KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 219 - Author: Andrew Sudomerski

Match 219: Biollante vs. SpaceGodzilla
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

Upon this rock, he shall build his empire.

In front of SpaceGodzilla lay a field of pointed crystals, hosting the means to achieve his long-lasting dream. Cosmic electricity feed into the large crystals, which in turn supplies them with the necessary nutrients they need. He turns his gaze to the void. From where he stood, on the moon Phobos, gave a beautiful view of the inner planets, this solar system’s yellow star, and the millions of other stars light-years away. The red planet, Mars, stands out in the blackness of space as they drift by it. Too does the blue planet several million miles apart.


SpaceGodzilla’s eyes narrow with contempt. That wretched planet has been trouble to the cosmic sultan on too many occasions to count. With every conquest, be it a solo venture or forced alliances, the Earth’s protectors would rise up and oppose his tyranny. And amongst all of these guardians, there was one that he despised the most:


For him, Godzilla represented all that he aspired to be—the revered and feared King of the Monsters. But he would go beyond that of a mere Monster King; he would surpass his arch-nemesis and become the dominant life form the universe will ever know.

In the years he’s spent living, SpaceGodzilla has been privy to subjugations as a slave. Recent memories of a failed invasion stir in his consciousness, but even he knows that he’s been a slave for much longer than that. His genes, his memories… Those that didn’t belong to him nor can be rightfully claimed as his own. He had been a slave to his inner Godzilla-like instincts, fighting for the sake of fighting. Violence is the only path he will ever truly know. But amidst all of that, there was one thing SpaceGodzilla could claim his own.

His will.

And from his will, he will not only liberate the universe from the plague of Godzilla and Earth’s reputation of being unobtainable, but release himself from internal imprisonment.

But something else caught his attention.


So many years ago, she left Earth, only to see the planet’s true beauty from high above the stratosphere. For the humanity she left behind had cultivated a world of sin and desire for itself, long after man left the Garden of Eden. Divided and torn, humans threw themselves into the darkest pits of their own desires. Hence why nature called upon its natural inhabitants—the kaiju—to restore order and balance. Yet even so, man’s arrogance had a rippling effect on a galactic scale. King Ghidorah, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla. All of them had been drawn to Earth because, whether they realized it or not, a natural cosmic disturbance needed to be set in order.

The crimson rose drifted farther apart from the blue and green planet. Even now, she wondered how modern humans were like. If man hadn’t turned from his evil ways, then she would certainly purge the world of vile corruption. But if they had, and if the effort was made, then she would return to her birth planet.

Deep down, that’s what she would have wanted.

For now, she would take all the time she needed. There was no need to rush. She traversed the empty space to find a place not far from home, one in which she could spread her seed and begin life anew.


As she passed by the red planet’s other natural satellite, Deimos, she was alerted of an evil presence.


A silent howl escaped from SpaceGodzilla’s jaws as he saw the glowing rose heading toward him. Channeling his power, crystal spires sprout from his body as he takes flight, his legs and tail being absorbed into them. Now transformed into a giant cluster of sharp minerals, SpaceGodzilla makes a dash to intercept the oncoming space rose. With an ethereal glow, electromagnetic rings pulsate from SpaceGodzilla’s flying form, washing the flora with a wave of cosmic energy. The chromatophores of the bright crimson rose shifted to a golden hue, with yellow spores distorting its original shape.

Another barrage of energy rings continued to overwhelm Biollante, breaking apart more and more with every strike. Petals broke off, dissipating into glowing particles. The cosmic clone’s head crest flashes a brilliant orange, followed up with a discharge of his signature Corona Beam. The jagged beam pierces through the flower’s core, dispersing the rose into billions of illuminating spores. SpaceGodzilla screeched a muted cry as the space flora lost its shape… But not all was as it seemed. The individual spores began to move independently, darting for the crystal-infested Phobos. What started as specks flying past SpaceGodzilla became streams of golden rivers soaring past him and merging with the moon rock. Noting the change, SpaceGodzilla propelled himself toward Phobos, regressing to his default land form while doing so.

