KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 208 - Author: Landon Soto

Match 208: Gororin vs. Godzilla® Junior vs. M.U.T.O. (Female)
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

The new commander of the Xilien fleet watched over Birth Island, most of the world's monsters had fallen under his command, and his plans for world conquest and enslaving the lower cattle was slowly falling into motion.

Only a few monsters were left to oppose him, one certain monster was an emerald colored dinosaur who seemed to lack M base, the very thing that allowed the Xiliens to control most of Earth's monsters easily. No matter, he would just have to beat the monster into submission and integrate the M Base forcefully. Screens flashed into existence as the juvenile creature appeared on the screen.

“Alright prince, let’s see how you deal with Gororin!” the young Xilien exclaimed as he snapped his fingers with confidence.

Godzilla Junior looked into the late afternoon sky as he stared at the golden ball high above him. His instincts pressured him to run, but his mind kept him steady, ready to attack any foe which descended to challenge him. He did not wait long.

A vessel detached itself from the main Xilien mothership and slowly floated toward the young saurian. A multi-colored ray burst from its tip as it slowed, fazing into existence a round silhouette. Once the ray stopped, a blue ball remained. The ship continued to hover above the creature it created before retreating to the mothership.

Godzilla Junior stood dumbfounded. The son of Godzilla looked at the strange cactus looking creature with curiosity, awaiting any type of threat to emerge or mutate from the orb. Instead, he noticed two angry looking eyes glow with golden light. Junior cautiously approached the plant creature and flared his nostrils, trying to deduce if the creature truly was friend or foe.

Gororin’s eyes immediately opened in rage, ready to pulverize his opponent into dust. The cactus creature fired a single needle into the monster prince’s snout, causing Junior to yelp in pain as well as surprise. The young saurian retreated, allowing him to yank the needle out and glare at the ball of death. If the creature wished for a fight, he would show him one!

Atomic fire discharged from his jaws, the young monster hoping to incinerate the spiky creature with a single blast. Gororin however tanked the attack, astonishing Junior as his assault ended. The creature surely should have been a pile of ash! How was it unharmed?

Gritting his fangs, the saurian turned and slammed Gororin with his tail, sending the cactus monster flying into a hillside. As the beast smirked in satisfaction, a jolt of pain surged from its tail. Immediately, Junior cried with agony from the needles embedded into his tail. Junior glanced at the appendage, inspecting the damage then turned back merely to discover Gororin flying toward him.

The cactus bounced into his chest, lodging more painful needles into the prince. Godzilla Junior roared in pain then kicked the ball of evil, grunting as more needles latched onto him. Gororin rolled for hundreds of meters, but the spike ball circled back around toward Godzilla Junior. The saurian let loose a low rumble from its body in irritation. He wouldn’t be deterred so easily.

Junior fired another atomic ray from his maw and struck the ground around Gororin, throwing him off course. The angry cactus ball rolled toward Junior and bounced high into the air, striking Junior atop his head, flooring the emerald dinosaur. As the cactus made his way back around, Gororin bounced high into the air and discharged a spray of needles. The needles fell like rain upon Junior, forcing the beast to cry in pain. Against the onslaught, Junior hoisted himself up. The saurian ripped as many needles off of himself as possible then faced Gororin as it touched down. A cloud of dirt encompassed the cactus before it reappeared again, slamming into the sides of Junior.

The Xilien commander watched in glee as his monster mercilessly beat down the monster prince.

“This one, seems rather strong,” the commander arrogantly remarked until his ship’s alarms went off. The crew raced in a panic, trying to identify the approaching threat under the watchful eye of their leader.

“Well? What do we have now!” the Xilien leader yelled.

On one of his many monitors, another monster appeared swimming toward the battling pair.

The alien’s eyes opened wide with curiosity.“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

Junior fell onto his dorsal spines, clutching his face or specifically, the cluster of needles embedded in his right eyelid. The small spikes punctured his eye, yet even these would not stop him. Blood spurted as the creature ripped them from his socket, exerting a deep breath as he did. The warm blood across his face gradually stopped flowing as his regeneration took effect. The saurian recovered and glanced toward his opponent who remained still, its yellow eyes glowing as bright as the sun.

