KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 220 - Author: Andrew Sudomerski and Harley Jameson

Match 220: Manda (Millennium) vs. Frankenstein, Gaira (Showa) and Sanda vs. Trilopod vs. Monster X
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

Nearly a thousand kilometers above the Earth’s surface, a rocky formation of composite ice and ancient minerals rip through the Van Allen radiation belts. From a galaxy far away, his master called upon his services, and those duties shall be fulfilled. Cradled by the embrace of the propelled meteoroid, he rests. He knew full well that the light years worth of waiting would soon pay off. To ravage a planet that thrived with persistent insects that refused to give up. And for that, he will take pleasure in their destruction.

Although the effects were not immediate, he felt the casing being tugged by Earth’s gravitational pull. In due time, it will interact with the ozone layer and Earth’s atmosphere, tearing through the air molecules hovering miles above sea level. From this, the rocky formation will be encased in flames from friction. A massive fireball will serve as an omen to those who witness it.

But another presence made itself known.


Aboard the mothership, the Keizer mulled at the prospect. Well over a decade of preparations gave him time to think of his next plan of attack. He failed because he underestimated the resistance. Additionally, he had failed to harness the power of god that dwelled within him. In his naiveté, hailed his kind into utmost destruction.

‘Not now,’ he internally purred, ‘humanity will see me for the true monster I am. And they will know to kneel to a Keizer.’In times past, he was the Xilien Regulator; but now, he had fully assumed the role of a Keizer. Before he could dwell on victorious daydream any longer, he caught the video feed out of his peripheral.

“Well well well…” The Keizer murmured to himself. “It seems we have competitors.” His head snapped to one of his subordinates.

“Sir! We have a transmission! They say it’s from the Cryogs.” Raising eyebrows, he gave a gesture to allow it.

“Xilien.” The frilled, tentacled alien snarled. “I am Rhizon, Commander of the Cryogs. You and your pale imitation of King Ghidorah will not succeed in taking the earth. I advise you call your pathetic thing back and go home. Earth belongs to the Cryog.”

The Keizer sucked a breath in, licking his lips a little. “Why don’t we see about that then, hmm? Your invasion can’t start if your ship can’t even make it to Earth!”


Though he could not see outside of the meteoroid, the sleeping giant could sense something coming by. Monster X could not identify exactly what it was; all that mattered was that it was something pursuing the same location. Something he would not allow to happen under his watch.

With limited telekinetic prowess, the meteoroid defied the laws of physics and veered into the speeding object. The rocky body collides into the bullet-shaped pod, scraping against the biomechanical plates, with chunks of rock and ice breaking off. It shifted ever so slightly, but the onboard computer systems rerouted it to its original trajectory. Reeling for a charge, the meteoroid slammed against the pod, applying more force than before. Nothing changed, except now the celestial body lost more of its casing, becoming more space debris floating aimlessly. Then, almost as if to avoid further conflict, the pod’s boosters exploded with power, accelerating through the vacuum with ease and away from the attacking meteoroid.

Although Monster X could not maneuver in his current state, his partial levitation would suffice. Increasing in velocity, the casing tears through space and catches up with the pod. Covering several hundred kilometers in a short span of a few minutes, the speeds of the falling objects rival each other in a close neck-and-neck race to Earth. The closer they got to their destination, the more the pod and meteoroid created friction with the upper atmosphere, encasing them in a coat of flames. From the exosphere to the thermosphere, the two falling objects continued to plummet down toward the planet.


The drizzling downpour amidst the heavy rains bombard the boundaries surrounding Tokyo Bay. The depressing, rolling thunder clouds loom overhead, flooding the streets and spilling into the Bay area. Powerful gale winds toss the salt water with little effort, crashing against the stone railings that border the inhabitants and their one-way trip down. Issued by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces several hours ago, a mandated evacuation was well underway. Even with decades of experience, to demand a total evacuation hours beforehand would prove to be extremely inefficient. The streets cluttered with unmoving vehicles of all shapes and sizes, those running on foot drenched and flooding to get to safety.

However, not everyone desired to flee for their lives. Some thrived on the excitement of seeing kaiju fight with their very eyes. And tragically, but unsurprisingly, do they rarely ever have the chance to tell their side of the story.

Enthusiasts gather around the boundary’s edge, chattering amongst one another as a few JSDF and Police Officers desperately tried to convince them to evacuate. Some tourists from outside Japan and Tokyo locals, all pulling out their well-protected iPhones to record the ensuing fight. Still others, gambling and placing bets on today’s contestants. And with four giants to bid on, the outcome would be uncertain.

Along the city perimeters, Type 90 Tanks rolled up to battle stations as F-15s circle around the battlefield of Tokyo Bay. Within the ring of splashing ocean, two of the great kaiju stand in a Mexican standoff, whilst two others stand as spectators.

