KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 195 - Author: Joshua Reynolds

Match 195: Megalon & Gigan (Millennium) vs. Jikiro, Spyler & Wargilgar
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

[Continued from Match 145]

Jikiro tilted its robotic head. Its unearthly jaws parted to unleash a mechanical cry unlike that of anything heard on Earth. On Easter Island, flanked by the famous monuments on each side of them, Gigan and Megalon stood their ground. The pair looked at one another and nodded. Megalon lifted his left drill. Gigan, equipped with razor-sharp blades, clanged his right against it. The alliance made Jikiro shriek again. The machine opened its maw and spat a bolt of furious lightning. The bolt struck Gigan, causing the cyborg to stumble back. The red eye visor of the Nebula M Space Hunter warrior flashed and a beam of his own shot forth. It crashed into Jikiro, scattering into dozens of small explosions which blanketed the titan.

Jikiro moved forward, unharmed.


In deep space, the unmoving, toothy grin of the Gold Garogas seemed to become even bigger. His bulbous eyes flashed and antennae waved as he watched the events unfold. “Try as you might, but there is nothing you can do!”

“Sir, we have Spyler and Wargilgar on standby. Ready to deploy at your order.” A small Silver Garogas declared, appearing from behind the commander.

The golden warlord spun in his seat, “Fool!” He shouted, standing tall and firm, “Do you really think that our almighty JIKIRO will need aid against these fools!?”

The silver alien turned his gaze upon the floor, “I am sorry, sir. Forgive me.”


The machine turned its unnatural gaze upon Megalon. It lifted its left arm. Twin barrels began to fire, shooting a barrage of tank-sized rounds at the Seatopian God. Megalon leaped to the side as the soil erupted. Several of the timeless monuments were instantly destroyed, reduced to nothing more than black rocks scattered across the landscape. The insect monster’s mandibles parted. A crimson orb catapulted and detonated across Jikiro’s back. The machine’s torso was bathed in flames, but it merely moved ahead unfazed.

Gigan charged, lifting both of his blades. He leaped, spinning in the air while outstretching both arms. He began to spin like a sort of demonic top. His blades clanged against Jikiro in a blur, spurring showers of sparks to spray. Jikiro wailed loudly and flailed its arms, pushing Gigan back. The cyborg continued to spin via his built-in booster in his tail. Keeping his arms outstretched, Gigan suddenly launched two discs. The discs flew at the machine, clanging against its armor and bouncing off.

The machine lifted its gun and fired again, blasting Gigan with numerous rounds. The cyborg fell to the side, dents forming on his metallic hide from the impacts. The cyborg shrieked, but suddenly the assault ceased. Megalon jumped onto Jikiro’s back, clobbering its skull with his drill bit arms. As Megalon sat perched on top of it, Jikiro pointed its right arm at the fallen Gigan. A strange hum came from the inner workings of the arm before Gigan was suddenly lifted off the ground. Instead of flying away, the cyborg was drawn in.

Megalon looked up just in time to see his comrade come at him like a cannon. The blue cyborg smashed into him, causing both teammates to fall to the side. The machine spun to face the monsters quickly. It lifted a colossal foot and brought it down, stomping on the side of Megalon. The insect bellowed, lashing out with both arms as the foot lifted. Gigan’s arms hugged at Megalon’s sides, holding him close while his tail ignited. He carried himself and his insect partner away mere moments before Jikiro could crush them.

As they skidded across the landscape, Jikiro’s gun began to fire rapidly. The ground around the pair sprayed up as round after round after round impacted. Just as soon as the pair parted, Megalon leaped and dove into the ground. The fastest burrower of all kaijudom, the insect God took refuge underneath the ground. Gigan flew higher, spiraling in the air as Jikiro followed his movements with its gunfire.

As Jikiro shot wildly, the ground around it began to shudder. It shifted and moved. Stopping to look around, the machine suddenly toppled. Megalon had dug a trap. The soil gave way like a grave. The machine fell knee-deep, the Earth itself holding it steady. Behind it, Megalon emerged. He flew into the air, body still spinning as he was propelled upward. Pausing for a moment as he reached hundreds of meters up, the insect flipped around. He came down like a drill, entire body spinning with his drills pointed above his head.

