, but that could only take her so far. Her body already ached from being chased by Varan and unless something saved her within the next few seconds, she knew she would collapse and be defenseless against the two beasts.

A new roar pierced the air and the girl knew that her prayers had been answered.

Immediately recognizing the source of the roar, Varan and Godzillasaurus stopped running and looked to the air as King Kong leapt from a mountaintop toward them, delivering a fist to the latter's jaw, immediately sending Godzillasaurus to the ground. Varan snarled and leapt forward, only for Kong to grab the Obaki by his head and swing him over his shoulder, slamming Varan against the dirt. Godzillasaurus was on his feet and charged, snapping his powerful jaws at Kong. The mighty ape backed away, narrowly avoiding the dinosaur's attacks. With a painful howl, Kong looked down to see Varan having sunk his teeth into Kong's side from behind. Godzillasaurus opened his mouth and prepared to bite down on Kong's face, but the ape grabbed the oncoming jaws, keeping them away. Varan shook his head, worsening the wounds, blood staining Kong's fur. Finally managing to wrestle Godzillasaurus to the ground, Kong reached down and punched Varan between the eyes as hard as he could. Stunned, Varan let go, stumbling for a moment before Kong uprooted a tree and whacked Varan across the face with it, sending him crashing to the soil.

Behind him, Kong was aware that Godzillasaurus had gotten back to his feet. Snapping off roughly a third of the tree, the primate turned to face the beast. The dinosaur lunged forward once again, his jaws agape, but this time Kong was ready for him. Thrusting his hand forward, Kong lodged the tree vertically into Godzillasaurus' mouth, keeping it stuck open. Panicking, Godzillasaurus tried to remove the tree, but it was stuck good. Kong was about to press his advantage, when Varan tackled him from the side, knocking him to the ground. Varan bit and scratched at Kong's face, but the eighth wonder shielded himself with his arms, howling as Varan's claws tore his flesh over and over.

Finally, Kong managed to pull his legs up against Varan's chest and kicked hard, sending the reptile soaring backward. Opening his arms and legs, Varan unfolded the flaps of skin between his limbs, flipping around and flying directly for Kong. The ape managed to sidestep the attack and grabbed Varan's tail as he passed. Holding on tight, Kong spun himself around, taking Varan with him and slamming him into Godzillasaurus, sending both reptiles crashing the ground.

Varan was quickly back on his feet and charged furiously once again. Kong narrowed his eyes and reached for Varan's neck, ready to finish this fight. Grappling the Obaki's throat, Kong attempted to snap his neck. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't position Varan well enough to get any leverage due to the spines jutting from the lizard creature's back. As he attempted to figure out his next move, Varan leapt forward and sank his teeth into Kong's shoulder. The giant gorilla roared in pain as the teeth gouged his flesh. He punched Varan in the side of the head, but this time the Obaki didn't budge. Before he could try a second time, Varan flicked his tail to the side, raking Kong's shins with the spikes on his tail. Roaring in pain and surprise, Kong toppled onto his back, bringing Varan with him. With Kong momentarily dazed from the fall, Varan switched to another target, biting down on the ape's neck.

Kong cried out as he felt Varan's teeth sink in and get close to his jugular. He knew he had to end this quickly, but the spiny reptile would not be denied his victory. Panic began to set in as Kong looked around for a means to dislodge his attacker. That's when his eyes fell upon the tree he was using as a weapon before, its broken end still jagged and sharp. Quickly grabbing it, his arm bent at lightning speed as he jammed it into Varan's throat.

The Obaki's eyes widened as he realized he'd been mortally wounded, letting out a gurgled howl of pain as his blood began to flow over the tree. He reached up and tried to remove the wooden weapon, but it was already too late. Kong pushed the dying reptile up just enough for him to roll out from underneath him, allowing Varan to collapse face first in the dirt. Soon the lizard beast's movements had stopped completely.

But even though Varan had fallen, Kong knew his job wasn't finished yet. Turning to face Godzillasaurus, he saw that the long-necked creature had gotten back to his feet but was still struggling to remove the tree trunk keeping his mouth open. Looking around, Kong noticed a rather large boulder jutting out of the ground. Taking hold of it, he wrenched it from the soil and, roaring at Godzillasaurus to get his attention, sent the boulder hurtling toward him with a mighty heave. The dinosaur turned just in time to take the rock to the face, sending him crashing to the jungle floor, dazed.

King Kong roared victoriously, beating his chest. But despite the powerful blow he'd just struck, he had also made a terrible mistake. The impact of the rock was enough to weaken and crack the tree within Godzillasaurus' mouth. As soon as the dinosaur had regained his wits, he began to bite down with anger, causing the tree to bend and then finally snap. Roaring furiously, Godzillasaurus was back on his feet, ready to tear Kong to pieces.

The mighty gorilla was startled by the dinosaur's quick and complete recovery but was more than capable than handling him regardless. Pounding his chest with his fists again, Kong charged. Flexing his jaws and reaching out with his tiny arms, Godzillasaurus did the same.

The two were in reach of each other within seconds. Kong raised his arms, ready to smash them down against Godzillasaurus' shoulders. Godzillasaurus lowered his head and lunged forward, slamming his skull into Kong's gut, knocking the wind out of the mighty beast and sending him careening backward.

Directly onto Varan's spines.

Kong grunted and whimpered as he looked down at the blood-stained spines jutting out of his chest and stomach. He grasped uselessly at them, trying to pull them away, but with Varan underneath him they were stuck firm. Kong's movements became sluggish as his blood ran, painting Varan red, until his arms finally fell limply to the side. King Kong tried to let out one final roar of defiance, but all that came out was a whisper as the light left the gorilla's eyes.

Godzillasaurus stood there for a moment, making sure that the once mighty ape was indeed dead. Once he was certain, he reared his head back and let loose with a triumphant roar that echoed across the entire island. Between Kong and Varan, the dinosaur was sure to eat well for the foreseeable future.

Far off in their village, the natives stood in stunned silence, then bowed their heads in memoriam and sorrow. The sound of Godzillasaurus' victory cry could only mean one thing. Something that the inhabitants of this land, human and monster alike, would all come to learn.

Mondo Island had a new King.