The first one the JSDF detected was Gaira, the Green Gargantua, who in the past splurged himself with human feasts to satiate his hunger. There was no doubt that was why he came here. Unfortunately for him, his ruckus in the Pacific Ocean on his way to Tokyo stirred the awakening of the mythological Mu dragon, Manda. The convergence of monsters did not end there. With the troubling presence Gaira roused, it caught the attention of his Gargantuan relatives; his brother Sanda and their presumed father, Frankenstein. Although the latter two have a kindred relationship with humanity, the JSDF took precautions in the event they went rogue. Even the most benevolent kaiju could be a threat under the right circumstances.

Manda hissed a warning as Gaira screeched a war cry. The two needed to settle their score, and they would finish it now. Manda graced the shallow waters with superb speed while Gaira marched toward the leviathan. An eruption of foamy white sea exploded upon collision between the gargantuan heathens, mauling and raking each other with bony teeth and nails. It wasn’t long until Gaira got hold of Manda’s upper and lower jaws, wrestling with the flailing sea demon though the battlefield of Tokyo Bay. But such rash actions did not come without its consequences, with Manda’s wild fangs embedding into the Green Gargantua’s fingers. Try as he might, Gaira found out for himself that the emerald dragon would inevitably overpower him and clamp onto his bleeding hands. He had to make a choice, and he had to make it quick.

From afar, Sanda yelled out to his little brother with a strong urge to protect him, surging forward a little. Frankenstein had no such sentimentality seeing one of his “children” fight. As far as he was concerned, he was seeing two threats to human beings duke it out. Despite the savage being part of his lineage, Frankenstein shared no empathy with that monster. The brown one, however, he found to be fonder of. Sanda was very much like himself; found in the wild, raised by kind-hearted scientists, and would protect humanity, even at the cost of his own life. But what Sanda saw in that brute is something Frankenstein would never understand, or refused to comprehend. So when Sanda began to trek into deeper waters, Frankenstein pulled at his drenched, shaggy brown hair, shaking his own head a little. The Brown Gargantua shot a glare back at his father; the look said it all. Although Frankenstein tried to dissuade him from intervening with grunts and scowls, Sanda refused. Seeing that he would not respond to his pleas, Frankenstein allowed Sanda to make his own decisions, or sign his death warrant.

As the brown giant made his way to his brother and the gigantic serpent, Frankenstein turned to observe the Bay area. On one side, he saw that there were humans who stuck around, clinging to the edge and gawking at them all. Whether it was for their own purposes or they just wanted to see the fight, it brought much dismay to the caveman giant. He scanned for anything else, and besides the tanks and jets, the downpour and the winds kicked up a mist that made it hard to see anything else. He ventured forth toward the stupid humans, hoping to get them to a safe spot before things got nastier than they already would be.

The choice was finally made. Releasing his grip on the jaws, Gaira tried his best to slip his hands out of Manda’s grasp, but it didn’t entirely work. The distal phalanx of Gaira’s index and middle fingers on his right hand were caught by the sea serpent’s gnashing teeth, staining them with a coat of crimson. With relative ease, they were sliced off.  The excruciating pain shot through Gaira’s nerves, but he had no time to let the agony get to him. Manda snapped his jaws, inching closer to the Green Gargantua’s face within fractions of a second. But for Gaira, it was just the time he needed. Pulling his arms out, he promptly brought his bloodied hands together. And fortunately for Gaira, this ill-shot and hastily put together plan went off without a hitch. His curled fists slammed against Manda’s temples, evoking the dragon to dissolve into seizure-like spasms, an anguished hiss leaving the dragon. The long, green leviathan disappeared into the Bay, almost as if he vanished entirely. Panting from the intensity, Gaira tried to regain his breath while looking upon his damaged hands. Thankfully, his super regeneration had mostly taken care of the deep bite wounds, but the fingers were still in the process of replacing the missing parts. It would take a bit of time before he had full usage of his hands.

For Gaira, he didn’t know how long he had been idle for, be it only for a short period of time or a long one. But when Manda didn’t resurface during the span of him catching his breath, Gaira hollered a triumphant roar of victory into the sky. Yet before he could do anything about it, something tripped him over, forcing the algae-green giant to topple into the waters below. As the waves from the impact began to settle, an explosion of a struggling aquatic hominid and a vicious prehistoric snake burst from the salty seas, foam and water spraying everywhere. Manda, with his lithe form, constricted Gaira’s body in a tight bond and would not let go. Try as the Gargantua might, even the subtlest of movement only asphyxiated the titan. His hands and feet began to go numb; his bones and internal organs started compressing from the force; his ogrish face turned from green to a mix of blues and purples as his eyes rolled to the back of his head; his toothy maw foamed with a bubbly mixture of salt water and saliva. At this rate, Gaira would lay dead on the bottom of the ocean.

