KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 205 - Author: Patrick Alan Green & Sean O.

Match 205: Mechagodzilla® (Showa) vs. Attack Titan
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In Tokyo, earthquakes had been a common occurrence in the recent weeks. Everyday for the last ten days, there had been consistent foreshocks. Tremors shook the foundation of the metropolitan cityscape, reinforced skyscrapers swaying back and forth. Earthquakes in Japan were sadly par for the course, even before the likes of Baragon or Anguirus had been discovered. They accepted with feeble resignation. There was nothing that could be done to stop them. At best, they were an annoying thorn in the side; at worst, a catastrophic disaster. Nothing, however, could prepare the denizens of Tokyo for the chaos that would ensue.

Never had there been a disturbance quite like this. Gawking bystanders were quickly thrown in panic as the ground instantly exploded, sending people flying—unable to regain balance or stand up. Cars slammed violently into one another, convulsing and even falling off the elevated freeways that cut through downtown Tokyo. Trains derailed, crashing into piles of metal and blood. Several of the smaller weaker structures fell like dominos. All of this had happened in an instant. In less than a minute, many lives had already been torn to shreds. As people rushed to help one another out of the rubble, it seemed like the worst was over. A new trembling signaled it wasn't.

Faults cracked open, sinkholes swallowed entire buildings whole. And from these open sores of earth, molten rock blasted high into the night sky from deep within the earth. The streets continued violently splitting open, creating gaping chasms that erupted with geysers of dirt and rock.

The rumbling again paused for but a moment. Then, without warning, an enormous bulk slowly rose from the split in the earth. A ghastly sight sent fear down the spines of all who had dared to stay and watch the apocalyptic sight. A horrible curse. The dreaded Godzilla had returned to unleash his unrelenting wrath upon Japan once more!

The prehistoric demon reared his ugly head back and let an ear-splitting roar that echoed all across Tokyo, signaling to the terrified populace that death was soon on its way. Onlookers ran for cover through the preemptively destroyed city as Godzilla crawled out from the fissure and let out a grumbling bellow.

He shook his body off, sending cascades of dirt and dust falling from his head and dorsal fins to the ground below in huge heaps. His malevolent eyes peered back and forth from his hooded brow with evil intent as he watched the thousands of fleeing citizens scatter for their lives. Godzilla stomped forward, beginning his rampage by trampling on any survivors of the quake, who were frantically trying to flee for their lives.

As if to offer hope, even if it was an empty gesture, a squadron of jets appeared in the sky. The machines of man rained an unrelenting barrage of missiles on the nuclear menace, chunks of scorched skin exploded with every shot. Godzilla merely whipped his head back and, with a single sweep of his fiery orange atomic ray, annihilated every jet that zoomed by with calculated precision. It seemed nothing could save the city from Godzilla's latest rampage—

—until a thunderous boom caught his attention...

Catching Godzilla off guard, the monster lizard spun around to find a forming giant humanoid shrouded by clouds of thick steam standing behind him. Its body seethed with aggression, glaring at Godzilla through its piercing eyes.

The hideous Titan let out a loud eerie scream, sprinting toward Godzilla like a rabid animal. Tons of human constructs were sent flying in its wake, each footstep cracking the ground and crumbling beneath. The primal act of the beast incidentally crushed any survivors within the underground subway system. Godzilla shook his head and lumbered toward the foe, smashing into the side of grotesque ogre with his shoulder.

Both giants violently slammed each other through skyscraper after skyscraper, sending bellowing plumes of smoke rising to sky.

As both monsters grappled, Godzilla drug his sharp claws across the Rogue Titan's forehead. Boiling red bloodseeped down his hideous face,sending the Titan into a crazed frenzy. To Godzilla's dismay, the Titans face seemed to regenerate by the time it finished its furious screech.

In direct retaliation, the ginormous man-beast swung his mammoth fist, connecting to Godzilla's jaw and knocking a few fangs out, sending the nuclear nightmare stumbling back and nearly losing its equilibrium. Godzilla braced himself, enduring the hit, and spat a sweeping blast of atomic breath at the Rogue Titan’s feet, igniting a wall of flames that separated the two monsters.

