KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 216 - Author: Kristian Zatkoff

Match 216: Godzilla® (Heisei) vs. Rodan (Heisei) vs. Mothra (Heisei) vs. Grand King Ghidorah vs. Mechagodzilla® (Showa)
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

The war had been lost.

Decades of fighting monsters and alien invaders had only brought death and destruction down on the human race all the more swiftly. Countless cities now lay in ruins, the bones and skulls of billions lying everywhere, crunching beneath the feet of the living, their empty sockets staring up at the uncaring sky as the living struggled to secure their future in a world that had long gone insane. The invaders’ advanced weapons proved to be too much, and it soon became clear that Earth's weapons were child's play to them. Now the only resistance was the third party that only sped up mankind's defeat: Earth's monsters.

In the United States, in the state of Michigan stood one of the few last remaining cities of the living. Many people who had lost everything now took refuge here. Had they known of the dark secret the city held, they would have avoided the place as if it were infected with an incurable disease. Deep, deep within the confines of an underground lab was one of the planet's most powerful creatures being held in place by its heavy restraints. By mere luck, the military managed to capture the monster after he had lost his battle with none other than Godzilla and left out cold. After being moved here, many miles underground, many of the scientists argued amongst themselves about what to do with Rodan.

Unfortunately for them, Rodan made the choice for them. The creature managed to break free of its restraints. Many of the workers fled, only to be crushed as Rodan caused most of the underground lab to cave in, killing them all. Slightly disorientated from the drugs that were used to keep him sedated, Rodan sat there for a few moments before he started to climb his way out. Using both his claws and Uranium Heat Beam, he slowly dug his way to the surface.

Back on the surface, a huge mother ship was waging war with the city of Detroit. Several fighter jets and tanks launched their missiles, only to be shot down after their weapons proved ineffective. The invaders easily demolished the cities defenses, when suddenly, the Detroit River started bubbling, as if slowly being boiled, and strange flashes of light would come and go like lightning. As soon as the strange event came, it ended. The invaders had no clue what was going to happen, but the people of Detroit did. After his battle with Rodan, Godzilla had seemed to take a liking to the Great Lakes and had since used them and the several nearby rivers as a sort of home away from home. As if on cue, a blue death beam shot out of the water and slammed into the mothership. The intense heat obscured everyone's view as water was boiled into steam instantly and several fish floated to the surface, flash burned in mere microseconds.

Godzilla rose out of the water like a nightmare rising out of one's shadows, ready to fire another death ray when something else caught his attention. The ground was shaking, several people running for their lives as Rodan's head broke through the concrete, letting loose a cackle as he shook the dust off himself and stretched his wings. A purple beam shot forth out of his toothy beak and nailed the mother ship with the equal force, power, and heat as Godzilla’s own atomic beam, but with one difference. Unlike Godzilla's heat ray, which spread the further it went to cover more of an area or attacking creature’s body to spread damage all over, Rodan's Uranium Heat Beam was a thin, pinpoint beam that concentrated all the damage in one spot, so as to cause maximum damage to a vital organ like the heart. Where Godzilla's beam had weakened the outer hulls of the invaders ship, Rodan's punched through it and hit one of the many important plasma reactors.

The massive explosion resulted in the mother ship losing its power to fly and it started to crash. Several skyscrapers had their tops torn off as the ship flew by before crashing into the river behind Godzilla, barely missing him and causing a massive wave to hit the city’s port. People were swept away, cars and boats thrown around and several buildings were torn apart. Rodan looked around before making eye contact with Godzilla. Rodan roared as he took to the air like a giant flying battleship, ready to tear his razor-sharp talons into Godzilla’s flesh. He hadn’t forgot their last encounter and he would make him pay dearly. The King of the Monsters roared back and charged forward, his massive form causing waves to slam into the docks and nearby streets as the water followed him.

Godzilla fired his death ray right at Rodan, but the flying beast refused to even acknowledge the hell fire that consumed his body. As soon as Godzilla's feet touched down on dry land, Rodan was in his face, using his wings to keep him hovering in place like a giant humming bird as he pecked and clawed at Godzilla. Sparks flew as the razor-sharp talons and beak scraped against the nuclear dinosaur’s armor-tough skin. The King of the Monsters went to grab Rodan by the neck, ready to break it, but the ancient flyer intercepted that move by grasping the arm in one of his talons. Godzilla tried again with his other hand, but again, Rodan intercepted it with his other claw. The giant flying reptile resumed pecking, trying his best to aim at Godzilla's eyes. Godzilla struggled to free himself, twisting his arms and turning around on the spot, but Rodan just followed him every time he turned. With both arms tied up, there was no other option left for Godzilla. Charcoal gray spines burst a bright blue before Godzilla unleashed another blast of blue death. Rodan ignored the intense heat, but the force proved too much. Rodan glided back, his horns glowing yellow. The winged beast opened up his beak, unleashing a purple, thin stream of nuclear energy while Godzilla discharged another blast of his own.