Seeing the tides turn for the worse, having collectively agreed Gaira was the least threatening kaiju compared to Manda at least,  the Type 90 Tanks began to fire its volley of shells from the Rheinmetall L44 120mm smoothbore cannons. The kinetic force of the shots recoil the armored vehicles back, with the cannons bursting with a brief flash of intense flames and a deafening boom. The shells streak through the air and at their respective targets. Some of the rounds bury into Gaira’s scaly skin, blowing off chunks of his flesh and blood. The green giant felt the pain, but could only choke out a gurgling muffled scream. Others found their mark against Manda’s hide, merely causing dents in the natural armor. This would not go unnoticed by the great serpentine beast, but he refused to give up on his potential prey.

From the sky above, the Mitsubishi F-15Js were given permission to open fire upon the two giants. Two of the fighter jets swoop in, unloading a set of AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles. Yet even the impacts from the short-range air-to-air missiles did not hinder or distract from the Mu dragon’s initiative. Wave after wave of AIM-9 Sidewinders bombarded the kaiju, but had little effect in forcing Manda to release Gaira from his constriction.

Just as all hope seemed lost for Gaira, Manda heard a booming roar of fury. When the serpent redirected his attention from the JSDF, he saw that Sanda had come to aid this sea ogre. Although Manda hissed an angry and intimidating warning, Sanda did not stop. Rather, the Brown Gargantua tackled the mass of Manda and Gaira down into the Bay. With his right hand, Sanda grabbed Manda’s throat with his thick palm and fingers; and with his left hand, he balls it into a rocky fist and beats it against the submerged Manda’s serpentine head. Artillery fire ceases as the snake coughs gallons of blood, tainting the murky water with red. Unable to concentrate between the new contender and the prey, Manda loosens his body and unravels, allowing Gaira’s body to drop and sink to the floor below.

Though Sanda’s right hand compressed around his trachea, Manda’s surprisingly flexible body allowed the sea serpent to bend his head back and punch his fangs into the brown one’s hard arm. This catches Sanda by surprise, and with a muffled shriek he nearly loosened his grip on the snake’s neck. It gives Manda the time needed for him to allow the rest of his body to start independently constricting around the Brown Gargantua. In a flash to counterattack, Sanda grabbed hold of the creature’s sprouting head spikes with both of his mighty hands. The gargantuan kaiju wrestled and writhed around, battling for supremacy as the thunder boomed. But slowly and surely, Manda gained the advantage against the other Gargantua brother. For every move Sanda made, Manda’s body squeezed the air out of him. This was made all the more indicative as dizziness settled in and his face became pale as his own blood leaked out of his mouth. There was no way he would dominate this serpent alone, he needed help.


Burning ablaze in the mesosphere, the pod and the meteor compete with each other in speed and velocity. The rocky encasing, having long since lost the coating of ice that once surrounded it, was being eaten away by the friction; the pod, on the other hand, seemed to be unaffected. With less than one hundred kilometers until they strike against Earth’s surface, they would both soon arrive at their final destination of the metropolitan empire of Tokyo. Even then, there was no room for two factions to destroy the same enemy; it was either one or the other. And any measure and any cost will be taken to thwart whatever plans the enemy has in store.

Even while at terminal velocity, Monster X utilizes his stunted mental powers to veer the meteor for one last strike. Yet just as he starts to pull toward the flaming pod, its boosters burn even more power. He only had fractions of a second to execute the attack before the pod would rush past him.

But fortunately for him, he succeeded.

Slamming against the hull of the pod, chunks of burning rock break off the meteor as they burn in the mesosphere. In the instant of the impact, the boosters of the pod burn and propel it with extra acceleration. However, because it was knocked before it could achieve the full acceleration time needed, the onboard computers were unable to calibrate like before. So, when the pod rocketed down toward the surface, its trajectory veered from its initial destination of Tokyo to the eastern part of the Chiba Prefecture, two miles away from Yachimata. Although he would not see the impact for himself, there was no doubt that the devastation would be catastrophic. However, he would have plans of his own to reign terror upon Tokyo.

Instead of allowing the journey to take its course, the meteor decelerates. Crossing over the border from the mesosphere to the stratosphere, the burning formation of space rock slows to a crawl in air speed and velocity. Glowing a bright red and searing with intense heat, the rock comes to a near stop.

Then, being torn from the inside by streaks of golden lightning, it explodes.

Large chunks of space rock fall to Earth, propelling toward Tokyo. And amidst the debris, a humanoid figure layered in skeletal armor sky dives to his destination, allowing gravity to take hold. Foaming white mist from his maw, Monster X would soon raze the metropolis to the ground.

No one would be spared.


With what little power he could muster, Sanda tried to call out for help. Only wheezes escaped from his lips and his hands were trembling from how weak he felt. However, with one last resort, the Brown Gargantua would give it his all. Stumbling toward the boundaries of Tokyo, Sanda slams the emerald dragon’s head against the wet stony pavement, but it wasn’t enough. Then again, rendering Manda unconscious with the streets wasn’t part of Sanda’s plan.

