KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 194 - Author: KeSean Johnson

Match 194: Monster X vs. Iris
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

The day was night. Crickets chirped and Owls whistled. A beautiful, luscious forest surrounded a healthy, green grassland. On the horizon stood one of the worlds most famous mountains: Mt. Fuji. Past the darkened clouds and floating in Earth's orbit was a glimmering Full Moon, which illuminated the land below. When it was clear at sight, a burning meteor blocked it out, descending at a rapid pace. The massive asteroid from above crash landed into the heart of the forest.

Towering trees and wildlife were evaporated instantly upon impact. An earth-ripping shockwave caused trees to snap and fly away. Anything within the blast radius was wrecked in a matter of seconds. It was an instant deforestation. The raging meteor was decimated and a horrifying beast stepped out of the smoke and ashes. It looked around, not having a clue where it was. The galactic monster was manifested on a planet located behind Jupiter. It was created to do the bidding of an evil empire. Then he was cast away...Now he sought nothing but vengeance. Whatever stood in his way, would die.

Mercilessly assaulted.

Painfully murdered.

Like magic, the monstrous humanoid slowly lifted himself off of the ground and levitated away from the ginormus impact crater he caused...

Where he left his mark, plumes of charcoal smoke rose into the night sky and penetrated the clouds. This caught the attention of another creature. As it soared above the clouds, the monster sensed another below which he was sure that was disgracing his territory. An actual Gyaos mutated beyond recognition. A vengeful demon lost in his own demented mind. As its army of Gyaos depleted, its connection with them was lost. The connection with a human girl who raised him like a child, lost. His guidance, lost. At his standpoint, everything just seemed...lost.

Standing in the middle of the grasslands, Monster X hoisted his elongated head toward the Full Moon. Steam flowed out of the humanoid's nostrilslike an angry, bloodthirsty dragon. Just like he was within his meteor, something began its descent. Organic rockets roared underneath its silver plated shell. The sounds of hissing steam released from its underside as the rocket flames faded. Its dagger arms stretched out to its sides. Its metallic heels pressed together. A set of four, rainbow fluorescent wings connected to its shoulders and thighs embellished its grotesque form as they shined with beauty. The monster gently landed many yards away from Monster X. Its majestic wings folded up like fans and changed back into four interminable tendrils which swayed carelessly in the air. The glowing appendages on its torso lit up like multicolored light bulbs. Crimson red flesh covered most of its body parts.

A terrifying bellow released from Monster X's jaws. In return, the Gyaos demon known as Iris let forth an echoing hum from the yellow orb hidden within his metallic, multi-pointed head. Vengeance for Monster X. Corruption from Iris. Lost guidance from both monsters. On this night, two different but similar demons shall commence a battle...

Monster X began a sprint, accelerating his running speed and leapt hundreds of feet into the air. He wasn't quick enough as one of Iris' tentacles lashed out and whacked him right in his demonic face. Monster X crashed with a loud thud. The metal tips of Iris' tendrils were so durable they were able to shoo away three of Gamera's plasma fireballs like they were nothing. Even with his skeletal armor, a part of Monster X's face cracked.

The menacing warrior rushed to his feet and charged his enemy once again. With another jump, Monster X backhanded Iris before whipping him with his thin, forked tail. A shower of sparks erupted. X landed on his feet again and instantly grabbed the arms of his opponent. He twisted as hard as he could, but they barely moved. Iris thrashed upward, forcing Monster X to release and backpedal. The two outer tentacles of the demented mutation swung around his body and wrapped around Monster X's arms. As the appendages were being held outward, Iris slapped him with his right dagger and backhanded him with the same. When the demon went for an uppercut, Monster X bit down on his arm, forcing a humming cry from Iris.

X viciously twisted his head, but the arm was too durable. The metal tip of another tendril came down and bashed Monster X in the skull. Dizziness met the monster, as the arm he bit escaped his maw. Iris let his enemy's arms free. Monster X socked him right in the face. Iris stumbled back from the painful blow. Monster X delivered a shoulder block to his opponent, but he wouldn't fall. As quick as a lightning bolt, another of Iris' long tentacles wrapped around Monster X's legs, causing him to topple onto his back. A second lashed out, but X saw it coming and caught the tendril with both hands. It wiggled insanely. The skeletal beast swatted it away and drove his feet into his opponent's shins in order to help him do a back flip.

Iris stumbled forward, but still would not fall. Monster X landed perfectly on his feet and forcefully kicked Iris in the sternum. As the Gyaos demon was sent backpedaling, the four red eyes of Monster X shined before unleashing golden beams of agonizing pain. He fired them twice. The cosmic beams ripped into Iris' torso, sending bits of his fried flesh into the air. Iris whimpered from the shocking pain. Another quick burst of gravity beams carved into Iris' left leg. The evil creature fell on one knee, the one that was blasted. Using his fighting skills, Monster X sent a punch into the demented kaiju's face. Afterward, the skeletal demon delivered a nasty superkick to his chin.