Godzilla reared back his head and let out a deep roar. The beast looked like the symbol of death as it stood before the flames. He believed that he proved to the Rogue Titan that he had not only the superior strength, but firepower.

That didn't stop the humanoid creature's drive for vengeance. Already a superheated entity, the Titan wasn't bothered by the heat of Godzilla's flashy beam.

The colossal man came rushing through the fire and delivered another hellacious punch to Godzilla's reptilian face, this time toppling the giant dinosaur-like beast through a building with a thunderous boom. Caving in on itself, the building collapsed onto Godzilla.

Thrashing on the ground, shaking the remains off, the scaly fiend began wildly firing his atomic breath in all directions in panic before slowly rising back up to his feet. The Rogue Titan scowled and lunged, tackling the monster back to the ground. Standing over Godzilla's downed body, he swung left and right hooks into the saurian kaiju's face without mercy, like that of a deranged animal.

Godzilla whipped his head back and fired another blast of atomic breath, this time exploding across the Rogue Titan's hideous face. A direct hit, scorched his long black hair and sent the giant reeling, clutching his face in screaming anguish. Godzilla picked himself up and lumbered toward his injured enemy.

The Titan lowered his hands, revealing the burnt skeletal face already in the process of regenerating its flesh.

The Rogue Titan slowly rose back up and waited as Godzilla approached. Swinging his massive leg high, he delivered a devastating roundhouse to Godzilla's head, sending the reptilian beast crashing back down with authority!

The renegade Titan leaned forward and lifted Godzilla's bulk over his shoulders. With tremendous force, he flipped the thrashing monster high overhead, sending him crashing through the Japanese Diet building.

Godzilla thrashed in frustration as he quickly rose back up to his feet, shaking the debris from his body and charging back in for an attack. The scaly creature marched forward, spun around and slammed his long thick tail hard into the Rogue Titan's bulk, knocking the enormous ghoul to the ground. The nuclear menace then began stomping his clawed foot repeatedly into the face of the howling giant, basking in his shrieks of pain. But the Titan couldn't allow himself to be beaten by this destructive tyrant; he grabbed Godzilla's foot and shoved him back, giving him a chance to put some space between his enemy.

The grimacing giant picked himself up and shook the chunks of pavement from his back and howled. Godzilla's tail slapped the ground and whipped wildly like a live wire as he marched ahead. The Titan jumped forward and rolled past Godzilla, hastily grabbing his flailing tail. Hoisting his enemy up, the Rogue Titan’s body radiated intense heat, summoning his inner strength. Then, with a firm grip on his tail, he began spinning Godzilla around and around through the air!

Building momentum with every second, the giant spun faster and faster and faster. But with a horrible ripping sound, half of Godzilla's tail snapped off in the Titan's hands. The nuclear beast was sent flying through the air with tremendous velocity, crashing through a subway and skidding across flaming ruins like a stone skipping across water.

Breathing heavily, the ogre-like giant howled again as he ran forward, tossing Godzilla's severed tail aside, eyes burning with hatred. Deep within the Rogue Titan, Eren Yeager swelled with hate. Godzilla had haunted Japan for decades, killing millions of innocent lives without remorse. It was high time for his reign of terror to finally be put to an end.

Godzilla had already made it back to his feet, unfazed by all the abuse he had suffered during this battle. His shortened tail flailed and slapped the pavement as he raised his head high, letting loose a loud piercing roar. The next moment, he lowered his head and slumped over.

The Rogue Titan stopped dead in his tracks, watching in confusion as Godzilla's body convulsed before splitting open from the back. Sparks flew everywhere into the night sky. Metal dorsal fins began to emerge. The skin started to tear apart more and more, sending various bits and pieces of Godzilla flying. Lights flashed and emerged from the new monster as Godzilla's skin slumped to the ground.

