KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 204 - Author: Christian Salabert

Match 204: Kiryu vs. Spyler, Wargilgar & Zandora
Banner: Christian Salabert

The Garoga had finally made their move. Resurrecting all of their dreaded Terro-Beasts, the monstrous aliens unleashed an all-out attack against the planet Earth. So great was the invasion that even the heroic Zone Fighter could not handle it alone. Allying himself with Ultraman, Ultraseven, the forces of the U.N.G.C.C., and even some of the Earth's own monsters, the age-old enemy of the Garoga led the charge in defending the planet.

All across the globe, intense battles raged.

Jet Jaguar fought with Garoborg in New York City. Ultraman engaged Jipudoro in Hong Kong. Super Mechagodzilla attacked Destro-King in Beijing. Mothra and Battra teamed against Shadorah in Sydney. Godzilla and Godzilla Junior warred with Spideros in Osaka. Moguera battled Gondargilas in London. Ultraseven battled Jellar and Kastam-Jellar in Paris. Rodan besieged Barakidon in Cairo. Gamera raged against Moguranda in Seoul. King Kong and Gomora united against Needlar and Kabutogira in Toronto. Gorosaurus, Anguirus, Manda, and Zilla joined together against Barugas and Dragon King in Moscow. And Zone Fighter himself had attempted to infiltrate the Garoga Fortress, only to encounter Red Spark.

Kiryu was en-route to Tokyo, being escorted by its carrier ships, the White Herons. Akane Yashiro mentally prepared herself as she performed one last systems check to make sure everything was fully operational.

"Alright, Kiryu," she said, tightening her grip around the controls as she approached her destination. "Don't let me down now."

The Godzilla based mech had already been spotted by the two kaiju long before it landed. The twin Herons unclasped their cables, allowing Kiryu to plummet to the ground below, landing with a force that shook the surrounding area. The two Terro-Beasts stationed in the decimated city shrieked with glee. They had a new opponent to play with.

Straightening up, Kiryu locked onto the creatures before it, identifying its opponents.

* * * * *

Deep within his Fortress, the Baron Garoga cackled as he watched the scene unfold, yet another battle with his Terro-Beasts about to begin.

"Foolish humans," he said, displaying his teeth with a demonic grin. "Spyler! Wargilgar! Destroy him!"

* * * * *

The two Terro-Beasts shrieked and squawked as they received their master's command. Flexing their claws, the duo charged, ready to tear into Kiryu's armor. But the mighty machine was ready for them and began to unleash its payload at the two beasts, missiles flying out of the twin weapon packs on its shoulders. Explosions rocked the two alien monsters, which quickly dove to the ground and rolled out of the way in two different directions. Akane grimaced as the pair split up, deciding to turn Kiryu's attention on Wargilgar. The spindly Terro-Beast was back on his feet in an instant, chittering as he advanced on Kiryu. The robot Godzilla opened its mechanical maw and began to power up its Type 90 Maser Cannons, only to have its strategy brought to a screeching halt as Spyler leapt into and tackled the mech from the side, knocking Kiryu stumbling sideways. The rotund Terro-Beast laughed, then advanced on Kiryu, only for the machine to open its mouth and spew twin golden bolts of lightning. The maser blasts hit Spyler hard, zapping the creature to the ground. Kiryu raised its right arm and prepared to fire off its wrist cannons, when a flash of movement caught Akane's eye. Wargilgar was attempting to rush the machine as it focused on his partner. But Akane was fast. She quickly turned Kiryu and aimed its arm at the approaching monster, firing its wrist cannon at Wargilgar, blasting him off of his feet.

Spyler was back on his feet, waving his arms wildly as he screeched in anger. The creature hesitated as Kiryu turned its attention back to him, taking a step forward. Throwing his arms open wide, Spyler activated the knobs on his chest, unleashing intense bursts of light, lighting up most of the surrounding area. While the tactic obviously had no effect on Kiryu, its pilot was a different story. Akane cried out as the light momentarily blinded her, rendering her and Kiryu temporarily defenseless. After waiting a moment, Spyler and Wargilgar decided that the lack of movement from their opponent meant that Spyler's light had its desired effect and moved in to attack.

