KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 207 - Author: KeSean Johnson

Match 207 - Gamera (Heisei) vs. Desghidorah
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

January 1, 2000

That was the date. On an island located right above Japan, the wonderful people of Hokkaido still basked in the heartwarming glory of a new year. Better yet, of a new millennium. The night before, parties erupted and celebrations filled the air as the citizens awaited the new year. They began the countdown, and bam, the new millennium came to life and the Earth still stood at large.

Now it was about the middle of a freezing cold day.

A chilly breeze looped and swooshed through the air. There was no snowfall, but the land itself was consumed in it.

Deep in the heart of a snow-blanketed forest in Hokkaido, the ground rumbled and stopped. Another faint rumble and fluffy snow tipped over a tiny hill. A third rumble and some sort of antique lock was revealed. It was an ancient lock created by the Cosmos dubbed the "Seal of Elias". Finally, the ground rumbled ferociously before a massive beast burst from the surface and tore the seal to pieces. The magic seal was supposed to last an eternity, but it had already been used twice on such a powerful entity. Its effectiveness could hold no longer.

With the blasting sounds of an enraged elephant, Desghidorah released his terrifying shrieks to the nation of Japan. But things were different now. He emerged three years after being pummeled and sealed away by Mothra's prodigy son. Tons of white snow covered the forest he once siphoned energy from. The sky was a grayish-blue while the Sun was heavily hidden. Desghidorah lifted his three heads and gazed into the confusing sky. Why did he end up like this? A demonic dragon spawned in the cosmos by the Devil himself. Trashed by a mere insect. Now lost in a winter of snow. Luckily, he still possessed his mighty wings, but they couldn't flap. He was in a weakened state.

This was his advantage.

The sounds of smooth, rocket flames filled Desghidorah's pointy ears. Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe, calmly flew in the sky high above the bloodthirsty dragon. His arms were the shape of long fins. Organic jet fire released from his leg sockets, leaving big trails of smoke behind. He had heard of this destructive creature. An alien who wiped out life on Mars and nearly destroyed the Earth. Thankfully, he was stopped by the hands of the Elias and an army of Mothra. When he unleashed his wrath once again, he sucked the life out of the very forest he stood in and killed the last Mothra. Yet, her vastly powerful offspring beat the dragon and sealed it away. Those three years since his second lock up seemed to go by pretty quick.

Gamera was here to complete Mothra Leo's unfinished work. It was time to finish the job.

The super turtle opened his jaws and quickly spat out three spheres of plasma fire. One fireball crashed in front of Desghidorah's hulking frame and ignited the ground violently. The second landed next to his body and exploded with force. The third came straight for him, but his left head swatted the fireball to the side like a flaming volleyball. It erupted far in the distance, slightly lighting up the land and the sky.

A thick tail slipped out of a hole under the backside of a giant shell. Azure rockets were replaced by masculine legs. Plumes of hot smoke melted part of the snow on the ground. When Gamera landed on the surface, the Earth shook and snow shot into the air. His fins morphed into massive arms with seven claws. His spiky mohawk came out of hiding. The emerald green eyeballs in his reptilian face glared into Desghidorah's crimson orbs. Gamera let forth his iconic, high-pitched cry. The terrible dragon was weaker than his former self. It just might be his chance. The Guardian of the Universe sought to end the horrid Eater of Worlds once and for all.

Desghidorah had other plans.

The otherworldly dragon vomited balls of molten lava gout from all three mouths. Each searing hot blast singed the Atlantean terrapin's golden plastron as they slightly ignited. Gamera ignored the blistering heat and marched forth. Desghidorah widened his menacing jaws and released lava gout blast after lava gout blast. Some succeeded in scalding the turtle's greenish-black flesh. Others aimlessly struck the ground and ruptured. Gamera continued to shrug off the molten energy blasts and still marched. He was now standing directly in front of Desghidorah but the sinister demon spat a lava contaminated loogie in his face. The gout of hot lava scorched his forehead in which it forced a pained cry out of the guardian.

Gamera angrily scratched his ivory claws into the armored skin of Desghidorah's left head. The cosmic beast echoed out a series of pain-cringing shrieks from his maws. Gamera bashed his massive paws into the dragon's skulls like a bear mauling its prey, but the quadruped beast took the blows like a true champion. Infuriated, Desghidorah lashed out with his right head and sank its dangerous fangs into Gamera's left hand. It sadistically drank his green blood as it spilled out from his wounded hand. Gamera faintly grunted and bit down on the outstretched neck. His sharp teeth and protruding tusks plunged into his armored neck and the softer flesh underneath.

Desghidorah began wailing in agony. His putrid, cold blood spurted onto Gamera's golden chest. The other two heads of Desghidorah lashed out toward the ancient custodian. The left head bit down on the bicep in his right arm. The central head stabbed each and every one of its fangs into the moist flesh of Gamera's throat. Agonizing cries and gurgles escaped from the reptile's maw and soothed Desghidorah's ears. He was forced to let the dragon's right neck free. If the pain from Desghidorah's vicious bites wasn't bad enough, the cosmic electricity surging through Gamera's bloody wounds would definitely do him in.