The two nuclear rays collided for a moment before a huge explosion engulfed the warring titans. Grey smoke burned across Godzilla’s hide and the beast opened his eyes to survey the damage. Most of the small human structures around him were vaporized, but Godzilla remained on guard, knowing Rodan was still very much alive. The King of the Monsters turned and continued his search while his opponent hovered a mile above him.

Rodan studied Godzilla, and noticed he wasn't too far from a skyscraper. He swooped down low enough to allow his sonic booms to bombard the building. Godzilla looked up and charged another blast, ready to shoot Rodan out of the sky. Then he felt a strange sensation as Rodan flew by and several windows broke, raining glass down on him. The King of the Monsters turned around as he heard the building behind him groan and in an instant, the structure crushed him under thousands of tons of concrete and steel. After a few moments, Godzilla managed to dig his way out, stumbling about. By the time he snapped out of his stupor, it was too late, as Rodan had grabbed him by the shoulders with his talons and took to the sky, Godzilla in tow as his unwilling passenger.

Higher and higher they flew, despite Godzilla's best efforts to free himself. The pair flew over to a large building and as Rodan found his target, he let go. Godzilla roared in anger as gravity took hold. The behemoth slammed down into the building with intense force, a shockwave of debris enveloping the city in grey smoke. For several long minutes, Godzilla laid under the rubble. As he began to move, Godzilla considered every way to obliterate his foe. He wanted nothing more than to slash Rodan's wings to ribbons, but he also knew that as soon as he dug his way out, Rodan would grab him and repeat the same move. He could hear the creature, his wings flapping in the air. He was so close to the rubble. So close, in fact, that it gave Godzilla an idea.

Rodan lazily flapped his wings enough to keep him in floating in place like a humming bird, ready to strike as soon as he saw movement. His powerful eyesight caught movement at the corner of his eye. Without a second thought, he soared right over, ready to grab Godzilla as soon as he saw his head pop out. Some eyewitness who survived the battle would even say that they saw a tiny, sadistic smile form on his face. Rodan then saw that all the rubble was moving. Before he had time to understand why, a bright flash of light escaped the rubble. Rodan and tons of what remained of the building went flying as Godzilla stood up. His Nuclear Pulse not only freed him, but also blew Rodan away. Rodan looked up at the sky, dazed, his skin seared from the shockwave. By the time he understood that he was on his back, Godzilla had slammed his feet on Rodan's wings. Rodan looked up in horror and panicked as he saw Godzilla’s other foot slam his neck, nearly breaking it.

Godzilla gradually turned around and slammed his tail upon his downed opponent. Every time Rodan tried to roll away, Godzilla slammed his tail again, sending Rodan further into the earth. Each strike shook Detroit. To many, they felt like earthquakes, and Rodan’s cries for help like thunder. It was then no surprise as lightning followed suit. Godzilla howled in agony while Rodan flew back into the sky, merely for the attack to singe his back. Both glanced up to greet the new opponent with death, but instead, they found the guardian of life itself. Its multi-colored wings made even the evilest creatures of the universe pause to marvel at its beauty, and its blue, compound eyes seemed to glow with a divine aura. Mothra had come to protect the survivors from these two beings that had plagued the human race since the start of The Cold War.

Rodan took to the skies, ready to tackle Mothra, but the guardian easily evaded. At the same moment, she released her scales, sending Rodan into a cloud of strife. Rodan screeched with agony as he felt his skin burn and his muscles tense up. Due to his paralysis, Rodan could only watch in horror as he plummeted to the ground below, unable to even blink or close his eyes. With Rodan out cold, Mothra turned her attention to Godzilla. The behemoth roared at Mothra, warning her to leave or face annihilation. Mothra chirped in response and flew higher into the sky, her colorful figure disappearing in the clouds above. Convinced his warning had worked, Godzilla began to move toward Rodan to finish their battle once and for all, when he heard a strange buzzing. By the time he reacted, it was too late. Mothra latched onto his tail, causing him to fall over and face plant right into the ground. Godzilla rolled onto his back, his spines flashing with rage. Atomic energy discharged from his maw, vaporizing all in its path.

