KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 210 - Author: Joseph Steinard Jr. & Dao Zang Moua

Match 210: M.U.T.O. vs. Anguirus (Showa) vs. C-Rex
Banner: Dao Zang Moua

Smoke and soot rose into the air from the volcanic activity on the island. Several abnormally large dinosaurs paid no mind as they migrated toward the greener parts of the island. An enormous wave out at sea alerted the nearby wildlife of danger before they then saw a large spiked tail lift out of the murky waters. The beasts rushed to escape the area as a crown of horns and two sharp fangs broke the surface. The waves parted as the creature made his way toward the rocky shores of the island, the sea life around him being dragged by the current.

The large creature let out a small roar as he made landfall. Sea water poured off his brown armored carapace as he shook himself off on the rocky shore. The creature resembled an ankylosaur with a spiky shell, but several times larger. Its sharp teeth showed that it was a predator ready to devour everything in his path. Anguirus was a powerful dinosaur capable of many feats. He had been traveling from island to island trying to find a nice meal when he noticed that the creatures on this island were larger than the ones on the mainland. Seeing a particularly large sauropod among the running creatures, Anguirus lunged forth and clamped his hungry jaws around it. The sauropod groaned in pain as it was lifted into the air. Warm blood seeped down his maw as he crunched down on the dinosaur, killing it. Dropping his fresh kill, the monster began to devour its flesh hungrily.

On the other side of the island, a larger figure was approaching, swimming deeper than the other kaiju. However, its ginormous, yellowish body could be seen through the water, fish avoided it as the creature swayed past them, paying the animals no mind. Normally, it would eat whatever was in front of him, but this was one of the few exceptions, it wasn’t attracted to the fish, it was something different.

The creature began to rise from the ocean, showing its peculiar looking head, it's small black eyes were dead set on the island it was heading toward, most notably the volcano. As the yellow sea creature made its way to shore, its legs moved themselves downward, making the creature stand up, revealing its monstrous size to the isle’s inhabitants. It just took one big step for the monster to make it to the beach, taking some water with it. Slinging the liquid across the beach, getting the sand wet, a pond formed in its wake.

Crustaceous Rex’s other foot followed, causing the sea monster to finally set foot on the island. Sand shot up into the sky as its foot stepped onto the beach. C-Rex opened its quad-jaw mouth, roaring its whale-like cry, making its presence known. The yellow, green striped sea monster waved its six tentacles back and forth as it scanned the area, only seeing a few abnormally large animals scurrying away when C-Rex arrived. None of them made an attempt to oppose the bigger creature. Although it was the only one of its kind, Crustaceous Rex was one of the dominant predators of the sea and land. It could not even remember its own origin, but it didn't care, it just wanted food.

After a few seconds, C-Rex stepped forward on its stilt-like legs toward the volcano, stopping when it got to the black muck on the beach near the volcano, covering the sand and rocks.

Volcanic tar.

Crustaceous Rex separated its maw and shot its tentacles toward the black covered rocks, wrapping around six and pulling its appendages back toward its mouth, dropping each rock one by one down to its gaping maw before snapping it shut like a fly trap. Volcanic tar pleased the beast like no other substance, it had been attracted to this island for that reason and now Crustaceous Rex would feast until it had its fill.

Anguirus followed the dinosaurs inland toward a plain, needing more to eat. The ground around them seemed to radiate a greenish glow with parts of the Earth dug up. As the dinosaurs ran across the rocky plains, the smallest and weakest of them were quick to fall over dead from the ambient radiation. As Anguirus neared, he noticed some dinosaurs straying from the herd. He slammed his tail into a group of iguanodon, skewering some on his spikes and sending others flying. Dropping his prey to the ground, the giant turned to feast once more. What the giant dinosaur didn’t realize was that he wasn’t the first to arrive on the island.

A large shadow circled in the skies above, hidden by the clouds and smoke. As it flew, the clouds dispersed around it leaving a billowing trail. Several aerial creatures screeched out in panic as they flew out of the way of this superior predator. A grey wing split the cloud cover like a shark’s fin in the sea as it circled the irradiated fields. Anguirus gorged on the dead iguanodons, unaware of the danger above him. A deep, guttural, creaking roar echoed in the air around Anguirus. Looking around, the giant dinosaur attempted to find this newcomer as he roared out in challenge. His challenge was soon answered when a grey figure slammed into his spiked shell, knocking him flat. Standing atop the giant dinosaur was a grey, winged creature with orange lined eyes. It had avoided the spikes on his enemy’s shell by placing its small, thin feet between them as it slammed its hook like arms into the dinosaur’s body.

