KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 197 - Author: Michael Allen

Match 197: Orga vs. Iris
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

San Francisco, once a shining city of Earth, a metropolis full of life, in the span of days had been reduced to little more than a ghost city. Not by any monster attack, but by the crystal plague which had showered upon the planet. These crystals, wherever they had come from, had created mass havoc on a global scale. War had swiftly broken out between human, kaiju, and alien alike; each with their own goal. Some to destroy the powerful crystals, others to claim them.

Orga had his own plans for the crystals. The deformed alien slowly waded through the ocean water, past the ruined remains of the Golden Gate Bridge, the city in view of his dark yellow eyes. In almost any other scenario, Orga would be here at the behest of his alien masters, but not anymore. Orga cared for few things in life, but one thing he did care for was power. Many years ago he had battled Godzilla after merging with his DNA had given himself physical form. But something had gone wrong, his body had mutated and ever since then he was trapped in his current, grotesque form. Brown flesh and enormous hands, a hunched stature and sickly yellow eyes. In his mind, he thought that perhaps he could become complete by absorbing the power from these crystals for himself, even finish what he started decades ago and absorb Godzilla.

Various smaller crystals protruded from the ground sporadically, thrumming and flashing with mysterious power, but that was not what Orga was here for. Deeper inside the city a crystal of gigantic size and even greater energy lay, just waiting for someone to claim it.

Orga waded through the warm waters as he came closer to the city, noting several masers and tanks were locking onto his immense frame, firing mere seconds later. The missiles did nothing, though the masers stung a bit. Orga only bellowed in annoyance before returning fire with his shoulder cannon, the yellow laser shot from the gaping hole in his left shoulder, effortlessly turning the defense line into a small sea of fire. Briefly the thoughts of the crystal left his mind, as he did so love crushing puny humans and their silly toys that they thought were so advanced. Roaring, he sent a colossal fist smashing through a building a bit taller than himself, the whole top half reduced to hunks of debris in one swing as he finally made landfall.

Amidst the havoc he didn't hear something falling uncontrollably from the sky until something impacted his head, exploding. Orga warbled in rage, gust of his breath clearing away the thick cloud of smoke around his face as he furiously searched for whatever had, in his mind, attacked him. His big, awkward body smashing and plowing through several buildings as he threw his fit. Until several more fighter jets came in fast, spiraling and flying in every which direction. Two collided together and exploded, creating a small cloud of bright fire and smoke; others met their demise by colliding into buildings or simply fell to the pavement bellow. Fires raged and the city still shook with the impact of several structures toppling over. Orga watched the sky, transfixed as another creature descended.

Orga had seen many kaiju, but never anything like this. The chest was well armored, and bioluminescent lights flashed and glowed. The feet were cloven, with some sort of long spike or blade topping each knee. The arms themselves seemed to be blades as well. Four tendrils with arrowhead like tips swayed around the creature, the face bore no expression nor did the single, glowing yellow orb that seemed to be his eye.

Iris had arrived. It never occurred to Orga that he was here for the same reason: Power. Iris, decades ago, had been bonded to a human girl, ultimate power and completion had been within his grasp...until Gamera had intervened. The bond had long since been severed, and for years Iris had remained hidden from the world, indifferent with the affairs of the mortal pismires which swarmed the surface of the planet, until the crystals appeared. He sensed ultimate power was in his grasp again, and so it would be his.

None of this occurred to Orga, not even the idea that Iris was here for the crystal same as he was, all he saw was a creature that had attacked him. It enraged him further when Iris hardly acknowledged him, a low and haunting wail emitted from him as he turned and began plodding into the city, callously walking into and crushing buildings beneath him.

Orga's vengeful roar drew Iris attention to him with a predatory, low stare. Orga was charging straight for him, propelling himself forward with his huge knuckles and strong legs, trampling through anything in his path. Iris did not move. He didn't need to. As soon as Orga was within range he lashed out with a long tentacle, the top smacking squarely into the side of Orga's head, the alien shrieking as he toppled onto his side and flattened a vacant car dealership. Surprisingly Orga was already getting back on his feet, Iris sent another tentacle smashing into Orga's back, but it did little more than stagger him. With a gurgling growl Orga turned, a hand snatching a tendril out of the air as it swung down to strike him once more. Iris moaned in irritation and attempt to pull the appendage free, but to no avail. Orga roared and with a single pull had Iris stumbling forward.