Gororin echoed a low, rumbling noise as he watched his opponent, happy to see his foe suffer. The cactus readied to unleash another barrage of needles on his foe; however, Gororin felt miniature tremors through the Earth. The cactus rolled to his right, facing the ocean as a large wave appeared in the horizon.

Water rushed inland, blanketing every tree until it barely touched the ground beneath the two combatants. Gororin and Junior looked onward as a hulking mass of silver emerged from the waves.  Multiple thick limbs sunk into the waterlogged earth with each mighty step. A sharp beak like mouth roared, alerting the pair of her presence. Crimson red eyes emerged as water rolled off her bulk. Junior let loose a defiant roar, removing spikes to fuel his warning cry toward the oncoming beast, but it fell upon uncaring ears. The monster known as M.U.T.O. paid no attention to the warning, not caring about the insignificant beings below her. They were insignificant obstacles on her path to San Francisco, intruders on her new resting spot, and food to quench the large quantity of radiation she needed.

Gororin, furious with being ignored, released a loud rumbling sound to attract the female. A spray of needles impacted the M.U.T.O.’s right hind leg, pleasing the cactus as it heard crackles of discomfort echo from his opponent.
The female turned its monstrous form to Gororin. This tiny ball dared attack such a mighty creature as herself! The female M.U.T.O. roared and brought her left foremost hooked limb down upon Gororin, expecting him to pop into juices. Instead, a shock of surprise overtook her as she witnessed the spiked thing sink halfway into the ground. The cactus let loose an annoyed yelp, its triangular eyes now lines, shocking the female at the creature’s durability until atomic fury scorched her backside. The female turned her attention to see her other aggressor and finally examine the creature that attacked her.

Something within her biological “coding” warned her to stay away from the small saurian standing before her, however, another part of her indicated this was the source of the radiation she was tracking. The M.U.T.O. choose to focus on the latter and charged, shaking the earth with every limb which struck the ground.

Junior discharged another ray of blue energy, burning the face of the much larger M.U.T.O. The parasite grunted in pain, but she smacked Junior away with her thick arms, sending Junior into the ground with a massive thud. A large shadow overtook the saurian as the M.U.T.O. slowly loomed over him, its two front limbs held high.

Gororin squinted his eyes with frustration. She couldn’t kill Junior! That would mean he’d fail its job!

Gororin popped upward, freeing himself and bounced high into the sky. The cactus slammed his circular bulk against the female M.U.T.O., attracting her to the uncomfortable prickly sensation throughout her back. The female let loose a cry and went into a craze, trying to dislodge Gororin with her second pair of arms. Gororin’s eyes spun in confusion, unsure of what to do before the force of the shaking launched him upward. The cactus fell in front of the parasite then proceeded to bounce upward, striking the M.U.T.O. in her jaw. Furious at the persistent speck, the M.U.T.O. angrily slammed its smaller claws against Gororin, launching it downward before striking the ground repeatedly to impale the cactus.

Gororin panicked from the assault, rolling in circles to avoid certain death and staying out of the female’s sight while Junior slowly arose. The beast snorted in anger and charged toward the parasite, slamming his bulk into the M.U.T.O., throwing off her balance but not toppling her. The M.U.T.O. spun in response, toppling Junior to the ground with a single strike. Seeing an opening, Gororin bounced high and fired a spray of needles at the female M.U.T.O., striking the side of her face.
The female roared in pain as she used her smaller claws to yank out the space cactuses’ needles before turning to see Gororin rolling toward her. As it drew close, the M.U.T.O. used its mouth as tweezers to rip a chunk flesh from Gororin. The cactus squealed in fury, launching a sharp needle into her neck!

Wheezing and gagging as the needle sunk deeper into her throat, the female began to violently strike the ground with its claws. As the beast noticed Junior within range, a volley of strikes fell upon Junior.

Blood spilled across the battlefield as the female’s sharp claws dug into the young saurian. Junior cried in anguish and knowing it could not endure the attack anymore unleashed an atomic ray with all the power it could muster. Atomic energy encompassed the female, blasting it backward and incinerating the spike which jutted from her neck. The female screeched before she hooked Godzilla Junior by the upper jaw, impaled him and threw him with all the force she could muster into a nearby forest.