The giant ankylosaur felt his opponent slam his arms into his body repeatedly feeling his head being slammed into the ground over and over again. Growing tired of this, Anguirus lifted himself onto his hind legs disrupting the male M.U.T.O.’s balance as he leaned backward. Seeing the danger of being crushed under thousands of sharp spikes, the M.U.T.O. clamped his arms onto Anguirus’ shell and pulled himself over the angry dinosaur. Anguirus wasn’t one to just allow his opponents to climb over him as he then crunched his maw onto the M.U.T.O.’s leg, slamming him into the ground with him. Now on his back, Anguirus found himself helpless as he continued to grind his teeth into the leg of the M.U.T.O.

Screeching in pain, the male M.U.T.O. slammed his claws into the belly of the dinosaur trying to force it to release him. The giant ankylosaur continued to eviscerate the bony leg of his opponent as he felt the painful blows slamming into his softer underside. Lifting up both his arms, the M.U.T.O. flew as high as Anguirus would allow him before falling, slamming his claws straight onto the dinosaur’s gut. The tenacious dinosaur was forced to release his bite from the blow as the now freed M.U.T.O. flew into the air.

Anguirus struggled to get upright as the giant radiation feeder swooped down, slamming its bulk into the dinosaur’s gut before it returned to the sky. While it swooped down on Anguirus a second time, Anguirus rolled himself into a ball, causing the M.U.T.O. to slam face first into several spikes. The attack caused several cuts on the parasite as it reeled back in pain. This allowed Anguirus to roll himself upright. Seeing the M.U.T.O. distracted, Anguirus ran toward him and rolled into a ball. The spiky Anguirus ball slammed into the grey kaiju, knocking him onto his back as the giant dinosaur continued to roll around the area. The M.U.T.O. stood upright as he watched the rolling Anguirus warily. Usually, most monsters would find it hard to stop Anguirus without grabbing him, but the M.U.T.O. had a different way. Lifting up his claws, the M.U.T.O. roared out with fury. The orange lines on his body glowed as he slammed his claws into the ground sending a pulse of energy around. The energy didn’t have any physical effects on stopping Anguirus, but instead disrupted his concentration causing the dinosaur to slam into a boulder. Seeing his foe moving around dizzily, the M.U.T.O. flew into the air as it glided toward his opponent.


Three iguanodons started to walk on the beach, cautious of the sea monster feasting on the volcanic tar. They had come to drink and there was now a new waterhole. Although it wasn't big enough, it was the closest body of water there so it would have to do.

Suddenly, the ground started to shift, one of the dinosaurs got caught in it and fell into the source of the disruptance as the others ran away. Sand kicked up as more and more disappeared into the sinkhole. Soon, a large hole in the beach remained, clear of any sand. Then a skinny black claw shot out of the ground in front of the ditch, before another one did the same right beside it.

The creature attached to the limbs pulled itself out of the hole, the small arms near its chest helping it get to the ground. It looked like the M.U.T.O. with its jet-black color and giant claws holding it up, but this one was bigger and lacked wings. This M.U.T.O. was a female and like the male that came to this island before her, she was attracted to the uranium deposits on the atoll. The parasitic kaiju looked around, paying C-Rex no mind as she spotted the green glowing radioactive material. She had to eat to keep her energy up, the M.U.T.O. had been on the run from the monsters who fought her species. She needed a rest, or else she would be in no condition to defend herself.

The insectoid let out a small roar before walking toward the uranium, grabbing a claw-full before opening her mouth and dropping the chemical down her awaiting maw. She closed her mouth and swallowed the food her kind thrived off of.

Crustaceous Rex turned around, noticing this new creature had invaded its new territory. The sea monster split its mouth open and roared at the M.U.T.O., it's odd roar catching her attention as she finished eating more uranium. C-Rex roared again, using its cry and massive size to intimidate the other kaiju.

The M.U.T.O. stood her ground and roared back, not willing to give up so easily, both monsters would have to fight for the right to take this island.

The sea monster roared again before taking a giant step forward, the female did the same. As soon as C-Rex got close enough, the M.U.T.O. smacked it in the face. The yellow leviathan recoiled in pain before turning its head back to its opponent. The insectoid was about to strike again, but one of Crustaceous Rex’s tentacles shot forward and wrapped around the arm of its adversary, causing her to roar as she tried to get out of the sea creature’s grip.

