KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 201 - Author: Joseph Steinard Jr.

Match 201: Mechagodzilla® (Showa) vs. Mothra (Heisei)
Banner: Matthew Williams

Infant Island, a peaceful Polynesian isle. The villagers of the island conducted their normal activities: hunt for food, help build more shelter, and grow crops; some even sat in front of their temple and admired the beautiful day. The sun was shining, there were hardly any clouds in sight, the sky was just as blue as ever. Some of the villagers came back from hunting, the four men carried a boar by each leg, standing in front of the temple with others and dropping their kill, telling the story of how they killed it while children gathered around to hear, even some elders walked out of the temple to listen. It seemed like a perfect day for the villagers of Infant Island... almost.

All of a sudden, the ground shook. The villagers froze, some looking around to see where these tremors were coming from. Children ran to their mothers, elders held on to the opening of the temple for support, men picked up spears to defend everyone. The ones who were willing to fight off whatever threat was coming ran in the direction they thought the tremors came from only to stop dead in their tracks and gaze up at what was causing this disturbance. Some dropped their spears in shock, one villager ran away only to fall face first onto the ground. The reactions were the same, afraid. Afraid of the terror that stood just about one hundred feet away from them near the ocean.

It let out an ear-piercing screech before taking a step toward the villagers. It had charcoal grey skin and dorsal fins on its back. Its spines flashed with power as the creature walked toward the natives; half of which decided to flee. The monster looked straight at the villagers and without any second thoughts, fired a yellow blast at them from its maw, instantly atomizing them.

The villagers who retreated went back to the temple and told the others of what was coming.


Following the giant dinosaur were two small white boats, inside were people in silver suits, one gave a slight smile at Godzilla as he made his way toward the native’s village, crushing their homes and destroying what they had. The man most focused on the atrocities occurring before him had a grey patch on the left side of his face. He took a cigar out and lit it, blowing smoke in front of him. The vessel slowed down before it hit the sand, allowing him to exit the boat with his men following directly behind. Smoke continuously exhaled from the individual as he walked toward the burning village.

"Kuronuma sir. Do you actually believe that the villagers will give us the island?" a team member asked with a confused look on his face. “What if their god is rea…”

"They have no choice, we have Godzilla and far superior technology," Kuronuma assured before giving a small chuckle. “Even with their god, they are outmatched.”

The group of twenty men approached the temple with Godzilla not too far behind. The rampaging reptile destroyed many homes, people, and all else in its ruthless wake. As the last house burned to a cinder, Godzilla turned toward the temple.
The remaining villagers hid inside the temple, fearing the worst, holding their loved ones close, and hoping their god would help them in this time of need. Kuronuma stepped in front of the temple and stopped, blowing smoke from his cigar before tossing it aside, letting it hit the ground.

"Inhabitants of Infant Island!" Kuronuma ordered calmly, but still loud enough for the villagers inside to hear him. “Exit the temple or face the wrath of Godzilla!”

The group of natives hurriedly walked out of the temple to hear what this man had to say. An elder stood in front of the rest of the villagers, showing the invaders his importance.

Kuronuma grinned at the terrified populace in front of him. With the translator working, he continued to speak to the savages.

"We are Simians, an alien race far more advanced than you. Now, as you have noticed, we have taken control of Godzilla and now your island. If you do not comply and work for us, we will continue to let Godzilla decimate what remains of your home. Your families will die. Your culture will die. Obey us, and I assure you, all of you will live.”

The villagers looked at each other, not saying a word, each of them just thinking. Should they let these aliens take over their land or should they say no, take a stand, and fight back? The natives had no idea what they should do, but they all knew Mothra would come and protect them. Their prayers would certainly be answered in time.

"You will regret the terror you have caused!" a pair of voices announced before the villagers turned around and moved to the side as a small glow descended into the center of the group.

Kuronuma chuckled a little as the light disappeared and two small women wearing red dresses stood in front of him.

"Yes, I thought you might show up. You are the Cosmos aren't you?" the Simian leader inquired before pulling out another cigar and lighting it, putting it in his mouth.