A loud clang came from the impact point. Jikiro’s body was pushed deeper into the ground and a large dent formed on its armor. The robot bellowed in fury as Megalon flew off of it. The insect clanged its arms together. Its horn lit up and a bolt of lightning fired. Instantly, Jikiro’s magnet arm lifted. The bolt flew directly into the center of it before firing back, taking Megalon off guard. The beetle was hit by his own attack and fell, shrieking.

Without any sign of pain or ware, Jikiro began to emerge from the trap. It roared furiously, crimson eyes locked on Megalon. As it approached, a blue blur flew past it. Its shoulder spat sparks as, finally, a true break in its armor formed by Gigan’s buzzsaw. The machine looked at its wounds, scanning the exposed circuits and inner workings that spat smoke and sparks.

Gigan landed some yards away. His head looked down at his built-in abdomen saw. It worked, but at a cost. Several of his saw’s teeth had been broken and fractured by the single flyby. Gigan shrieked and looked back at the titan of the Garogas. He lifted his left claw. His harpoons launched, followed by long cables. They wrapped around the robot’s machinegun arm. As planned, the thing began to open fire. Gigan took flight, flying to the side and dragging Jikiro’s arm with it. Without stopping, the cyborg caused the robot to accidentally shoot its magnetic hand. Jikiro’s robotic screech followed again as the hand exploded into a shower of sparks and debris.

The cables untangled themselves from Jikiro’s arm and sucked back into Gigan’s. The cyborg flew higher, circling overhead like a vulture as Jikiro’s gun lifted up to fire.

From the side, Megalon’s deafening cry caught the machine’s attention. The beetle charged as fast as his legs could carry. He closed the distance fast. His drills spun in their arms while he lunged, plunging his right hand into the stump that was once Jikiro’s magnet. The impact caused the robot to stumble to the side while the drill rotated, tunneling into Jikiro’s arm and shoulder. The automaton’s eyes and jaws flickered as sparks erupted from the stump and into Megalon’s face. The actual shoulder of Jikiro burst like an oversized pimple, spraying the inner workings of the arm and other components as high as Gigan flew. Megalon’s arm was stuffed up the arm of Jikiro to the shoulder. The tip of his drill poked out of Jikiro’s, missing its head by a few meters.

Without feeling pain, the exterminator of kaiju moved its gun. The twin barrels pressed against Megalon’s stomach. Suddenly, an explosion of ichor splattered across Jikiro. Megalon was shot back, round after round sinking point blank into his belly. Megalon landed hard on his back, his mandibles spitting a spray of green and yellow gore.


“Megalon!” Emperor Antonio shouted as he watched the fight from Seatopia. By his sides, numerous others stood up when Megalon was shot.

One of the other robed men looked up from their seat, “He’s still alive. Barely, but he’s clinging. Our God is strong.”

Antonio’s hands clenched into fists as his side, “Can we get any more aid?”

A woman shook her head. “Okinawa and Mu are too far away to get there in time. There’s no way Manda and King Caesar could make it.”

“I don’t think they’d help us anyway...” The other Seatopian declared, looking up at Antonio. “Would they?”

The Emperor swallowed his sorrow and remained silent. “Give your prayers to Megalon. So long as we believe in him, he cannot die.”


Gigan landed next to Megalon, looking down at his longtime friend. He spread his arms apart while looking back at Jikiro. The cyborg let loose the loudest and longest battle cry he could muster…

That cry was interrupted by a tremendous explosion. Gigan’s right arm detonated, the blade breaking into pieces. Gigan fell to the side, his stump of a hand spraying fire. From the sky, two more titans descended. They were as bizarre to Gigan as Jikiro was. The pair landed next to Jikiro. One was almost ant-like with two long appendages protruding from its shoulders and hanging over its arms. The other could pass as a cyborg like himself. It stood with numerous bulbs covering its strange body. Wargilgar and Spyler.


“There’s no kill like overkill.” The Gold Garogas chuckled.

The subordinate nodded. “I am glad I could be of assistance.”

The commander nodded and clapped his gloved hands together, “Yes indeed. You did very well. I believe a promotion may be in order.”


Gigan groaned as he began to stand. His crimson eye looked at what remained of his arm. It was shattered, the blade and harpoons completely gone. Spyler stepped forward, its many bulbs flashing. The cyborg leapt away, figuring this was the same technique that severed his prized blade. And he was right. The ground where he stood was covered in explosions, some rivaling his size. Pushing its way between them, Jikiro’s gun began to open fire once again.