Mothra dodged the blast easily by banking to the left. A twin beam blast countered the atomic fury and struck Godzilla across the eyes. Mothra refocused on Godzilla, rapidly approaching the behemoth as she aimed for the head with her wing. The King of the Monsters was blinded, but the guardian needed to learn why he was as feared as he was. At the last second, the beast snapped his head and grabbed a leg, ripping it clear off of Mothra. Screeching in pain, Mothra flew back. Godzilla would not give her that time. Thanks to his other keen senses, he pinpointed where she was by sound and scent. The King of the Monsters racked his tail across Mothra's face. A split second later, Mothra lay twitching on the ground in a daze.

Godzilla made his way to the downed bug when huge talons grabbed his tail and pulled him up. Higher and higher Rodan soared into the sky before letting go of Godzilla. A new dust cloud formed in the city of Detroit as Godzilla slammed his head onto the ground, knocking him out cold while Rodan focused on his other foe. Mothra took to the sky, firing multiple beams at Rodan, who dodged the blasts and returned fire with his own heat ray. Mothra recoiled from the blast and fluttered to stay airborne. Reacting quickly, she fired her beams at a building Rodan was flying toward, causing large chunks to fall where he was headed. Rodan changed his path, which was what Mothra wanted, for the sudden slow down allowed her to catch up. She sent out a cloud of her scales, once again causing paralysis in Rodan. The giant flying reptile plummeted to the earth, but with great effort, was able to move his body enough to land on his feet. Despite his muscle spasms, Rodan was able to pick up some debris with his beak and, with great effort, throw them right at Mothra. Each time, she would dodge, and an unlucky building in the distance would be crushed.

Using his cunning intellect, Rodan threw another piece of debris, and when Mothra dodged that, she instantly got a face full of Rodan's Uranium Heat Beam. With the effects of the scales worn off, Rodan was about to take to the sky when something unexpected happened. A huge, flaming rock dropped from the heavens, right on top of the moth goddess, crushing her under its immense weight. Her pain was unbearable. Green blood leaked out of many wounds she sustained. She knew if she didn't move, she would die. The meteor was still burning, the heat drying out Mothra's eyes. Mothra crawled out and looked at her once magnificent wings, now charred black as coal. She didn't even know if they were flight capable anymore.

Rodan saw his chance to finish Mothra, but he sensed something was horribly wrong. Mothra could sense it too. The meteor was huge, and it should have made a much larger impact. Rodan's sensitive ears could hear a heartbeat within the meteor. He also noticed that the rock seemed to have slowed down as it got closer to the ground. Without warning, the meteor cracked open like an egg and fire erupted into the air, the chaotic, dancing madness taking the form of a monster from nightmares. Three long, snake-like necks, twin tails, and two bat-like wings that all moved as if they had a mind of their own and wanted to go in different directions. Soon the flames changed, going from a state of pure energy to a physical body of gold. Pure chaos and death was made flesh that day and Grand King Ghidorah was born.

Rodan fired his Uranium Heat Beam without hesitation, the heat ray washing harmlessly over Grand King Ghidorah's light barrier as he hovered in place. The three-headed monster looked down at the mutant that dared to attack him. Rodan was nothing more than an insect trying to start a fight with a god as far as he was concerned. Grand King Ghidorah responded in kind with his Gravity Beams. Rodan took to the skies, just barely avoiding the golden rays. The three-headed terror gave chase, wanting nothing more than to sink his teeth into his prey. Buildings were torn asunder as Grand King Ghidorah blasted everything in sight, what little remained standing surly destroyed by the sonic booms he left in his wake. He was catching up to Rodan, when suddenly, the mutant turned one-eighth and flew right into him. Grand King Ghidorah's head bit down on Rodan's neck and wings as he felt itself being pushed back, but to Rodan's horror, never changed altitude. After coming to a stop, they just floated in place, Grand King Ghidorah's anti-gravity flight allowing him to stay in midair even when his wings were not in use. Grand King Ghidorah started flying up with Rodan in tow. Rodan pecked and scratch with the fury of a million demons, sparks flying as his beck and talons just bounced off the gold-colored armor this creature called its scales.

Grand King Ghidorah laughed as he thrashed his heads about before throwing Rodan away. Rodan coughed up blood the moment he hit the ground, many people fleeing from the area as the beast barely missed them. Many more were not as lucky as they were crushed under the giant mountain of flesh and bone. Grand King Ghidorah landed on top of Rodan, stomping him further into the ground. The three-headed monster then jumped off, the fiend wanting to see how much damage he caused. Rodan shook his head, yellow lighting dancing on his horns before he expelled another Uranium Heat Beam. This time, the purple death ray wasn't aimed at the dragon. Instead the top portion of a nearby building was hit, falling right on top of Grand King Ghidorah's heads, stunning him. Rodan took off, raking his razor-sharp chest spikes against Grand King Ghidorah, the attack stunning the hydra further, making him fall into the building's remains.