Iris struggled to remain standing, his footfalls creating cracks in the pavement several miles long, but he quickly retaliated. Two tentacles slithered up to Orga's right. Two piercing, yellow sonic beams cut through him like a hot knife through butter. The lower had sliced through his right leg, going through the flesh, muscle, and bone...and through the other as well. The other cut into his ribs and went out through his left side as well. Blood spurted and oozed from the injuries as Orga howled in misery and released Iris, collapsing to his knuckles. Iris seem to stand there with a bit of smugness emanating from him, expecting Orga to drop dead, but surprisingly he did not. The wounds were healing just mere seconds after they had been created. Orga looked at Iris with a dangerous glare, seeming to smile as his wounds knitted themselves together quickly, growling deeply he lunged at the evil god.

The ancient Atlantian kaiju wailed as Orga's shoulder met his armored chest, successfully staggering him. Iris stumbled back further to avoid a fist swinging at his angular head. Orga aimed the gaping whole in his shoulder at Iris, the cannon glowing to life and firing its weapon. Iris' armor protected him from any severe damaged that might have occurred from the beam, however it could not protect him from the kinetic force of it. Iris' cloven feet creating deep canyons in the concrete as he was pushed back until the odd carapace on his back and the fin-like objects on his shoulders collided with a building a bit taller than himself. Iris gave an unearthly moan as he fell through it, his vision obscured by dust and debris, rubble bouncing off his majestic form. His tentacles wildly lashing and firing sonic beams in hopes of hitting Orga.

He registered something gigantic fly overhead before the deafening impact shook the ground like a small earthquake, Iris looked to see Orga had somehow launched himself over, all the while avoiding the beams. A deep roar came from Orga's toothed mouth as he lumbered toward him. Iris fired a single beam at Orga's right arm, neatly slicing through more than half of it. The Millennian-Godzilla hybrid gave another high pitched shriek as fresh blood ran down his arm and hand, with his left he clutched at the dangling appendage and forcefully held it in place. He'd never lost a limb in combat before and he didn't want to find out as to whether he could grow another one. Iris hauled himself back up with his tentacles, and as swiftly as he could, turned to face the deformed beast.

Already Orga rushed at him with a battle cry, Iris was impressed with the alien's healing ability as a gargantuan hand clamped onto his shoulder and the bellowing monster rammed his mass into Iris. The ancient evil stumbled back three or four steps, but he was stronger than he looked. Iris firmly planted his arms against Orga and shoved back. Orga's eyes widened as he actually found himself being driven back with startling ease, a droning hum emitted from Iris as the two continued to grapple and their legs blasting through several smaller buildings. With a demonic hiss Iris shoved Orga, his feet lifting off the ground and his hunched back leveling another unfortunate structure, screams and roars of fury satisfied Iris immensely as he mercilessly plodded forward. Orga reacted quickly and sent a well aimed kicked into Iris abdomen that proppeled him stumbling back just enough for the alien to stand again.

Iris hissed and started to come in again, but this time his foe was ready. Orga swung a colossal fist, the knuckles scraping against the ground and met Iris' armored chest, his strength driving Iris backward. Another punch connected with Iris' expressionless face and sent him clumsily staggering off to the left until his side smashed into a building. He managed to prevent himself from falling face down by extending his natural arm blades until they pierced the concrete. Orga excitedly rushed in, thick strands of saliva dripping from his maw and his huge claws tense. Iris retaliated casually by sweeping the beast's legs out from him with a swipe of a strong tentacle. Yet again Orga wailed and the ground trembled mightily as the ground dented inward at his impact.