Binding together and morphing, Biollante began to take shape. For as shallow as the rock was, it was sufficient enough to temporarily take on her physical form. The golden spores changed to a vibrant forest green, taking the form of a tendril tipped with a Venus flytrap. More of her embryonic body formed under the moon’s surface, becoming more defined by the passing second. The orange core, the large, crocodilian mouth laced with hundreds of teeth, her sprouting spears and buds. With her body nigh completed, she forcefully squirmed out from the underground and to the void above.

When her plantae scales were exposed to the cosmic light emitted from the distant sun, photosynthesis converted the gamma radiation into energy. With Phobos’ the lack of moisture, she resorted to using her internal fluids as a water supply. Her maw exhaled carbon dioxide, imbued upon her by her Animalia templates; all the while her skin let off an invisible coating of oxygen, allowing her to have a temporary source of breathable air. The rest of the oxygen and carbon dioxide particles that drifted away from its foundation diffused into space until nothing remained.

The moment SpaceGodzilla touched ground, plant-like tentacles burst forth, kicking up space rock and moon dust, not bound by the moon’s density and gravitational flow. A large silhouette and gleaming, yellow eyes and an orange belly followed soon after.

SpaceGodzilla and Biollante stared at each other, waiting to see who would move first.

A brief recollection entered SpaceGodzilla’s conscious. The blood of Godzilla merged with that of nature and human to become an abomination… And part of him resented her. He had yearned to be the true and only Godzilla the universe would ever know. But so long as the universe copied from the King of the Monsters, he could never find true peace until he was the last remaining. He cared little about how she saw him; right now, Biollante was going to interrupt his plans, and she needed to be stopped.

Curling his tail around himself, SpaceGodzilla levitated off the moon’s surface. With telekinetic prowess, he beckons the rooted crystals to his side. With a swift hand gesture, the crystal missiles oblige to SpaceGodzilla’s command, blistering toward the enormous, chimera Gojiran. Biollante retorted in kind. Venus flytrap-like tentacles and pointed tendrils shot out of the moon’s crust to meet them head-on. For each crystal spire countered, the tips of the tendrils were lost amidst the ensuing explosions. Chunks of plant matter, acidic globs, and crystalline shards drift aimlessly in the vacuum. Even so, Biollante was more than willing to sacrifice her body if it meant keeping those projectiles away from her core, as her regeneration would repair all damages they sustained.

SpaceGodzilla’s crystal fins flared with irregular orange flashes, traveling along his spine and tail. The crown upon his head brightly lit up before discharging the jagged Corona Beam, which promptly ripped through the oncoming tendrils and hit the main body. Even with her body coated with oxygen to breath, all of her squeamish cries are silenced in the presence of space. The blue and red behemoth pressed the barrage of Corona Beams, twisting and circling around Biollante and striking her in areas she’s unable to defend herself. Recalling all of her busted vines, even the ones still regenerating, she barricades behind a wide wall of gnawing vines and sharp roots. Even if it’s temporary, she had to dissuade SpaceGodzilla somehow.

The cosmic terror knew there were many ways he could bypass this wall of vines. He could continually rip through it with his Corona Beams, or even just redirect it to hit her large body. But he also knew that for as long as she remained bound to Phobos, she could easily make more roots. The solution was incredibly simple.

Uproot her.

Using his telekinetic control, SpaceGodzilla hurls himself at the barricade. His two enlarged shoulder crystals independently flash an ethereal green. From the shoulder spires, an unearthly stream of energy harmlessly phase in between the thick layer of tentacles, gently wrapping the two halves of the fortification. With a simple command from his mind, the Gravity Tornadoes split the entire blockade and slam them into the space rock Biollante rooted herself in. Bypassing the former wall, SpaceGodzilla rams his entire body into her, jabbing his shoulder crystals into her neck. A silent wail of anguish escapes Biollante’s crocodilian jaws, with SpaceGodzilla’s momentum pushing her back. With her weightlessness becoming evident, it wasn’t long before Biollante found herself torn from the comfort of Phobos and helplessly floating with no ground to root herself in. A chunk of the moon was missing as a result, scattered into hundreds of aimless space rocks.