Rodan crawled over but was sent flying when Gravity Beams burst through the remains, knocking Rodan out. Grand King Ghidorah freed himself from the remains looking around before spotting Mothra on the ground not too far away. He was ready to attack, when a portion of the mothership in the bay exploded. Something silver-colored shot out like a rocket and rammed Grand King Ghidorah in the chest, making him stumble back a few steps. The three-headed terror looked around, turning just in time to see a rainbow-colored laser crash into his light barrier, the energy ray washing over it harmlessly. Mechagodzilla landed, letting lose an ear shattering shrike as it challenged Grand King Ghidorah for the fate of the planet.

A panel opened up on the robot's chest, unleashing an orange, jagged bolt onto Grand King Ghidorah, but it was also blocked by the light barrier. Grand King Ghidorah just narrowed his eyes as the worst he felt was the air becoming hot. Mechagodzilla ceased fire when it saw that its energy attacks were not working and instead rotated its hands before unleashing its finger missiles. Grand King Ghidorah roared in rage as he felt the sting of the explosives break through his gold armor and blow up. Hot, golden blood soiled his once proud armor. The three-headed monster ran forward, biting down on Mechagodzilla before lifting it up and throwing it. Mechagodzilla’s boosters roared to life before it hit the ground and the machine took off. However, it didn't get very far when Grand King Ghidorah unleashed his wing lighting, making Mechagodzilla nose dive right into the ground.

The three-headed monster advanced onto the fallen machine, but Mechagodzilla was already on its feet, slamming the pointed ends of its finger tips into one of Grand King Ghidorah's necks. Ghidorah staggered back, coughing up gold blood. Mechagodzilla fired its eye lasers at point blank, bypassing the light barrier and cutting through the space demon's golden armor like a hot knife through butter. Grand King Ghidorah stumbled before narrowing its eyes as they fixed onto the one who caused his most recent agony. As Mechagodzilla advanced on Grand King Ghidorah, the space dragon reflected on his past while two of his brains were working hard to mount a counter attack. Grand King Ghidorah hated Mechagodzilla even more then he hated Godzilla. How was it that some simple apes from a now dead planet managed to build a machine that could rival eldritch abominations? Planet killers such as himself, Hedorah and Gigan? The truth was that Grand King Ghidorah hated Mechagodzilla because it reminded him of his own uncertain origin. Was he a natural cosmic horror who has always existed, acting as a living apocalypse? Or were the rumors true, that he was made by the war-like alien race, the Garoga, to be nothing more than a living weapon of conquest? Grand King Ghidorah remembered his eon old existence, seeing many species born. He had also seen many of them die off, many by his own doing and many more by natural events. He had seen the birth and death of stars and killed off many planets. He was so old that he could not remember his early years, making him even more uncertain of his own origin. Was he really just a weapon? Doomed to be captured and mind control by alien races as a tool of war? Grand King Ghidorah gritted his teeth at the mere thought. He hated control! He was a being of chaos! To him, power and control was meaningless. Death and destruction was the only truth in the multiverse!

Mechagodzilla fired his finger missiles as Grand King Ghidorah charged through, most of the missiles bouncing off his scaly body with a dull thud. When the two clashed, the earth below shuddered from their mass, barely holding them both up, the fighting so violent that gods cowered in fear, and all creatures of the earth and indeed the universe cursed these two behemoths names, praying that one day, they would just die. Grand King Ghidorah's body slammed into the cold machinery from space. Mechagodzilla slid back, digging its feet in the ground to gain some leverage. The giant mech chopped away with its hands, sending painful blows into Grand King Ghidorah's necks, chest and heads. The three-headed terror clawed at Mechagodzilla with his feet, one of his heads biting Mechagodzilla on the neck while the two other heads slammed into the metal titan. Grand King Ghidorah’s heads were blessed with skulls thick enough to not only protect them, but also to allow them to double as weapons. Mechagodzilla begin to panic. Thanks to advance programing, Mechagodzilla was self-aware and thus could think and act for himself. When given the order to kill, he would do so however he saw fit. However, this also came with a drawback -the illusion of pain.