Megalon’s head rolled on the ground as pain raced through his midsection. He sat up, trying to remain silent as his yellow eyes watched Gigan avoid the assault.

However, Wargilgar seemed to notice him. The ant-like Terro-Beast split from the other two. It moved closer to the recovering Megalon, the air around its mouth starting to warp. Then a blast of hellfire sprayed. Megalon was rejuvenated by the thought of being cooked alive. He rolled to the side as the napalm-like blast set fire to the grass and dirt. His innards half-exposed from the previous assault, the Seatopian God unleashed a battle cry as he stood.

The ant’s hands came up, twin barrels appearing in each. Recognizing them as the same guns from Jikiro, the beetle ducked just in time. However, its shots were different. More like shotgun bursts than machinegun fire. Some of the shots struck Megalon’s cranial horn, bouncing off. They weren’t nearly as powerful as Jikiro’s. The insect God lifted its head and body. Wargilgar fired again, but Megalon lifted his drills to act as shields to protect his exposed face. His horn surged with light and a lightning bolt was cast. The bolt hit Wargilgar’s midsection, causing the Terro-Beast to stumble.

Megalon quickly closed the distance and lashed out with a swing of his arm, slamming it like a baseball bat into the side of the ant’s skull…


Elsewhere in space, a third party also watched the fight unfold. The Chairman stood tall, flanked by other members of his race. They were insects, a sort of cockroach, gifted with advanced intelligence. They used human corpses as a suit, allowing them more free range of movement.

“Is Project Peace ready?”

One of the other orange-suited ‘men’ nodded.

“Activate war drives.” The Chairman declared, not taking his eyes away from the view screens. “It’s time to have Gigan maintain the peace.”


Gigan buzzed around the battlefield, avoiding both explosive blasts and gunfire. He landed, his red eye flashing with energy. He launched his beam, striking Spyler with it. The Terro-Beast was blanketed with explosions, ceasing its own attacks and sending it falling back onto Jikiro. The robot merely shoved it out of its way, throwing it aside…

Gigan’s head suddenly looked up. His eye flashed as the blue sky began to swirl. The clouds funneled in as a sort of portal appeared. The blue darkened into blackness and something became visible. Something was shot down. Something was being delivered by the Nebulans…

It was a chainsaw. A double-sided chainsaw.

The cyborg’s tail kicked to life and he flew up. The saw fell down, flipping numerous times as it did. Gigan’s stump of an arm thrust up as his beak and mandibles parted into a cry. The opened side of the chainsaw connected with Gigan’s stump. With a twist and a pop, it locked into place. Gigan descended, the twin saws of his new right hand turning on.

Spyler shrieked and stood. It began to march forward. Gigan’s new arm positioned itself at his side. His claw waved the Terro-Beast on. Then, with a sudden burst of speed that made the very dirt shoot up, Gigan exploded forward. He lunged and spun around in Mach speed, too fast for the human eye to catch. Spyler froze in place. Gigan’s eye locked onto those of Jikiro’s while the head of Spyler fell from its body. The Terro-Beast collapsed to a heap, a mixture of blood and sparks shooting from the stump.

Jikiro’s gun lifted and fired again. Gigan lunged, ducking to the side in the process as to avoid the shots again. He thrust his saw forward, catching the robot’s arm between each. The teeth began to grind, tearing into the elbow joint. The robot bellowed in fury as the twin barrels began to shoot, replacing the tank-sized rounds with sparks and fire. In a matter of seconds, the advanced armor was torn to bits as if tin. The arm fell, breaking to pieces on the ground.

Without any arms, Jikiro pushed its colossal body forward. It used its very head as a battering ram, pushing Gigan back. As the cyborg stumbled, Jikiro’s mouth fired a bolt of energy. Its last offensive weapon struck Gigan in the chest, generating a blossoming explosion…

Megalon charged Wargilgar. The ant-like thing shrieked, breathing a blast of fire. The flames washed over the insect God as he protected his face. So hot the streams of hellfire that the metal appendages began to glow. The flesh at the base of the drills began to boil and cinder. Unable to fly or outmaneuver, Wargilgar also began to fire its shotgun-like bursts. But nothing stopped the charging Seatopian. His drills now set aflame, Megalon’s arms parted and he unleashed an unholy wail. The Terro-Beast shrieked before the drills clapped shut, smashing its ant-like head between them. Megalon’s visage was sprayed with multiple colors of ichor, dousing the flames on his arms and torso. Its head nothing but pulp, Wargilgar’s body fell back…

Breathing deeply, Megalon looked over as Gigan stumbled away from the last of the Garogas’ beasts.

