KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 214 - Author: Thomas Eckert

Match 214: Mechagodzilla® (Showa) and Titanosaurus vs. Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)
Banner: Dao Zang Moua

The city of Tokyo was under siege. The Black Hole aliens rebuilt their terrible weapon, Mechagodzilla, to destroy Japan’s capital in order to construct their new empire. To aid them on their quest, they allied themselves with Dr. Mafune who figured out how to control a giant, oceanic dinosaur named Titanosaurus with the aid of his cybernetic daughter, Katsura. With these two titanic monstrosities under their control, mankind would surely fall before their might.

Under the command of their masters, both Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus rained destruction upon Tokyo. Buildings blew to pieces by the evil machine’s devastating arsenal while his ally, Titanosaurus, created powerful winds to blow the debris away. Citizens ran from the horrific duo. Their screams were drowned out by the monsters’ rampage.

“Go Mechagodzilla! Titanosaurus! Destroy Tokyo!” yelled Mugal from the command center as he and his allies watched their puppets devastate the city.

As if hearing their controllers’ instructions, the two kaiju resumed their duties. However, both monsters paused when they heard something flying through the air.

“Why have they stopped?” Mugal asked demandingly.

“Look!” Dr. Mafune called out as he pointed toward the screen.

The aliens and the scientist looked in surprise at what was on the screen. It was another Mechagodzilla except this one was much different-looking from theirs. Unbeknownst to the Simian aliens, mankind had created their own version of Mechagodzilla. Unlike the aliens’ which was made from Space Titanium, Earth’s Mechagodzilla was constructed from metals native to Earth.

Both Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus roared a challenge at the flying intruder. Earth’s Mechagodzilla circled around the pair of terrorists before turning around to land. The aliens’ monsters roared and shrieked while their opponent landed in front of them. Earth’s Mechagodzilla brought its arms upward, preparing itself for battle.

“So the Earthlings have built their own Mechagodzilla?” Mugal said with an unimpressed chuckle. “Surely, they’re fools to think theirs will beat ours.”

Earth’s Mechagodzilla unleashed an electronic shriek at both its opponents. Titanosaurus and the alien robot responded by roaring and shrieking back. Both monsters charged toward their opponent. Earth’s Mechagodzilla took evasive action and activated its jet packs. The alien robot fired its eyebeams at its man-made counterpart, hitting it square in the chest. However, Earth’s Mechagodzilla remained in the air as the blasts were absorbed by the heat shield.

In retaliation, Earth’s Mechagodzilla unleashed its Mega Buster attack. The rainbow-colored beam erupted from its mouth and struck both the alien Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus in their chests and necks. Both monsters were forced back by the attack. Titanosaurus let loose a rage-filled roar and leapt toward Earth’s giant machine. The crimson-colored dinosaur smashed his full body weight into his opponent and forced the hope of humanity to the ground.

Titanosaurus shrieked angrily at his downed opponent. Before Earth’s Mechagodzilla could respond, the huge dinosaur smashed his fists repeatedly into its head and chest. Alarms rang inside as the crew piloting the man-made weapon knew that their mech was in danger from Titanosaurus’ incredible strength. The aquatic monster reared back, preparing to strike. That’s when the laser cannons in Earth’s Mechagodzilla’s eyes streamed forth, striking Titanosaurus square in the chest. The aquatic saurian shrieked in pain from the attack. Earth’s Mechagodzilla’s wasted no time and activated its jet packs, allowing the robot to escape from Titanosaurus and force him backward.

With its jet packs still surging with power, Earth’s Mechagodzilla unleashed more laser cannons upon the downed creature. The attack, however, enraged the dinosaur and he opened the fin on his tail. Titanosaurus turned around and waved his tailfin back and forth. Massive gusts pelted Earth’s Mechagodzilla, sending the robot plummeting backward from the incredible winds.

Titanosaurus let loose a trumpet screech and ran toward the downed robot. A swift kick from the massive sea creature sent Earth’s Mechagodzilla soaring through the air and crashing into a nearby building. Titanosaurus let loose a satisfied roar and wandered toward the fallen robotic machine. The alien Mechagodzilla followed close behind him.

“Ha! Is that all their toy can do?” Mugal laughed as he watched the action on the screen, “Mechagodzilla! Titanosaurus! Destroy that pitiful machine!”