The tank was.

Running out of air, Sanda tried to keep the head of a writhing Manda pinned to the pavement, just enough for the nearby Type 90 Tank to get a good solid aim. Sanda’s worried expression fades as he sees the turret turn and aim for Manda’s face. In an instant, a bright flash and a deafening boom echoes from the cannon. The next instant, an eruption of blood gushes from the Mu deity’s right eye socket and a blood curdling wail reverberates across the battlefield. From the immeasurable agony, Manda uncoils his body and sets Sanda free, as the sea dragon tries to cope with the pain, wheezing and screaming in pain.

The humans could never hope for a kill shot, but it would at the very least buy Sanda the time to retrieve his younger brother and get him recuperated, hopefully the gesture of goodwill would convince his brother to fight alongside him.

With his first major breath of air, Sanda’s body began circulating blood as the blood cells are oxygenized. Although still dizzy and unbalanced from the ordeal, Sanda dashed for Gaira and lift his brother’s limp body from the Bay. Sanda presses his fingers against Gaira’s neck, feeling for a pulse.

Even while unconscious, Sanda felt the blood coursing through his veins. Much to his delight, he slings his brother’s arm over his neck and drags the limp body of the Green Gargantua to safety. However, off in the distance, behind the rushing winds and collapsing thunder, he could hear Frankenstein’s screams.


Just a moment earlier…

As Frankenstein made the approach, he heard the howls of his son and the leviathan. He felt reserved. Unlike Sanda, Frankenstein lacked the natural defensive prowess to withstand Manda’s strikes. However, it wasn’t like he didn’t want to assist the Brown Gargantua either. He made up his mind and decided that after extracting the humans to a safer location, he’d help Sanda. As his lofty form strides through Tokyo Bay, he saw some of the humans scurry at his presence. Yet others watched in awe; either that, or shocked to the point of being rendered immobile. Bending his knees, Frankenstein arcs his upper body and brings his primal hands toward them in a cup formation. He grunts, signaling them to get on.

Before they could, Frankenstein heard an explosion and the wails of a serpent. However, that wasn’t the only thing that caught his attention. The salt water erupts and a high-pitch shrill echoes from behind. He had no time to properly defend against whatever it was, so the mysterious body crashed against the caveman, forcing Frankenstein to topple toward the very people he meant to save. His face and upper torso are planted on the stone pavement, crushing the helpless humans into a pile of gory mush. As Frankenstein twists his head, and through his peripheral vision, he could see his attacker.

The multi-legged freak plants one of its forelimbs atop Frankenstein’s cranium. Its physique calls to mind the trilobite or the anomalocaris, boasting an impressive length divided into three noteworthy segments; the cephalon, thorax, and the tail-like abdomen. Though long, its height wasn’t really much to brag about, roughly standing at a little under three quarters of Frankenstein’s. Its copper carapace sways as its crimson glowing eyes gaze right into Frankenstein’s gelatinous eyes. It chitters, raising its parasitic head, revealing a circular orifice primed with dagger teeth and two extensions sprouting from its face, layered with thick barbs.

Rearing back, the monstrosity clamps the facial appendages on the giant’s shoulder, the barbs sinking into his soft flesh. A window shattering scream escapes Frankenstein’s lips as the parasite feasts with the immortal giant’s genetic makeup. Akin to a female mosquito, the creature inflates with sustenance, increasing its weight in the process. Summoning the strength needed, Frankenstein presses against the Bay’s bottom with his bare hands, briefly lifting himself off the ground. This isn’t enough for him to stand upright, so he had to take advantage of the little time he had. Rolling over, Frankenstein and the parasite wrestle for dominance.

Both belly side up, the primitive man takes the risk and elbows the alien pest in the underbelly of the thorax. The parasite emitted an unearthly shriek, responding to Frankenstein’s gut-punch with the claws from all eight of its limbs. Still draining the material from the giant’s body, talons ripped and tore into Frankenstein’s soft flesh. From what little he could see, Frankenstein saw an even longer appendage hover over them; its tail, tipped with a lethal set of pincers. It too dove into the frenzy of sharp claws, pinching the man-beast’s abdominal region. Scissoring through his tissue, Frankenstein yells a horrendous scream of sheer agony as the pinchers chew his skin and blood. Yet off in the distance, a familiar boom chimed in, giving Frankenstein even a small glimmer of hope to cling onto.


Between the trek from near the port of Funabashi to the close-by Urayasu, Sanda and the recovering Gaira stumble upon the gruesome scene. With Gaira capable of standing on his own two feet, albeit clumsily, Sanda releases his brother and darted toward Frankenstein and this mysterious newcomer. Leaving a trail of crashing waves in his wake, the Brown Gargantua trudges through the Bay in order to free his ally and father from the parasitic invader.