Although SpaceGodzilla’s spires served him well in pushing Biollante into the vacuum, the seeping blood from the puncture wounds ate away at his primary source of his power and abilities. Bending and pushing on her with his feet, he dislodges himself from the mutant flora, readying his next plan of attack. SpaceGodzilla allowed his wounds to heal, while he observed Biollante doing the same, still spinning helplessly in the void. He was adept to the cosmic terrain. This Biollante was not meant to combat in space; and she would perish for her foolishness.

But she could accommodate.

Surging with energy from her core, green lightning danced up into her enormous snout. She knew the risks involved, as this scheme would sacrifice her internal water source, but it was one she needed to take in order to buy time. Gallons of bioluminescent acid spewed from her crocodilian maw, eventually stopping her endless spinning and pushing her farther away from SpaceGodzilla. The tooth-lined tendrils spat loads of acid to ensure that they remained steady and on course for her destination.

SpaceGodzilla floated in place, slack-jawed at what his eyes were seeing. Millions of gallons of acid diffusing in space as his foe rocketed toward Deimos, Mars’ other natural satellite. It was then that it clicked. If she rooted herself on the other moon, then she would be able to fight back much more effectively. Energized crystals formed along his back, merging his feet and tail as SpaceGodzilla transformed into his flying state. He had to make sure to finish this here and now.

With a violent impact, Biollante crashed onto the moon. Sapping her water supply killed her oxygenated coat, making it hard to breathe properly. But she also knew that she didn’t need this form for much longer. Space was not her domain to fight; and part of her intuition told her that repeating the same mistake twice would only result in her demise. She hung her head low, feeling her cells transforming. Her core shined with a brilliant golden hue as she slowly lost her physical manifestation. With her own two eyes, she saw SpaceGodzilla rushing toward her, preparing to impale her with his enormous crystal spires. And she was ready for it.

Avoiding the dissipating green globs of acid floating amok, SpaceGodzilla’s body surged with his cosmic power. Glaring at Biollante, his sight did not deceive him. Her limp, immobile form and the shimmering, golden light infecting her told SpaceGodzilla that he only had moments to finish this. Tilting the crystal mass, he psychically propels his massive frame toward his target. The gap closes second by second, with only silence pervading the void.

SpaceGodzilla closes in, gritting his teeth.

Biollante remained unmoving.

Then, finally, the impact occurs.

A mute explosion of dust and rock shoot up from the crater formed in SpaceGodzilla’s wake. Pieces of Deimos scatter aimlessly, forever destined to be abandoned in space. With his presence on the moon, the alien crystals root themselves, sprouting and growing all over the small surface. SpaceGodzilla found himself bound within the crater, his spires lodged into the moon. Around him, he saw the dust, pieces of moon rock, and golden sparkles scattered throughout.

Rage seethed through SpaceGodzilla’s conscious, a stark reminder of his failures.

In the time it took SpaceGodzilla to regress to his bipedal form as a means of pulling himself out, he watched on as the spores coalesced into a large orb. Teeming with fury, SpaceGodzilla’s crystallized fins danced with an orange light, culminating into his jaws and discharged a Corona Beam at the shapeless Biollante. He had succeeded in incinerating several thousand spores, but with trillions more, it would take time to completely vanquish. Biollante had no intention of letting SpaceGodzilla follow through.

The light orb transformed into a golden river as Biollante’s essence made its way to Mars, leaving SpaceGodzilla behind. With no hesitation, the monstrous clone reformed his massive crystals for flight and pursued after Biollante. Part of him no longer desired to fight her; she was a nuisance that was taking too much of his time. But he knew full well that if she were to thrive on Mars, he would lose all chances of conquering Earth and every habitable planet thereafter. Even at his fastest in flight, it seemed like Biollante outran him to the very end.

As he zoomed closer to the red planet, SpaceGodzilla could feel gravity taking hold. The atmosphere engulfed him with air particles. Friction from SpaceGodzilla’s speed against the air encased the blue giant in a body of fire. His burning form breaks through the thin clouds of frozen carbon dioxide and iron oxide, melting them in the atmosphere. He decelerates his momentum, slowing down as he descends closer to the Martian crust. For miles, it’s nothing but a reddish-orange haze, until he finally breaks through the dust and sees for himself the rugged landscape.