Instead of the deep bellow, a mechanical screech took its place. Beneath the metallic monster, a false suit of Godzilla's skin remained on the ground. Admittedly, the suit was not just for show. Eren noticed the strange mixture of wires and organic material that the metal monster had left behind. It allowed for near perfect mimicry.

Shedding its reptilian disguise, the true menace's identity was revealed; the mechanical titan of terror known as Mechagodzilla had returned!

With a flash of its eye beams, the burning night sky was filled with a cascade of psychedelic colors. The multi-color assault of light streaks sent Eren into disorientation, causing the Titan exterior to be temporarily blinded by the bright lights.

Deep underground, from their secret hidden base located below the city of Tokyo, the chief commander of the spacemen from the third planet of the black hole watched the showdown from a monitor.

The chief chuckled in amusement, "I didn't expect a Titan Shifter to appear to defend the people of Earth... no matter, you're terribly mistaken if you think your powers are a match for Mechagodzilla." And with that, he simply flipped a switch.

Mechagodzilla stood high above a partially destroyed Tokyo. Flames illuminated its shiny, indestructible metal hide, arms raised and aimed, hands rotating as it readied to fire. The Rogue Titan shook his head and let out a vicious, booming roar as he braced himself and lunged akin to a rabid dog.

The Titan grabbed Mechagodzilla by the arm and judo flipped the cosmic monster high over his shoulder, slamming the mechanical clone through an oil refinery! Oil drums violently exploded, intense flames engulfing Mechagodzilla as thick clouds swallowed the area.The grimacing giant focused, watching as the smoke dissipated, revealing only a wall of flames.

Suddenly, the sound of mechanical stomps echoed throughout the blazing ruins. Mechagodzilla marched through the flames; its hide glowed with white hot heat before quickly cooling off. Steam rolled off its entire body.

The Rogue Titan let loose a furious howl and took off, sprinting fast toward Mechagodzilla. The titanium based impersonator reared its head back and fired off a colorful spectacle from its gleaming ember eyes, but the Titan quickly dodged the blast and swung with all his might, delivering a devastating uppercut that completely broke off Mechagodzilla's lower jaw. Steam rolled off the Titan's fist, regenerating his mangled hand that was pulverized when he connected to Mechagodzilla's jaw.

Sparks gushed from the bionic monster's mouth as it stumbled backward, eyes flashing wildly as it fought to stay upright. Ready to finish it, the Titan sprinted forward once more, arms stretched outward, reaching for Mechagodzilla's head!

The mechanical menace took aim, raising its claw; Mechagodzilla fired a barrage of finger missiles, blasting the renegade Titan to the ground as his entire body was engulfed in fire. Mechagodzilla reared its head back, emanating a loud screech. The robot monster made haste, looming over his victim. Watching as the clouds of steam slowly dissipated, revealing the damage.

The Rogue Titan laid partially blown apart, its arms and bottom torso had been completely obliterated. Steam leaked from every wound. The giant weakly raised its head up, letting out a feeble groan as it stared down Mechagodzilla. He waited for the cyborg to finish him off, steam bellowing from the corners of his mouth.

Mechagodzilla fired off its full arsenal at point blank range. A multitude of lasers and missiles relentlessly blasted against the Titan until everything was covered in steam, smoke, and fire. Even Mechagodzilla was blown back from the intense force from the explosions.

As the smoke fully dissipated, only a scorched crater in the earth was left. No sign of the Rogue Titan in sight.

Mechagodzilla rolled on the ground, malfunctioning before regaining control and rising back to its metallic feet. Mechagodzilla shook itself and blasted off into the night sky, making a hasty retreat back to base for repairs.

Eren Yeager, exhausted, laid across the pavement, watching as Mechagodzilla disappeared into the night sky. His fists clinched so tightly, blood dripped from his palms.He gritted his teeth and nodded, making a silent vow to hunt down and destroy that monster, no matter what...

Mechagodzilla® (Showa)
Mechagodzilla® (Showa)