Tentacles smacked and whipped Orga while was down, he thrashed wildly and randomly attempted to grab anything that struck him, he grunted loudly as a tentacle struck his throat before angling its sharp tip at him and speared downward at him. To his shock, Orga's head avoided it and his jaws eagerly clamped down on the tendril itself. Iris wailed, not in pain, more of a combination of surprise and annoyance as the hulking brute refused to let go; the evil god's frustration grew as his attempts to get free only allowed Orga to stand up easier. Orga's own frustration was evident in his dull yellow eyes, his sharp teeth and strong jaws straining to pierce the flesh. He desired Iris'power for himself...and it was just out of reach. Enraged, Iris sent two sonic beams firing into Orga's chest. They cut through his sternum and out his back, one beam even cutting the top half of a skyscraper and sending it falling in a heap to the ground. Wailing and shrieking like a demented banshee Orga proceeded toward Iris hungrily.

Iris struck the brute with a stiff uppercut and followed with a punch to the side of his face, but unfortunately for him that did little to deter the power hungry alien who merely bashed Iris with a powerful arm before seizing him with a huge hand. Impressively he threw all one hundred thousand tons of Iris a considerable distance, the ground cracking and caving in, debris and dust shooting miles high upon Iris' impact. Orga wasted no time as he hunkered down and placed most of his weight on his knuckles before he sprang forth. Iris was helpless as Orga landed harshly on top of him, dislodging great chunks of structures around them and shattering glass with his additional impact. Glaring down at Iris he aimed his shoulder cannon at Iris' face...he didn't need to be alive to be absorbed. Normally Iris would have fired his sonic beams, but given how easily they cut through Orga he didn't want to risk injuring or even killing himself in the process. Instead, Iris thursted his arm through Orga’s chest.

The mutated and deformed Millennian howled in misery as the blade skewered him. Blood spattered Iris' front and burst from Orga's back like a popped water balloon. Orga's shoulder beam blew apart a building somewhere off in the distance as tendrils snaked around Orga's arms, and in the blink of an eye, the alien found himself flung off high into the air. Iris steadily propped himself back up as Orga thunderously crashed down a good distance away.

Orga laid there, stunned and in pain, but he had no doubt the wound, despite its severity, would be healed soon. The beast quickly inspected himself for damage, satisfied to see there was none and soon turned his attention back to Iris. The alien groaned loudly as he began the process of standing back up, feeling dazed from his face first impact, however the daze soon vanished the second Iris sent a tendril stabbing into his back.

Orga flailed about, cumbersome hands desperately attempting to reach behind him and pull the painful thing out. But his deformed posture and gigantic hands made such an action impossible. Orga's desperation and pain only served to amuse Iris' and satisfy his sadism as he drained the hybrid alien, adding his power to his own. Snarling hatefully,Orga shot another blast at Iris, toppling him easily and fortunately dislodging the sharp tendril. Orga shook his head to clear his thoughts as Iris struggled to stand, he frightfully noted the wound on his back was taking longer to regenerate than normal. He fixed Iris with a vengeful stare, taking aim once more, he no longer cared about absorbing Iris. He wanted him dead!

Orga fired again, only to his surprise to find a tentacle swat it away with no trouble at all. The spear like tip of one tentacle parted and aimed at Orga...his own beam shot forth, lancing hard into his chest and sending him careening backward until he fell helplessly onto his back, shrieking in rage and humiliation.

Iris was back on his feet now, coldly awaiting Orga to stand, a single tentacle taking aim. Rage filled the Millennian-Godzilla hybrid alien as he at last regained his footing, no matter how long it took he'd kill this monster for wounding him, humiliating him, and perhaps most insulting of all, draining him. But he would never get that satisfaction.

The last thing Orga saw and registered was a familiar sonic beam striking his face. Silence hung over the city like a dark cloud, Iris keeping each tentacle poised and ready to attack. Blood gushed and dribbled from Orga's body as he limply stood there, Iris had done more than simply shoot him in the face with a sonic beam.

He had sent the beam slicing through Orga horizontally, starting with his head and cutting through his body. Seconds later he fell into two separate halves, several organs falling to the ground with loud splats and plops. Iris waited for a moment or two lest by some miracle the monster's body began repairing itself yet again.

He was greatly satisfied when it did not. Iris gave an unearthly, hum of victory. Just as he had arrived, he progressed further into the city. Having added Orga's power to his own, and soon the crystal's energy would follow it.

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