'Shit, I can't just sit here like an idiot,' Akane thought, her eyes squeezed tight, still burning from Spyler's attack.

Just as the Terro-Beasts were reaching melee distance, Kiryu sprang to life, spinning around wildly with its arms outstretched. The powerful, armored limbs hit Spyler and Wargilgar hard, knocking them away. Before they could recover, Akane managed to hit the controls that worked Kiryu's maneuverability, and the mighty machine leapt high into the air, leaving the alien demons far behind it. A good distance away, Kiryu landed and turned, facing its foes. Akane looked out at her foes again and cursed. She could make them out now, but they were still nothing but formless blurs to her eyes.

"Kiryu, fire!" she cried out, fumbling for the weapons controls before activating them and bringing them to full power.

With a digitized roar, the MFS-3 unit brought its weapons online, instantly targeting Wargilgar and Spyler. The shoulder rocket launchers, wrist cannons, and Maser Cannons opened fire simultaneously, sending a wave of firepower at the two beasts. They cried out in surprise, but had no time to react before Kiryu's arsenal washed over them. The many weapons quickly took their toll, and the pair of monsters collapsed to the ground.

Finally, Akane shut off the weapons, for fear of either overheating Kiryu's circuits or running out of ammo. Rubbing her eyes, she looked at the battle zone again and sighed with relief. While her sight wasn't one hundred percent again yet, she could see clearly enough that she could confidently continue the battle. "Alright, Kiryu, let's do this!" Activating her titanic partner's thrusters, Kiryu zoomed forward, flexing its claws as it prepared to properly engage the two extraterrestrials.

Just as the evil duo got back to their feet, Kiryu was upon them. Extending its metallic claws, Kiryu reached for their throats. For Spyler, all this did was knock the monster away in a burst of sparks, sending him tumbling to the city streets. But Kiryu's hand easily gripped Wargilgar's long, thin neck, whisking the creature off of his feet as Kiryu continued to thrust forward. Wargilgar slapped his claws against Kiryu's forearm, but the mechanical Godzilla refused to let go. Finally, Kiryu came to a screeching halt and tossed Wargilgar forward, sending the alien monster hurtling forward, crashing head-first into a nearby building. Wargilgar screeched as the building came down around him, covering his torso in debris.

Kiryu prepared to focus its main weapons on the downed Wargilgar, when suddenly the mighty machine jerked backward. Turning its head, Kiryu saw that Spyler had snatched its tail in his claws, pulling Kiryu away from his ally. Roaring in his equivalent of anger, Kiryu began to turn and swing its tail, trying to dislodge the Terro-Beast. At first, Spyler was able to keep pace with Kiryu, but the cyborg was soon swinging hard, too strong for Spyler to keep his grip on. One final swing sent Spyler crashing to the ground. By now, however, Wargilgar had managed to free himself from the rubble that buried him, opening and closing his claws as he approached Kiryu. Akane caught sight of him and sent Kiryu forward to attack, but Wargilgar was ready, reaching up and catching Kiryu's wrists in his claws.

"Dammit!" Akane cursed, trying to wrench Kiryu's arms free.

Wargilgar chittered with evil glee as he clamped his claws down on his opponent's wrists. Sparks burst and metal buckled as his claws actually began to crush Kiryu's arms, as well as its wrist mounted cannons. Cursing angrily, Akane hit the release controls, and Kiryu was able to back away as its wrist cannons detached, leaving Wargilgar clutching nothing but the abandoned weapons. Akane grinned, glad that her plan worked, but her grin quickly faded as a cannon-like protrusion extended from Wargilgar's mouth and fired a shotgun blast, hitting Kiryu in the neck and causing it to stagger backward. As Kiryu backed up, Spyler came into view. Akane glanced in his direction just as he fired off another series of blinding flashes. "Shit!" she snapped, raising her arms to cover her face. She did so just in time, protecting her eyes from a second assault, but unfortunately this left Kiryu open in the process. Rushing forward, Spyler shoulder-checked Kiryu, sending the third generation Mechagodzilla crashing to the ground.