The twins looked up at him, angered.

"How did you take control of Godzilla?"

"We have our ways," Kuronuma retorted as he smirked down at the little women. "Now, surrender the island, or Godzilla will crush you and the blood will be on your tiny hands."

"We will see about that," the Cosmos asserted before a loud, chirp-like roar was heard from behind them.

The roar deafened the villagers and the Simian’s ears. As the entire group looked to its source, they peered to the inside of the temple. Two blue lights suddenly fazed into existence and a violent gust of wind blasted through the temple’s opening. Within seconds, a giant moth ascended through the ceiling-less temple and flew overhead of its worshippers... and her new guests.

Kuronuma took his cigar out of his mouth and laughed as he turned around to see the gigantic moth floating in the air, and his followers cowering from its appearance.

"You fools! Do you really think this over grown bug is a match for Godzilla?" Kuronuma mockingly questioned.

"She has defeated Godzilla before, this will be no different." the twins answered with confidence.

"I'm sure there will be a significant difference," Kuronuma noted as he tapped the translator in his ear. "Have Godzilla engage in combat with Mothra."

"Yes sir," the communication device signaled back.

A loud screech echoed in the distance as the ground shook again. Mothra looked away from the temple, seeing her opponent trampling every tree, house, animal, and person that was in his path. Godzilla made his way in front of the giant moth and stared at her, his dorsal fins lighting up.

"That does not sound like Godzilla." the Cosmos said to Kuronuma, now suspicious.

"Oh, I promise you, it is him, but let's watch the fight, shall we?" Kuronuma arrogantly asserted before turning around to watch Godzilla now on the beach, discharging a continuous beam at the guardian of Infant Island.

Mothra easily dodged the blast and turned in the air toward the giant dinosaur. Mothra collided with the beast, but instead of knocking him over, Godzilla remained standing, letting loose a mocking screech. Mothra recoiled back, shaking her head and flapping her wings. Godzilla insultingly roared again and attempted to punch the island's protector, but Mothra flew out of the way just in time. To counter, Mothra flew behind Godzilla and smashed her wing into the beast. Godzilla recoiled and continued to do so as Mothra continued the attack pattern. Godzilla struggled to stop the onslaught until he caught Mothra and stopped the moth in her tracks. With nowhere to go, Godzilla slammed his fists against her abdomen. Mothra chirped in pain but refused to give in, slamming her wings against the beast as they continued their close quarter combat, neither giving in to the other.

As a wing smashed against his head, Godzilla furiously discharged his yellow beam, hitting Mothra square in the chest. Mothra shrieked as her fur caught fire. The guardian flew backward and used the force of the detonation to put space between her and her opponent. The deity thought for a moment then flapped her wings, flying just above Godzilla. Golden, reflective scales dispersed onto the giant menace, antagonizing the beast as its spines flashed with energy. Godzilla unleashed its energy weapon again merely for Mothra to deflect it with her scales, redirecting it back at Godzilla. An explosion caused the giant moth to fly backward, but as she refocused on Godzilla, Mothra noticed something wrong with her foe.

Instead of flesh, a chunk of his chest was now metallic, contrasting with his grey body. She took no time to think about it and shot her twin beams from her antennas, hitting Godzilla in the face then down his body. Smoke cleared and to Mothra's surprise, half of Godzilla's face was a shiny metal. As Mothra scanned Godzilla’s body, she immediately noticed other parts of his body shined. Godzilla roared again as a panel on his chest opened, firing lightning at Mothra's face. The insect goddess shrieked in pain as she crashed down to the ground.

"What is this?! That is not Godzilla!" the twin Cosmos yelled toward Kuronuma, who turned around and looked down at them, chuckling.

"I'm afraid you both are right, that is not Godzilla... it's better!" the Black Hole Alien leader admitted before tossing his cigar aside and taping the communicator in his ear. "Ditch the disguise."

Not long after the alien leader made the order, there was a flash of light that covered Godzilla. Mothra averted her eyes as she flapped her wings, ascending back into the air. What was left of Godzilla's skin vanished, leaving a robotic imposter of the radioactive beast. Mothra stared at her new foe, not knowing what it would be capable of.