However, five more tentacles binded around both of her arms, squeezing tightly as C-Rex tried to break them while pulling the M.U.T.O. closer to bite her head off. The parasitic kaiju roared once more before rearing her head up and bringing it down on the tentacles on her right arm, clamping her jaws on them as an attempt to make it let go.

The sea beast cried out in pain before releasing the M.U.T.O.’s arms to avoid further injuries. The black kaiju also let the tentacles go, allowing the bleeding appendages to fly back to their owner.

The M.U.T.O. quickly slammed her claws into the ground before thrusting forward, headbutting Crustaceous Rex in the chest. The blow packed enough force to knock the yellow leviathan to the ground, causing sand to fly up as it crashed. C-Rex once again roared out before using its lengthy leg to kick the female monster, causing her to recoil back, nearly losing her balance.

This gave Crustaceous Rex a perfect opportunity to jump back to its feet and turn around to face its opponent. The M.U.T.O. growled as she also faced her adversary, ready to tear it apart.

C-Rex separated its maw, but instead of roaring, black gunk shot out toward the parasite, hitting her straight in the eyes. The M.U.T.O. roared in pain and confusion as the tar was starting to damage her vision.

The sea monster cackled in delight, knowing that this was a perfect opportunity to kill his now blinded opponent. C-Rex stepped forward to finish this fight only to be backhanded by the insectoid’s claw.

The water dweller made a confused noise. She could have taken a wild guess at where it was or-

The M.U.T.O. once again swung her claw at Crustaceous Rex, this time scratching its side, causing it to screech in pain as black blood oozed out of the wound.

No, she could see without using her eyes.


Anguirus and the Male M.U.T.O. were both grappling each other as the dinosaur attempted to maul him. The radioactive parasite struggled to hold back the tenacious beast as he clawed at his face using his smaller limbs. Both kaiju were struggling to overpower the other as they pushed back and forth over the uranium deposits. Seeing an opportunity, the male M.U.T.O. twisted his arms to the side, slamming Anguirus into the dirt. The M.U.T.O. slammed his arms onto Anguirus’s forelimbs, pinning him to the ground as he snapped his sharp, beak like jaws onto his neck. Anguirus screeched in pain as he felt the sharp beak cutting into his flesh, knowing that if he didn’t act fast, he would die. Putting his hind legs under himself, Anguirus thrust forth, knocking the grey parasite off him. Anguirus enacted his revenge by rolling over the M.U.T.O. slashing him with his spikes.

The M.U.T.O. screeched in agony as he felt the sharp spikes dig into his flesh. Getting up, the M.U.T.O. twisted around, slamming his wing into Anguirus’s face. Though the dinosaur reeled back in pain, the horns on his head left a shallow cut on the parasite’s wing. Both creatures backed away from one another as they circled around. Anguirus just wanted a nice meal before this creature attacked him. The M.U.T.O. was enraged that Anguirus was intruding on his new territory that was filled with the radioactive substances that kept his species alive.

The M.U.T.O. was the first to act, lifting its body into the air for an airborne attack. Anguirus was having none of this as he jumped high into the air and latched onto the creature’s bleeding leg, dragging it back to the ground. The parasitic monster screeched as it was forcefully brought down by the giant ankylosaur. Both crashed to the ground causing the earth around them to rumble. Anguirus swung his body around before releasing the M.U.T.O., sending it through the air before it crashed. Stunned, the M.U.T.O. could do little as Anguirus moved closer.

Suddenly, it heard something in the distance. Something it had been waiting for since it had found the island. The call of a female M.U.T.O. entered the male’s senses before it realized that those cries weren’t one of searching for a mate, but instead those of pain. The M.U.T.O. acted quickly twisting over to right itself. Anguirus noticed his opponent trying to fly away and spun around, slamming his tail into the insectoid. The male M.U.T.O. was knocked over to the ground as several cuts formed on his back. Hearing more cries of pain, the male was quick to enter the sky. Flying high, it then backflipped and slammed down onto Anguirus’ back, knocking the dinosaur flat. The parasite latched his claws into Anguirus’ shoulder as he began to flap his wings madly. Anguirus struggled about as he felt his body being lifted into the air by his opponent. Very soon, both creatures found themselves airborne as the male slowly began to pick up speed, heading toward the other side of the island.


Crustaceous Rex roared as it once again got hit in the face by the M.U.T.O.’s claw.