Mechagodzilla could feel, or so he thought, the metal frame of its body bending from every blow. Then, one of Grand King Ghidorah's antlers punched through Mechagodzilla's arm. Crying out, Mechagodzilla quickly fired his Space Beams, know that at point blank distance, Grand King Ghidorah's light barrier could not be set up. However, Grand King Ghidorah's heads opened fire at the same time, the result of his Gravity Beams colliding with the Space Beams causing a massive explosion. Mechagodzilla cried out, its feet sliding across the ground, and looked up in time to see Grand King Ghidorah running through the flames like a devil from Hell, ready to drag the war machine to oblivion! Mechagodzilla braced himself, its arms out spread apart. Grand King Ghidorah body slammed into Mechagodzilla, screaming bloody murder. The giant mech staggered back before stopping, its arms holding on tight, then, to the horror of The King of Terror, Mechagodzilla lifted up the massive hydra high above its head before throwing him down into the ground in front of him. Grand King Ghidorah had the breath knocked out of him after his back hit the ground with such force.

Mechagodzilla saw a golden opportunity, unleashing an All-Out Assault attack, firing every weapon it had at once. Grand King Ghidorah could not put up a light barrier as he was still trying to recover, and even if he could, he was still too close. He could only wait out the storm of missiles, eye lasers, and chest cutting lasers. Grand King Ghidorah started to spasm and foam at the mouth. His eyes rolled. Mechagodzilla felt something it never experienced before as he realized how close he was to killing the three-headed fiend. It felt good, almost as if it was enjoying Grand King Ghidorah's suffering. Was this what biological life forms called “sadism”? Mechagodzilla would have killed Grand King Ghidorah if he had a few more seconds. However, fate had other plans. Mechagodzilla felt something slam into it, knocking the machine down. An earth shattering roar could be heard, one that had plagued the world since The Cold War. Godzilla's spines still fizzled as they cooled down from his recent usage of his death beam. However, before he could press his attack further, lightning struck him in the back of the head. Godzilla turned around to see a badly burned, but still alive, Mothra.

Rodan was flying in from the side, ready to ram Mothra out of the sky when a rainbow-hued laser slammed into him. Rodan almost crashed before he veered right, blood pouring down his neck. Mechagodzilla advanced forward. Godzilla stared down at his machine double. Mothra and Rodan circled high above, eyeing each other and the two titans below. No one made the first move, however. In that moment, they all heard the cries of a demon. Grand King Ghidorah had finally recovered from the throw down he had received from Mechagodzilla and he was angrier now than he ever had been in his whole life. Not only was the machine that looked like Godzilla here, but so was his arch nemesis, Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra. They were all here. Grand King Ghidorah used his anti-gravity flight to float high above them all. Today, they would succumb to his destruction!

A bright flash emitted from his wings’ razor-sharp tips when lighting rained down on the battle ground and everyone below him. Everyone suffered horrific burns as they screamed out in bloody murder. Grand King Ghidorah was forced to cease the attack as rising smoke obscured his vision. Mechagodzilla burst through the smoke, flying through the sky like a rocket. Grand King Ghidorah braced himself for a head on collision, but to his confusion, Mechagodzilla just flew by. The three-headed monster watched as Mechagodzilla got smaller and smaller until it was just a dot in the distance. Taking this as a sign that Mechagodzilla had given up, Grand King Ghidorah turned his attention back to the other three, who were already mounting a counter attack. Rodan rammed into Ghidorah and begin clawing and pecking, trying to get at Grand King Ghidorah's eyes. The three-headed monster's mouths bit down on his wings and neck before throwing him down.

Godzilla jumped while his spines glowed, reaching up higher than any kaijuologist thought possible, and fired his atomic ray as gravity slowed him down to give himself enough of a boost to reach and grab onto Ghidorah's twin tails, biting one of his ankles as hard as he could, breaking the bone. Grand King Ghidorah gritted his teeth, refusing to give his old nemesis the satisfaction of hearing him scream. The three-headed terror used his other foot to kick Godzilla in the head over and over until the mutant dinosaur let go. Mothra fired her beams at Godzilla as he was falling, scoring several hits. The ground exploded the instant Godzilla hit. He got up, stumbling about, clearly dazed, though not from the fall. The blows from Ghidorah's kicks were far more powerful then they looked, causing intense brain damage. Godzilla would heal from it, but in the meantime, he was as defenseless as a confused toddler wondering around.