Iris cried in agony, but managed to stand upward after the painful kick. Monster X forcefully shoved Iris backward. Seeing as this was his advantage, X ran forward and tackled his opponent to the ground like a strong football player. He finally fell!

With Iris on the receiving end, Monster X sent his powerful fists into his emotionless face and into his chest over and over. The punches were painful. The bone-cracking blows dented Iris' skin. Sending one of his dangerous tendrils forward, it coiled around his enemy's left arm. It tightened and twisted. Monster X seized his assault to cater to his helpless arm, releasing a crying bellow of agony. His arm, which was caught in a death grip, began to crack. Even with his durable muscles and bony armor, his arm snapped, broken in half. Monster X instantly lifted his head to the sky, letting forth a loud, whimpering cry of anguish. Iris loosened up the grip on his opponent's damaged arm and let it dangle to his side.

Even though his link with Ayana was long gone, Iris easily remembered something that she'd said before that snapped within his mind, "Iris, destroy!"

While X was too worried about his shattered arm, Iris thrust his left dagger into his opponent's body. Monster X yelped in shock. With his arm still, the dagger on Iris' left arm slid forward. It sunk deeper into his torso, punctured his liver, and burst out of the other side of his body. Chunks of flesh and bony armor flung in all directions. Iris lifted himself and his enemy until both monsters stood on their feet. Iris hoisted his right leg slightly upward. The long, sharp appendage on his knee managed to stab into Monster X's ribs. The warrior reeled from the excruciating pain. Iris took his knee dagger out of the space kaiju, allowing his black blood to spill everywhere.

The tentacle closest to his outer left tentacle sprang forth. In an act of raging fury, Monster X concentrated and fired four of his deadly gravity beams into the tendril. The agonizing explosion caused nearly half of the entire appendage to tear away. From the stump of the torn tentacle, a reddish ooze sprayed like a sprinkler. The split tendril crashed with a boom. Iris cried in anguish. One of his dangerous tentacles was blasted in two. How dare he?! Infuriated, Iris quickly plunged his right arm dagger into Monster X's sternum. A sickening penetration noise sounded as it stabbed through his chest. Monster X's life force slipped away rapidly, but he held on as best as he could.

Iris glared into his enemy's face. What a pitiful creature. Strong, but pitiful. He didn't even want his power.


Two of his tendrils hovered above his body. The pointed tips opened. The yellow orbs within began to glow and charge, focusing sound into their rounded shapes. Iris unleashed two sonic rays at his dying opponent. One cleanly sliced the horns atop his skull, falling to the ground. The second carved into Monster X's right knee and shot out the other side. X toppled to his knees. His vile blood drooled out of his maw. The dying beast ignored the pain and agony. Fortunately for him, he wouldn't have to feel it much longer.

Iris, crouching because his enemy fell, decided to relinquish his bloodstained daggers from his battle damaged body. Black colored blood gushed, spilled, and sprayed insanely. The Gyaos demon's arms felt really warm as they were stuck within his adversary's insides. They almost steamed.

It was time to put an end to his misery. A single tentacle lashed out and constricted around Monster X's throat, squeezing the life out of him. That one tentacle lifted him right off of the ground and hoisted him upward. He couldn't breathe, gasping, wheezing, and panting as he was being choked. X grasped the tentacle wrapped around his throat, his legs thrashed around as he couldn't escape his fate. The other two tendrils opened their metallic tips and charged sound within. Two sonic beams unleashed once again. The pair of concentrated cutting lasers swiped toward each other, intersecting and forming an 'X' shape, coincidentally. Then they swiped back into a parallel formation and seized firing.

Monster X faintly whimpered. His skeletal body went limp. Finally, his entire head and the two uncompleted heads on his shoulders decapitated and crashed to the surface below with a rumbling thud. His dark blood shot out in pools like a volcanic eruption. The blood-covered tentacle wrapped around his throat uncoiled and returned to place. Monster X fell hard. Iris released one final humming sound which echoed with devilish victory...

The day was morning. It was silent. The blistering heat of the Sun's rays warmed the atmosphere. Iris' head was lowered, his tendrils lopped on the ground, his body crouched. He was resting. The giant heels of the sleeping monstrosity stood on top of the headless, broken form of Monster X. Two horrifying demons did battle. One lost the quest for vengeance along with its life. The other lost his militia along with the guidance he seeked.

The night before, Iris butchered the draconic humanoid known as Monster X.

Mercilessly assaulted.

Painfully murdered.

Everything Monster X planned on accomplishing, backfired. When he trashed his territory, he trashed his body. The vengeful demon viciously murdered the skeletal space monster. Even though killing another monster felt wonderful, there was one thing Iris still painfully felt was being lost.