The first sensation that caught his attention was the air; it was brimming with a sweet flavor, enriched with oxygen. Then his sight saw the Martian soil blooming with flora—for miles on end. As SpaceGodzilla made touchdown, he sheathed his enlarged crystals into his body, allowing himself to stand in enemy territory. The explosion rang across the field of multi-colored roses, with a plume of rust, fire, and petals to dance in the skies. Rooted crystals sprang up, spreading over the flowery patch to claim dominion over this land. Crimson eyes scan the mix of colorful flowers and red terrain, taking in the air with his nostrils.

A booming howl echoes across the field, calling for Biollante to challenge her. But no one came.

Left alone with his thoughts, SpaceGodzilla strolled through the roses, taking in the sight while recharging his energy. He gazed at the illustrious sun, now small and distant it was compared to Earth, slowly dipping down toward the horizon. The scenic view triggered something in SpaceGodzilla’s memory…


The orange sun, soon to dip into the horizon, basked his body as the chilled wind brushed by. Foliage as far as the eye could see, with a sandy coast not far off. The soothing waves crashing against the rocks calmed his irritated nerves. His eyes looked upon the sky with its warm and cool colors.

When he took his eyes off of the oncoming sunset, he looked down at his own hands, a deep, charcoal gray, tipped with ivory claws. His long, wormy tail sprawled on the ground. It was also at that moment he realized the feeling of warmth against his thighs.

Minilla and Little Godzilla; his sons.

They both eagerly crawled onto his chest, affectionately wanting to play with their father. Tired, loving eyes and a small grunt told them that he was exhausted from a fight earlier that day. In the midst of constant war and strife, peace such as this is a rarity. Seeing that he will not budge, they cuddle upon him with sweet coos and happy chirps.

When he looked down at them, he came to a realization. The emptiness, the insincerity, the falsehood. It was nothing he never experienced for himself, but only something he could recall.

This life, this joy, this serenity… It was not his to claim.

Anger filled his mind as he roughly shoved the two immature Gojirans off of him. Godzilla rose to his full and mighty height, overshadowing his offspring. The maple-leaf dorsal plates flashed and danced with a brilliant orange hue before Godzilla spat a jagged Corona Beam at Minilla. It tore through his first son’s head cleanly and effortlessly as it exploded into rust. The headless Minilla collapsed on the white sands, the rest of his body decaying with rust.

Little Godzilla shrieked with terror, trembling before the abusive wrath of Godzilla. After seeing his brother perish, the emerald dinosaur couldn’t find the strength to run. The nuclear menace made no reservations or hesitations. Approaching his other child, Godzilla gripped his ivory claws and dug them into Little Godzilla’s neck, picking him up with little effort. The younger monster screamed, yelping and pleading for anyone to come and save him. Godzilla applied more pressure, crushing Little Godzilla’s windpipe. More energy flashed from Godzilla’s spines, channeling through his arm and electrocuting Little Godzilla with cosmic, orange lightning.

This torture didn’t stop until Little Godzilla stopped moving and lost the will to live.

Dropping the rusting corpse, Godzilla recalled how his life began; in the void, uncaring and ruthless. An environment where only the strong survive and the weak perish. A fragment merged with celestial bodies and paved way for the ultimate life form.

He wasn’t just Godzilla; he was the Godzilla to surpass them all.

He turned his attention to the open ocean splitting apart. Something was making its way to him. The enormous shadow exploded from the water, its gleaming, yellow eyes highlighting its black, shadowy body. The long muzzle stretched opened, cocking its head to the side so as to clamp his rib cages.

Godzilla stood there in shock, unsure what to make of it… And SpaceGodzilla came to.


He was back in the land of the living. The once reddish-orange haze was now adorned with a beautiful blue as the sun sat on the horizon, complementing the colorful field of roses and the red rock and dust. Directly in front of him were those same yellow eyes he saw, with a wall of gnawing teeth attached to a crocodilian muzzle, ready to puncture his flesh and snap his mineral-based ribs.