The sea monster retaliated by slapping the parasitic kaiju across the face with its tentacle. The M.U.T.O. grunted as the hit stung her face before she raised her claw and brought it down on the yellow hide. The strike made black blood gush out as the hooked unguis punctured its body, causing C-Rex to roar out in pain.

The crustacean lunged forward and used its four jaws to bite the black insectoid’s shoulder. The M.U.T.O. bellowed in agony as the force of the bite was overwhelming. She wrapped her hooked claw around the larger kaiju’s throat, squeezing it as well as pulling back, trying to get it off of her. C-Rex shook its head, trying to shake the shorter creature like a rag doll, but her resilience and weight kept her balanced.

Eventually, the leviathan let go to breathe. The female M.U.T.O. took this opportunity to let go and once again tackle Crustaceous Rex, knocking it to the ground along with her, causing a loud thud that could be heard for miles and sand to fly up and shower back down.

The parasite quickly got to her feet and looked down at the fallen creature who was breathing heavily due to the attack. The M.U.T.O. raised her claws and slashed at C-Rex, causing coal black blood to gush out of the cut. She did it again and again, trying to cut the crustacean into pieces.

Crustaceous Rex screamed in horror as its flesh was getting ripped. Out of pure desperation, the sea monster spat tar out of its mouth, hitting the insectoid’s small arms, making them stick to her chest and each other.

The M.U.T.O. grumbled in confusion as she tried to get her arms free from each other, this gave C-Rex the chance to send its tentacles out and wrap them around the parasite’s throat, arms, and legs. The M.U.T.O. gagged and she struggled to escape its grasp, but the sea creature just tightened its grip as it got to its feet. C-Rex could easily strangle this bug right now as it did with other creatures, but it wanted to do something else.

The crustacean unwrapped its tentacles from the M.U.T.O.’s legs, but then quickly shot out its tar at her legs before she could do anything with them. The parasitic kaiju roared out as her legs were covered in the thick substance, sticking them to the ground. She struggled, but to no avail, she was stuck there.

C-Rex continued shooting out more tar, going up to the M.U.T.O.’s chest, leaving some of her chest, her arms, and head uncovered.

The insectoid struggled again as the sea monster’s tentacles retracted from her. She could still use her arms so she tried to claw herself out, but the tar was too sticky and made her claw sink in the black substance. She roared out once more, this time for help.

C-Rex stepped forward. It couldn't wait to eat its prey alive now that she was covered in tar.

The M.U.T.O. now feared for her life, but using her echolocation, she sensed something coming, causing her to bellow again to get its attention.

It was another M.U.T.O.

A creaking roar echoed through the air along with the sounds of another creature wailing in pain. Distracted by the sudden noise, C-Rex turned to find these annoying pests. It was then that the Male M.U.T.O. released his grip on Anguirus. The spiked saurian was sent flying toward C-Rex as the sea creature was caught unaware.

Anguirus slammed shell first into the tough exterior of C-Rex sending the mutant crustacean into an enraged frenzy. Before the giant ankylosaur could right himself, several tentacles wrapped around his neck and limbs as an angered C-Rex attacked. The crustacean lifted the dinosaur into the air before slamming him onto the hard-volcanic tar. It then stomped down on Anguirus’ head, trying to crush the insolent dinosaur beneath his bulk.

Anguirus was tired of all these monsters trying to smash his face into the ground. Slamming his claws into the ground, he began to swiftly dig downward as C-Rex lost its footing. Unbalanced from his new enemy’s disappearance, C-Rex looked around warily before the ground under it collapsed, revealing several green rocks amidst the hardened tar.

Landing on its back, the yellow sea monster struggled to get upright as it felt the ground under it stir. A sharp horn stabbed into his back along with several slashes as Anguirus shot upward from beneath the sea monster, launching him into the air. Twisting around, the ankylosaur slammed his spikes tail toward C-Rex only for the monster to catch them with his tentacles. The two began to tug on the other trying to overpower each other.

As the other two fought, the male M.U.T.O. landed nearby the female of his species, finding her entrapped within a sticky black substance. The two nuzzled their faces together briefly before the male turned to look at the sticky substance. They would have to wait for the sticky substance to harden before the female could free herself. Till then, the male would feed and tend to her needs, but first he would need to make sure they would survive.

Crustaceous Rex gained the upper hand by pulling and throwing Anguirus face first into the dirt wall of the hole they were in, making the spikey dinosaur honk in pain and irritation. The yellow leviathan once again used its tentacles to grab a hold of Anguirus’ tail and drag him toward it, the smaller beast looked directly at his opponent, knowing he had to do something fast before he was fish food.