Mothra hovered above Godzilla, getting ready to use her scales when she was shot with a purple beam of searing hot energy. Mothra shrieked as she dropped out of the sky like a fly. Rodan could not pass the chance to take advantage of Godzilla's current stupor and tackled the monster king, softening up Godzilla's head even further with his attacks, wanting to crack open the leviathan’s skull. Grand King Ghidorah looked up, only to have something crash into him, something blue and burning hot. Grand King Ghidorah and the strange, blue energy field rocket down at insane speeds. Rodan barely flew out of the way. Godzilla was not as lucky as he was crushed beneath both Grand King Ghidorah and the force field. The blue energy vanished and in its place, was Mechagodzilla. The machine had flown high enough above Grand King Ghidorah to change from flight mode to battle mode and gain enough time to generate its Defense Neo Barrier so it could crash into Ghidorah on his way down, using his normally defensive power as an offense. Crushing Godzilla under them was just by mere dumb luck, but a bonus it gladly welcomed with open arms.

Grand King Ghidorah got up, ready to rip the machine's limbs off. Mechagodzilla held its left hand up, shifting the limb from a vertical position to a horizontal one. Grand King Ghidorah knew the machine’s intentions right away, his three heads picking up Godzilla and using him as a shield mere moments before the missiles hit him. Godzilla shrieked as the projectiles exploded and tore away at his flesh, blood spraying everywhere. Mechagodzilla kept firing, making its way closer as it did so. Grand King Ghidorah had no intention of letting Mechagodzilla get near him. Snapping the leviathan with his three heads, Grand King Ghidorah threw Godzilla right into his metal clad double. A mountain of flesh and metal fell on top of several small buildings as the two titans struggled to get up.

Godzilla finally snapped out of his stupor. His first course of action was to grab Mechagodzilla by the shoulders and throw the robot right into Grand King Ghidorah. The hydra's eyes widened as it saw the huge mass of space titanium head his way. There was no time to dodge. Godzilla fired his atomic blast at the last second, pushing Mechagodzilla even faster. Grand King Ghidorah's scales captured some of this light and formed a light barrier, but it was useless against the solid projectile that burst through it like a bubble and slammed into the dragon's chest like a burning cannon ball. Mechagodzilla was trapped between Grand King Ghidorah's body and Godzilla’s azure-colored nuclear blast. Godzilla saw that the three-headed monster could barely stand and poured more energy into his attack. Grand King Ghidorah felt fear as he sensed his balance be thrown off and fell onto his back, disappearing into a neon inferno.

Godzilla ceased the attack to roar a challenge to the world. A challenge Mechagodzilla answered in a fraction of a second as the android flew head-first from the blaze into the monster king. The metal crest atop its head punched through its living template’s thick skin. Godzilla fell as Mechagodzilla pulled up, struggling to get standing when missiles and rainbow-colored lasers struck his gigantic form, blood spraying everywhere. Buildings in the surrounding area were covered. Many people and animals who were unfortunate enough to have this blood fall on them would suffer radiation poisoning and a large amount of the drinking water would end up contaminated.

Godzilla roared in rage, but his scream of blood lust and death was cut short when twin golden tails entwined themselves around his neck. The next thing he knew, he was being yanked high into the air. Grand King Ghidorah was headed into space and Godzilla was his unwilling passenger. Grand King Ghidorah was desperate, hoping that this plan would work. There was no way he could take on all four in an air fight. Even he had his limits. Godzilla's spines glowed a deadly azure. Grand King Ghidorah's eyes narrowed. He knew what the nuclear menace was plotting and he sped up, trying to reach space before Godzilla's Nuclear Pulse could go off. He had enough first-hand encounters with this unusual power to know that the short burst of light it gave off would not be enough to sustain his light barrier and block the shockwave of atomic energy.

The sky was getting darker, the air colder and thinner. At last, he had made it. Even as the Nuclear Pulse erupted from Godzilla's body, throwing Grand King Ghidorah away, he knew that he was successful. Grand King Ghidorah saw Godzilla floating high above the planet, confused. The monster king opened his mouth, but no sound came. Grand King Ghidorah cackled a laugh, a laugh born of an insane alien language that not even he could hear in space. The silence was deafening. Grand King Ghidorah decided to have fun. He fired several Gravity Beams into Godzilla, who was helpless in the cold void men called space.

Back on earth, Mothra and Rodan reluctantly teamed up, deciding to best the alien doppelganger which refused to allow them to finish their own death match. Mechagodzilla fired his chest ray at Rodan's head. Despite the intense pain, the mutant ignored it and flew right into Mechagodzilla, firing his heat ray while slashing the android with his talons. Mechagodzilla thrashed all about, chopping at Rodan's wings in an attempt to break them. It grabbed Rodan's neck with one hand and started to squeeze. Rodan's eyes watered as he tried desperately to fly away. Mechagodzilla held its free hand up to Rodan's face for a point-blank attack. Golden lighting rained down on Mechagodzilla, forcing him to let go. Rodan flew away while Mechagodzilla changed his target, unleashing all of his weapons at once. This is what Mothra wanted.