The Terro-Beasts laughed at their foe as they approached, ready to literally kick while it was down. The machine reacted quickly, though, lifting its head and firing its Maser Cannons, hitting the two with maser blasts that forced them back. With a burst of its thrusters, Kiryu was back on its feet and began firing rockets from its shoulder cannons. The creatures cried out as the weapons exploded against their flesh, burning and wounding them. Kiryu began to advance, adding a maser blast to its assault. Once again, the Terro-Beasts rolled out of the way, splitting up. This time, Akane would make sure to attack Spyler first, keeping him from flashing his lights at her.

Just as Kiryu began to turn its attention toward the bulbous beast, however, the ground began to shake.

"W-what the h-hell?" Akane snapped, struggling to keep Kiryu stable.

Though Wargilgar and Spyler weren't absolutely certain of the cause of the quaking, they had a faint idea. They began to jump up and down, chittering eagerly, hoping they were indeed correct.

In the space between Kiryu and the Terro-Beasts, Akane suddenly spotted a spot of pavement that was beginning to bend and buckle. Her eyes widened as she began to realize what was happening. "...No!" she cried, retargeting Kiryu's weapons on the shaking mound that was beginning to push up from under the street.

In a towering explosion of dirt and concrete, the drill-headed Terro-Beast Zandora erupted from the earth!

"Shit!" Akane swore, charging up the Type 90 Maser Cannons. "Fire!"

Kiryu roared and dropped its jaw, unleashing the twin beams of deadly electric power at the new arrival. Unfortunately, Zandora immediately began to rev his massive drilled head, and the spinning bio-metal easily dispersed and deflected Kiryu's blast, sending stray streams of maser power arcing through the city, destroying various structures. Akane growled angrily, furious that her attack had been turned against the very city she had been sent to liberate. She glanced at the H.U.D. for Kiryu's weapons systems. The shoulder cannons were essentially empty. She decided to sacrifice the little ammo they had left and disconnected the right cannon, activating its booster rocket. Like a giant missile, the cannon hurtled toward Zandora, but the cannon was torn asunder as it collided with the Terro-Beast's revolving drill. "Damn!" Akane cursed. She detached the left cannon, but just as she fired, Wargilgar tackled Kiryu from the side. The sudden impact threw Kiryu off target, and the cannon went careening out of control, slamming into and completely leveling Tokyo Tower.

Akane gasped, stunned that it was her weapon that caused that destruction and not one of the evil space aliens she was currently fending off.

With Kiryu momentarily distracted, Spyler and Wargilgar marched over and helped Zandora climb out of his entry tunnel, shrieking greetings to their ally. Zandora responded in kind with an unearthly, reverberating cry. Just as Akane snapped out of her shock and returned to the task at hand, the three Terro-Beasts turned to face the bone-based mech in unison. Together, they would not fail their Garogan masters.

Zandora charged Kiryu head on as Wargilgar and Spyler split up once again, approaching from the sides. Kiryu lacked all of its extra weapons now, but in return it was much faster. Spyler attacked first, but the mechanical warrior grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over his shoulder, sending the bulbous beast crashing to the ground. Wargilgar attempted to clamp his claws down on Kiryu's arm, but the mech easily avoided the attempt, then reached out and grabbed the wing-like protrusion on Wargilgar's left shoulder, tearing it clean off. As the long-necked monster cried out in pain, Kiryu lifted its leg up and kicked him in the gut, knocking him away. Before Akane could turn the machine to face its third foe, however, Zandora hit home, smashing his massive drill into the robot's torso. Sparks flew and metal wrenched as the drill ravaged Kiryu, sending it reeling backward. Akane cried out as various control panels exploded into sparks all around her. Kiryu was badly damaged, but through some act of God, Akane found that its weapons were still operational.