The insect God looked down at his wounds, seeing that they still spilt his green and yellow blood. He groaned, the adrenaline he felt wearing off and allowing the pain to return. He was losing a lot. Tracing his former movements, he could see a long trail of it leading to where he once laid. Shaking his head, Megalon moved closer as Jikiro’s attention was taken by Gigan.

Bolt after bolt was spat from Jikiro’s mouth. The explosive shots struck the cyborg or the ground around him. It was trying to keep the Nebulan warrior at bay…


“Deploy more Terro-Beasts!” The Gold Garogas shouted at his subordinate, “Or your promotion will be in the grave. And so shall you!”

The silver underling shuddered, “We… We don’t have anymore, sir. It’d take hours for reinforcements to arrive.”

The commander’s hands clenched into his fists. Suddenly he reached up, yanking one of his antennae out of his bizarre skull. It extended into a whip and he lashed out, striking the smaller and weaker Garogas. The underling fell to his hands and knees, crying aloud as strike after strike struck.

A deeper, far more malevolent voice interrupted the punishment. “Now that will be enough of that, Commander… for now.”

The Golden Garogas looked up. He immediately stood tall, dropping the whip as the highest ranking officer stood at the entrance. His flesh blood red, he was followed by another. But the other wasn’t Garogas or man. He was something else. He was humanoid, colored green with ape-like hair, and dressed in a silvery jump suit.

“Order Jikiro back.” The red alien demanded, looking past the Gold one and speaking to the many silver ones under his command.


Jikiro’s barrage of energy bolts ceased. The machine’s eyes flashed red as it received its orders. The sky split apart, shining down a column of white brilliance. It was as if the very gates of Heaven had opened for the robot. Gigan shrieked as the light engulfed the damaged machine. Megalon suddenly burst from the light, stopping just a few short meters before colliding with Gigan. He had tried to charge the machine from behind. But it was gone, summoned away by the bright light that ended as mysteriously as it appeared. Megalon turned around, looking to see that the column was gone. And with it, Jikiro.

The Seatopian God looked back at Gigan. The cyborg clicked his mandibles. They won…


Emperor Antonio breathed a sigh of relief. Not only for the fact Megalon miraculously recovered and survived, but because they had won. Seatopia would remain in existence. “Sire, we have incoming transmission from Nebula M Space Hunter.”

A smile crossed the Emperor’s mouth as the screen changed to the Seatopian’s longtime allies. “Greetings, old friends.”

The Chairman merely nodded, “Good show. We will take the fight to-“

“Sire, a third incoming.”

Antonio’s brow narrowed. A third screen flickered to life. What was on the other side was no alien, but a human. A military officer apparently. It was an aged man, obviously as battle worn as either of them. “Emperor Antonio of Seatopia. I am General Aso. And I believe we have a common enemy.”

The voice of the Nebulan, whom couldn’t be seen by the General, answered and took him by surprise. “It seems, human, that you are correct…”


The corpse of the Golden Garogas hit the tiled, metallic floor. The red one stepped over him as he led the other alien out. They stepped onto a balcony, watching on as Jikiro appeared in what seemed to be a large hanger. All sorts of machinery and cables descended upon the machine, already at work at repairing its numerous damages. Beside it, another machine stood. A machine just as tall and mighty. With silvery-colored armor plates. It stood upright and had the strange appearance of a robotic dinosaur. Its eyes were an eerie yellow. It wasn’t completed yet. But it would be soon enough.

“It is time we phase out the obsolete Terro-Beast army. We start focusing on quality instead of quantity. A handful of powerful weapons oppose to an armada of weaklings.”

The alien at his side grinned. He brought a cigar up to his mouth and took a long drag, “I believe you are right…”

Laughter. Strange and bizarre laughter followed. It was deep and haunting, like the noise of a demon. From behind them, something stepped out of the shadows. Numerous, transparent copies of itself followed. It was like a humanoid insect, but it wasn’t a Nebulan. Its round eyes glowed and its arms were tipped in large, curved pincer like claws. Like crab claws. Its mouth a sort of proboscis and its entire body a strange mixture of browns, blues, and grays.

The Red Garogas looked over. “Baltan… How nice of you to join us.”

Gigan Megalon
Gigan Megalon