KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 203 - Author: Grayson Post

Match 203: Gamera (Heisei) vs. Orochi (Heisei)
Banner: Matthew Williams

A rare find had been discovered by archeologists in a set of remote forests near Mount Fuji, an old shrine from the far past of Japan's history. A man dressed in traditional garb had warned of traveling in the forbidden forests that held it in fear of awakening a monster long forgotten, but he had been regarded as a fool and crazy from old age.

It had not taken long for them to find the ruin, almost being drawn toward the site by an unknown force. They sat almost in anticipation and fear in front of it, until one of the more level-headed ones gave a snort and opened the door. A blast of air knocked all of them down, as a man stepped out. He was dressed in garb of ancient times, and exuded an air of power not seen by mankind in millennia. Looking down at the humans, he gave a sneer and spoke to them.

"Thanks to you pathetic mortals, your world shall know the wrath of Tsukuyomi and Orochi. As your reward, you shall die first."

Their screams echoed across the woods as they were quickly disposed of them. The god was not one to waste time, as his brother would soon likely come to try and stop him. Using his powers the god began to change forms, transforming into the legendary dragon of myth, Orochi!

The beast gave a cacophonous roar, and began to do what it had begun many years ago. Blasts of fire and lightening hit the landscape, setting the forest into a blaze. For it, there was only room in the universe for immortals and none for these weak things that his father had made many years before. No creature could escape the blaze, from the fleeing deer to the flying bird, all fell to the beast's rampage. The heads let out a roar, signifying the beginning of the end.

Meanwhile, the old man had returned to his hut, and sat in front of a shrine. It was unlike most, created with various parts and pieces discovered from around Japan and the world. Things that were used to summon guardians of Earth and life, anything that could be used to gain help in the emergency that had just begun. He was in a position of respect, silence filling the cabin, as he spoke.

"Guardians of the Earth, heed my call. An unstoppable force from times long past has arisen on the Earth once more, bent on destroying all life. Only a god in the past could stop him, and the world has seemed to forgotten the gods. So I call to you, saviors and heroes, please, save us from this threat."

One of the items began to glow in the shrine. It was not the giant gold medallion in the shrine that reacted however, but a small chunk of glass. The man gave a gasp, realizing who was coming to save them. He scurried outside, three shadows of jets streaking overhead. As they shot off their first load, red lightening sent them into fiery deaths. But both man and dragon heard something approaching from the distance, distant at first before becoming louder by the second. A blue light became visible in the distance, growing steadily until slowing down once it reached its target. Up close, it seemed to be a gigantic shell as it descended to the ground, the fire was soon replaced by green limbs and a gigantic tusked head popped out. The beast gave out a roar, signaling the arrival of Gamera, Guardian of the Universe!

The red hydra stopped suddenly, and focused on the new arrival. When he had last been on the surface of the planet, there were not creatures like this. No matter, it would die like all in its wake.

The dragon let out a roar with a few heads, which were answered by three fireballs from the gigantic terrapin. Two clashed into the mess of moving necks, while the third impacted onto one of the smaller heads, engulfing it completely. The dragon gave a shriek in pain and anger, and the heads opened their mouths. Fire began to stream out and slammed against the gigantic terrapin, pushing him back. A roar came from the turtle, and it charged out from the flames and slammed into the hydra, claws swinging. They sliced into the red god's flesh, deriving cries of pain once more. Heads descended toward the turtle, biting the softer parts of Gamera. Others slammed their thick necks against the turtle's head, trying to make it dizzy. The terrific terrapin was not one to take the damage, and with open jaws lunged up.

Fury seethed in Orochi, instinct lashing out for survival. The eyes of the dragon grew red, and fired bolts of red lightening at the turtle. They struck its neck, face and other exposed body parts, creating jagged wounds that ran deep into its flesh. Gamera gave a groan in pain, stumbling back from the surprisingly efficient attack. Orochi did not hesitate, charging forward and ramming itself into the turtle and sending it to the ground. Its large foot crashed into the guardian's lower shell, cracking and splintering it beneath its weight. Gamera screamed in pain as the dragon's foot crushed through its chest, writhing in agony. Hope was low for the guardian, sinking more as Orochi blasted fire into the open chest wound, scorching his flesh and organs. The beast stepped back, as more of the multiple heads began to unleash an inferno upon the Guardian of the Universe. It consumed the terrapin, a wail being the only sign of it inside. It began to alight the landscape as well, spreading across the forest.

The old man watched with horror as the guardian that had been brought was mercilessly being torn apart. He felt helpless, unable to do anything to save the one who had answered his pleas. The gleam from the pendant caught his eye, and a thought came to him. In the past, the turtle guardian had been able to overcome tough foes by bonding with a human. Perhaps this would be able to help Gamera overcome his foe. Quickly grabbing the amulet, the elderly man forged a link with the kaiju. The pain came to him slowly, giving him enough time to send what needed to be done. He shouted to the turtle, somehow knowing the kaiju would hear him.

"Gamera! Please, hold on! Do not abandon humanity! Orochi will destroy all life if you fail!"

Underneath the blazing inferno, Gamera stirred. The guardian’s lower jaw opened, and began to siphon in the dragon's flame. It was not noted by Orochi at first, which lead to the kaiju's astonishment when its fire receded. Fury came to it when the foe he thought he roasted stood up, inhaling his fire. The dragon’s jaws shut, cutting the fire off and giving Gamera a window. As Orochi began to fire its electricity, Gamera's rear legs retracted into its shell. The terrapin flew toward the dragon, slamming into it and grabbing a hold. As Orochi spewed lightening and flames from his heads, Gamera began to lift the titan into the sky. He flew up, attempting to reach as high as could with the thrashing god. When Gamera could go no further, he let go of the beast.

Orochi crashed downward through the lower stratosphere and into the thermosphere, screeching the entire way. While it was a god, the form of Orochi was not designed for flight in the slightest. It crashed down into Mt. Fuji, the sound of rock and bone cracking rang out as the vibrations shook the earth. The kaiju was able to raise itself slowly, the eyes falling upon the distant view of Tokyo. It plotted for the city to burn, to suffer its wrath for what the turtle had done to it. But a now familiar cry made the heads focus on the foe near him. The dragon's pupils narrowed at the sight.

Gamera had planned for the demon to fall into Mt. Fuji, and reach the surface before he had. As the beast crashed toward the surface, the turtle began to power up his most powerful attack. As it rose, his once smashed chest plates began to open up, and energy began to build. Both kaiju roared at one another, one in dominance and the other in defiance. A bright light enveloped the top of Mt. Fuji, catching the attention of all those in viewing distance.

As the light dimmed, it was clear who had won. Gamera let loose a roar of victory as the ash of Orochi blew into the air. As the guardian sucked his exposed parts into his shell and flew away, the form of a shimmering Phoenix appeared from the forest, healing it from the wrath brought upon it. Today, the gods had not been needed to save life once more, as there was no need. For in a world of guardians, the Earth would always be safeguarded from evil.

Gamera (Heisei)
Gamera (Heisei)