"What is that?!" the two fairies asked, eyes wide in shock from what they were looking at.

"That is Mechagodzilla," Kuronuma answered, smiling smugly as he watched the robotic copy of Godzilla hiss at his opponent.

Mechagodzilla spun his hands and fired his finger missiles at Mothra. The guardian screeched in pain from the attack and desperately flew to evade the incoming assault. Seeing that his enemy moved, Mechagodzilla fired his eye beams at the moth, missing his target and blowing up a small group of houses in the process. Mothra fired a blast out of each of her antennas, hitting the robot in the chest, causing him to stumble back. The mechanical Godzilla shook his head and looked back at the giant moth, who he saw flying toward him. An antennae beam glanced across Mechagodzilla's head, sending sparks flying and causing the machine to stumble back.

Seeing this, Kuronuma angrily tapped his communicator.

"Damn it Mugal, the shield!"

"Sorry sir!" Mugal yelled back.

Mechagodzilla spun his head around, creating a blue, transparent shield around him just as Mothra returned. Reflective scales covered the area while Mothra's lightning impacted the shield. A dozen bolts struck the shield yet it remained strong causing Mothra to chirp in annoyance as she flew backward.

"Fire everything at Mothra. Now!" Kuronuma demanded to Mugal only for Mechagodzilla's shield to disappear. “Mugal!”

"Your robot will not win this fight." the Cosmos confidently declared at Kuronuma merely for him to turn toward them.

"We'll see about that," Kuronuma replied as he signaled his men. "Get them!"

His Simian soldiers lunged toward the fairies while the islanders defended their guardians. Kuronuma watched the brawl expand, grabbing a cigar to cool his nerves before turning his attention back toward the monster’s clash.

Mechagodzilla fired everything that he had at Mothra. Missiles, electric currents, and eye beams flew at her. The gigantic moth desperately flew out of the way, but the projectiles were coming just as fast. Eventually missiles hit her wings, stunning the flying goddess as more of Mechagodzilla’s weapons struck her. Electricity surged through her body and rainbow-colored beams hit her chest, forcing her to fall to the ground. Mechagodzilla immediately stopped firing his weapons and started walking toward the fallen bug, his eyes fixated on her.

He slowly made his way to Mothra, who was about to flap her wings when Mechagodzilla stepped on her left wing, forcing her to stay down and screech in pain. Mechagodzilla hissed and dragged his foot across the giant moth's wing, ripping it as green blood trailed behind. Mothra screeched in agony and desperately tried flying away. The giant robot bent down and picked Mothra up by the throat and brought her to eye level, strangling the insect. In a desperate move, Mothra tried to fire her antenna beams at the metallic monster, but Mechagodzilla quickly grabbed her antennas and pulled up, ripping them off.

Mothra screeched in anguish and continued to struggle against the robot's grasp, hitting him with her one wing, hoping to make him stop.


Mothra's eyes darkened as her neck was broken, her body turning limp, her wing ceasing its struggle. Mechagodzilla roared in victory and let go of the deity, letting her lifeless body crash into the ground. Mothra was now dead, as was the villagers' hope.

The villagers struggle ended as their god fell. They stared in disbelief, falling to their knees, some crying. Their beloved goddess was gone. Kuronuma chuckled and breathed in his cigar, looking down at the heartbroken fairies before breathing upon them.

"Now, this island belongs to us!” The Black Hole Alien leader declared before puffing smoke into the air. “We will use it as a base to build more Mechagodzillas. There is nothing that can stop us now!"

Kuronuma tapped his communicator and ordered, “Take Mechagodzilla back for repairs immediately, its work is done."

This island formerly full of peace would now be a place of villainy. Mechagodzilla rose, his rockets propelling him up as he flew toward the Simians' base for repairs.

Kuronuma turned to the villagers, most were strong, others looked weak, but that wouldn't matter. They would make for good slaves either way.

Mechagodzilla® (Showa)
Mechagodzilla® (Showa)