KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 196 - Author: Michael Allen

Match 196: Godzilla® (Legendary) vs. Gyaos (Heisei)
Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

The last rays of sunlight shone on the city, once a popular tourist spot, now reduced to a ghost town due to its unwanted and malicious inhabitants. The stench of death and rotting meat hung in the late summer air. Lights were still on for the most part, done at first in hopes of driving the evil creatures away, but to no avail. The three Gyaos circled over the city like oversized vultures, one of them had dark red flesh and wicked red eyes, the other two were slightly larger and black in color. The red was the eldest and their leader, it let out a strange, distorted screech at the lack of food. Blinking its red eyes it settled down on the remains of a skyscraper, the top half neatly sliced off and laying in a pile of broken glass and twisted metal on the street below it. Gyaos rarely slept at night, but they were still quite full from their feasting at the moment. Besides, they must be sure to take care of the eggs, the young would hatch soon. The red Gyaos settled down on its makeshift nest, its angular head lowered as it prepared to rest. The two larger Gyaos steadily lowered themselves to the ground, their great wings sending debris scattering across the vacant streets, breaking windows and pelting cars and empty buildings. The ground trembling slightly as their taloned feet met the concrete as they too began to settle, their wings folding over their vicious faces.

Silence hung over the city now, no screeches or the beating of enormous wings. That's when he appeared in the sea.

At first glance it looked like a huge wave, nothing more, until the wave got bigger and bigger, the sea water frothing and roaring as massive spines protruded from the wave; drawing closer and closer to the city in mere seconds. The beach became flooded first, the water spilling out into the city, weaker buildings breaking to pieces, the power went out on the blink of eye as power lines either shorted out or were just simply ripped apart by the sheer force of the water. The moon being the only source of light now as a gigantic body rose from the frenzied water, yellow eyes glowering in a predatory manner as he fixed the Gyaos with a stare, still a good distance away from them.

They still had not stirred or acknowledged his presence.

The lead Gyaos' head shifted slightly as its ears registered the sound of footsteps drawing closer. Heavy and big, reverberating in the ground. Its two companions were faster to respond, their yellow eyes detecting something in the darkness. Not Gamera, the one who they hated and feared above all others...but still a predator.

A deep growl was heard as the hunter stomped his way through a building, dust and debris obscuring him for a moment or two before his towering frame came into full view. Brown flesh covered his muscled saurian body, clawed hands tensed in anticipation, a long tail dragged behind him. Three rows of sharp spines lined his back to his tail, the nostrils flared as he glared at them.

The lead Gyaos stood atop its perch, wings splaying out as it shrieked a challenge, its comrades following suit. The cries rising into the night were all but drowned out as Godzilla roared back, glass shattering at the volume of his roar.

All at once the Gyaos took flight, the red rising into the sky, the two black Gyaos flying straight at their enemy. Godzilla despised these creatures, he could sense their unnatural existence the moment they had begun preying on the planet, and it enraged him. His nostrils flared again at their stench as he too stepped forward, but only slightly. With a swift, backhanded swat of his left hand, a Gyaos was sent sprawling like a rag doll, body ripping and blasting through and crushing any structure in its path. It shrieked and roared in stunned pain as it was partially buried alive beneath rubble. However, Godzilla was not fast enough to counter the second. He grunted when it slammed into him, wings battering at his body and head, jaws locking onto flesh near his gills. The teeth were many in number and frightfully sharp, but not enough.

Godzilla snarled as he bit down hard on the Gyaos' right arm, his own teeth easily ripping into the flesh, foul tasting purple blood flooded his mouth as he shook the abomination around like a dog with a new toy, the Gyaos screaming the entire time. Godzilla instantly released the Gyaos as a red taloned foot connected with his neck, letting out a winded grunt, the Gyaos that had once been in his jaws took to the skies immediately despite its injury. The tears in its black flesh evident, blood dripping like raindrops. Godzilla stumbled through a few smaller buildings, but quickly regained his proper footing and roared at the red skinned Gyaos as it approached him. Raking its talons over and over again on his head and face, Godzilla's jaws snapping at the toes, claws slashing at empty air as it nimbly and skillfully avoided him. The Gyaos screamed ferociously at him as it pressed its assault on, putting a particular amount of power into its next swipe its ears were met with a shriek of surprised pain.