Gamera's limbs twitched. The green colored blood drooling out of his punctured flesh cauterized because of the nerve-zapping electricity.

He shoved Desghidorah's central neck to the side so he could get a good aim. Plasma and blistering flames crackled within his jaws.

A gigantic plasma fireball launched out of Gamera's maw and collided with Desghidorah's heavily armored chest. The searing flames danced around as they pushed the dragon backward and burned his entire torso. Desghidorah's terrifying shrieks of anguish spread across the landscape. More fire sizzled and waved inside Gamera's mouth. The Atlantean terrapin released a small fireball which struck Desghidorah's wounded, right neck. Its disgusting, yellow blood disappeared in a fiery blaze while its underside was scorched and charred.

Gamera flexed his right arm and a lonesome spike protruded out of his elbow. With a quick dash, the guardian plunged the ivory spike into the central head of the galactic demon, spraying his vile blood. Desghidorah's shrieks were that of brain-popping agony and fuming anger. The central head was caught in a state of dizziness and its vision blurred. Its crazed mind began to fade... but the lunatic wasn't going anywhere. Now the sense of devilish rage fueled inside. Its two demonic eyes widened with insanity.

Glimmering rays of shining light consumed a big portion of Desghidorah's massive frame. After a blinding flash, the three-headed dragon unleashed the shock pulse; a devastating shockwave composed of burning hot plasma and awesome kinetic force. Gamera sailed backward and crashed onto his plated shell. His loud, disturbing cries of anguish filled the afternoon sky. Little droplets of scalded flesh fell from his damaged body. To add insult to injury, Desghidorah coughed up numerous energy blasts of lava gout into the reptile's flesh. Afterward, the central head of Desghidorah spat a stream of flames. The devilish fire pounced onto Gamera's already burning skin. They tortured him and scarred his moist flesh.

Gamera's cries of distress and pained gurgles became faint.

Hissing steams of high temperatures floated out of the satanic alien's jaws.

Desghidorah planted his frontal feet onto Gamera's plastron and allowed the shrieks of devilish victory to escape his mouths and into the Heavens above.

Gamera slowly breathed in and out. He was slightly swimming in a pool of his own blood. Even in a weakened state, he couldn't contend with Desghidorah. But what kept him going? Was it vengeance? Was it strength? Was it speed? No, it was determination. No matter the circumstance, Gamera was always determined. He was determined to defeat his foes. Even if he didn't care for them, he was determined to protect his fellow Earth protectors. As the Guardian of the Universe, determination was his drive to success.

He was determined to finish Desghidorah once and for all.

All of Gamera's limbs slid into holes and hid within his shell. Desghidorah glared at the hiding turtle, confused to what he was doing. Plumes of smoke along with azure flames erupted out of his arm and leg holes. Gamera's shell began to spin, faster, faster, and faster until piles of snow were carved up in circles. Desghidorah angrily let loose his horrid shrieks. He nearly tripped onto his side when Gamera spun off into thin air.

He was retreating!

The volcanic temperature within the demon's body helped eliminate the frostbite on his crimson wings. The membranes crunched as they slowly regained life. The marvelous flaps of a demon-angel kicked up tons of frosty snow and blew it away from his hulking frame. The demonic Ghidorah lifted himself off of the ground and successfully regained the ability to fly. No one was allowed to escape the deadly wrath of Desghidorah!

As the three-headed alien soared above the ground, the sight of the spinning turtle was accomplished. As steam flowed in his mouths, countless blasts of lava gout were vomited toward his enemy. The scorching energy blasts connected with the custodian's protective shell, but failed to penetrate its durable hide. Desghidorah spat more loogies of lava energies, still they failed in injuring the twirling turtle. Now that he had him where he wanted him, Gamera quickly redirected his flight toward the galactic demon.

It was a set-up!

Desghidorah didn't have time to react. A rapidly spinning Gamera collided with his armored torso and sent him hurtling toward the ground. The sounds of panicking cries released from Desghidorah's maws before he smashed into the surface with the force of a giant missile. The Earth rumbled violently. Flurries of snow sped off into the distance with no control.

Gamera descended toward the ground, but still floated in midair. The rapidly spinning flight of a buzzsaw came to a screeching halt. As the gas sprayed out of his arm and leg holes, his head poked out of its shell and his mohawk lifted up. Shaking, Desghidorah stood on his four legs and shook his entire body. Gamera's arms slipped out of his shell and revealed their seven claws. The plates on his shell morphed from a flying saucer shape into a long, turtle carapace. As his legs were coming out, Desghidorah released his shrieks of insanity and hoisted his forelegs into the air.