Akane glared furiously at Zandora, who was rearing back to make another stabbing lunge with his cranial weapon. "Alright, you like drills, you bastard?"

With the sound of wrenching, whirring machinery, Kiryu's right hand suddenly began to reshape and transform itself. Zandora watched as what was once the machine's hand quickly became another drill, smaller but otherwise identical to his own! Gargling excitedly, Zandora clapped his hands together and charged, lowering his drill with the intent of running Kiryu through.

"Not this time," Akane growled.

Kiryu swung its arm in a backhand motion, sparks flying as the two drills collided, sending Zandora staggering back. Kiryu thrust its right arm forward, trying to inflict an injury on the monster, but the Terro-Beast managed to catch Kiryu's wrist in between his shovel-like hands. The two struggled like that for a moment before Kiryu managed to knock Zandora away. The mech was about to strike again, when Zandora held his hands outward and began to unleash heavy streams of scalding, molten steam. Akane swore as she tried to back Kiryu away from the steam, the temperature gauges inside going haywire. As if things weren't bad enough, Wargilgar took his place beside Zandora and unleashed a flamethrower stream, engulfing the front of the mech in fire. The gauges in the mech's cockpit were blinking red, the sound of blaring alarms ringing in Akane's ears. Sweat rolled down her face. If this kept up, Kiryu would either start melting or overheat and explode within minutes.

Without warning, Zandora and Wargilgar ceased their joint attack.

Kiryu's chest plates were welded shut, permanently sealing off the Hyper Maser. A similar fate had befallen the mech's mouth, gluing it shut. The drill hand had been melted just enough to keep it from revolving or turning back into a hand, reducing it to a simple spike at the end of Kiryu's arm.

"Sh-shit!" Akane panicked, trying to get any of the weapons responsive to no avail.

Kiryu was completely defenseless now. Spyler grabbed the machine's right arm and Wargilgar the left, holding them open, leaving the mechanical marvel even more vulnerable. Clapping his shovel-hands excitedly, Zandora lowered his head and charged, revving up the drill as he ran. Kiryu struggled to free itself, but there was no way it would be able to in time. Akane could only watch in horror as Zandora's drill pierced Kiryu's melted chest plates, chunks of metal, circuitry, and bone flying everywhere as the Terro-Beast utterly decimated the once proud machine. Spyler and Wargilgar tore Kiryu's arms away as the body they were connected to no longer existed, reduced to shredded metal strewn about the city. Zandora proceeded to walk completely through Kiryu until he burst out the other side, the machine's tail and legs collapsing to the ground. Akane screamed as the neck and head of Kiryu rolled off of Zandora's back and crashed to the pavement below with a thud.

The three Terro-Beasts regrouped and let out triumphant cries as they overlooked the shredded remains of their opponent. Had Kiryu been a creature of flesh and blood, the scene would've been a horrifying display of gore. The trio of alien monsters high fived one another with their clawed hands, knowing that the Baron would be pleased with their victory.

* * * * *

From her vantage point within Kiryu's head, Akane watched as the Terro-Beasts vacated the area for other parts of Tokyo. She was deeply saddened and angry with herself. Not only had she failed her in mission of rescuing Tokyo, but Kiryu, who the young woman had almost come to see as her partner, had been lost, damaged far beyond any hope of repair. She sighed as she leaned forward against the control console, holding her face in her hands. The escape hatch was no doubt welded shut like everything else had been. Now it was just a matter of waiting for the U.N.G.C.C. to send a rescue party for her.

She sighed again, feeling useless. Hopefully, one of her allies would have better luck in freeing Tokyo than she did.

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