Although still exhausted from his bout against Manda, Sanda grabs hold of the bloated bloodsucker, yanking the protrusions out of Frankenstein’s shoulder. Squirming with its head in Sanda’s hands, the pest releases the other giant from its grasp. Though weak and still writhing in pain, Frankenstein managed to crawl his way onto land to rest and rejuvenate. However, with its body expanded, the alien parasite was incapable of swiftly maneuvering away. With the Brown Gargantua at the helm, he applied deadly pressure to the cretin’s narrow head.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

Another high-pitch shrill catches the attention of the goliath hominids. Before anyone could do anything, a concentrated streak of red energy explodes against Sanda’s form. Yelping from the unexpected attack, Sanda’s hands slip and release the inflated parasite from his grip. As the creature scurries toward the source of the noise, the Brown Gargantua collides against the rim, nearly unconscious.

With what strength he could muster, Frankenstein leapt into Tokyo Bay to assist Sanda. However, much to his surprise, he saw that Gaira has already beaten him to the punch. Having mostly recovered, Gaira slung Sanda’s arm around him and pulled him to land. And for a brief moment, the two share direct eye contact. Gaira let loose an animalistic snarl, his gelatinous eyes burning with seething animosity. Even before today’s events, Gaira never shared a mutual trust with his father as he his brother does. Although Frankenstein bore all the traits and faults that Sanda had, it was Frankenstein’s apathy that fueled his rage. Not apathy toward others necessarily, but to him specifically. For that, Gaira refused to acknowledge the primitive man as kin. Frankenstein had no qualms with that.

As quickly as he went in, Frankenstein pulled himself onto solid foundation once more. His legs covered distance in long strides as he made way toward Sanda’s near-unconscious body. But as he got close, Gaira howls a warning cry. Frankenstein retorts with a scowl, demanding the Green Gargantua to stand back. Gaira bares his nasty fangs, more than ready for a fight. Frankenstein knew full well that a much larger threat is on the horizon, barking and grunting at the aquatic hominid and pointing beyond the dense fog and heavy downpour. Sanda stirs from his unconsciousness. Seeing his kin growling and grunting, he intervenes by planting his palm on Gaira’s sternum. As the Brown Gargantua rises to his feet, the shaking of his head and grunt tells Gaira all that he needs to know. Although somewhat tense, Gaira eases. The enemy they need to fight is coming, and it’s clear that Manda wasn’t the only business they need to settle with. A family blood feud could wait.


It took the course of a couple of hours for the alien parasites to venture from the impact zone to Tokyo, detecting bio-energy from afar. Material to harvest for their master’s plans for conquest and destruction. In total there were seven, whom were similar yet different. Four of them were the arthropod cretins with multiple legs and long bodies; the other three were bipedal giants, standing as tall as the King of the Monsters, bearing serrated scythe-like appendages and don red orbs on their chest and arms. And soon, a new era will reign.

The hunters cometh, thine lords of harvest; the Trilopods have arrived.

Sloshing through the harbor, the three giant Trilopods loom over the Gargantuas. Their serrated orifices emanate quiet chittering, talking among each other. As the hominids prepare for the worst, one of the three fighter Trilopods shifts its attention to something else in the distance. More chittering broke out. Investigating for itself, it leaves its two comrades to inspect the nearby disturbance. Now maybe with a three-against-two scenario, the small chance they could win this grew bigger.

And Gaira was more than willing to risk it all.

Sprinting from the concrete to the sea, the Green Gargantua readied his nails to hack and slash against this parasitic hunter. But swift backhand from the alien’s scythed appendage quickly put a stop to Gaira’s momentum. Stubbornly Gaira latched onto the forearm with his hands, the other blade of the Trilopod connecting and stabbing into the Gargantua’s false ribs, sinking into his scaly hide. As blood poured from the wound, Gaira screamed in agony from the sudden burst of pain. The algae giant tried to reel back, but the other scythe was still embedded in his ribs. This gave the bipedal Trilopod ample time to drag his leg from the sloshing ocean and deliver a lethal frontal kick, tearing Gaira away from him and creating a large gash in the Gargantua’s side. Flying in midair and profusely bleeding, Gaira crashes into Tokyo Bay, staining the salt water in his blood.

With no time to waste, the Trilopod engages the oncoming brown hominid. The bipedal anomalocaris raises his scythes to bring them down on the Brown Gargantua, but Sanda accelerates and dives for a body slam and crashes against the alien’s belly region. Sanda bellowed in rage as the Brown Gargantua pushed with all of his strength against the clicking and snarling beast he was in a test of strength against, ignoring the pain as the scythes dug into his back. Gaira pulled himself out of the water, Frankenstein finally able to pull himself to his feet as father and son thunder over to join Sanda in grappling the anomalocaris to the ground, the three finally succeeding in toppling the beast.

Thunder crashed overhead as the other Beta made its way to the engorged Alpha. The Trilopod clicked and hissed as the bloated Alpha started crawling on the Beta.