Earth’s Mechagodzilla managed to recover just as Titanosaurus lunged on top of it. The aquatic beast grabbed Earth’s Mechagodzilla by the snout and kicked it in the leg, almost damaging it in the process.Titanosaurus continued its frenzy by bitting the machine’s snout and using his unbelievable strength to throw the machine like a toy. The crew held on for dear life as they found themselves crashing back to the ground with a giant thud.

The alien Mechagodzilla shrieked in evil glee as he pointed his hand toward his counterpart, preparing to fire his finger missiles. Humanity's machine stood up and noticed Titanosaurus backing away just as explosions rocked the mech, engulfing Earth’s Mechagodzilla in an inferno as the missiles continued to strike its chest. The alien Mechagodzilla then activated its thusters and took to the skies.

Titanosaurus shrieked as if laughing in joy from seeing their opponent struggling during the battle. The alien Mechagodzilla circled around and fired more missiles onto Earth’s Mechagodzilla, covering it with explosions. With their opponent down for the count, Titanosaurus ran in to grab Earth’s mech by its tail. With a mighty heave, it sent the machine flying out of Tokyo’s districts and into the suburbs that sent buildings crashing around it. As the machine stopped its movements, the robot lay under a mountain of rubble.

The alien Mechagodzilla landed next to Titanosaurus, scanning the pile of rubble with his ally. Unsure if the battle was won, the alien creation opened the port in his chest and charged it with power. An orange bolt of energy snaked out and struck a mountainside nearby, creating a rockslide which buried Earth’s Mechagodzilla even deeper. Both monsters roared and shrieked in victory, celebrating the grave they created for their opponent.

“Well, I guess you can’t beat the original after all.” Mugal chuckled. “Now to resume our attack on Tokyo.”

Titanosaurus and the alien Mechagodzilla turned away, scanning Tokyo to see where they would destroy next, merely to hear a muffled roar. As the pair looked back at the grave they created, the pile of rocks exploded upward, surprising both the monsters and their controllers.

Earth’s Mechagodzilla used its thrusters to return upright and let loose a defeaning metallic screech. Mere punches and throws would not be enough to silence the mechanical hope of humanity. If they wished to win the battle, they would need to do far more.

“So, the Earthlings still want a fight, huh?” Mugal moaned in annoyance. “Very well. Mechagodzilla. Titanosaurus. Destroy that nuisance once and for all!”

The alien Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus roared and charged toward their opponent. Earth’s Mechagodzilla countered with a barrage of Paralyzer Missiles at its two foes. Titanosaurus took the blunt of the attack, falling as it lost the ability to feel its apendages. Noticing his ally unable to move, the alien Mechagodzilla unleashed its eye lasers while Earth’s Mechagodzilla countered with its own Mega Buster ray. The two multi-colored attacks slammed into the other, vying for dominance in their energy war, but a surge of power from Earth’s creation overwhelmed the alien’s output. Sparks cascaded across the alien Mechagodzilla, separating him from its partner, and allowing Earth’s Mechagodzilla to focus its attack on Titanosaurus.

The dinosaur shrieked in pain from the new barrage of missiles striking him in the chest. Earth’s Mechagodzilla roared while bringing its arms up to its sides. It pointed both arms directly at Titanosaurus and unleashed the Shock Anchor from its wrists. The hooks on the two wires embedded the anchors into the dinosaur’s stomach and chest. Blood erupted as they dug deep into Titanosaurus’ warty flesh.

Earth’s Mechagodzilla wasted no time and channeled millions of electric volts into Titanosaurus’ body. The oceanic saurian screamed in pain from the energy coursing through his system. His mouth started foaming as a sickly white liquid oozed from his gums. Eventually, the lethal electric discharge overwhelmed Titanosaurus’ body and his screaming ceased when his corpse fell limp.

“No! Titanosaurus! Damn that robot! Damn it to HELL!” Dr. Makune screamed uncontrollably at the loss of his kaiju.

“Mechagodzilla! Finish this!” Mugul furiously ordered to his creation.