Godzilla stumbled back, a bloody scar carved in his face, over his left eye and running down his cheek. But this stopped him only momentarily. Godzilla roared loudly once more, his powerful legs moving him forward, the Gyaos realized it had pressed its luck and flapped madly upward. Its red eyes widened as Godzilla propelled himself up with his legs, the Gyaos had luckily gotten high enough to avoid being bitten anywhere fatal, but still it cried out in pain as Godzilla's jaws instead clamped down onto some of the flesh of its left wing, his teeth ripping into it without flaw and his descent downward tearing it off.

Concrete shot up impossibly high, the ground shook and several buildings were shaken to pieces when Godzilla landed, flinging the bit of Gyaos skin away with a battle roar. A wing from above smacked him over the back of the head, he grunted and staggered forward, a roar of rage turned to a high pitched scream of agony as something from behind sliced into his back and traveled up his shoulder. Warm blood spilling from the wound as he doubled over, the Gyaos whose arm he had injured mockingly screeched as it flew over him. The red Gyaos came back around, a yellow beam shooting from its ugly mouth. Godzilla's eyes widened as he instinctively brought up a hand to shield his face, again roaring in pain as the sonic beam sliced into his hand.

The Gyaos had noticed the scratch near his eye had healed, leaving only dried blood, but despite this they knew they had an advantage. Godzilla did not have a resistance to their deadly beams. The red Gyaos took the time to rake its talons across Godzilla's head as it swooped overhead. Godzilla rose up to his full height, easily taller than any Gyaos, his flesh and muscles knitting themselves back together, his long and powerful tail lashing and with shocking speed whipped around. One Gyaos was lucky to dodge, its ally was not so fortunate. The Gyaos let out a wheeze as the tail collided viciously with its rib cage, the sound resembling multiple trees cracking. Blood spurted from its angular mouth as it was sent soaring and crashing into a building before helplessly dropping to the ground, the concrete cracking and splitting apart. The Gyaos struggled to breath, its broken ribs had skewered into its lungs, blood frothed and gurgled from its throat.

Godzilla's heavy footsteps drew him in closer than the helpless monstrosity would've thought, its yellow eyes meeting Godzilla's glaring ones for the final time as a foot smashed down ruthlessly onto its head. Blood, skull fragments, and brain matter exploded from the crushed head like a smashed watermelon; spattering across the street and buildings for several miles, the ground trembling from the impact of Godzilla's foot.

The alpha predator gave a short victory roar to the blackened sky. However, he found his victory was short lived. He emitted another scream of pain as a sonic beam sliced open his arm, spilling more blood onto the ground, another struck his calf and forced him to one knee with a groan of misery. The lead Gyaos screeched triumphantly as it swooped around and rammed a taloned foot squarely into Godzilla's shoulder, the kinetic force sending him sliding along the ground, his massive frame effortlessly flattening buildings. As the dust settled, he heaved himself onto all fours, using his arms to support himself, the flapping of wings too close for his liking as the black Gyaos shrieked at him. Its horrible maw parted in anticipation of biting him, its talons ready to rip him open. But Godzilla was ready this time.

He sprang up with another deafening roar, plowing into the monster with his shoulder and rushed forward to effectively send it crashing helplessly to the pavement, its wings flapping madly and furious shrieks emitting from it. The lead Gyaos circled watchfully, keen red eyes never leaving the battle. Gyaos were typically motivated by their ravenous appetite and sometimes didn't think things through, however they were capable of Godzilla was about to find out. Increasing speed the Gyaos descended down on Godzilla from behind, feet angled carefully as Godzilla seized its fallen ally. Godzilla grunted in surprise, however surprise quickly turned to pain as the lead Gyaos hooked its talons into his gills!