“Watch, Xilien.” Rhizon noted with a hint of awe in his voice. “What we are truly capable of.” A loud squelching sound echoed throughout the battlefield as the two Trilopods merged together. Gone were the massive scythes and bug-like appearances. In their place was a sleeker, more humanoid creature sprouting dark hair atop its head. Trilopod-Frankenstein’s mandibles clicked open, and it gave an animalistic roar before sprinting at the fight, tackling Frankenstein over in a fit of raw power.

The Keizer whistled a little. “Impressive trick your bugs have there.” He complimented, before his lips curled into a little smile. “I eagerly await the results of this fight.”

Manda hissed in anger and warning the two other Trilopods. The former deity snaked toward the two, only to be cut off by the Alpha blind-siding him, sending him crashing to the ground before Manda screamed in agony as the Alpha began sucking the genetic material out of him as well.

“Well, I think it’s time we end this little game.” The Keizer declared, jolting both his own subordinates as well as Rhizon.

“What do you mean?” The other alien warlord looked unsure, and the Keizer simply keeled over laughing, stamping his foot and slamming his hand against his chair.

“Oh you stupid, STUPID bug.” The Xilien snarled. “It’s time for Monster X to kill everything.”


Hellfire was raining from the sky. What little JSDF forces at the capital city were wiped out when Tokyo was practically erased off of the face of the earth with the meteorites. Across the horizon, fire and death raged on as the lightning danced across the sky. As the Frankenstein-Trilopod continued bashing its unwilling genetic donor’s head in, a baritone growl caught its attention.

Before the creature had time to react, there was a flash of gold before gravity bolts splashed across the Trilopod’s body, forcing the creature off. The Trilopod howled angrily as the four dark red eyes of Monster X stared back at him, eagerly awaiting the challenge.

The Frankenstein-Trilopod sprinted forward, Monster X standing perfectly still as the remnants of the JSDF mustered together as much firepower as they could. They knew they had no chance against these titans, but they’d be damned if they would quit fighting. The few remaining tanks and the sole maser tank rolled up before firing what could very well be their last volley, a sole squadron of mish-mashed planes and fighters soared overhead and unloaded missiles and bombs as Monster X finally sprung into action, effortlessly catching the sloppy punch thrown by the Frankenstein-Trilopod and squeezing it’s fist, uncaring about the bombardment as Monster X slammed his fist into the Trilopod’s newly formed gut, then blasting a huge volley of Gravity Bolts to knock the thing down into a building with a loud crash of concrete and steel.

Monster X snarled as the Frankenstein-Trilopod rose to its feet, roaring again at the Xilien monster unleashed another volley of gravity bolts, sending the Trilopod back down into the rubble as more shells exploded harmlessly off of Monster X’s hide. Grunting, the alien menace finally turned his attention back toward the JSDF, glaring down at the cattle before stomping his way toward them, only to bellow in surprise as the Trilopod launched itself onto his back, thrashing as it tried to take Monster X down.


With a loud and enraged hiss, Manda managed to throw the Trilopod off of him, squirming back and eyes narrowing as the two Trilopods merged with each other. The red body morphing into a long snake-like shape, flexing its new claws before tilting its head up and roaring into the sky. Trilopod-Manda was born. Manda shot forward like a rocket, clamping his jaws around his Trilopod double and shaking his head like a wild dog, the sharp crack of the Trilopod’s exoskeleton filling his ears as the Trilopod groaned in pain. The Trilopod-Manda snarled and coiled around Manda, latching onto his body and throwing the other serpent off in a show of strength. Manda crashed to the ground, shaking his head as he regained his bearings. He could feel the warmth of the chunks of the meteors that landed in the city, the Mu guardian slithering his way over to the largest piece he could sense. Grabbing it, Manda howled as his whole body burst into flames, the light pouring off of him as he made a beeline toward his Trilopod double, wrapping around the Trilopod and squeezing tightly.

The Manda-Trilopod gagged a little, before its eyes shone and it too burst into flames. The Trilopod-Manda managed to coil around its genetic donor, squeezing even harder against Manda. The Mu guardian gasped and choked as blood trickled out of its mouth and eyes as its body was squeezed tighter by the Trilopod’s superior strength. With a loud and sharp crack, Manda lay still, dead. Sliding off of the corpse, Trilopod-Manda’s attention was brought to the sounds of battle off in the distance, slithering off to the source of it.


Monster X hurled Frankenstein-Trilopod off of him, snarling as his eyes flashed dangerously before unleashing a never ending torrent of Gravity Bolts. Blood splattered across the ruined streets as Frankenstein-Trilopod squealed in pain, before eventually its squirms of pain died down and its lifeless and burn husk as still assaulted by the Xilien creature’s wrath. The sadistic monster’s rampage was cut short as two more Alphas jumped on the Xilien monster, siphoning more genetic material. Monster X screeched in fury, easily throwing them off and blasting one of the bloated Alphas with his Gravity Bolts, watching with satisfaction as it exploded in a shower of gore. Turning, Monster X began to pursue the Alpha, but paused when he heard the roaring sounds of battle behind him. Roaring into the sky, Monster X sprinted toward the fight, eager to show his dominance over the weak kaiju.