Golden scales fell from her wings, causing the eye and chest lasers to fly right back at him and the missiles to malfunction, veering heavily to the right, left, up, down - anywhere but where Mechagodzilla intended. Rodan flew by, using the gust of his wings to send the scale cloud right into Mechagodzilla. The machine was unable to move, twitching and nothing more as the scales interfered with its gears and computer signals. Rodan fired his beams along with Mothra, the scales catching their respective energy weapons and spearing it into Mechagodzilla.

The combatants stopped their attack when they noticed something glowing a bright orange falling from the sky. High above the earth, Godzilla was helpless to move, so he could only fire his atomic blast at Grand King Ghidorah, who was content with blocking it with his Light Barrier and firing back with his Gravity Beams. When he got tired of this, Grand King Ghidorah flew right into Godzilla, sending the two monsters plummeting down to the blue and green planet far below. Their forms were engulfed in orange fire as they suffered the intense heat and friction of atmospheric reentry. The difference was that Grand King Ghidorah was built to withstand this. He was, after all, a space monster. Even if he choose not to use his Light Barrier, his golden scales would protect him. Godzilla, on the other hand, was a creature of the Earth, and with a few extraordinary exceptions from outside forces, had never so much as left the stratosphere of his own world.

The monsters could finally hear again and was a hellish choir they sang as they fell. Grand King Ghidorah wanted to get as much melee in as he could so he bit, head butt, strangled and grappled with Godzilla during their decent. Godzilla clawed at the hydra and fired his beam at point blank, knowing they were too close for Grand King Ghidorah's defenses to block it. Grand King Ghidorah didn't care. When he saw that impact was about to happen, he broke free, slowing his decent to watch Godzilla hit the ground like a meteor made of flesh. The world shook as a god fell from the sky, and when the smoke cleared, the world saw that very god was motionless.

Grand King Ghidorah landed in front of the remaining monsters and stared them down. Just three more to kill. Grand King Ghidorah ran forward and bit down on Mothra's wings. The giant insect could only scream as she was thrown into a large building nearby. Rodan was enraged at seeing his new ally be thrown like a ragdoll. He flew up with several remains of demolished buildings in his talons and flung them down on Grand King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla obliterated most of the debris with his Space Beams while a few large chunks still smashed into his metal frame, bending metal out of place. Grand King Ghidorah looked up at Rodan, ignoring the debris falling on him as they bounced off of his scales. He didn't even flinch.

Rodan fired his beam, which hit some scales that Mothra had already set up after recovering from her thrashing. The beam reflected off the scales and lanced right into Grand King Ghidorah's Light Barrier. The scales amplified Rodan's Uranium Heat Beam, allowing it to punch through Grand King Ghidorah's barrier. The three-headed monster screamed out as he finally felt the searing pain from the power of the atom, the same power that birthed nuclear weapons and several of Earth's monsters, including Godzilla and Rodan. Grand King Ghidorah trained his six eyes on everyone, one head for each foe, and opened fire on all three. Screams could be heard for miles as Grand King Ghidorah lived up to his title, the King of Terror.

Grand King Ghidorah then used his wing lighting to rain suffering down on everyone. He let out a chuckle as he saw the pain on Rodan's face. He ceased his energy attack and landed right on top of the flying mutant. Rodan felt ribs break and blood spewed out of his mouth as Grand King Ghidorah crushed him with his gigantic feet. The three-headed terror was suddenly lifted in the air and thrown high up. Before he could get flight ready, he was smacked sideways as Godzilla's tail connected with him. Rodan looked up at his rival, not sure what his intentions were. Godzilla’s skin was badly charred from the atmospheric reentry, and the crash had caused several of his ribs to stick out of his torso. Enough skin and muscle was torn away that many people claim they could see his beating heart, larger than any blue whale. Several of his dorsal plates and teeth were broken off and half of his face had no skin, muscle and sinew shining and reflecting the light of nearby fire.

A raging pulsation of agony coursed through Godzilla, one unlike he had ever felt before. In most fights, he would have succumb to unconsciousness, but for this battle, the pain pushed him beyond his natural limits. Only his or his enemies’ death could halt his newfound wrath!