Then they snapped together.

Bony teeth tore into the bark-like texture, drawing blood. An agonizing shriek escapes from SpaceGodzilla as he’s helplessly hoisted into the air at the mercy of Biollante’s powerful jaws. With great strength, the Godzilla plant hybrid slams her crystalline brethren into the rose field, cracking his skin and bones from the pressure put behind each ground pound. Her core surged with light, with green lightning dancing into her throat. Suddenly, SpaceGodzilla’s cries became soul-wrenching shrills as his belly experienced an increased warmth, with glowing ooze seeping from Biollante’s maw. The acid ate away at his red stomach, exposing his energized organs and crystallized bones to the harshness of Biollante’s signature attack. In a desperate act for survival, SpaceGodzilla’s cracked fins dance with the orange light, discharging a jagged energy bolt into one of Biollante’s eyes. The eruption of gelatinous goop, fleshy plant matter, and acidic blood elicited a gurgling scream, forcing her to let go of SpaceGodzilla. As Biollante reeled from the sudden shock, SpaceGodzilla summoned his flight ability to carry himself away, to give himself time to recover.

His inherited Godzilla cells kicked into action, restoring the severe damages from Biollante’s acid and teeth punctures. Skin was sewn together by its regenerative properties, keeping his organs inside his body. SpaceGodzilla’s strength waned, dropping to the flower bed with a loud thud. His sinister eyes glared at Biollante, seeing what she was doing. Much like himself, any wounds she sustained were fully healed. She dragged her body through the roses, kicking up rust and petals in her path. SpaceGodzilla fired off a barrage of Corona Beams in quick succession, halting Biollante in place. Some found their mark on her neck, others near the core, but this only enraged the plant beast. On a whim of her command, the Venus flytrap-like vines and spear-like tendrils shoot into the Martian earth, tunneling under the surface at incredible speeds. It didn’t take them long to reach their target either.

Toothy maws and spike-tipped tentacles burst from the underground, spearheading directly toward SpaceGodzilla. The extraterrestrial mutant surged with power, discharging blue lightning from his enlarged shoulder crystals, frying the first wave and putting a stop to them. But more of them came and found their mark. Some clamped on the shoulder spires, others wrapped around his body and tail. Constricting and squeezing tightly, the asphyxiated SpaceGodzilla’s blood circulation was being cut off. Crystal fins danced with orange lights, his energy spreading throughout his entire being. Cosmic lightning trickled from the areas victimized by the tendrils, eventually collapsing with blackened, singed flesh from the electrocution. The shoulder bolts took care of the rest in the immediate vicinity.

More of Biollante’s endless waves of Venus flytraps and spears came his way, only to be countered by a flurry of energy discharge and Corona Beams. Yet while preoccupied with them, two of Biollante’s tendrils snaked their way through the rose patch, coiling around SpaceGodzilla’s ankles and yanking back, tripping him over. His body dragged along the soft flora and the rugged terrain beneath it, reeling closer to Biollante’s behemoth frame. Even as he finally discharged energy to free his ankles, even more vines found themselves constricting around his entire body, growing thicker for every layer added. Destroying the vines only encouraged more to wrap around him, and additionally the acidic blood that ate away at him didn’t help matters.

Biollante’s massive figure loomed over SpaceGodzilla, her core shining brightly. Lightning crawled up her neck and into her throat, discharging an acidic spray. But for SpaceGodzilla, he had other ideas. Before the acid sap could eat at him once more, the space mutant telekinetically formed a crystallized barrier to shield him. The liquid-based nature of the sap wouldn’t reflect it back at Biollante, unlike so many other monsters that SpaceGodzilla’s fought in the past, but it was protecting him, which was a compromise he was willing to accept. But how long his photon shield would hold up was another story. The continuous out pour began to dissolve the energy shield, nor would it hold up any longer.

But he hoped it would be long enough.

A psychic signal was sent out, taking control of the sprouted crystals. Their bases sparked with cosmic flames, soaring through the air by the dozens. Slowly, they all converged into one compact area.