Anguirus quickly rolled into a ball, making C-Rex give a confused sound as it tilted its head. The tenacious kaiju then rolled forward before springing out of his spherical form and leaping onto C-Rex’s body, causing the large kaiju to lose its balance and fall into the side of the hole. Anguirus looked down at the fallen sea monster and noticed blood trickling down its shoulder from where the female M.U.T.O. scratched it.

Wasting no time, Anguirus opened his mouth wide and bit down on the wound, causing C-Rex to screech in agony before trying to get the spikey kaiju off of it with its tentacles. Anguirus was a hardened one however, he clamped down harder onto the wound, making the leviathan scream louder as blood flooded into the steadfast dinosaur’s mouth.

Crustaceous Rex quickly aimed its head at the dinosaur’s head and spat out its tar, covering Anguirus’ head in the black muck.

The spikey monster roared in confusion as he couldn't see any more with the tar covering his eyes. Anguirus let go of his opponent and rubbed his eyes with his paws, trying to get the sticky substance off.

C-Rex kicked Anguirus off of its abdomen, its long legs giving it enough power to kick the dinosaur out of the hole, causing him to fly into the air and crash back down into the sand below. Anguirus was dazed, he had fallen from great heights more than he ever had in his life. He either felt like puking or going unconscious.

The saurian then heard a loud series of footsteps emanating from a large creature. He already knew it was C-Rex, but Anguirus couldn't see, causing him to not know how to defend himself.

He could either fight back or lie there and accept his fate.

Crustaceous Rex neared its new prey, ready to kill him and to feast on his flesh, but suddenly it heard a familiar roar. The yellow leviathan looked up to see a grey figure swoop down upon it, latching himself on its side and clawing at it, avoiding the spikes on its side.

C-Rex screeched in both pain and irritation, trying to get the male M.U.T.O. to fly away by shaking him off, but the flying parasite was hooked on too tightly. The sea monster did the only thing it could do at the moment, try to fall on the pain in its side.

Crustaceous Rex allowed its body to fall sideways, its stilt-like legs sweeping as it slammed itself to the ground. The M.U.T.O. had now known this from his fight with Anguirus and swiftly flew off of the crustacean’s side, allowing it to collapse onto the sand below, causing the minerals to fly up.

C-Rex breathed heavily as it looked to its fallen side, giving a surprised yelp when it couldn't see the flying insectoid.

A sharp pain in its neck told C-Rex where he was.

Perched right beside the sea monster’s head was the male M.U.T.O. He twisted his claw out of C-Rex’s bloody neck and growled. Crustaceous Rex lifted its tentacles, ready to grab the insectoid, but the M.U.T.O. bellowed into the sky and brought his claw down into the ocean dweller’s neck again, causing it to screech in horror and its tentacles to wiggle about, trying to grasp its assailant.

The male M.U.T.O. took his claw out again and quickly stabbed C-Rex’s neck region again and again, bludgeoning the larger kaiju as black blood spurted out rapidly from each hit.

Then, the sea monster's tentacles gradually stopped moving. The male M.U.T.O. took his claw out of the open wounds as Crustaceous Rex, the last and only one of its species took one last gasp of air.

C-Rex’s head fell to the sand as its black eyes turned darker.

The male M.U.T.O. looked into the sky and roared in victory, looking back at the female M.U.T.O. who beckoned for him to come back to her.

The male approached his new mate, nuzzling against her shoulder as the two cooed at each other. They had won this battle and now them, as well as their future offspring, could claim this island as their own. The male M.U.T.O. turned to get some uranium for the two to eat, but he looked to the side and noticed that Anguirus was missing.

The parasite growled and was about to survey the area to find and kill the intruder, but the low rumbling of his mate told him to stay. He needed to protect her while she was in this state.

The M.U.T.O. nodded and walked on his long arms toward the glowing minerals, looking cautiously for anything that dared attack him or his newly beloved mate.

After wandering for a while, Anguirus ran back to the ocean, scooping his head into the water and shaking the tar out of his eyes. The spikey saurian took his head out and looked around, knowing he didn't have long until the M.U.T.O.s would find and kill him.

Too weak to swim, Anguirus noticed a nearby cave and proceeded toward it. As he curled up inside, the saurian closed his eyes and loose an exhausted breath. He used up a lot of his energy in that fight. He just needed a rest.

For now, he would accept this loss.