When they crashed into the ground, the Earth cracked and a fissure split open! It was too late for Gamera to counter. The Atlantean terrapin plummeted into the Earth, inside Desghidorah's Fiery Prye Road. Before he could attempt his escape, the fissure began to close and trapped the guardian inside. Desghidorah heard nothing but the sounds of faint cries rising from the flaming abyss. The crackling fires consumed his entire reptilian frame. The blistering flames leapt onto his body like ants with a new, oversized meal.

Again, Desghidorah unleashed his enraged, elephant shrieks in the thought of glorious triumph. The devilish Ghidorah walked on the grave of his enemy and rested upon it.

He was running low on energy. Maybe if he could just sleep peacefully on top of his enemy's grave, he might not destroy anything when he awoke.

The hellish dragon closed his eyelids and fell into a state of sleepiness. Then the impossible happened. There was a massive rumbling underground. Desghidorah quickly opened his eyes in frustration. Many yards away, the Earth split open like an orange and Gamera burst from the frozen soil! As the Guardian of the Universe stood on his feet, he cried out his high-pitched roar which marked his return.

Desghidorah let forth his terrifying shrieks of doom. He was infuriated! How did the turtle escape from his Hell? Where were the wounds? Why was his body suddenly healed completely? It was the fire. Fire had always been Gamera's greatest ally. The fire was his trump card and the lives of helpless organisms was his determination.

He turned his head left to right as he sucked in massive amounts of dashing wind. Burning fires happily danced and churned in his reptilian jaws. The fires popped and raged. Finally, a plasma fireball of ginormus proportions launched from Gamera's open mouth. As it soared through chilling air, Desghidorah was caught by the tranquility as he stared into its illuminating beauty. That tranquility ended when the flaming sphere made impact with the front of his body. The horrible, scorching fires brutally erupted with enough raw power to annihilate a city block. Desghidorah painfully shrieked from his three mouths as the scalding flames covered most of his body. Normally, he would've tanked that blast, but in the condition that he was currently in, the fire severely injured his dark flesh.

Gamera lifted his legs one after the other and firmly planted them in the cold soil. He lifted his head to the sky and calmly closed his eyelids. As Desghidorah was distracted and suffering inside the flames, Gamera called upon the Earth's energy. From one side of the planet to his location, golden rings of angelic essence fell upon his stiff body in the form of a pillar and super charged his insides. It was a summoning. The Earth and its spirit might be weakened after this occurrence, but there was no other way to defeat the deadly menace that Desghidorah was. This was vital.

The charge up was now complete. The pillar dissipated and the heavenly rings no longer came. He opened his eyelids. From emerald green, to a shining gold, Gamera's eyes changed. He outstretched his clawed arms. The four, patterned plates on the center of his plastron opened up to reveal a bright light like the Gates of Heaven. This was it.

The Mana Blast.

A golden, energy beam of godly power unleashed from his open stomach. It increased in height until it was taller than both monsters! The power of the overwhelming blast slowly pushed Gamera back, his feet carving into the frosty dirt, grunts releasing from his mouth. Desghidorah lifted his frontal feet in a sudden panic, and the towering beam consumed his entire form! The satanic dragon stood helpless inside the blast, his screams of uncategorized anguish coming out of him. It felt as if he were standing in the core of the Sun. The amazing kinetic force shoved him back. His internal organs caught on fire and burst apart. The six eyes of the beast widened too much until popping like organic balloons. His armored hide along with his flesh singed and boiled until breaking apart into tons of crispy pieces. With his final shrieks, the three-headed demon completely evaporated into a pile of nothingness.

Desghidorah was finally cleansed of his pure evil. The spirit of all that is good overcame the soulless evil.

The universe no longer had to worry about the haunting Eater of Worlds.

His eyes returned to their natural green color. Hoisting his head to the Heavens above, Gamera echoed out his loudest cry of good spirit and definitive victory. He might've won the war and slayed the dragon, but his power was extremely low now. Gamera collapsed onto his abdomen and looked forward. The sight of a gigantic trench that stretched for miles was the only thing that filled his eyeballs.

What was it that helped Gamera to keep fighting? It was determination. He was determined to defeat the demon and he succeeded in doing so. It will forever be the determination.

Calm flaps of glamorous, emerald green wings made powerful winds above the fallen guardian's shell. Beautiful white snow kicked up and flew off to be free. The angelic sounds of chirps and chitters filled Gamera's ear holes.

Mothra Leo made his presence known.

The guardian insect gently landed in front of Gamera's fallen form and gazed into his eyes. He was alerted of Desghidorah's sudden revival, but he couldn't make in time as he was caught in another predicament. Now he arrived here in this winter wonderland of a Hokkaido forest; the same place where he first defeated Desghidorah. Gamera already completed the task of finishing the job for him. And he gracefully thanked him for it. Until Gamera was back on his feet and at full power, Mothra Leo would gladly rest here with him.

On the very first day of the new millennium, two guardians bonded in friendship.

A friendship that'd last till the end of time.

Gamera (Heisei)
Gamera (Heisei)