The Beta roared as it threw Frankenstein away like he was rag doll. Completely ignoring Sanda beating his fists on its back, he dug its scythe into Gaira. The Green Gargantua howled in pain as the Beta ripped its scythe out. Finally turning to Sanda, he jammed the blade into his gut, the Brown Gargantua gasping in pain as he struggled to remove the Beta’s scythe.

Frankenstein gasped as he struggled to his feet, his knees wobbling as he heard Sanda’s screams of pain. Gritting his teeth, the humanoid monster staggered forward before being tackled and a sharp pain ripped through his shoulder. Frankenstein grunted as the Trilopod-Manda gnashed and ripped at his skin, easily ripping through his soft flesh and tearing his shoulder off completely. Frankenstein managed to roll on his back and shove himself off of the Trilopod, only to be nearly taken back off his feet as the Trilopod launched itself at him, the mutated humanoid barely holding it back when he caught the creature’s mouth in his hands.

The Beta roared as it backhanded Gaira, sending him tumbling to the ground as it ripped its scythe from Sanda’s belly, only to jam it into his back. Sanda howled in agony, sinking down to his knees as the Trilopod loomed over him, eager to finish the annoying pest off. Before it could though, the fury of Monster X’s Gravity Bolts slammed into it, knocking the Beta off of its feet as Monster X slammed into it a few moments later, sending the creature sailing deeper into Tokyo.

Trilopod-Manda unwrapped itself from the twitching and wheezing Frankenstein, hissing at Monster X who roared a challenge back. Bursting into bright flames again, Trilopod-Manda rocketed toward Monster X, who wheeled around and whipped the Trilopod in the face with his tail, using the moment to do a full 360 and unleashed a torrent of Gravity Bolts, sending the snake-like creature squirming back. Monster X cackled mockingly, running forward and kicking the Trilopod-Manda’s head like a soccer ball, reveling in the loud crack and shriek of pain as bits of the exoskeleton went flying.

Gasping and shuddering, Frankenstein hauled both Gaira and Sanda away from the brawling titans. He knew that even if all three of them worked together, they were no match for their current opponents. Gaira snarled, pushing himself away from Frankenstein and roaring angrily. They should stay and finish what they started. His father shook his head, grunting that no, they would just die pointlessly. The Green Gargantua howled in anger, moving forward and tackling his father to the ground, pounding against his face as Sanda slumped over, Frankenstein desperately trying to push his enraged and bloodthirsty clone off of him.

Curling his hand into a fist, Frankenstein finally managed to land a solid punch against Gaira’s jaw, wincing as it nearly broke from the force and teeth and blood were sent flying. Roughly shoving Gaira off, he brought his knee up and smashed it against the brute’s face, uncaring that he shattered Gaira’s nose with the force. Gaira clutched his face in agony as his father grabbed him by the head, angrily slamming it against the concrete over and over until the finally conscious Sanda weakly stopped his father, grunting. Gaira was out cold. Frankenstein nodded, pulling his anger back and helping Sanda back to his feet. Together, the both of them began yanking the unconscious Gaira away from the fight.


Monster X raised his foot over the Trilopod-Manda’s head, eager to finish the creature off once and for all, when a roar similar to his own made him freeze. Slowly putting his foot back turn, Monster X turned around to see the final Alpha and Beta merge together, the creature’s body morphing as a tail with two tips sprouted out, whipping the ground as it grew more bipedal, it’s head splitting apart into broad shoulders with deformed eyes and a half-formed head poking out of each, it’s main head hardening as its exoskeleton grew rougher, and two red eyes sprouted as it roared again.

Trilopod-X was born.

Monster X sprinted forward, not wanting to waste a second against this new foe as the two began throwing punches at each other, Gravity Bolts flying over each other’s shoulders as Trilopod-X finally landed a solid hit, blasting Monster X in the chest with a powerful barrage of Gravity Bolts. Stumbling back, Monster X clutched his smoking chest and growled, taking a step forward before Trilopod-Manda wrapped itself around his legs, forcing the Xilien beast to the ground. The Trilopod-Manda wrapped itself around Monster X, squeezing tightly as the Xilien kaiju gave a strangled cry of pain.


“Yes. YES!” Rhizon howled in victory, eyes bulging with glee. “Do it! Kill that stupid Ghidorah fake!”

The Keizer smirked to himself.


It was like time itself had frozen. Trilopod-X, Trilopod-Manda, and Monster X all froze at the Keizer’s command, the Cryog Commander staring in shock at what just happened. “W-What...? did you…?” He trailed off as the Keizer doubled over in a fit of laughter.