Junior’s impact launched the surrounding vegetation high into the air, deafening his wails of pain. Uprooted trees and dirt fell upon his stagnant form, covering the beast in a shallow grave. The inexperienced Godzillasaur huffed and puffed as he saw the hulking M.U.T.O. lower her head and inspect him. He held no more energy to fight, delighting the parasite as it began to feed.

Gororin slowly regrew his needles and discovered the M.U.T.O. feasting on Junior. Did it not understand? She couldn’t kill him! His master needed Junior alive!

Gororin immediately bounced into the air, ricocheting off the female’s back in an attempt to discover a weak point. The cactus creature continued to strike, looking for any chink in the creature’s tough exoskeleton. The creature then noticed a glowing sack dangling near the M.U.T.O.’s groin. This was it!
Firing as many needles as he could, Gororin impaled the weird sack, launching the M.U.T.O. into a roar of pure agony. The female M.U.T.O. immediately released the nearly unconscious Junior and scanned the area for Gororin. As she found the monster responsible for trying to harm her young, Gororin rolled into the dense foliage of Birth Island. The island quaked as the M.U.T.O. gave chase, leaving Junior for dead.

In a swamp filled of his own blood, Junior thought of the memories of his father, Godzilla. An un-shaking feeling of shame overtook the creature as it realized that he could not defend his home from the invaders. Images of his younger sibling, Minilla, coursed through his mind as well. Knowing he had left him safe at the inland mountainside proved enough to make him grin before succumbing to darkness.

The Xilien commander watched the events unfold and frowned at his monitor.

“Well that sucks! I really wanted that one. Oh well, that big silver one looks way more promising anyways. You know what to do Gororin, and don’t fail me this time!”

The female M.U.T.O. gained on the small, blue cactus. Massive limbs slammed into the earth, mere meters away from the creature with every strike. As both creatures exited the dense forest, they began to climb a steep mountainside. After a few seconds of rolling up its sides, Gororin bounced off the mountain and slammed into the female with full force, toppling her onto her back. The female wiggled around on her back, trying to get upright, merely to come under fire from the cactus. Needles pelted the female's neck and bounced off the sensitive belly of the M.U.T.O., causing the beast to roar in hate. Using the pain as fuel for her muscles, the female recovered to her feet.

The beast scanned her surroundings, looking for the blue alien. Once it found the small monster she would tear him apart, impale him with her claws and rip...

Gororin’s body smashed against the female’s head, slamming the creature against the rocky terrain. The cactus launched itself off the parasite and unleashed a torrent of spines at the beast. The female brought her primary set of claws upward, hoping to ensnare the cactus with her secondary claws, but Gororin choose another option. The creature launched itself between the two claws, his small size easily allowing him to pass, and slammed into the pregnant underbelly of his opponent. With a pained howl, the parasite fell to its knees.

Gororin stopped his movements and gazed upon the fallen monster. A squeal of victory sounded until the M.U.T.O. arose. Its two front claws extended, its jaws parted and its size overtook all of Gororin’s sight. The cactus’ eyes widened with fear before a claws strike launched the beast into a nearby rock. Gororin’s eyes remained open, stunned and waiting for the follow-up strike yet in the distance, he watched his opponent gradually turn away.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going, get back here!” the alien commander ordered as he watched the parasite retreat. “I didn’t say you could leave! Gororin! GORORIN!!!"

As the warm waters of the ocean flowed against its body, the female let loose a breath of exhaustion. She’d come to the island for a place to rest and to feast, yet she found instead a pain she could not squash. As she heard Gororin approach the shores in a desperate attempt to obey his master’s orders, she took one last look at the cactus’ swirling eyes. Then she disappeared into the waves, leaving Gororin to stare at the calm ocean as an Xilien ship approached to collect him.

Gororin’s eyes imitated two flat lines as it realized the situation it found itself in. In a battle of titans, he proved victorious yet still, somehow… a failure.

Gamera (Heisei)