Godzilla's spines glowed their ominous azure and Rodan braced for pain. Pain that never came. Godzilla turned around and blasted Mechagodzilla off of its feet. He stormed over to his double and stomped the machine several times. The destroyed city shaking with every strike.

Rodan took to the sky once more along with Mothra, ready to help their new ally in any way they could. They kept an eye out for Grand King Ghidorah. Luckily, he wasn't that hard to spot.

Grand King Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams at Godzilla, keeping his distance yet trying to eviscerate the leviathan’s heart. He snorted when he saw Godzilla's spines glowing. Stupid animal, didn't it learn anything? Mothra then flew in and unleashed her beams at point blank. Grand King Ghidorah looked up, intending to blast the moth out of the sky.

Now was his chance.

Godzilla turned around and let loose the power of atomic energy stored in his mouth. Normally when using his beam, Godzilla would have to dig his feet into the ground just to fight his own recoil or else he would be sent flying back. This time, Godzilla used that recoil to his advantage. Godzilla slid backward as he kept firing his beam, and like a rocket, skewered Grand King Ghidorah right in the chest. The King of Terror spat out gold blood as he felt ribs break and almost fell over when something flew into his back even faster and more painful. Just a split second after Godzilla's beam-powered spines slammed into Grand King Ghidorah's chest, Rodan had flown head-first into the three-headed monster's back.

The hydra was being crushed between the two monsters and felt his bones breaking. Godzilla and Rodan broke away and watched as the planet killer fell down. Grand King Ghidorah couldn't move - his spine was broken! For the first time in its awful existence, Grand King Ghidorah felt pain so intense he wanted to die so he could be freed from his suffering. Godzilla looked down at the space dragon. He didn't have enough energy to summon a Spiral Fire Ray, but with all this fire power, he wouldn't need it. Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra fired their respective beams into Grand King Ghidorah's middle neck, their combined fire power more than enough to tear through the flesh and bone. The head fell off in a fountain of golden blood. Grand King Ghidorah used his anti-gravity flight and fled for his life, wanting to get as far away from this monster-infested planet as he could. Rodan slammed into him mid flight and they both crashed into the earth, but again, Grand King Ghidorah used his anti-gravity flight and took off before Rodan could recover.

The three decided they would deal with him next time in their eventual, final altercation and instead focused their attention on Mechagodzilla, who had just recovered. The giant mech opened every weapons port on its body, knowing it didn't stand a chance in melee combat with three attackers. Mechagodzilla fired everything he had, but Mothra countered with her scales, sending most of his energy attacks right back at him, and his missiles once again flying in paths he never intended. Mechagodzilla ceased fire and changed its target to Godzilla's exposed heart. It aimed its finger missiles and fired, but Rodan swooped in at lightning fast speed, beating his wings, the gusts strong enough to send the missiles right back at him. Mechagodzilla screamed out as the explosives tore holes into its metallic body.

Godzilla made his way over and grappled with the machine. Mechagodzilla's eyes glowed as it was about to fire at point blank, but he would never get the chance. Rodan flew toward Mechagodzilla from behind, reaching his top speed and spinning like a bullet. As his spinning increased, he folded his wings against his body. Godzilla held Mechagodzilla in place as Rodan finally struck the machine, sending a shockwave of sparks from the robot’s neck as he tore it off its frame.

The head spiraled in midair, Rodan’s talon’s grabbing ahold of it as he performed a midair rotation to dive bomb the headless Mechagodzilla. Mothra soared right beside him, charging her own attack before both fired their respective beams right inside Mechagodzilla body, causing a massive explosion of smoke, fire and sparks. Godzilla tore off parts of Mechagodzilla before backing away as Rodan smashed Mechagodzilla’s head into the detonating body. A violent explosion engulfed all three monsters, launching space titanium across the destroyed landscape of Detroit like miniature meteors. Survivors ducked from the shrapnel, fire, and wall of smoke which quickly encompassed the city.

When the smoke cleared,Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra stood victorious, but their battle was not completely over. In the distance, the wrecked Mothership resided, and Godzilla still wished for his enemies’ complete destruction. Gradually, the slowly healing leviathan walked toward the alien vessel. His new allies, Rodan and Mothra, followed close by.

Man may have lost the war, but Earth's monsters still pressed on, and as long as these beings existed, they would continue to fight to the bitter end. As long as they existed, Man would never be killed off by invaders or other monsters. The war had only just begun.

Godzilla® (Heisei) Mothra (Heisei) Rodan (Heisei)
Godzilla® (Heisei) Mothra (Heisei) Rodan (Heisei)