“You stupid, stupid bug!” The Xilien leader crowed, nearly falling out of his chair in his mirth. “Have you forgotten!? Did you not do your homework!? Well let me remind you.” The Keizer sat up straight. “M-Base.” Rhizon looked sick as his mind whirred.

“No….” He whispered quietly.

“YES!” The Keizer shouted in delight, standing up and throwing his arms into the air. “Let me give you a reminder! All the known kaiju have M-Base. Manda? M-Base. Monster X? M-Base. Those weird human looking things? They probably have M-Base too! The only creatures to NOT possess M-Base is Godzilla and that stupid butterfly. You see, you lost the moment your stupid bugs took Monster X and Manda’s DNA. Because they also took M-Base, and you know what that means! They’re OURS now!” The Keizer howled with laughter. “Manda! Let Monster X go!”

Down on the surface, the Trilopod-Manda uncoiled off of Monster X, who stood up and stayed perfectly still. “Good. Trilopod-X? Monster X? Kill that Manda hybrid.”

“What?!” Rhizon yelled in shock, swiveling his head as both Monster X and Trilopod-X unleashed a hailstorm of Gravity Bolts down on the Manda-Trilopod, the combined assault dissecting the sea snake into bits. “W-Why, why would you…!?” Rhizon spluttered, desperately trying to make sense of it all.

“It was weak.” Came the Xilien’s reply, hands raised. “We learned from our mistake back in 2004, you know. The only monster worth our time is Monster X; it was the only one who even stood a chance against Godzilla. Now watch. Both of you! Kill those weaklings down there!”


Frankenstein and Sanda could only stare in confusion when Trilopod-X and Monster X ripped the Manda hybrid to shreds. But as they turned toward them, Frankenstein felt pure terror wash over him. He frantically tried to pull Gaira and Sanda away, but Sanda grunted, shaking his head. They would never make it if they all ran together, not with Gaira dragging them down. He knew what he had to do.

Gripping Sanda’s arm tightly, Frankenstein was almost begging Sanda to come with them, but Sanda roughly yanked his arm away, uncaring that a hunk of his flesh was torn off in the process. Sanda pointed toward the sea. He knew what he had to do. But before he left, Sanda grunted at Frankenstein. The primitive man pondered, if only ever so briefly. With a heavy sigh and much reluctance, he grunted in agreement.

A promise was made.

The Brown Gargantua roared into the night sky, running straight at the two Xilien controlled monsters.

Frankenstein turned, hauling Gaira away as fast as he could toward the water and away from the city, cursing himself that he couldn’t save whatever humans were left, and shuddering in fear as Sanda’s agonized screams reached him, even as he continued running with Gaira.


“Well well, it seems those weaklings have a brain after all. Don’t bother with pursuit, not worth our time.” The Keizer turned his attention back to the Cryog. “Well? What do you want to do now? You called Monster X a pale imitation of King Ghidorah, right? Well now I have two.”

Rhizon looked like he was in agonizing pain, and the Xilien could hear the whispers of the other alien’s subordinates. “Shut up!” Rhizon snarled, before falling silent again. “We…” He began, licking his lips a little. He seemed reluctant.

“We…?” The Keizer prompted. The Cryog looked like he ate something extremely sour.

“We have….something...that can beat your monsters.” There were gasps and outcries from his subordinates. “I said shut up!” Rhizon barked in anger, glaring at his crew before turning his attention back toward the Keizer.

Rhizon knew everything he had was appropriated. The scout vessel, the crew, the case that contained the Trilopods. None of it belonged to him, and now he knew for sure he was going to face the consequences.

“We have Magita.” The Keizer sobered up instantly, staring down the Cryog as he leaned over a little.

“Then why don’t you show us what your Magita can do, hmm?” the Keizer mocked. Rhizon stood in silence, before finally uttering the words he dreaded.

“Send a signal. Let him know we’re here.” With no hesitation, they deployed a distress beacon, awaiting the arrival of their ruler and his vast army.

“Let’s see how this fairs; this ought to be cute,” the Keizer ridiculed. As the Xilien laughed and giggled at the notion of fighting this so-called Magita, Rhizon cut the feed with his opponent. Most certainly, the Xiliens had won the battle; but far from winning the war.

His acting gig paid off. ‘How an accident could serve as a perfect chance to get rid of two birds with one stone.’

With this in mind, Rhizon grinned.


An unknown time later.

Frankenstein didn’t know how long they had been running or exactly how far, but to him it wasn’t long or far enough. He hauled Gaira out of the waves, cradling the piece of Sanda, what was left of Sanda to his chest like his life depended on it. They were near the shores of the laboratory, they had to be. He could sense it.

Gaira grunted in a slumbering confusion, wanting to know why they were getting closer to the human settlements. Frankenstein gave a grunt in reply, pushing him toward the land.

They were getting help.

Monster X Trilopod
Monster X Trilopod