The saurian released the other Gyaos, which instantly flew away, not willing to press its luck as Godzilla roared and bellowed in rage and agony; thrashing wildly as he attempted to dislodge his foe. The Gyaos warbled victoriously and shifted randomly to hurt Godzilla further, flapping its wings and moving every which way it could to disorientate and drag its larger and heavier opponent. Godzilla's long tail swept across an apartment complex and a few stores as he flailed about. It seemed unthinkable, but he found himself being mildly lifted and dragged by the Gyaos, their roars and cries of battle rising into the night and echoing hauntingly across the deserted city. The wings flapped harder as the Gyaos dragged Godzilla further across the city, lifting him off his feet at times before finally releasing him, he bellowed as his back crushed and broke through an office building and his head smashing several unoccupied cars.

Again, his tenacious recovery speed surprised the ravenous monsters greatly, though they noticed it took him a great deal of effort to roll himself onto his front again. A sonic beam blasted his right hand, with another high pitched shriek he fell hard, seizing its opportunity the black Gyaos landed on Godzilla; its jaws snapping savagely at his neck in hopes of piercing his flesh. The red Gyaos swooped in as Godzilla roared and struggled, swiping at him with its talons, careful to avoid the other of its kind as it bit firmly into Godzilla's neck, just below the gills.

His reptilian eyes narrowed in determination, his jaws crunched on the Gyaos' toes, relishing at the sound of bones breaking and snapping and the Gyaos' warbling cry of pain before releasing it. He could already tell it was coming back around for another assault, he knew he had to counter now.

It first began as a bright blue glow at the end of his tail, an odd hum and crackle of nuclear energy building as the glow traveled up the length of his middle and most prominent spines. The red Gyaos gave a frenzied warning cry to its comrade, who failed to notice as it was too preoccupied with attempting to eat Godzilla. Only when it felt its body start to burn to an unbearably hot degree did it realize its dire situation. The black Gyaos flapped its wings with urgency. Bits of flesh were blackened and burnt, the red Gyaos swooped in too late as Godzilla's great maw parted, a strange glow heralding what was to come.

A ray of concentrated atomic power shot forth, barreling relentlessly into the attacking Gyaos' red chest, the heat burning and blasting flesh away, the force of it sent it soaring backward and straight into the skyscraper it was using as its nest. The building shook and quickly broke to many pieces, glass and metal rained down along with several gigantic eggs that cracked upon impact with the pavement. A sonic beam creating further havoc as it sliced a part of debris in the Gyaos attempt to not be buried alive.

Godzilla wheeled around as he fired the last of the atomic ray into the other Gyaos, causing it to drop to the ground with a blood curdling screech of agony. The smell of burnt flesh lingered in the air as the Gyaos' eyes witnessed the terrifying sight of Godzilla stooping down, his strong clawed hands lifting it effortlessly off the ground. It never got a chance to cry out in terror or defiance as Godzilla's jaws crunched into its neck, with a simple twist the neck of the Gyaos snapped, killing it instantly before allowing its corpse to drop to the ground with solid "boom".

Wasting no time Godzilla trudged over to the final Gyaos, half buried feebly beneath the remains of its nest, a garbling cry of desperate fury escaping its needle toothed mouth as it struggled to get out. Its movement intensified as the alpha predator drew closer with every step; the now dreaded hum of his atomic ray powering up increasing its desperation. Godzilla's feet mercilessly trampled the remains of the broken eggs causing the Shadow Of Evil to look at the King Of The Monsters one last time with hate.

Its last sight being a blue ray of atomic energy blasting into its face and setting the remains on fire.

Godzilla's spines ceased glowing, the crackling flames illuminating him in both a regal and terrifying way as he raised his head to the sky, a roar of victory rumbling from within his chest that seemed to carry on endlessly. Satisfied, he progressed toward the welcoming ocean, the city seeming oddly peaceful now as Godzilla exited in what felt like the blink of an eye as he plunged into the water and in mere moments disappeared beneath the sea just as suddenly as he had arrived.

Godzilla® (Legendary)
Godzilla® (Legendary)