The alien Mechagodzilla returned upright and shrieked a challenge toward his opponent. Earth’s Mechagodzilla replied with a shriek back. It withdrew its weapons from Titanosaurus’ corpse and wandered toward its evil doppelganger. The alien Mechagodzilla unleashed his eye beams once more. Earth’s Mechagodzilla fired its Mega Buster in response. Both rainbow-colored energy weapons collided into each other once more with incredible force. Both machines struggled to overpower the other. Each trying to pour more strength into their attacks.

At first, it was a stalemate, the alien Mechagodzilla’s overloading his eyes sensors to overcome the defencies it discovered previously until both machine’s could not push their power any further. Energy exploded outward from the focal point, tearing apart the very ground and anything atop it from the highly volatile shockwaves. The alien Mechagodzilla was forced to the ground from the blast while Earth’s Mechagodzilla stumbled backward.

The crew inside Earth’s Mechagodzilla knew they couldn’t push the the robot much more. Warnings rang throughout the machine, the robot’s power source fluxated dangerously, and systems were on the brink of collapse. Even if created from the strongest alloys on Earth, the monstrosity of metal they piloted faced a steadily growing fatigue. The battle needed to be won soon or all hope of victory would be lost. Warily, the crew pushed their Mechagodzilla to charge toward the alien counterpart.

The alien Mechagodzilla shrieked at his foe, deciding it the perfect time to unleash his whole arsenal. The alien’s hands spun as they locked their target, its eyes glowed with newly channeled power, the port on its chest opened and the missiles on its feet primed for launch. Earth’s Mechagodzilla halted, the crew realizing the bombardment about to take place merely for a wall of destrouction to collide with humanities hope. Every weapon that the alien Mechagodzilla had in his disposal struck humanities’ creation. Missiles, chest lasers, eyebeams; the alien barrage engulfed Earth’s Mechagodzilla and eviscerated everthing that stood around it.

A sea of dust and fire overtook the landscape where Earth’s Mechagodzilla once stood. The alien Mechagodzilla waited patiently for the two side effects of his barrage to dissipate to discover the fate of his opponent. With the amount of power thrown at his adversary, nothing could possibly hope to survive.

“Pathetic humans!” Mugul laughed with arrogance.

The laughter from the alien’s voice gradually faded as the silver armor of Mechagodzilla began to shine through the smoke. A mighty screech followed, silencing the alien leader as it he looked over humanities’ weapon.

It was missing its arm. Its internal systems were starting to overheat. But it could still fight. And now, thanks to its energy absorbing diamond coated armor, it would make its opponent pay using the newly opened port on its abdomen that funneled unparalled amounts of golden power.

A massive orange-colored beam of energy surged forth and struck the surprised evil machine, knocking him off his feet. A second blast forced the alien Mechagodzilla off the ground before it crashed back into the same rock pile it and Titanosaurus created earlier.

The alien Mechagodzill alay stagnant beside its ally. The Plasma Grenade caused him severe damage. His chest laser was destroyed. His limbs were almost entirely broken. Its mechanical joints strained to even stand; however, Earth’s Mechagodzilla forced him to the ground with a Mega Buster ray to the head. With its foe down, Earth’s Mechagodzilla unleashed its own deadly barrage.

Mega Busters rays, lasers from its eyes, Plasma Grenades and Paralyzer missiles all struck the alien Mechagodzilla repeatedly. The assault blew off one of the alien Mechagodzilla’s arms. A similar cloud of ash, fire and dust overtook the alien creation until the barrage finally came to an end.

When the dust cleared, the alien Mechagodzilla was in pieces. His head was missing almost half of its original plating. His arms and hands were broken beyond repair. His legs were blown off. Earth’s Mechagodzilla ended the fight by firing its only remaining shock anchor into the alien Mechagodzilla’s exposed control unit. The electric attack overloaded the alien machine’s systems and the sinister machine shut down for good.

“Unbelievable…” Mugal stated in complete disbelief. “The magnificent machine…Mechagodzilla has been defeated…”

A loud bang attracted Mugal and Dr. Mafune as EDF soldiers stormed inside their base of operations. Men surrended the pair and their staff, weapons ready to reduce them all to lifeless husks. Devastation at their loss overtook Dr. Mafune while Mugal looked at the soldiers of man with contempt.

Never in all of his life did he think mankind could create something that could defeat his own weapon.

Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)
Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)