Their sparks ceased, then one by one began to free fall, being pulled down by gravity.

The spray leaked through holes formed from the acid, dripping upon the vines and seeping in, sizzling SpaceGodzilla’s skin. For each moment that passed, the holes grew exponentially. Unable to sustain its form any longer, the photon shield dissipated, drenching SpaceGodzilla in a spray of deadly acid. His regenerative cells tried to combat the acid, slowing to a mere stalemate.

But everything came to fruition thereafter.

A rain of crystalline missiles and cosmic hellfire rained down upon Biollante’s enormous frame. The constant abuse and immeasurable pain forced her to unravel SpaceGodzilla, letting him free. With telekinetic prowess, he drags himself through the air, reforming into the large crystal cluster while doing so. Ascending into the blue sky, SpaceGodzilla looks down at Biollante’s suffering. Explosions and shattered fragments scatter about, with chunks of her body falling off and blood pouring from all the wounds. Even her regeneration wasn’t efficient enough from the raining crystal onslaught. But he knew it was all going to cease soon, and that his foe would be back on the move.

Then, a plan came to him, one that will serve his future conquest.

The ruthless assault came to a stop, with Biollante sitting in place. Flames died out and the shards scattered across the battlefield. Now was his chance. SpaceGodzilla’s entire mass flashed a cosmic white, then a bright sphere jettisoned from his form. The injured and bloodied Biollante, nursing her wounds by way of regeneration, looked up at the sudden star-like sphere. As it came closer, she found herself unable to avoid it.

She braced for impact.

A geyser of roses, rust, and soil shot up, reaching for the sky. In its wake, a crater formed. Suddenly, around the rim of the hole, crystals began to sprout out and cover the opening. Like a cage, these specialized crystals were designated to keep its hostage confide to that space. They exude tremendous energy, discharging bolts of cosmic energy to keep its prisoner in check. Thick clouds covered the interior, but as it slowly ebbed away, Biollante could eventually see what had happened.

Her roots tried to excavate the Martian land to burrow and escape, only to come into contact with an underground system of space crystals, electric to the touch. Bellowing to the outside, her body dematerialized into spores in an effort to slip between the cracks. Even this, surprisingly, proved ineffective. Between the cracks and spaces of the crystals, a coat of energy fenced off any chance of her being able to escape. Her body reformed, but unlike the large, crocodilian beast that had pervaded the fight, this was completely different. Her face was now that of a large rose with small bud of teeth protruding the stigma, with three large leaves sprouting off of the flower’s base. The rest stood upon a thick, trunk-like body made of vines with an exposed sack near her belly. In this form, she had no will to fight. Her strength was gone, and any chances of being able to flee died with it. There in her prison she would rest, vainly calling with a saddened screech.

SpaceGodzilla ignored her calls. She was his captive, and she will be of some benefit. He would use her as a battery to give power to his crystal empire, though her power alone wouldn’t be enough to achieve his path to glory. He would either need more, or just one large power source. But that would be for the future. Crash landing onto Mars’ surface once again, withdrawing his body crystals, more of them sprout from the ground below. Then they spread, farther, wider, and going beyond the boundaries of Biollante’s decaying flower bed. He cried out a triumphant roar. Soon, Earth will fall to his rule, and all would kneel before his might. First, he would conquer Mars as an example of what’s to come.

The fate of Earth under his will.

As his empire slowly began to spread across the Martian surface, SpaceGodzilla collapsed. His mortal combat against Biollante had taken a toll on his well-being, fighting harder than he had to. But now with his despised sibling under his beckoning, he would sleep. Resting upon the roses, having long lost their vibrant colors and decaying away in the Martian wind, SpaceGodzilla looked out to the sunset one last time. The blue sky darkened as the sun vanished behind the mountainside, and darkness would soon prevail over the land. With the light of hope gone, he closed his eyes. The illumination of the crystals lit the darkness while Biollante’s continuous wails echoed across the empty landscape, never to be heard or acknowledged.

SpaceGodzilla would sleep contently, knowing his day of reckoning was at hand.